i love charlie and max in this

Dragon Tales

Bill: Oi, Charlie, do you remember dragon tales? We used to watch that show constantly. When dad had his muggle television phase. 

Charlie: Yah, I used to love that show. 

*later that night.*

Charlie: *humming dragon tales* 

Charlie: And that’s what started dragon tales. 

Charlie: Around the room the dragons flew, but Emmy and Max knew what to do. 

Charlie: There;s Ort whose the biggest not the brave of heart. There’s Cassy so shy; Also very smart. There’s Zach and Wheezy in these tails of fun-

Charlie: Because you know two heads are better than one.

Bill: Brother! What on this bloody earth are you doing?


Charlie: You know you love it. 

So, I’m constantly flustered when it comes to picking a movie or finding something that interests me. Shout out to everyone who feelz & here is a list of movies I think everyone should watch (feel free to add on, I def didn’t cover everything): 

-The Butterfly Affect

-The Pianist

-Just Married

-Fight club

-The curious case of Benjamin Button

-Slumdog millionaire

- Immortal Beloved 

-Pulp fiction

-Pretty in pink

-Meet the Robinson’s 

-All disney movies

-All pixar movies

-Woman in gold

-Donnie Darko

-Stand by me


-Girl, interrupted 

-P.S I love you

-The Babadook 

-The Skeleton Key 

-Anything directed by Wes Anderson 


-Kill your Darlings

-On the road 

-I am legend

-Sixth sense 

-American Psycho


-Yves Saint Laurent 

-Blue is the warmest color 

-Prozac nation

-Across the universe

-Moulin Rouge 

-The breakfast club

-Memoirs of a Geisha 

-The virgin suicides

-Anything directed by Tim Burton

-Mary & Max 


-Clockwork orange


-The Black Swan

-The Goonies 

-American Beauty



-Charlie Countrymen

-Sherlock Holmes 

-The Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

-Almost Famous

-The Wolf on Wall Street

-American Gangster 

-The new and old Batman trilogy 

-Obviously Harry Potter

-Silver Linings 

-The Descendants 


-Shutter Island

-Into the Wild 

-Inglorious Bastards 


-Requiem for a dream


-Grease 1 & 2

-Good Will Hunting 

-Blue Valentine 

-One day

-Big Fish

-Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

-Anything Woody Allen has produced 

-Back to the Future

-The Star Wars Trilogy 

-Space Balls

-Pineapple Express

-Pan’s Labyrinth 

-Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

-The Help

-Kick Ass

-It’s kind of a funny story

-Ask me anything

-Napoleon Dynamite 

-He’s just not that into you

-Ice Age

-Remember Me

-The Graduate

-Kramer vs Kramer

-Water for elephants

-The Big Lebowski

-Kill Bill (both volumes)

-Hotel Rwanda 

-Dirty Dancing

-Cast Away


-I, Robot

-The bucket list

-Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 


-(500) Days of Summer

-City of God

-It’s such a beautiful day

-I am Sam

-Pay it forward

-The Kings of Summer

-The Blues Brothers

-The Boy in Stripped Pajamas

-Midnight in Paris

-How to Steal a Million

-The Great Gatsby


-Men in Black

-White Girls

-Dazed and Confused 

-Iron Man


-American History X

-Frances Ha

-Dead Poet Society 

-Spirited Away



Teen Wolf Cast - Teen Wolf convention in Paris 05.07.15 (day 2) - pictures by catawoman and sovandara

1. Charlie can suck my hypothetical dick
2. I love the irony
3. NOTHING can possibley take away from the satisfaction of seeing Max’s face whilst being ushered away from the podium
4. Seb enjoyed being on that podium, nevermind the lost points so I’ll take it
5. Angry Seb probably just got angrier
6. FIA never cease to embarass themselves
7. Charlie can suck on it a lil more
8. Max remains a rampant child that needs to calm his hypothetical tits
9. I can see the annoyingly smug RIC smile all the way from here after the VET penalty





“I said shush.”

“Isaac, I love you.”

“I know.”


“Goodbye, Y/N.”

Teen Wolf Preference #97 Your Break Up Song

Aiden- I Don’t Love You by My Chemical Romance

Derek- Nicotine by Panic! At The Disco

Liam- Amnesia by 5SOS

Parrish- By Now by Marianas Trench

Scott- Cry Me A River by Michael Buble

Stiles- I Found by Amber Run


How was it to be apart of Teen Wolf? 

It honestlybecause I got this job very, very, very soon after moving to the United States and they honestly became like my family. They still are like I still see JR, Ian, and everybody I see. I still you know like I consider them really, really dear friends of mine. Max, Holland, Charlie, all of those people. And like, you know I got a huge amount out of the show, but a lot of it was friendship. I love them to pieces and there’s something about the people that Jeffthe director, the producerhe likes putting certain people together that and likeI’m sure you know this, but like everybody that’s on that set are so bloody nice and they’re such good people. And there was never anybody that you were like “oh god I don’t wanna go to work” and that’s so rare. It doesn’t happen on TV shows, especially ones that are successful. You know, those people go to work and they’re like “alright, let’s go.” So, yeah. Daniel Sharman


SIDE A // { 8tracks } / { playmoss }

my best friend is you / kate nash
and darling / tegan and sara
i think i like you / sirenxx
soft shock (acoustic) / yeah yeah yeahs
la familia / mirah
tell her you love her (acoustic) / echosmith
peace sign (acoustic) / lights
falling / haim

SIDE B // { 8tracks } / { playmoss }

when i’m with you / best coast
she’s so lovely / the butchies
suck buddies / speedy ortiz
i was an island / allison weiss
my molly / sky ferreira
crimson and clover / joan jett & the blackhearts
rollercoaster / charli xcx
i think she knows (love stoned) / kaki king

it’s scary how much I love Colton omg