i love chanyeol man but your hair was so beautiful why would you

Enough (III)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Baekhyun

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 3,667

Summary: You and Baekhyun have been married for two years. Somewhere during that time, things started to go wrong. Now you’re trying to leave. But can you?

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{Reaction} When you’re jealous of Mafia!EXO

Exo Mafia Arranged Marriage Reaction where you don’t want him but he wants and kinda loves you tries you to love him but it doesn’t work One day you slowly start showing feelings but because of a woman you get super jealous and block/hate him even more:)

Note: This request is very intricate and I feel like it’s more of a scenario than a reaction so I slightly edited it to make it a little less complex, (I did struggle with this one rather a lot, so I really do hope you like it~) I hope you don’t mind too much. Thank you for requesting.

  • Warning: Mentions of the Mafia, swearing, alcohol and sexual themes.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol’s lips curled to a smirk as he saw the fire light in your eyes. The casino was full of scantily dressed women, most of which eyeing up Chanyeol as though they were mentally fucking him. Chanyeol didn’t care for them, you were the only one for him - but watching you get so jealous was at least a little entertaining for him to watch. He chuckled darkly, leaving the bar to snake an arm around your waist from the side, pressing his lips next to your ear as he told you how to well and truly felt in that moment.

Chanyeol: “You think I like those sluts? You’re the only one I love, Jagiya. How about I buy you a drink? You ordered a red wine the first time we met, right? That’s your favorite?”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Jealousy is something that he finds incredibly pointless, but seeing you in the state may or may not spark him more than he’d like to admit. The two of you were at the headquarters, and Baekhyun’s new girlfriend was not even hiding the fact that she was interested in D.O. she kept talking to him, putting her hands on him - which admittedly, made him a little unsettled. He finally exited the room, but feeling himself being pushed up against the wall not long after. He smiled when he saw you glaring daggers up at him.

Kyungsoo: “Something the matter, Jagiya?”

{y/n}: “She was all over you, I-”

Kyungsoo: “How about I take you upstairs and get all over you?”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun is a flirt, everyone knows that fact, but apparently you didn’t like it one bit. He’d never cheat on you, or do anything that crossed the line, but he was just a little kinder when he talked to pretty girls or guys alike. Being the sweet talker that he was got him all the secrets that he needed, but it was not so nice to watching him from your perspective.

Baekhyun: “Are you trying to say you’re jealous of them?”

{y/n}: “No! I just don’t think it’s inappropriate.”

Baekhyun: “The thoughts I’m having about taking that pretty little skirt off you is inappropriate, Jagi. But don’t worry, I’ll stop sweet talking, just because it’s you~”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun rolled his eyes as you were clearly annoyed over how close Chanyeol’s sister was to him. Sure, she wasn’t because exactly subtle about her hints, but it still annoyed him how jealous you were. For the longest time, you’d been hating him, telling him you don’t love him, and now you were running after him because another girl was threatening to take your place. He sighed, standing up, grabbing his gun, deciding to relieve some stress at the shooting range. He stood up, declaring what he intended to do ever so bluntly as he pushed past you, giving you the cold shoulder, hardly anticipating you to follow him out.

{y/n}: “Why relieve you stress on the shooting range when you have a girlfriend perfectly capable of doing that for you.”

Sehun: “Aish, you’re so bipolar it’s hard to keep up.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing bit his lip, looking devilishly handsome with his black hair falling over his eyes and the liner that kept his eyes sharp and cold. It was clear he was watching the other gang’s mafia girlfriend like she was a piece of meat as they bittersweetly exchanged money and drugs. You watched from behind, back against the wall and arms folded as you glared at the scene. Why was it that Yixing appeared so smug? Far too delighted to be encountering the enemy. You tore at your own lip with your teeth, glaring at the man in question as he returned back to you. He detected your jealousy in a moment, smirking as he placed his hand next to your head on the wall, leaning down to press those annoyingly sexily lips against yours.

Yixing: “Don’t look so bitter, {y/n}, I know you’re all dosed up on love for me.” *winks*

{y/n}: “Aish, so cocky. I will shoot you up the ass.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae looked up at the girl handling the poker game. She was pretty, and you could see that as you observed from the bar. You scowled as you sipped on your vodka and coke. You knew it was pointless to be jealous, but how could you help it when you’re very attractive boyfriend was surrounded by very gorgeous  women? You turned to look at the bar tender as the final drop of your alcohol drowned down your throat and ordered another. The bartender grinned, nodding and making a comment about how he’d do anything for such a beautiful lady. You smirked in response, happy enough to be accepting the compliment until your boyfriend approached.

Jongdae: “This very beautiful lady is my Jagi, s you better watch that tongue of yours before I shoot you in the mouth.” *Who’s saying you’re the one getting jealous?*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok glowered, looking down with daggers in his eyes as he pinned you up against the wall. Why was it that you were so defiant towards him yet acted jealousy? One moment you hate him, the next you want him. He looked so intimidating, and you hated to admit how much it sparked you inside.

Minseok: “Will you make up your damn mind?”

{y/n}: “Why don’t you help me to chose?” *smirks*

Minseok: *grumbles before pressing his lips to yours*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao smiled as he saw the visible jealousy on your face. It was satisfying to see you in such a state when you’d been ‘hating’ him for so long. It was obvious you had more feelings for him than you liked to admit, and he was ready to have fun with that.

Tao: “Jealous, Baobei?” *smirks*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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The leader of EXO would find this turn of events very amusing. He would have his arm around a girl when he caught your stare. He gave you a questioning look, pretending to be oblivious because he found it funny to see you look so fiery. While you’re mostly dismissive with him and spiteful, to see you wanting him was like a dream come true.

{y/n}: “I don’t appreciate you touching other girls.”

Junmyeon: “Get your pretty little butt over here then.”

Lu Han

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The sweet talker of the group would be the most surprised to see you in jealous state. For all he knew, you hated him and that was that. Except there must be something between the lines because the way you glared at him as he flirted with a girl made his lips turn up to a smug smirk, looking as though he really had just hit to lotto.

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin would be confused over the way you were acting. He thought you hated him, though watching you slap the girl he’d just been talking to had made him question everything. It seemed that even you you were a mafia worker like he was you weren’t as cold as you appeared to be and did like Jongin more than you’d liked to admit. Jongin smirked, letting his fingers twirl his dagger in his hand as he watched you walk over, blood on your cheek from the fight you’d just been in.

Jongin: “Such a pretty face.” *wipes the blood away.*

{y/n}: “Aish, you’re so annoying.”

Wu Yifan

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This man wouldn’t have any idea how you felt about him, but that wouldn’t stop him from loving you even though he won’t admit it. He smirked as his plan to get you jealous worked. He pulled you into his chest, allowing his hands to roam over your back as he held you close, pulling you in for a kiss now he could confirm how you really felt about him. 

Before You Bow Down

MEMBER/GROUP: Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster) // BTS

GENRE: lots. of. fluff. 

WORD COUNT: 4, 784 words 

SUMMARY: Living as an idol is hard. People tend to forget that you’re human and that you have breaking points. They expect and expect and turn their backs on you when you don’t satisfy. But, before you bow down, remember what’s more important: your own expectations. 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: dedicated to the talented, beautiful and hardworking leader whom not a lot seem to appreciate. I love you, you beautiful angel. 

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Nodding, you grabbed an iPad and rushed towards the tall man sitting near the window, a mask concealing majority of his face. He wore an expensive looking watch, rings adorning several fingers. You could see the outline of his glasses as he gazed out the window, hints of blonde hair peeking out underneath the beanie he wore. 

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, sir, what can I get you?” 

He doesn’t respond. 


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Chogiwa (Part 2)

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND @nunchiwrites <3 This is specially dedicated to you on your special day, and I’m so happy that you exist because you’re the BESTEST person I’ve ever spoken to! I hope you enjoy Part 2 of this, although it seems a little short to me. Anyway, enjoy yourself on your special day as you deserve everything good and golden on this earth!!

Paring(s): Chanyeol x Reader

Warnings: Just sex. And cute Chanyeol

Genre: Smut/fluff

Requested: Yes

Summary: You and Wolf! Chanyeol make love to the sound of chirping birds and the rustling of the trees.

Word Count: 1971

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Part 1 | PART 2

You’re roused from your deep slumber by the melodic sound of chirping birds and the gentle rustle of tree leaves, the serenity of the nature surrounding you prompting you to pry your eyelids open slowly. The glow of the morning sun feels like a refresher instead of an annoyance and it’s nice for a change.

Emitting a jaw-cracking yawn and stretching out your limbs comfortably, you then turn your head to the side. The sight of Chanyeol snoozing away beside you on the pile of moss sends a jolt of realization through you as the events of the previous night start to flood through your mind.

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Got7 Reaction to Y/N Being Another Idol’s Ideal Type

A/N okay so the guys would all probably go on a shooting spree if they found out someone was trying to hit their girls up so thats why the quotes are so violent xD -Admin Kenzie

For: Anon :)


Don’t be afraid, be fucking terrified.

You and Jooheon have been talking and Mark knows. You and Jooheon were nothing more than friends and that’s that part Mark was skeptical about. Mark doesn’t seem like he’d get jealous easily but he’s quite misleading. As soon as mark saw Jooheon put you as his ideal type, he lost it and all hell broke loose. “Y/N! I thought you said you were just friends! Why are you all of a sudden his idea type?” Mark asks, showing you his phone which, you were unable to read because he was shaking so much. “Mark, I have no idea why he did that. You know I only want you.” You frown, looking up at him as he grabs his keys. “I’ll be back later.” He mumbles, walking out of the house to go ‘confront’ Jooheon.

Get me someone like mark


Don’t provoke me..

You and Jinyoung were watching random interviews, when he stumbled across Chanyeol talking about you. Obviously, Jinyoung clicked on it and watched with anger radiating off of him. “If I were to pick my ideal type, it would probably be Y/N.” Chanyeol smiles. “Why is he talking about you?” Jinyoung looks at you with a very unamused look on his face. “I honestly have no idea. I’ve never really even talked to him..” You frown, shaking your head. “He’s gonna be sorry the next time we have an award show together.” Jinyoung rolls his eyes, crossing his arms.


Hello.. I’m your worst nightmare.

Everyone who actually knew Yugyeom, knew not to mess with you or they’ll get the wrath. Yugyeom won’t let anyone get to you, without getting passed him. (Which never happens) That’s why when he was reading about Taehyung’s recent interview that everyone was going nuts about, he flipped shit. “Y/N is no ones ideal type but mine and everyone knows that.” Yugyeom growls, going through his contact list. “Ohh you’re in for it now, Kim Taehyung.” Yugyeom taps on his name, calling him.


It’s always calm before the storm.

You LOVE Jaebum with all your heart, so he never has to worry about anyone taking you away from his side. Well, that was until he overheard Taemin talking about you being his ideal type. He was only making himself angrier by continuing to listen in in on his conversation, but he couldn’t help himself. “So, Taemin..” Jaebum enters the room with a smile. “I heard you think that my.. girlfriend.. is your ideal type? Yea um… I don’t really think that’s uh.. a good idea.” He turns serious, getting closer and closer to Taemin.


“I’ll walk over you with my high heels on..”

“Y/N? I dont want you talking to Jackson anymore because he wants someone just like you.” Bambam interrupts your nap. “What do you mean? I thought he was talking to that other girl?” You ask, quite confused if you may add. “uh.. noo… He’s literally just said that you’re his ideal type and that pisses me off.” Bambam grabs his hair, pulling at the roots. “Don’t stress out about it, please? I don’t even like Jackson as anything more than a friend.” You frown, sitting up. “Yea well, we’ll see about that.” He frowns, clearly jealous of nothing.


You mess with the beauty, you get the beast.

“Y/N?” Youngjae calls out for you very calmly considering the situation at hand. “Umm.. I’m not going to jump to conclusions, but why the actual fuck is Namjoon talking about you and how you’re his ideal type?” He looks right at you, as if he’s looking straight into your soul. “I don’t have any idea why he would be talking about me like that. All I did was compliment their new song and he must’ve gotten the wrong message maybe.. I really don’t know.” You say, looking up from your laptop. “Please don’t look too far into this because it’s nothing.” You shake your head. “It’s not nothing..” He said bitterly. “He basically said he wants someone exactly like you. I bet if he could, he would just have you.” He rolls his eyes, walking out of the room to try and blow some steam off.


As if she would go for you..

Jackson automatically felt a huge wave of hate come over him when he saw Taeyong’s interview where he clearly states that you are his ideal type. “He’s overstepped his boundaries this time. Y/N’s mine and him and everyone else in the god damn world knows it.” He tells the boys, replaying the interview over and over again. “If he ever thinks of seeing us, it would not be smart at all. He will never be safe in my presence again.” Jackson glares at the man on the screen. “So fucking stupid..”

Exo Reaction to S/O Feeling Insecure


Look at all these rolls. I need to lose weight” The moment those words left your mouth, Chen immediately shook his head and told you that it was unnecessary to change anything. You tried to tell him that you wanted to look good in order to match him, and he wouldn’t even listen to another word before changing the topic. Later, he’d make sure to assure you that you’re beautiful the way you are and that he loves you beyond your looks. 


I hate how short I am” At first, Lay would be really surprised when he heard that you felt insecure about your height since he always thought that you looked adorable. But after much thought, he realized that people probably teased you maliciously about your shortness. The next time you saw him, Lay brought a bouquet of flowers and serenaded you with a heartfelt song about how loved everything about you. Baobei, you’re perfect.


Why am I so stupid?” His disbelieving laugh startled the both of you. Chanyeol could not comprehend how you could think of yourself as stupid when you’re one of the most intelligent people that he knows. He’ll apologize quickly for laughing even though he didn’t do it out of malicious intent. Be prepared for a barrage of compliments over the next few days.


I can’t stand the way I look” When Jongin overheard you crying about your appearance in the bathroom, his first emotion would be anger. He’s furious at himself for not making you feel beautiful enough and needs a few minutes to calm himself down. After thinking about it for a few minutes, he’ll go look for you and have a heartfelt talk about how you’re beautiful inside out.


“I don’t deserve you” There was a moment of unsettling silence as Suho stared at you. Then in an extremely solemn tone, he began to list all the reasons why he thinks you’re amazing, and his voice would quiver slightly with heartfelt emotion. By the end, you would be in tears and Suho would gently wipe your face and ask you to never doubt your yourself again. 


I wish I was paler” Out of all the members, Xiumin would be the most empathetic since he has dealt with issues about his appearance in the past. He would most likely lend a listening ear and let you rant about why you feel so insecure. Then, he’ll tell you about his struggle, and the both of you will feel closer to each other at the end and promise to end these insecurities with time.


I can’t wear that. I have to cover up my scars.” Sehun would pause for second since he’s always thought that your scars was just a part of you and not something that you should be ashamed of. He wouldn’t know how to respond in such a situation and feels that he should just let you do whatever makes you comfortable. However, if he hears you repeatedly downgrading yourself then he’ll bluntly tells you to stop and that your scars is a sign of your strength.


I want to look like her.” You were in the middle of the sentence when you saw Baekhyun’s horrified expression. He would explode in a tirade of why you shouldn’t want to be anyone but yourself. In the end, you would forget all about your previous thoughts and laugh at Baekhyun’s exaggerated gestures and expressions. Once he calmed down, he’ll kiss you gently and tell you to trust him that you should never change.


I’m growing my hair out. People are saying that I look like a man.” His first reaction would be to ask you who are the people talking about your looks and where he can find them. Kyungsoo would not want you to change for other people especially if it’s something that is none of their business. He would have a serious talk with you about ignoring the haters because he has a lot of experience dealing with the antis. Then he would throw some serious shade at people who can’t mind their own damn business. 

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Accepting requests!

EXO: dating Lay (Yixing) would include

• him not being able to look away from you when you make eye contact
• you’re both trapped in a sort of daze, unable to look away from each other and honestly…people are starting to look lmao
• so if one of the guys is there with him (Baekhyun probs), they’ll make the first move and shove him towards you
• he’d be so shy when first getting to know you, always asking advice from the others and they’d be like aw our baby finally found love
• they’d be so confused when it comes to helping him, bc they know you’re already in love with this fool and he can no do wrong in your eyes
• he’d approach you romantically over time, not wanting to chase you away, until you’re both acting like a married couple
• literally the most romantic person and will go out of his way just to please you
• whether it’s in bed, cooking for you, cuddling with you, teaching you a language- you’re his sunshine and he just wants to make you happy
• laughing whenever he says some sexual innuendos bc he’s not as innocent as everyone thinks (only to you ofc)
• butt grabs
• pretending to be mad when he grabs someone else’s butt so he’d give you more kisses
• wearing his comfy clothes around the house
• esp when he’s away and you can still smell his shampoo and aftershave
• Skyping and face timing ALWAYS with some of the other members popping in to say hello every now and then
• random bursts of affection
• like he’d pull you into his chest when you’re just cooking or watching a movie
• “y/n, I love you so much. What would I do without you? I swear, I would never survive without you, the love of my life, the bread to my jam, the-”
• “yixing can we please go back to watching the movie why did you have to pause it”
• buys you plush toys just to see your excitement
• kisses are so slow and full of love
• won’t pull away for hours, completely drawn to you like a magnet
• has a cute habit of burying his face in your neck when you make him laugh
• playing with your hair if you ever let him
• watching tutorials on YouTube like ‘now to French braid’ or ‘how to make a waterfall braid’
• he’d sit you on his lap and put this new information to the test
• fails ofc, but it’s ok bc he’ll proceed to kiss your neck and forget all about braids
• randomly would stare at you and mumble something in Mandarin
• and you’re like ? Does he plan on killing me or did he just confess his love
• he was just saying how beautiful you are when the sun shines on your face and aw he never translates for you anymore bc you’re always making him blush
• having staring contests with kyungsoo and yixing being creeped out by yall
• so content and happy when you lay your head down on his chest and trace your fingers over his skin
• never wanting you to get out of bed in the morning and always begging for a few more minutes of silence
• you always catching him staring at you
• and he never looks away, just smiles and goes back to whatever he was doing
• putting his hands in your back pocket when you’re kissing
• shoulder bites
• surprising you with food (feat. Chanyeol)
• playing footsies with you when you’re out in public, just to get a reaction out of you
• massaging your shoulder softly whenever you’re tired, whispering every now and then “does that feel good? “Is that better, baby?” Cheeky devil
• keep this innocent man with you forever, he only deserves the best 🌷

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Locked Out // Byun Baekhyun {part one}

Requested: Nope, I just really needed to write something Baek-related lol

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: College!AU, angst I guess?

Word Count: 7.2k (holy shit this is so long if you read it all I’ll marry you I promise)

Description: Hi, I’m Y/N, and I’m the Queen of Fucking Everything Up. Here I am, locked outside on a balcony with a dude I shared and awkward hook-up with once and I’d been avoiding ever since, while his ex-girlfriend cries her eyes out and I freeze my ass off in the September air. *Freeze frame* *record scratch* You’re probably wondering how I got myself into this situation, so here’s a timeline of how, in a few short months, I managed to royally fuck everything up.

A/N: Wow I actually have no idea what I was doing when I was writing this, but I kind of like it hahaha. Also, this part is written in first person which usually I hate writing in, but I thought it suited the style of the story more :) By the way I love Irene so much, she’s such a babe. Enjoy!

Originally posted by dearbyun

2nd February, 10:22am
Ah, February 2nd. I remember it as if it was only yesterday. It was rather warm for Winter, so my friends and I had bought lunch and decided to eat it down by the river. It was rare for all five of us to have a day free of college classes, so we wanted to make the most of it.

“I’m just going over here,” I mumbled, more to myself than anyone, grabbing my phone and heading towards the river’s edge. I’d spotted a single pink flower floating with the current peacefully, and being a photography major, I couldn’t miss the chance to capture this moment digitally.

“Don’t fall in!” A voice cried from behind me; I felt their large hands push against my back but they grabbed my elbows just before I toppled into the cold water below.

“Sehun!” I bellowed, trying to look as angry as possible when I turned around to face my immature friend. However, I couldn’t stop myself from grinning when I saw the bewildered look cross his face: it soon disappeared when he realised I wasn’t actually mad at him. “That was a close one, Y/N. You’ve got to be more careful,” Sehun joked.

“You’re an idiot,” I quipped back. “I don’t know how I put up with you.”

“You do it out of love,” Sehun replied. You see, Sehun and I had been friends for as long as either of us could remember. Born just ten days apart (he was older and always gave me shit for it), we’d become instant best friends. We stuck with each other throughout middle school and high school, and now we were roommates in college (don’t ask me why I agreed to room with Sehun, he never washes the dishes. Ever.)

“You two, stop flirting and come join us for a selfie,” Baekhyun called out.

“We’re not flirting,” Sehun and I groaned in unision, earning chuckles from Baekhyun and the two other boys, Chanyeol and Suho. “Yeah, my mum wants a picture of my friends to prove I don’t hang out with pot-heads and alcoholics,” Chanyeol added, getting his phone into optimum selfie-position.

“I’m pretty sure Y/N is a drug dealer in between her studies,” Suho laughed as Sehun and I joined them, gaining a playful glare from me.

It’s funny to think that I originally wanted nothing to do with Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Suho. Sehun had befriended the three in one of his music lectures, and when I first met them I believed they were nothing more than rowdy, immature womanisers. With a lot of convincing from Sehun (boy would not shut up about it), I managed to give the boys a chance and am now proud (albeit embarrassed at times) to call them my close friends. In fact, I’m pretty sure Baekhyun and I have a thing now. Don’t quote me, but he’s developed a habit of being really touchy-feely with me recently, but we’re not dating. I didn’t have many girl friends at all - I didn’t need them. It’s hard enough to focus on college, my part-time job, and socialising as it is, I don’t need the added factor of girl drama.

As we all gathered around Chanyeol, I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket, followed shortly by a loud ‘ding’. After we managed to take a couple of nice pictures together without much incident (ignoring the fact Baekhyun screamed “SUHO YOU’RE STANDING ON MY FOOT!” and Sehun hit my stomach because I was “covering his beautiful face” with my “man shoulders”), I pulled out my own phone and read the text.

“Sehun, looks like we have interest in our spare room!” I exclaimed, showing the text to the blond.

’Hi, Y/N, my name is Irene Bae and I saw you were looking for a roommate for your apartment? I’m interested! I’m at the café near the university right now and I’d be happy to chat with you’,” Sehun read out loud before adding, “she’s there now?”

“I guess,” I replied, quickly texting Irene back.

“Are you guys leaving now?” Suho questioned, the obvious disappointment on his face matching that of Chanyeol and Baekhyun’s too.

“I guess so. Come on, Y/N, if we hurry we can catch the train and get there a bit earlier,” Sehun said, grabbing my hand and tugging me away from our friends.

“We’ll catch up with you later, I promise!” I shouted back to the three. And as I turned back around, I swear I caught Baekhyun wink at me.

2nd February, 10:37am

I quickly brushed a hand through my windswept hair as Sehun and I entered the quiet, cosy café. I scanned the shop, smiling when I made eye contact with a couple of people from my lectures. “Where do you think she is?” Sehun muttered, urging me forward towards the register attendant.

“Not sure. I might go have a look around and see if I can find her,” I replied, breaking away from Sehun to sweep the café with my eyes. Sehun nodded and waited to order our usual drinks while I shimmied past crowded tables towards the back of the building where I knew it was less populated. And there, sitting at an empty booth facing away from me, sipping a cup of coffee, was a girl. I knew it was her instantly - I would have definitely noticed a girl with bright bubblegum pink hair like hers before. She had headphones in and was nodding her head ever so slightly, completely absorbed in her own world.

I gulped loudly and built up the courage to go up and talk to her. She noticed me and pulled out her headphones quickly, flashing me a dazzling smile.

“You must be Y/N? I’m Irene. Take a seat.” The girl gestured to the seat opposite her and I sidled in, trying to act as at ease as Irene was. She gave me another wicked smile and asked whether I wanted to order anything; I explained Sehun was already doing that.

I suddenly felt very underdressed in my heavy sweater compared to Irene, you know, as if she was Cinderella and I was one of the ugly step sisters. Every time Irene moved, the glint from the fluorescent lights reflected off her dark blue contacts. It was really distracting.

“You’re very pretty, Y/N,” Irene commented. As she spoke, I realised I’d barely said a word to her, choosing to stare instead - but it seemed Irene had been doing the same thing.

“Thanks. I like your hair. It’s very…interesting,” I replied, causing Irene to laugh. And as I sat there listening to the melodic, high pitched sound, I felt all my worries disappear. Irene explained how she’d actually been dared to dye her hair, and I realised Irene seemed lovely and I would have no problems having her as a roommate.

“Oh hey, you must be Irene,” Sehun said, squeezing in beside me and passing my hot chocolate over. “It’s really nice to meet you.”

“You too!” Irene replied. “Seoul really is a beautiful city.”

“You’re not from around here?” I questioned, sipping at the scalding drink in front of me.

“No, I’m from Daegu actually,” said Irene. As Sehun and I listened to her tell hilarious stories from her childhood, I barely noticed time passing. In fact, it was as if time had stopped completely - we’d been let into Irene’s own little world and nothing but us three mattered. She really was a captivating person. Sehun and I asked Irene all the basic questioned you’d ask any potential housemate, and we told her we’d contact her  soon - though it was clear we’d both made our minds up already.

“She’s so lovely!” I gushed the minute we left the café. “She’s the best candidate we’ve seen, Se.”

“I agree,” Sehun said before playfully pushing my shoulder. “If she moves in, maybe you’ll finally have a friend of your own - a girl nonetheless!”

9th March:

“I’m pretty sure this is the last one,” I exclaimed, placing one of Irene’s heavier boxes on the floor in her new room. Irene poked her head over the side of her bed and flashed her signature smile at me. “You’re the best, Y/N. Seriously, your help is much appreciated,” she replied.

“No problem.” I stood there for a moment,  watching my new roommate pull out handfuls of books from one of her boxes and slam them down on her desk. I turned to the door and said over my shoulder, “I’ll leave you to it then.”

“Wait, Y/N. Come and keep me company. Unpacking boxes can get super boring by myself,” Irene whined, looking up at me with large, innocent eyes. “And once I’m done here, maybe we could paint each others nails?” After seeing the sceptical look on my face she added, “you know, girly things.”

“Girly things…” I repeated slowly.

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to! I just thought it would be nice to get to spend some time together, just us two, since you Sehun have been so nice in showing me around Seoul. But we don’t have to if you don’t want too.”

I was starting to realise already that Irene had a way to get people to do what she wanted them to do, and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. However, I did think it would be nice to get to know Irene more.

“No, it sounds nice! It’s just, I’ve never really had friends who were girls before. I don’t even have any sisters,” I admitted, joining my roommate on the floor.

“That’s a shame, Y/N,” Irene replied, grabbing a bottle of baby pink nail polish. “Because girls are really fun. If you ever have boy troubles or friend drama or just want to talk, I’m here.” The smile Irene gave me was so genuine, and I knew I’d just made a very crucial friend.

I could feel Irene’s endless smile directed at me as I careful painted her fingernails. I was talking about nothing really - my family, my university major, life in Seoul. And Irene listened to every word I said. It was weird. I’d barely known Irene a month but it felt as if we had been friends since time began. There was no awkwardness between us, oddly enough, and I suddenly realised what I’d been missing by only having guy friends.

“Irene, looks like you forgot one box,” Sehun stated, poking his head into Irene’s room and grinned when he saw us lounging on the floor.

“Excuse you, I was just in the middle of educating Irene which boys to stay away from and which would be more than happy to ‘help her study’, if you know what I mean,” I winked back, eliciting a groan from Sehun.

“You’re impossible, Y/N. I’ll go get that box for you,” he called, backing away from the room. Once he was out of earshot, Irene turned to me and said, “you two are a cute couple.”

At first I thought I’d misheard her, so I asked Irene to repeat what she said. She did, and when I was sure she thought Sehun and I were dating, I couldn’t help the laughter bubbling out. As I rolled around on the carpet, clutching my stomach, Irene simply gave me a confused smile. “Did I say something?” You’re not having a seizure, are you?”

Her comment only made me laugh harder, and it took me a good minute to regain my composure. “We’re not…Sehun and I aren’t dating,” I managed to say through giggles.

“You’re not? Ah, that’s so embarrassing!” Irene cried, burying her face into the soft pillow beside her to stifle her own laughter.

“Wheeew, I can’t breathe,” I gasped just as Sehun returned with Irene’s box. Seeing his face, and the utter idea of Sehun and I dating set me off into another fit.

“Y/N’s broken, she won’t stop laughing!” Irene shrieked, hitting me repeatedly with the pillow and soon collapsing beside me. My ribs ached, cheeks stung, and I was gasping like a fish, but it was an amazing feeling. I’d never laughed so hard in my life - I didn’t want this moment to end.

18th April:

Irene ran a hand over her velvet skirt, smoothing it down for the hundredth time in the past minute. “Seriously, Ren, you’re going to ruin the material on your skirt if you keep rubbing it,” I stated, grabbing Irene’s hand and pulling it away from her clothes.

“I know, I know,” she sighed, giving me a half-hearted smile. “I’m just nervous.” I turned from my place on the bench to face her. We were waiting at the local bowling alley and Irene had been worried about this moment for the whole day. Sehun had suggested that we introduce Irene to Suho, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun, considering they basically lived at our apartment anyway.

“Nervous? Why?” I chuckled.

“You just talk about your friends all the time; they seem so cool.”

“Trust me,” I snorted loudly. “They are definitely not cool.”

And as if they’d heard me insult them, the three boys, along with Sehun, sauntered into the bowling alley. “Who’s the one on the left, Y/N?” Irene whispered furiously to me, brushing a stray strand of hair away from her face.

“Uh, that’s Baekhyun. Why?” I replied, waving at my friends.

“Because he’s beautiful,” Irene gushed, clasping a hand over her mouth. The boys approached us and introduced themselves to Irene, and I suddenly felt rather queasy at the idea of her possibly having a crush on my friend, but I managed to ignore it.

“Okay, let’s get this game started then!” Chanyeol exclaimed, eliciting cheers from the rest of us. Suho went first, and to our utmost surprise he got a strike on his very first go. Baekhyun joked about leaving now since Suho had clearly won already, and then it was Sehun’ s turn. He released the bowling ball with such force, but still managed to get a gutterball. Twice.

We all booed at him as he sat down, an embarrassed smile covering his face. I knocked down a cool seven pins (I’d never been that great at ten-pin bowling anyway). Baekhyun got the same as me, and Chanyeol managed to knock down nine. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves - until Irene stood up to take her turn.

The first ball she bowled zoomed straight into the gutter so she turned around to face the boys. “I’m not very good at this, would someone be kind enough to help me?” She toyed her bottom lip with her teeth and batted her eyelids, shutting the boys up instantly, their joking insults towards each other style of bowling fading into nothing.

I narrowed my eyes at Irene suspiciously, trying to work out exactly what she was up to. Irene and I had been to this exact bowling alley a few weeks ago, and I remember I was groaning 95% of the time because Irene kept getting strikes. If she was so good at this, why was she pretending she wasn’t?

The boys shared a look quickly, silently deciding who would be the lucky one (A/N: wow that unintentional pun) to help Irene before Baekhyun stood up, wiping his palms on his jeans. I wasn’t all that surprised Baekhyun had been appointed the task by the boys’ silent jury - he’d sworn off dating after a bad breakup awhile ago, and I guess his friends just wanted him to get back out there again.

Irene giggled as Baekhyun stood behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and swung her arm backwards to bowl. Team Baekrene got a strike. Of course they did. Baekhyun gave me a small smile as he walked back to his seat, while Irene leaned into me as she sat back down, whispering something about how strong Baekhyun apparently was.

And it continued like this - Baekhyun would pull Irene close to him, helping her bowl even though she did not need his help at all, and Baekhyun would glance in my direction after he had, confusing and frustrating me at the same time.

“They make such a good couple,” Sehun commented to me, watching our friends basically feeling each other up adoringly.

“Yeah, they sure do,” I grumbled sarcastically. Sehun gave me a look of surprise before chuckling. “No way. No damn way. Y/N is jealous? Of Irene?”

“I’m not jealous!” I hissed back, but it was clear to both Sehun and I that I was blatantly lying. The truth was, I could feel my insides bubbling with envy every time Baekhyun flashed his bright smile at Irene, and I felt myself gagging when she giggled like an immature schoolgirl in response. Maybe I felt this way because Baekhyun was undoubtedly an incredibly beautiful human, no one could argue against that. Maybe it was because Irene had literally been in Seoul for two months and was getting more male attention than I had in my whole 22 years of living in Seoul. Or maybe it was because I’ d never had a proper boyfriend before despite my best efforts, and Baekhyun was the only boy who’d ever really showed me any attention (he had a way of making me feel so special even though we weren’t dating). Maybe it was because Baekhyun’s flirting was the closest thing I’d had to a boyfriend, and yet all Irene had to do was bat her eyelids and Baekhyun was drooling all over her. Who knows.

I tried my best to focus on the game at hand, but trust me, it was very hard with Baekhyun and Irene so obviously flirting right beside me. That was Baekhyun and I’s thing (although we were never that conspicuous about it). Despite this, everyone else seemed to be having a good time - Suho was crowned Ten Pin Bowling King, while Irene and Baekhyun not-so-discernibly swapped numbers. Everyone left with smiles on their faces - which is all I cared about. No matter the reason behind those smiles.

13th May, 3:17PM:

“Y/N, have you been on Irene’s Facebook recently?” Sehun called as I entered our apartment; he was curled up under a blanket on the couch and was stuffing his face with buttery popcorn.

“You’re an animal,” I laughed, dropping my bag and jumping next to him on the couch. The Hangover was playing quietly on the television, although Sehun wasn’t paying it any attention. “Why, should I have been checking her Facebook?”

Sehun shifted and thrust his phone in my face, watching me expectantly. I had to steady his swaying hand to see that he had Irene’s Facebook open to one of her more recent statuses, posted yesterday evening.

‘He asked me out, I said yes! #feelingblessed #luckiestgirlalive #cutestcoupleever,’ the status read. Attached below it was a photo of the new couple;  Baekhyun’s lips were on Irene’s cheek, her eyes were scrunched up, and she had an adorable smile on her face. It was true, they were the cutest couple ever.

I felt a feeling stir inside me, an emotion that I couldn’t even begin to describe at the time but that, in hindsight, should have been a big warning sign for me to keep my distance. But I couldn’t see that at the time - all I could see was my two best friends being all lovey-dovey cute together. It was gross.

“Holy, look how many likes it’s got!” Sehun exclaimed, his eyes bulging out at the nearly 700 figure. “I’m not surprised,” I replied lowly. “Irene’s become so popular recently.” Sehun simply chuckled. “It’s not all bad: we’ve also become a lot popular too.”

It was true. Irene may have gained lots of friends, but I doubted she would ever want to replace Sehun and I as her best friends. She would often invite us out to all these different events with her new friends (most of whom were girls, which was awesome for me because I gained a lot more female friends). As well as meeting tons of new people (including two charismatic boys named Bambam and Taeyong who often studied with me at the library), my popularity had risen to extraordinary levels. I suddenly found myself being invited to all sorts of parties I’d never been able to even dream of attending before, and I had my own group of friends now that didn’t consist totally of Sehun’s friends. He was right; Irene’s sudden popularity wasn’t all bad.

Sehun and I had just settled down enough to focus on the movie playing when the front door clicked open and laughter poured into our apartment.

“-reaction was absolutely hilarious!” An unfamiliar voice roared, so I peered over Sehun’s shoulder and saw the voice belonged to one of Irene’s many friends. She was very pretty, and I recognised her from around university. I could tell her and Irene were close. I think her name was Willow? Or maybe it was Wanda? I forget some times.

“I know right! It was to die for. Thanks for the ride home, Wendy!” Irene said, hugging her friend before shutting the front door.

Ah, Wendy.

“Hey guys!” Irene greeted, although she barely looked our way before sauntering down the hallway to her room. I glanced at Sehun who shrugged, turning his attention back to the TV.

13th May, 4:56PM:

“Anyone home?” I questioned, banging my knuckles on Irene’s door loudly, causing the ajar door to swing open with a creak. Our movie had finished and we had expected Irene would have come out to tell us about her exciting news by now - but she hadn’t. So Sehun and I decided to investigate ourselves.

“Come in~” Irene sang out in response. She was spread out on her bed but repositioned herself so she was now sitting crosslegged. She was tapping away furiously at her phone, undoubtedly texting one of her close friends, and she was unable to stop a wide smile from covering her face.

“So…when were you going to tell us you and Baekhyun were dating?” Sehun asked excitedly, waving his phone in her face much like he had done with me. Her smile suddenly faded upon hearing Sehun’s question, which caught me off guard.

“Were you even going to tell us at all?” I gestured to the date the status had been posted; over 24 hours ago.

“Well, I mean yeah, eventually, but…” Irene started, but soon trailed off. She stared at us both before giving me a sympathetic smile. “But not straight away.”

“Not straight away?” Sehun repeated, furrowing his brows in confusion.

“Well, I probably would have told you, Sehun. But I might not have told Y/N straight away,” Irene stated bluntly. I stared at her in shock, and I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the floor. What did she mean by that? Weren’t we supposed to be best friends?

Irene must have noticed the upset look on my face because she quickly added, “only because I know how close you are to Baekhyun, and I didn’t want you to feel like I was stealing him away from you or anything.” Irene glanced down at her bedsheet sheepishly, and I could tell she was being honest but it still didn’t lessen the pain and embarrassment I felt.

And my deep blush must have gave me away because Sehun patted my hand and rushed on, “well, I know both Y/N and I are extremely happy for you two.” Irene smiled brightly and uttered her thanks, so Sehun continued. “By the way, don’t forget we’re going to the baseball game on Saturday night!”

I wasn’t a major sports fanatic, but Sehun had managed to score a few free tickets and thought it would be fun for the three of us to go together. “Oh, um, I can’t sorry,” Irene mumbled. Suddenly, her phone was very interesting to her again.

“You…can’t?” Sehun shot me a brief look that seemed to say ‘is this girl serious’, before turning his attention to our uncomfortable roommate. “Yeah, sorry. I think Nayeon is having a party that night. Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.” Irene was doing an awful lot of apologising and had suddenly become the queen of avoiding eye contact.

“Oh, that’s okay then,” Sehun claimed, but I could tell he was hurt, if only slightly. Anyone could - his voice was barely above a whisper. “I think I have something to do now,” he added, retreating from the room and heading back to the lounge.

“Look, Y/N, I’m really sorry that I can’t come to the game with you guys anymore, but you need to understand we spend so much time together anyway!” Irene said, looking up and finally meeting my harsh gaze. She was apologising, but there was no hint of remorse in her eyes. She knew how much this game meant to Sehun, and she didn’t even care.

“Yeah, I know,” I replied sarcastically. “That’s what best friends do, generally.”

15th June:

I have no idea why I agreed to this. Absolutely no clue. You see, Irene invited me out for brunch with her at this cute little restaurant in the middle of Seoul; but conveniently forgot to tell me that it was actually a double date and she’d organised one of her friends to be my date.

So here I was, on a double date with Irene, Baekhyun, and some guy named Lee Jooheon. Jooheon seemed nice enough (and he was pretty attractive too), but I was so furious Irene had tricked me into going on this stupid double date that I couldn’t focus on anything he was saying.

“So yeah, as I was saying, Y/N hasn’t really had a boyfriend before, so you’d be her first!” Irene gushed, causing a hot blush to form on my face. I’d only been here for ten minutes and already I wished I could melt into the seat and never show my face anywhere ever again. However, I couldn’t do that.

“I don’t think he really needs to know that, Irene,” I hissed.

“Nonsense!” Irene laughed loudly, the sort of obnoxious sound a group of middle aged women would make when one of them tells a really terrible joke. I grumbled under my breath and noticed Baekhyun was watching me. He had a small smirk on his face and winked when I looked up. We sat across from each other in our little booth and this was definitely not the first time I’d caught him staring at me.

In fact, he managed to maintain eye contact even when Irene pressed herself up against him and placed a lazy kiss on his cheek. Every time Irene said something embarrassing about me, Baekhyun would nudge my foot with his own under the table and give me a small smile. At least someone else realised that what Irene was doing was humiliating.

“If you’ll excuse me, I just have to use the bathroom quickly,” Jooheon said, giving me a small smirk before escaping to the toilets. “Ah, I’ll go pay for the bill,” Baekhyun added, following Jooheon’s actions by giving us a small grin before departing. Irene gave him a big smile in response, but it quickly disappeared once he was out of earshot.

Leaning closer to me across the table, Irene growled, “do you think I’m stupid, Y/N?” She was so close to me that I could feel her breath hot on my cheek, and I pulled back quickly. “W-what? Why do you say that?”

“Do you think I don’t see the way you look at Baekhyun? The way you’ve been oogling at him this whole time? I’ve tried to set you up with a lovely guy, but you can’t keep your eyes off my boyfriend. I knew you were a threat, Y/N. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll back off.”

I could feel hot tears pricking at my eyes and I blinked rapidly, started at how cruel my supposed “best friend” was being. I desperately wanted to defend myself, but the lump in my throat made that near impossible. I could only hold Irene’s glare as her glossy lips curled up into a smirk.

“Glad we’re on the same page,” she whispered, just as both boys returned.

“Sweet, everything is paid for,” Baekhyun smiled. He glanced between Irene and I and rushed to add, “is everything alright?”

“Yeah, Baekhyunnie. Nothing’s wrong.”

26th July:

Ah yes. Possibly the absolute worst day of my life. Well, more like the day my perfect life crumbled and shit hit the fan.

Jooheon and I had swapped numbers after our nightmare of a double date, and we’d stayed in contact even though I explained I wasn’t interested in dating him (he was so sweet about it too, bless!). The other day, Jooheon had invited Irene and I to a party his friend Wonho was hosting. But since Irene hadn’t really talked to me since she accused me of trying to steal her boyfriend, I didn’t tell her about our invitation (I figured she would find out about the party eventually away), and took Sehun with me instead.

Everything seemed to be going fine; Irene turned up with Baekhyun as I had predicted would happen. It was only as the night progressed that I started to experience a harrowing, constant feeling in my chest. It was hard to describe what it was or pinpoint why I was suddenly feeling this way, but I instantly knew something hugely terrible was going to happen. Ironically, I think I felt this way because of how untroubled everyone else was.

Alcohol was definitely, 100% flowing at this party. Every room I entered held a least one large group of drunk friends, laughing and yelling louder than I would have considered acceptable in my own apartment. I guess this Wonho guy was a lot more lenient than I was. Or he just didn’t give a shit.

Now, I’d never been much of a drinker (the agonizing hangovers then next morning were more than enough to stop me drinking too much, usually) but tonight was different. Maybe I drunk to try to sooth the pain in my chest, or to lessen the effect the howling screams of drunkards had on my newly formed headache.

“I’m just going to go…somewhere,” I slurred, hitting Sehun hard on his back.

“Make good choices!” Sehun grinned as he turned to face me.

Oh, the irony!

I gulped back another cup of alcohol (I’m not too sure what it actually was, it tasted like vodka mixed with something else but I couldn’t be too sure what. By this time I didn’t really care what was in it anyway - I was far too wasted to be wary about such a small thing) and stumbled into the closest room: a second lounge.

Music was blasting from the stereo in the corner, and there was a group of rowdy younger boys surrounding a pool table. I started heading in their direction for god knows why, but someone intercepted me first.

“Y/N, just the girl I wanted to see!” Baekhyun cheered, giving me an adorable lopsided smile.

“You wanted to see me?” I replied, giving Baekhyun a sceptical look. “Where’s Irene?”

He suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the lounge and down the hall. The unexpected skin-to-skin contact sent a rogue shiver down my spine and I tried to pull my hand away instinctively - Baekhyun’s vice-like grip prevented us from breaking contact.

“She’s passed out on a couch in some place or another. Girl cannot handle her alcohol,” Baekhyun chucked, throwing open the door of a bedroom and scowling when he found it was occupied already.

“Out,” he instructed, grip still firm on my hand, and the couple sucking each other’s faces off scurried out of the room as fast as their drunken bodies could manage. I couldn’t stop a gasp from escaping my lips when Baekhyun closed the door and slammed my body against it.

“What the hell?” I managed to puff, but my words faded into nothing when I noticed how close Baekhyun’s face was to mine. He was probably only a foot taller, but he seemed to tower over me as I shrunk back into the door. I was totally wasted, but I could still make out the different tones of brown in his irises that I’d never noticed before.

“I need you, Y/N,” Baekhyun confessed, his voice low and raspy. His breath was hot on my cheek, and I could smell the reeking stench of alcohol on it. Baekhyun was drunk too, but nowhere near as tipsy as myself.

“But you have Irene,” I mumbled, and I was sure he wouldn’t even be able to hear me. To be honest, I was surprised at how I managed to resist jumping his bones right there and then.

“I have Irene, but I want you.”

I managed to take one last peek at Baekhyun’s eyes before his lips crashed onto mine: his usually soft, warm eyes had completely darkened and he looked like a hungry predator eying up its prey.

After a minute of desperate kisses, Bakehyun suggested we go somewhere more private, so that’s what we did. He suggested that, since he wasn’t really allowed to be seen making out with a girl other than his girlfriend, I pretend I was too sick to stay at the party and he would say he suddenly remembered an assignment he had due tomorrow. And that’s how we managed our great escape.

I learned two things that night; the first was that lust is a crazy, bubbling cauldron of desire and need, and once you get a taste of it, it courses through your veins and takes control of every inch of your body - from your legs to your fingertips to your tongue and even your mind. It’s wanting what you can’t have, what you shouldn’t have, what you know is absolutely and utterly wrong to take, but being completely unable to stop yourself from taking it regardless.

The second thing I learned that night was that Irene was right: I was a real threat to her relationship.

31st July:

Okay, I lied. When I said July 26th was the worst day in my whole existence, I was lying.

Today was the day everything went downhill. I guess you could say I was standing on the top of a really tall building, creeping closer and closer to the edge: July 26th was what caused me to fall off the very tall building, the 31st is what I experienced just before I hit the ground.

July 31st started out like any other day. It was the middle of summer, and I remember thinking it would be nice if my apartment had a pool. I’d been very good at keeping Baekhyun and I’s one night stand a secret, and I’d made Bakehyun promise he would never tell a soul, especially Irene, for obvious reasons.

In fact, I’d even seen the two together in the wake of our hookup: they looked as happy as could be and as much as it pained me to see them being all cute together, it was so much better than having Irene find out what had happened.

That day I had both my courses (a photography course and an English language course) which meant I had to walk almost literally from one side of campus to the other. Usually I didn’t have a problem with this (it’s a hassle, that’s all) but today seemed different.

I noticed that whenever I glanced in boys’ directions they would stare back with a glint of hunger in their eyes, and when I made eye contact with a group of girls they all glared daggers at me. Synchronised scowling. If I hadn’t been feeling so self conscious, I probably would have laughed.

It was only when I walked past the girls that I realised why they felt so compelled to stare: “See, that’s the girl who slept with Irene’s boyfriend,” one of the girls stated, pointing straight at me. I recognised her as one of Irene’s friends but I didn’t know her name. “She’s not even that pretty,” another girl added as I rushed past them.

At first I thought I was hallucinating. There was no way anyone knew about Baekhyun and I, right?

I was wrong. I managed to make it to my English class without anymore trouble, albeit the usual stares. I was just settling into my normal seat when two boys in front of me turned around. I recognised them as Vernon and Seungkwan - I was on good terms with the both of them as I often let them copy my answers.

“So, Y/N, is it true that you had sex with Baekhyun?” Seungkwan blurted out.

“You can’t just ask that, Seungkwan!” Vernon chuckled, but still looked at me expectantly.

“Oh, I am terribly sorry. Y/N, oh kind, wise, answer-sharing Y/N, is it true that you may have had sexual relations with the handsome Byun Baekhyun?” Seungkwan said in a posh voice. By now, a lot of the class was looking at us. My heart dropped.

“It’s not true,” I uttered, just loud enough for the two boys to hear.

“It’s what?” Vernon questioned, leaning closer.

“I-I need to go.” I packed my bag quickly and left the class as fast as I possibly could - there was no way I was staying in there to play a whole hour of Twenty Questions.

As I was heading home, I felt a mix of emotions. It was hard to pinpoint just one. I felt confused because I had no idea how everyone had found out, but at the same time I felt absolutely devastated because I knew exactly who had told them (it certainly wasn’t me, I hadn’t even told Sehun), and then I felt a wave of sadness that Baekhyun, someone who up until recently I considered a good friend, could share something so intimate.

When I got home, all I wanted to do was crawl up into my bed and sleep the remainder of the day away, but that’s not what happened. The door to our apartment was wide open and boxes sat outside it innocently - I could instantly tell that something was wrong.

“Y/N, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on,” Sehun stated when I walked into the living room. “I had literally just got home when all this started. She screamed at me for conspiring with and defending you?” He gestured to Irene’s room where the loud clatter of miscellaneous items landing on each other were coming from.

I stood near the doorway, the threat of having something thrown at me stopped me venturing further. Irene was angrily grabbing items off her desk, wall, and from her wardrobe, shoving them into cardboard boxes.

As if sensing my presence, Irene stopped her movements and snapped her head up, glaring right into my soul. She stood up and headed towards me with fire in her eyes, and I genuinely feared for my life. Stopping close to me, Irene stated, “You’re a bitch,” before slamming the door in my face.

“Y/N, what the hell was that about?” Sehun questioned when I remerged from the hallway. “ Are you okay?” The worried expression on Sehun’s features told me that he really did care about whether I was okay or not, but shame stopped me from confessing the sin I had committed. I really wanted to, but I just couldn’t.

“Yeah, Se. Nothing’s wrong.”

2nd August:

Remember when I said this past week was like I’d been pushed off a really tall building? Well, I finally hit the ground.

I spent most of the day at this cute little reserve near my apartment where I knew it was unlikely I would run into anyone I recognised. It seems that all I do now: run. Run away from my responsibilities. Run from my problems.

I was supposed to be meeting Suho and Chanyeol right now for lunch, but I couldn’t bear to face them. No doubt they would be bombarding my phone, which I’d left at home, but I was certain their texts would get lost among the numerous other notifications I had.

You see, a few days ago, people would tell me face to face what they thought about Baekhyun and I - which wasn’t the nicest feeling but I could handle it - but now they’d turned to social media to humiliate me, to call me degrading names where all my friends and family could see. So that’s why I was skipping lunch with Chanyeol and Suho, and ditching my classes for the day - I needed time away from it all, to think about how everything had gone oh so terribly wrong. I had no doubt my phone was buzzing away with hate - I seemed to be more popular now than I was before all this happened.

It was late afternoon when I finally decided to head back home. I was feeling just slightly more positive now that I’d thought about my situation and managed to come up with a mental game plan for my next moves.

That was, until I spotted a small van driving way from our apartment. Painted on the side in bright red letters were the words ‘Seoul Movers’. I bounded to the apartment, taking the stairs two at a time, and found a sombre looking Sehun starting at the blank television screen.

“Sehun?” I asked quietly, sliding up to the couch and staring at my friend.

“Irene’s gone. She moved out,” he monotonely replied. I knew this was going to happen; Irene packing boxes a few days ago and the moving truck were a dead give away, but I’d held on with false hope that Irene and I would be able to talk this situation out. Instead, Irene wouldn’t even make eye contact with me, let alone talk to me.

The last of the peaceful feeling I’d managed to hold onto from earlier today drained from my body completely and the reality of my situation fully hit me. Because of my stupid, stupid mistake, I’d managed to ruin a good relationship, my reputation, and I’d lost my best friend.

And as for Baekhyun, I didn’t even know where to start. I was so incredibly mad at him but it was still nowhere near as close to matching the anger I felt towards myself.

“Hey hey hey,” Sehun cooed, noticing the silent tears that were creeping down my cheeks. He stood up and wrapped me in his warm embrace. “It’s okay, silly.”

“No, it’s not. I’ve fucked everything up. I’m such a failure,” I wailed, burying my face into Sehun’s fluffy sweater. He didn’t say anything else, instead he hugged me tighter which I believe reassured me more than anything that he could have said would have.

We stood there for what felt like an eternity, and in that moment I realised I’d never felt more thankful for a single person that I did just then.

yay we can get married now ily all


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Title: Oxygen

Genre: Smut

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Kim Jongdae

Notes: well, i mean im just gonna say theres some kinky ass shit here ok thanks bye;) ps; he is killing me. he is killing me and im dying. death by kim jongdae

Summary: When Jongdae has a long night with some coworkers, all he wants to do is unwind with a few drinks. But apparently that’s a bit too much to ask for when his girlfriend is just a little too tempting. Maybe she deserves a lesson on how to act around company.

Words: 2,020

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EXO: Having A Crush On Female Noona Member But Afraid Of The Hate/Possibility Of Her Losing Her Job

(Sorry this was kind of crappy. It really didn’t turn out the way I wanted/hoped it would’ve turned out to be. Some of the reactions didn’t include the losing your job part but I still hope you enjoy. <3)


Originally posted by prince-chanyeol

He could feel himself falling for you, deep inside. The way every time you smiled, his heart would flutter a little bit gave it away. Every time he heard your voice, the everlasting smile on his face would only grow bigger. Every touch sent his way by you would set his body ablaze, your fingers leaving burning spots everywhere you touched. He was only worried about two thing, and two thing only about delving into a relationship with you; the hate and the possibility of losing your job.

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Let Me Love You pt. 8

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Let Me Love You

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

Description: When the truth finally comes out are you willing to take Baekhyun back?

Genre: Smut // Fluff // Slight Angst

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Mobile Masterlist | Request

You push the door shut behind you. You can feel Baekhyun’s eyes on you as he waits for you to speak but you are not ready to turn around. You dread the moment you meet his eyes. What exactly is there for you to say? For him to say? Realistically, you shouldn’t have agreed to this talk. Him lying to his fiance that he’ll be out late and to not wait up for him. You kissing Chanyeol on the cheek and tell him you had a great time tonight and can’t wait to see him again when in reality you’re letting his best friend somehow persuade you back to your hotel because the only man you can think about is Baekhyun. At this point you don’t know who’s worse; you or Baekhyun.

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You don’t own me part 11

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“We can do even better things then just kissing. Let us go to the bedroom”, your voice was hoarse. His eyes lit up.

“You lead the way, kitten.”

Word count: 1861

Warnings: Mostly fluff and mentions of sex. Nothing to worry about though :P

Author’s note: I can smell the end…maybe two more…hehehehehehe

♥♥♥ @httpwyf @vicassa @byunbunniess @i-am-a-death-dealer @jookyunhoe @galaxy99love @holymolydrrad @imbaekhyunstrash @shesdreaminginoverdose @princess-ellaxo @baekmuffin @dont-hyuck @mynameissoonyoung-callmesoon ♥♥♥

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4 || part 5 || part 6 || part 7 || part 8 || part 9 || part 10


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Good Girl Ch 43: I Want Her To Myself

Sehun’s POV

It’s my day with her, my day, my day. The moment my eyes are open I jump out of bed and quickly scramble out of my room to find her. She was with Baekhyun last night thankfully, he throws a fit when I bust into his room but he won’t kill me like the older hyungs would. He is a huffing mess, his face is red, and he’s pouting at my loud entrance but I only look at him for a second before focusing on the cute little ball of curls sticking out of the covers. Of course she is still sound asleep, knowing Baekhyun he kept her up all night.

“At least let her finish sleeping,” Baek whines flopping back down next to her.

I huff just as Kris pushes me out of the way to join us, “Can I borrow her for few minutes before you have your way with her?”

“No! It’s my birthday and you are the one who created that rule! She is mine the whole day!” I stomp my foot like a child.

“Stop whining,” Baekhyun growls, “It’s too early for your shit.”

“I’ll be back for her in 45 minutes, do what you want with that time,” With that I turn on my heel and storm away back to my room. Those bastards. I never say anything when everyone else has their turn. I just sit there and let them do whatever they want with her like we are supposed to do. This is so unfair! I’ll never get all of her attention with them crawling all over the place. An idea comes to mind. I rush to my room and grab a bag, after stuffing it with another out fit and an extra shirt for her I zip it close. I pull on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before I hear some idiots coming down the hall.

“Jooyoung!” Suho and Lay sing song as they bust into my room. I come out of my closet to see their confused faces, “Where is Joo?”

“Baekhyun’s room. What are you doing looking for anyway? She’s mine today!” I snap.

Lay rolls his eyes at me, “Stop sounding like a spoiled brat. We just want to say good morning.”

“Where are you going with that bag?” Suho wonders as he eyes me up.

I look down slightly, my grip on the bag tightens, “I’m taking Joo to town for the night for my birthday.”

“You don’t seriously think that is going to be okay, do you?” Lay scoffs.

“Why not? It’s my birthday, I’m allowed to do whatever I want.”

Suho glares at me, “You are. But you are not taking our precious baby into the city by yourself, unarmed, with Block B still out there looking for her.”

I huff, storming over to my bed I reach under and pull out a 9mm and quickly shove it in my bag, “Happy? Not to mention the fact I will be staying at one of our hotels, in a city that we basically run while the other half is ran by another man who is in love with her.” We are all silent for a minute. I shouldn’t have said that. My blood is boiling at the mention of that man even though the words fell from my own lips.

Suho takes a deep breath, “So you are relying on that bastard now too?”

I can’t get myself to look him in the eye knowing the kind of disappointment that will be in them, “When it comes to Joo, I think I can trust him to keep her safe. We do it every Tuesday, are you telling me that you don’t trust him with her?”

“No I don’t fucking trust him!” He growls, “I just have to send her out into his arms every fucking week and pray he doesn’t do something to make her hate us or love him more than us. I don’t trust any man who has the ability, and the want, to turn her against us so she never comes home!”

“Hyung,” Lay steps in and places a hand on the older man’s shoulder, “We said no more fighting about this guy. Go cool down, stop by and say good morning to Joo, maybe that will help.” I’m surprised when the older listens and storms out of the room, but fear takes over when Lay turns to glare at me. “Why did you have to go and say that? Now he’s just going to be pissy all day, thanks.”

“Sorry,” I mumble softly, I’m actually shaking under his gaze.

He sighs and runs his hands thru his hair, “Make sure you have the hotel add on extra security and that they are really strict on who they let in.” My eyes light up at the sound of his words but he makes sure to water down some of my excitement. “You can go out and have fun celebrating your birthday with her all to yourself, I’m jealous more than anything right now so sorry for the hostility.” He gives me a very brief smile, “But I swear to God Sehun, if something happens to our girl you better hope you are dead other wise you will be, got it?”

I nod.

“Good. Now I’m going to say good by to my baby before chaos ensues.” He turns on his heel and walks out. As soon as he is out of the door I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding, god he is fucking scary. I rush to Joo’s room for some clothes for her to wear there and put them in the bag with my stuff, she’s going to have to change in the car, I’m not dealing with my hyungs hanging over our shoulders any longer than I have to. Creeping outside of Baekhyun’s room I see that everyone seems to have gathered there around her, talking and having fun. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought, even with Lay and Suho’s okay I’m going to have to get passed Xiumin and Kris which is not going to be an easy task. Thank fully Chanyeol suggests that they should all go down for breakfast.

I book it down to the dinning room and hide just inside the doorway, ready to scoop her up and run to the door, thanking myself for leaving my car in front last night. Just as planned they begin walking past me, Kris and Xiumin are in front leaving Joo behind with Kai. With a deep breath I push my hyung out of the way and scoop her up before running faster than I ever thought possible to my car. I throw her in the passengers seat than climb into the drivers. My hyungs are in the doorway looking absolutely pissed, I’ll leave Suho and Lay to explain it to them.

“Where are we going?” Her sweet voice wonders as she buckles her seat belt after noticing my speeding.

“One of our hotels,” I answer shortly with a small smile.

“May I ask why?”

I sigh and repeat the same words I ‘ve said at least a dozen times today already, “I want you all to myself for today.”

She nods with a an amused smirk on her face, “Did you tell anyone this before you stole me?”

“Lay and Suho hyung know, though they aren’t happy about it. They’ll tell the rest so don’t worry.” I glance at her, “Are you okay with this?”

“Of course,” She gives me one of her beautiful smiles. “I’m always happy to spend time with you Daddy.”

I find myself grinning as I take her little hand in mine, “Good.”

The drive is quick with my constant speeding. We arrive at the hotel, Joo had thrown on the jeans and t-shirt I had packed for her, allowing us to go right in. I’ve only stayed at this hotel once, I preferred the one we have in Seoul but I don’t think my hyungs would appreciate me taking her out of the city so this will have to do. I check us into the nicest sweet and drag her along behind me to the elevator. Inside our room I don’t give her a moment of rest, as soon as the door locks behind us I have her in my arms up against a wall.

My lips are on hers’, nipping and sucking on her bottom lip, earning a sweet moan from her. Her thin legs wrap around my waist while her arms do the same around my neck, pulling me closer. She tastes like vanilla, like always, her sweet taste lingers on my tongue as I release her lips to travel down to her jaw and neck. With a soft thunk, her head falls back against the wall exposing her neck fully to me. I take the advantage and leaving a little love bites all over her beautiful tan skin that seems to be begging to be marked by me. One of her small hands tangles in my hair and pulls me away from ravaging her neck, I look up at her confused.

“It’s your birthday,” She some how manages to mumble threw the obvious fog of pleasure she is already in, “I’m supposed to be spoiling you. Not the other way around.”

I can’t help but chuckle at her, “You have no idea how much are you doing to me right now just by looking like this. I’ve barely even touched you and you are already a mess.” She blushes and looks away. “I have no right to tease you baby, I’m already aching just by fucking touching you,” I rut against her, rubbing my painfully hard erection against her sweet core earning me a soft whimper that only seems to make my pants tighter.

“Daddy,” She whines.

I think back to what Kris hyung mentioned to me once and grin, “Fine my sweet baby, you want to do something for me?”

She nods shyly making my pants even more uncomfortable. Without a word I carry her to the bedroom, ignoring the lavish living room, kitchen, and dining room, and her protests to at least have a glance of the city out on the balcony.

“I’ll fuck you out there after but trust me, you are going to want to do this.” There is that cute little blush again. Still holding her I discard my own shoes before pulling hers’ off and throw them aside as well. I step on the bed and sit down with my back against the head board, she is straddling my hips, looking utterly cute and confused. My hands leave her hips and go to rest at my sides. “Go ahead.”

She cocks her head at me, “What?”

“You said you wanted to take care of me so I’m letting you, just this once, to take control.”

Her eyes light up at that, “Really?”

I nod, “You get to do it all.”

“But could you, um, do me a favor?”

“What would that be?”

She blushes once again, “Could you get undressed first?”

“I have to undress myself?” I mock offense.

She doesn’t respond, instead she puffs her cheeks cutely before looking down at the obvious bulge in my pants. With shaky hands and her bottom lip firmly between her teeth she bravely reaches down and unbuttons my pants. She grasps the waist band of both my underwear and my pants and looks up at me for some help. With a small smirk I lift up my hips and allow her to take my pants off and throw them aside. Next she gets rid of my shirt, throwing it into the forming pile of clothes. When mine are gone, leaving me bare to the room, I full expect her to do the same with her own but instead she climbs down and stands in front of the bed. She pulls her phone out of her pocket and to my surprise, flips on some music. It’s a slow R&B song with a nice beat that I’ve never heard before, I can tell it’s in English and the tone seems to sound sexual.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I nearly growl. I’m so hard right now, from having so many dirty thoughts on my way here about the little goddess in front of me, that I don’t have time to be worried about a sex playlist.

She bites her lip, but says nothing as she slowly, oh so fucking slowly, begins pulling up her shirt showing me her flat stomach and eventually her sexy lace bra. I notice her hips swaying slightly and realization hits me, she’s giving me a strip tease. God this girl is going to be the end of me. She’s getting into the music more, small body rolls and those hips of hers’ continue to move so seductively it’s taking all of my self control not to jump her right now. Next are her pants, Her eyes are locked with mine as she pops the button and behinds sliding them down. She turns around to give me an amazing view of her ass as she slowly pulls her pants down.

I’m not surprised that I can taste blood from how hard I’m biting my lip, I can’t help myself, my hand slowly travels up and down my length unable to just watch her any longer. I moan as she shakes her ass so nicely for me. How can such an angel ruin me so easily? She hasn’t even touched me yet I feel that if she did right now I would probably cum on the spot, it’s embarrassing. She has me wrapped around her finger, actually hers’ are wrapped around me right now. Another groan leaves me.

“Baby,” I whine, I actually whine to her, “Too much clothes.”

She looks down at her lace lingerie set, “I thought you said I was in control?”

“I can change my mind.”

She pouts, “Daddy.”

“Don’t you whine. You have me so turned on, now get over here before I get so impatient I just flip you over,” I can’t hide the embarrassing neediness in my voice.

She nods and stands up once again on the bed and throws her underwear aside. I can hardly contain myself when she straddles my hips, my hands automatically go to her hips and lift her just above my erection. Her hands are on my shoulders as she begins lowering herself down, her heat slowly engulfs me, pulling me in to the kind of sweet heaven only she can give me.

Don’t thrust up, don’t thrust up, you can let her be in control for one round! No matter how slow she is moving I will not thrust up, I will let her go at the pace she wants. She moans out, her nails dig into my shoulder when she has me balls deep inside. Holy fuck how can she feel so amazing? After a moment of her adjusting to my size she begins to move that the horribly slow pace.

“Baby please move faster,” Did I just beg? We just started and I’m already fucking begging.

She chuckles threw a breathy moan, “I just started daddy, I’ve never done this before so you have to give me a second to figure this out.”

“Let me help,” I thrust up, meeting her half way and whipping that god damn grin off her face.

“Holy fuck,” She mumbles out.

“Don’t stop now baby, if you can’t handle being on top I’m going to flip.”

She glares at me a moment but continues to ride me, stopping briefly when I thrust up to meet her again. I give her a smirk, I know she is getting mad but I can’t help it, she’s too good and too slow. She surprises me though, she shifts her legs and begins bouncing herself on my cock like a fucking professional. God damn.

“Daddy,” She moans, “I’m so close!”

“Come for me baby, come for daddy.”

“Joo-ya?” I call for her softly. She turns away from the floor to ceiling window to look at me laying in the bed. I hold my arms out to her, calling her back to bed. With one of the bed sheets wrapped around her she looks like a goddess gliding across the floor to me. She drops the sheet and climbs under the covers, she burrows herself into my embrace.

“Those guys are going to be so mad when we get home,” She reminds me.

I sigh pulling her closer, “I know but it was worth it. Today is worth going to hell and back a million time over.” We’ve had an exhausting day, not counting the countless times we made love we went out on an adventure for food. Even though that was hours ago I can’t get one thing out of my mind.

We were inside a bakery getting a cake to celebrate when Joo noticed a little girl probably about three staring at the cakes and treats while her mom was busy talking to some other woman. Joo crouched down to the child’s live and offered to buy her a treat. The child accepted and even joined us in eating an extra dessert we ordered. My baby looked so cute, so natural, in the whole situation. She even mentioned after how much she loves kids.

“Baby, do you want kids?” I ask. She looks up at me confused. The subject has never come up  before because Suho handled it right away by sending her to a doctor to give her the best birth control so we didn’t have to worry about it. I honestly, I wish I didn’t bring it up but I need to know. “I don’t mean necessarily right now, but in the future do you want to have a baby?”

She nods, “Yea, I do.”

I don’t know where to go from here, I got my answer but why do I feel even more anxious than before about it. Of course she wants babies, she is amazing and sweet, and any baby would be lucky to have her as a mommy. “How many?”

“Um, four. I want three boys and girl.”

I chuckle, “You seem to have thought this threw.”

“I’ve wanted that ever since I could remember.”

I hum.

“What about you Sehunnie, do you want kids?”

“One is enough for me. One of four.”

She cocks her head at me, “One of four?”

I nod, “I would prefer if it was the girl but any of them would be good enough. As long as it’s ours I couldn’t care less what sex they are.” As long as I’m connected you.

So @xiulayallday (Bree), @kpopandlock (Kara), and I were able to exist within 3ft of six EXO members due to a series of glorious coincidences that allowed us to run into Suho immediately upon entering Times Square. Which then led to this…

What follows is a pretty detailed account of the day and it’s a mess, but it’s all written exactly as I remember it and hopefully will allow you to feel exactly what I was feeling in those moments.

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“Fair Play” (M)


Member: Chanyeol from EXO 

Genre: Smut (M)

Request: “ I want to request a Chanyeol smut! 😝 he’s being flirty and dirty mouth, you and him were playing pool, he teased you that he can ‘do’ you as hard and rough as his pool shot and if he wins, he’ll really going to do that. He 'does’ you on the billiard table. Please make it rough (you are good at making smut tho hahaha) thxxx”

A/N: Thank you for requesting and i hope you’ll like it!  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ dammit now i feel like starting a Chanyeol CEO series…….

“Don’t worry, I know what to do Suho.”

“Ok so just remember that I only need to prove to Mr. Meyers that I do indeed have a date and then you’re free to ravish the bar to your full content”

“I SAID I KNOW WHAT TO DO SUHO” you laughed in his face, clearly seeing how nervous he was to make this deal happen.  You have been working for Suho for the past half year and if there was one thing you’ve learnt from working for a big successful CEO was, ‘don’t fuck it up’. Everyone in this world was so serious, that is before they actually reached the bar.

Suho had no time to focus on dating and in this world it was a must to have some nice arm candy by your side. So in those situations, you came into the rescue. You had fun accompanying Suho through these big galas because;

A.      Free drinks

B.      You gained recognition from other big CEOs in case things went downhill with Suho.

C.      Nice dresses weren’t so bad to wear….

D.      And the bartenders were often cute so…..you get the idea.

Tonight was a big night for Suho. He was about to close one of the biggest deals the company had in awhile, one he worked on for months now. And to say the least, he went all out. This morning you woke up with a big white box wrapped in a pretty little red bow, just near your bed. The custom made gown was probably more expensive than your entire apartment together. Needless to say she even looked better once it was on you. The red complemented your eyes and accentuated your curves just the way it needed to.

“Thank you again Y/N. For doing all of this for me” Suho offered you his hand, along with a smile.

”What are you talking about? I’m only here for the bartender” You managed to let out a laugh from Suho, yours coming out with his.

“Sure you are” he gave you a sarcastic look. Helping you out of the limo, only a minute after and you were already at the entrance of the amazing Meyers mansion.

“ABOUT TIME” Chanyeol and Kyungsoo ran at the sight of you. Both worked with Suho on this deal, both were also dateless. You’ve seen Chanyeol around the office many times but never actually had much contact with him other than ‘would you like some coffee?’. You had to admit both of the boys looked extremely polished tonight. Chanyeol recently dyed his hair a bright red, God knows why…but it did look better than you’ve ever imagined it could.  Kyungsoo had a slick black suit on, just right for his broad shoulders and built figure. Chanyeol had on what you could have sworn was the same exact suit, because when do men suits actually look different.

“You look rather ok cleaned up” Chanyeol made his remark for the night as you hit him across the shoulder, earning an obnoxious laugh from his devious smile.

All eyes were on you and Suho now. Almost instantly, you spotted Mr. Meyers and dragged Suho along with you so you could indeed confirm Suho wasn’t a lone wolf tonight and possibly free yourself from his grasp for the night.

“Suho, I see you’ve brought quite a beautiful young lady here tonight.” Mr. Meyers had his famous 3rd glass of champagne in his left hand while he greeted you two and shook Suho’s hand.

“This is Y/N. She works for me. We’re quite the team indeed” Suho smiled brightly at Mr. Meyers and tightened his grip on your hand.

“Well as much as I’d like to stay and chat with your beautiful assistant-“

“Date” Suho interrupted Mr. Meyers before he could make a rude remark.

“Date. I do believe we have some things to discuss.” Mr. Meyers offered to lead Suho into his office, Suho gladly taking the offer and mouthing a thank you at your direction.

Ok, Suho got his wish which now means you are free to do just as you wish-

“Would you like to dance Y/N?” A tower long Chanyeol stood behind you, taking you by surprise. He was all smiles and hope that you’d say yes.

“How convenient of you to ask just when the song has changed to a slow one.” You shook your head at his display of pearly teeth.

“I do have my ways” He playfully winked, offering you his hand which led to you taking it because why not dance with a tomato looking CEO.

The song that had suddenly switched was, Slow, soulful and really beautiful to listen to. Obviously Chanyeol thought the same because the smile on his face never disappeared. Your arms naturally wrapped themselves around his neck, pulling him closer as his own hands made their way to your hips, slowly swaying to the rhythm of the beautiful piece.

“You look beautiful tonight.” He whispered into your ear, his lips caressing your ear.

“Thanks tomato man.”

“You don’t like it?” He let out a laugh, facing your face that was fighting a giggle too.

“No…It looks good but somehow teasing you sounds better than complimenting you.”

“Ahhh you’re a rough kind of girl aren’t you?” Chanyeol scoffed.

“Don’t even start.” You shot him a death glare.

“WHAT?” He burst out in laughter.

“One more sexual reference and I’m out” your fingers pointed at the exit.

“Fine, fine no sexual references…for now” He laughed again, earning a head shake and a scoff from you.

Another song came on, this time slower and more romantic, building an atmosphere along with it. You quickly glanced over to see Kyungsoo dancing with what seemed to be the assistant from the 3rd floor. ‘Damn, well done Kyungsoo’  you thought to yourself.

“Hey I have a suggestion.” Chanyeol suddenly interrupted your thought process.

“Go on” your eyes met again, faces inches away from each other.

“How about next event you come with….wait for it….ME!” He smirked at you.

“And why would I do that?” you scoffed.

“Because-“ his face suddenly was closer to yours, lips almost touching yours as he moved slowly closer and closer. Before you could realize what was happening, your eyes closed themselves as his flattered close along with.

“And to hype up the party a little, how about this next track!” The DJ yelled, changing the song selection to a more upbeat one. With cue, Chanyeol pulled away instantly, his gaze set on anything but your eyes. Nothing was left between the two of you aside from the awkward silence.

“Hey Y/N come on I have to tell you something amazing!” your co worker pulled you away from Chanyeol, leaving his gaze on the floor, smiling bitterly.

You could have sworn she wouldn’t shut up any time soon. Her story about the girl working on the 4th floor that just got engaged and how she met her fiancé was about the least interesting thing that has happened tonight. Your mind wasn’t even with her. Strangely it was thinking of Chanyeol.

‘He looks really cute in that suit and that smile shouldn’t make me feel things but it does. His hair looks really cute and for some reason I really wanna run my fingers through it but WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT YOU CHANYEOL GET OUT OF MY HEAD’. Your thoughts took over, leaving the woman’s story faded in the background.

“Oh I’m so sorry Y/N but I have to leave you alone for awhile. I heard that there was a cute bartender and I’m sure you’re curious too but- actually on another thought, you coming?” she winked at you.

“Ah no thank you, I’ll pass for tonight” you refused her offer, only wishing she would leave you alone. And she did, finally. And you were left alone. Suddenly you remembered that this mansion had a very big famous billiard room that you have yet to see. Making your way there, the door was already slightly open and the sound of pool balls being kicked around echoed through the room.

“Ah I thought I’d find you here” you leaned against the open door, smiling wickedly. Chanyeol turned around with a surprised expression right before it turned into that familiar smile. You made your way to the table and grabbed a cane.

“You play?” Chanyeol raised his eyebrow at you.

“Billiard isn’t the only thing I play” you smirked and sent him a sarcastic wink.

“Well would you look who’s making sexual references now” he chuckled.

“Thought I’d let you have a taste of your own medicine” you positioned your cane right in front of the perfectly triangle stacked pool balls on the table.

“You see…the thing is….it doesn’t bother me” a small smirk snuck on his face. “Tell you what. We play a match, if I win I get to go with you as my side kick at the next event. If you win, you get to do anything you want with me” he smiled.

“What’s….anything?” your eyebrow rose.

“A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G” he mouthed slowly.

“Great so making you go in the office one day dressed as a girl it is!”

“I did say anything….” He burst into laughter.

Without wasting any more time, Chanyeol made his first shot and from there on he was on a solid lead. Every shot you made, he beat. Suddenly you realized that you might not win that easily. Making another shot, you were now on the lead. Chanyeol looking bitter scrunched his nose and concentrated his mind back on the game.  His cane was positioned at the last 3 balls that were left on the table. One shot and he wins, two shots and you win. He shot you a quick smirk before hitting 2 of the balls at the same time, leading them to hit the 1 remaining ball.

Chuckling, Chanyeol threw his hands in the air, a smug smile written all over his face.

“I win” He made his way to your side.

“Hey there tomato man, don’t let this get into your head.” You shot him with a cute devious smile.  

“Oh come on you love my red hair” he smirked again, this time taking another step closer to you.

“Please…” you chuckled. “I love nothing about you. You’re obnoxious, filthy rich, childish and-“You were interrupted with the sudden touch of his lips on yours.

“Keep going” he hummed into the kiss. His lips caressed yours, slowly excitement took over Chanyeol and he deepened the kiss, pulling you closer by your waist. His tongue was asking for entrance against your now wet lips. Your lips took hold of his, letting him in and before you knew it he lifted you up on the pool table and his hand made its way to your thigh.

“Wait-“ you managed to get out as you pulled away, breathless.

“Is there a problem?” his breath was on your swollen lips.

“Do you really think that I’m gonna let you fuck me on a pool table?” you let out a little chuckle.

“Look, drop the act. We both wanna fuck each other and if I’m gonna have to stand here and stare at you for one more second in that dress then I’d probably explode.” His hand reached your cheek, his rough thumb caressing it.

You immediately attached your lips on his, falling into his rough approach. Your hands made their way to his chest, dropping his jacket on the floor and loosening his tie. He let go of your body for a minute and helped you strip himself. Undoing each button slowly to tease you, slowly he reveled his toned body and you could have sworn that his biceps were gonna tear that shirt apart. Where did he hide those?

He noticed you peeking a look at his body which made him smirk against the kiss. “Like what you see?” he asked. Instead of answering, you attached your wet lips onto his exposed neck, dropping his shirt completely while you worked on the hicky you had in mind. He moaned against your ear, dropping his head back. His deep voice gave you chills with every whimper he made. All the while his hands worked on getting your dress off, making stops along the way to feel your curves and chest under the red fabric.

Your hands grabbed his belt, quickly undoing it as his lips made contact with your chest, peeling the dress off of your body with every peck he left on your skin. He lifted you up with a quick movement to let your dress slip on the floor. Revealing your figure that was only wearing black lace panties, your breasts now exposed too.

Without hesitating, his hands pulled you closer to his body, leaving no space in between. He brought your lips into another heated kiss as your hands caressed his apparent bulge inside his black boxers.  You felt the cold metal of his expensive watch make contact with your thigh, his hands making their way to your wet spot. Moving the panties aside, his fingers ran through your folds, feeling how wet you were for him.  He couldn’t wait much longer with this game so his hands took action and ripped your panties in half. Immediately attaching his thumb on your clit, massaging it with pressure earned him a few more moans.

“Fuck me…..CEO Park” you whispered against his lips as his one hand squeezed your thigh in desperate. You had him wrapped around your finger, he wanted you more than anything right now.

A couple more circles around your bud and your arm pulled him onto your lips once again, begging him for more. His hands grabbed the band of his boxers, pulling them down to reveal his long hungry erection. He pulled you closer to his hard on, caressing your heat. A deep breathless voice left moans at the length of your neck. Spreading your legs wider, Chanyeol grabbed your hips, guiding them as he slowly entered you. Moans made their way to his ears, leaving a hungry look in his eyes as he adjusted himself inside of you. Once he was deep in he began to thrust, first as slow as his hips could tease but increasing his rhythm once you started rocking your hips back and forth against his.  

His length ripped through you, leaving you breathless and your body on fire. His hands were all over your body along with his lips. Every thrust fed your need for him. His thrusts began to speed up as he felt your walls clench around him. Once he hit another one, stronger than all of the others, the ball of fire at the pit of your stomach came crushing down. A little after and Chanyeol came too with your name on his lips.

“I have to tell you something” he whispered with his head resting at the crook of your neck.

“Yes?” you brought his lips up to yours.

“I don’t play fair.” He pulled you into another kiss.

{Mafia AU Reaction} When EXO are in the mafia and you’re their wife but you try and run away

Hey! I love your writing! I was wondering if you could kinda do like an EXO mafia!AU you’re in an arranged marriage where you try to run away but end up getting caught by him???

Note: I almost just died writing this, but it’s okay I somehow survived, though I have acquired a shot of Mafia!EXO feels, thanks anon ;) teehee~ I had a lot of fun with this, I hope you will all enjoy it and especially the anon who requested it. Fighting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

In the mafia, Chanyeol deals with drugs, or does simple missions because he isn’t suited to the hard jobs. Chanyeol grows attachments easily, and that can sometimes interfere with his work, so he’s never given the emotionally difficult jobs. Kris’ tough, but he’s not a heartless bastard - and Chanyeol is grateful for that. His emotional side is what drew you to Chanyeol in the first place, you thought you could change him, bring him back and have a nice normal life together. But those were your vulnerable days, and now, married, you realise how stupid you’d been. Running away seemed like the only plausible thing to do, for your own good, but running away from Chanyeol and his gang members was never going to be so simple.

Chanyeol: “Why did you try to run away?”

{y/n}: “Can’t you see what this is doing to me? I can’t live like this!”

Chanyeol: “One more chance… Please… I can change, I promise.”

Do Kyungsoo

Originally posted by jonginssoo

You want to run away from Do Kyungsoo? Yeah, you’re delusional. You signed that marriage contract, there’s no way you’re getting away from this man. Kyungsoo, professionally known as D.O., is not lighthearted, he’s ruthless, a cold killer, so a simple runaway isn’t going to phase him at all. As soon as he caught you, he simply smiled, in this spine shivering way and pulled you in with one arm wrapped around your waist, his other hand occupying a knife that he placed next to your neck, grazing lightly against the skin teasingly.

Kyungsoo: “Thought you’d run, did you? Well Jagi, I’m afraid to tell you that you’re stuck, I’m your fate now.”

{y/n}: “You’re crazy.”

Kyungsoo: “Crazy in love with you, my dear. And it won’t be long until you feel the same way about me. But for now, I think I owe you a punishment.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by ohsexyguys

Baekhyun is a part of the EXO gang, but his job isn’t as mainstream as the others. Instead, he’s more of a male prostitute, and sells his body for money and secrets. If EXO needs to get information on another gang or the government, Baekhyun will pull his skills on any man or woman and has their every thought rolling off their tongues within seconds. But he has a heart, and when he finds out he’s marrying you, it throws him off guard a lot. It doesn’t feel right continuing in the job he i doing, but he only does something about it when he finds out that you’ve run away.

Baekhyun: “I’m sorry {y/n}, I know it’s hard on you.”

{y/n}: “I can’t be with a man that sleeps with other people.”

Baekhyun: “Then I’ll change, please don’t leave me. This can really work between us, I promise.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

Sehun was most likely the most pissed off out of all the members when he found out that he was arranged to be married with you. It had been your families that had decided on it. Little did you or his family know about his underground life as a mafia worker. When you found out, you were sworn to secrecy, with not only Sehun on your back, but also his boss, Kim Junmyeon too. When you were officially Sehun’s wife, you realised how hard this life was going to be. You didn’t know what Sehun did when he went ‘off to work’ and a part of you really didn’t want to know. But your mind did wander, did he kill others? Is he dead? Is he having sex with another women? It would explain him coming home so late and stumbling into bed around 4am after not seeing you for hours. This built up over time, until you finally decided to run away - to make a new life, but getting away from this wasn’t as simple as you anticipated.

Sehun: *Pins you up against the wall* “And where did you think you were going?”

{y/n}: “The store, we ran out of-”

Sehun: “You had a suitcase! You’re not getting away from me, {y/n}. This is your life now, if you run away, there’s nothing I can do to help you. Junmyeon will track you down and kill you, you know too much.”

{y/n}: “Maybe it’s better than living like this!”

Sehun: *Hides his hurt - but too stubborn to show it* “Whatever {y/n}, do whatever you want, I’ll let Junmyeon kill you for all I care!” *wouldn’t actually, he’d probably sacrifice himself for you tbh*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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If you’ve ever thought running away from Zhang Yixing, then you’ve got another thing coming. You signed that marriage contract, and now you’re his, and he likes to remind you of that a hell of a lot. His job in the mafia is the ‘sweetheart scam.’ he acts innocent, but like hell is he. He gets all the pretty little details from people with the eyes of a puppy until he doesn’t need him, and that’s when his true devilish eyes show. Seeing Yixing is like seeing red, he’s a demon with the face of an angel. A fallen angel. That’s what he is.

Yixing: “But sweetheart, why are all your clothes laid out on the bed, are you going somewhere?” *somehow his sweet tone is more terrifying than if he was angry*

{y/n}: “I- I was just… sorting through them, I need to throw some away.”

Yixing: “Oh good, for a moment there, I thought you were planning on running. But you’re not that stupid, are you? {y/n}, because you know you can never run away jagi, you’re all mine.” *Hugs you from behind, smirking into your hair this lil’ shit wrecks everyone oml*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Since Jongdae is the master of kidnapping, there isn’t much chance of you getting very far however hard you try. He knew you’d escaped the second he came home after a job one evening. He knew you’d been acting more withdrawn than usual, and he saw your change of personality - but he never thought you’d actually try and runaway. With the help of his mastermind friend, Minseok, he managed to trakc you down before shooting off into the night to bring you back.

{y/n}: “I can’t believe you kidnapped me! Let me go!”

Jongdae: “The door is just over there… if you can get to it, that is.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok is a man of many talents. Mainly, he’s the computer man, he can hack any code, and can sweet talk anyone he needs information from, he’s the master of cyber stalking. But his talents don’t stop there, he doesn’t make a bad field man either, and he certainly never lacks in the seduction category. He was more than likely the most shocked when he found out about his arranged marriage. Minseok isn’t stupid, he knows it would be dangerous for both of you in this relationship, but on the other hand, what does he want more - his job? Or his dream life where he can settle down with a beautiful partner like yourself?

Minseok: *Finally finds you after looking for two days straight without rest.* “Bloody hell {y/n}, do you know how worried I was?!”

{y/n}: “Oh I’m sure you were in shambles while you fucked that other girl.”

Minseok: “You know all of that is for my job…”

{y/n}: “If you don’t stop then all of this will go in my history and I’ll move on!”

Minseok: “I’m not going to let you, not that easily.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao is the main assassin for the mafia alongside Kyungsoo. He’s lethal and powerful. He’s not just strong with his body, but he’s also a martial artist. He might not be as good at shooting a gun long range like Kyungsoo, but he has the combat, and getting anywhere near this man will have you six feet under within seconds. When he found out that you had run away from him, he wasn’t happy, and set straight out to look for you without really thinking too much about a strategy. When he finally found you in a hotel room not too far from where you and he live, he pushed you up against the wall, holding you tightly to show his control.

Tao: “You made a bad decision today {y/n}, and now you’re going to pay.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Kris is the leader of the mafia, but everyone knows that Suho runs the show. He’s good to look at, posh suits and expensive cars, but don’t be deluded by his false sense of security, this man could do a lot of damage. One of the other members heard you packing up some clothes one night and told Suho, so you didn’t even get the chance to escape. You went upstairs, ready to grab your bag when you saw your arranged husband waiting or you, sitting on the bed with an expectant smirk riding on his face.

Suho: “Going somewhere, jagi?”

{y/n}: “N-no, why would I do that?”

Suho: “See that’s what I thought… you’d be stupid to run babe, especially when everyone knows you’re mine, and no one messes with me.”

Lu Han

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld

Luhan has the job of sweet talking and seducing people for information, like Yixing. But unlike Yixing, Luhan makes attachments a lot easier, and can be swayed by his feelings very quickly. This is why you are his downfall. He married you because he was forced to, but now, he can feel himself falling for you, and there’s nothing worse than falling in love in an industry that prohibits it. But Luhan is hopeful, and holds his heart over his head. He doesn’t tell anyone when you ran away, just snuck out and looked for you himself, when he finally found you, a wash of emotions ran through him, all he wanted was you, and nothing was more important to him than that.

Luhan: “I’m sorry jagi, I’m so sorry. I know you deserve better than me, but please give me another chance. I can change, I’ll pull out of his fucking shit job and we’ll settle. We can buy a house and a dog. Our biggest worries will be what colour to paint the bathroom and what school our children will be going to attend… please… I need you.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by blondejongin

Kai is the man that goes to retrieve things that are owed to the boss. Mostly money, but every now and again he does need to get his hands dirty. He’s good at his job, and not a lot scares him anymore. He doesn’t like anyone treading in his territory, part of the reason why he doesn’t get along with Kyungsoo or Tao, he likes to do work alone, and hates nothing more than to find his work already done. When he found out that you were planning on running away from him, he wasn’t happy, and was waiting for you around the corner as you stepped outside of the house.

{y/n}: “Oh Kai… I was just…. Just looking for you, yeah, just looking for you.”

Kai: *Knows you’re lying* “You have ten seconds to get inside the house before I punish you where you stand.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by chan-baek-yeol

The leader of EXO mafia doesn’t like it when things don’t run smoothly, and he also doesn’t like it when people defy or betray him, so when he finds out that you’ve run away, he sets his whole team out to go and find you, and they weren’t allowed to rest until you had been found. But of course, his men are smart, ad strong, and it didn’t take them very long at all to find you. Between Minseok’s tracking and Jongdae’s kidnapping and Kyungsoo’s long range shots and Tao’s excellent strength, you were next to powerless against these eleven mafia professionals. When you were finally flung into Kris’ office, alone and weeping on your knees before him, he smiled, because he knew you were all his again.

Flustered (Baekyeol)

Valentine’s Day. It is one of the busiest times of the year, at least for waiters and waitresses. Ah yes, workers like them do not simply get the day off, but it is not like Baekhyun would want to be anywhere else, especially on a day like this.

“Hey, Baekhyun? Could you manage a number seven to table three?” Johnny, one of his coworkers, asks him from the window separating the kitchen and the counter.

“Coming right up!” He starts to jumble around a few ingredients and pours them in a bowl of noodles. When it is ready, he goes through the double doors and into the floor of love struck couples and heartbroken wallets.

After he hands table three their order, a blond woman with large, ebony rimmed glasses and a pink envelope comes towards his direction; a scene in which has occurred almost every day of his life since he had began working there.

“Hello… Baekhyun,” she sent him an upturned smile, all shy and delicacy. “I was wondering if you could be my valentine.” She stretches the envelope out and Baekhyun takes it, regardless of his true feelings. He would never put down all of these confessions and embarrass the poor souls, so taking them would cushion the fall.

“Thank you, but I am not interested. You seem like a very nice girl, though.” That is his way of cushioning the fall, and it is one of the reasons why all these girls are so persistent with him. Out of all the waiters who work there, he is the only one who would turn them down so kindly. His smile is all it would take to mend their disappointment.

“Oh… thanks anyway.” She upturns her lips uneasily and turns away, leaving Baekhyun to head back to the kitchen. However, as he walked up to it he stumbles across the tall, auburn haired, and majestic honey eyed waiter– Park Chanyeol, or better known as, the reason for his frequent heart lurches and broken dishes.

Speaking of which, as they meet paths Baekhyun forgets that he still has the tray that he used to serve the dishes with, and it slips out of his hands when Chanyeol decides to stop in front of him. Just in time, though, the double door behind Chanyeol opens and collides into his back, causing him to drop his own dish and glass all over the wooden floor.

The noise is overwhelmingly loud, and all eyes are on them, as per usual. This occurs too much, and Baekhyun can not stop cursing himself each time it does. Dang you Park Chanyeol and your devilishly handsome looks!

“I-I’m s-so sorry.” Both voices say in unison, cheeks tinted and grins nervous.

They bend down to pick up the respective pieces, but before Baekhyun can touch a shard of glass, Chanyeol holds onto his wrist and stops him.

“Don’t, you can cut yourself. Let me do it,” he says, making it harder for Baekhyun to gather words out of the air in his lungs. Are the walls closing in or is it just him?

He swallows and pulls away slowly, “Are you sure? It doesn’t make sense if you end up cutting yourself too.”

“Better me than you,” Chanyeol looks up at him and their eyes lock– motionless and yet, so full of booming emotions.

Baekhyun’s vitals go haywire and he springs upwards, which does not go in his favor as he ends up knocking into another waiter, whom falls to the ground with– you guessed it– another plate to add onto the shattered mess.

After that, the rest of the day goes on with desperate attempts to hide oneself, short glances, and small palpations of the heart.

“You are so ridiculous, you know?” Johnny says when they are in the break room, a cigarette dangling from his fingers. “Just make out with him already.”

“Johnny!” Baekhyun protests as he clamps his eyes shut, only to slap the wise guy on his arm. “Don’t say that so easily.”

“He’s right, though.” A woman says, and when Baekhyun turns around, he finds the main reason as to why men frequent this place just as much as women do– Bae Areum. “About the ridiculous part, that is. You two should just focus on getting your feelings out before making out, at least.”

Baekhyun messes up his hair out of frustration, everyone seems to know what he should do excerpt for himself. “It’s not as easy as it looks. I can’t even look at him without wanting to run away.”

“How do you think he feels? He’s just as flustered as you are! Your both ridiculous in that case, to be honest. Making out does sound like a better option now that I think about it.”

“Areum!” He is exasperated as the two cupids high five one another with titters.

“Just make your move, and what better day to do it than Valentine’s Day? It’s perfect!” Johnny says elatedly, like he has come up with the best plan in the entire world.

“He’s right, take this chance and go with it.”

Baekhyun toys with the flap of his apron, contemplating. When the intimidating conversation had ended, Baekhyun went onto his duties until his shift ended at 6:00 PM.

He was in the employee lounge to grab his coat to leave, but when he came back to the main floor, the whole restaurant was empty, the lights were closed, and everything was quiet.

The only source of light that escaped was from the table in the middle, which was surrounded by a circle of lavender scented candles. There were rose petals sprawled all around them and even atop the white covered table.

Right next to the beautiful display is an even more beautiful man, his tuxedo sleek and shiny as he holds a dozen roses in his hands. Awestruck, Baekhyun advances slowly, still trying to perceive all of this, all of this amazing man.

“C-Chanyeol? What is all this?” He barely asks, as the man takes Baekhyun’s hand to place a lingering kiss atop the smooth skin. Baekhyun swears that he’s not even breathing at this point.

“Hey,” he says with a chuckle, dashing and charming. “This is my heart, I want to give it to you.”

It is hazy and oh so light around them that he feels like he could fade into the mesmerizing atmosphere. But he doesn’t, he is just so weak, so shocked, so euphoric.

“Here, I got these for you,” Chanyeol says while handing him the bokay of roses. Baekhyun’s first instinct is to smell them, but when he takes a look at them he realizes that amidst the romantic red, there is one white rose that steals the limelight.

There is a card that’s plastered right next to it, so he plucks it out and reads the soft words.

No matter how big the crowd is, you are the one that will always stand out to me.

Tears pool in his eyes as a smile tingles on the side of his lip– correction, it is at this moment that he forgets how to breathe.

He tilts his head back up to look at sweetness in its human form, but Chanyeol meets Baekhyun there and closes his lips around his in a knee bending kiss. They mold into each other as Chanyeol wraps his strong arms around Baekhyun’s shoulders, deepening the kiss and holding him close.

If he knew that kissing Chanyeol felt this wondrous and so out of this world, he would have made a move long ago.

What You Do To Me part I (Park Chanyeol x Reader)

*This is my very first time writing! I hate reading and literature but I was just feeling it so why not? Please read and give me tips and advice. I’d like to turn this into a series. Please reblog and like so I know I’m doing well 💖 enjoy!

Description: What happens when you’re a 21 year old bag designer and meet Park Chanyeol who you’ve been stanning your whole life at Fashion Week?

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1864

Shuffling in my comforter on my king-sized bed while my alarm went off, I let out a groan. I reached over to my phone on the left nightstand and my hand just happened to miss it pushing it right off onto the marble floors of my apartment. The alarm was still going off and I let out another groan as I prayed that nothing had cracked. I manage to slide out of the comfy sheets and grab the device from the ground to shut off the loud morning call. The sun had barely risen, so why was I up so early? As much as I wanted to spend another 15 minutes in bed, I knew I couldn’t. Today was an important day for me and my career. I looked over to my right nightstand and saw a small envelope decorated with gold leaf and vintage flowers. I pulled out the piece of cardstock from it and in bold letters it read, “You have been invited to the S/S 2017-2018 CHANEL Show @ New York Fashion Week.” It had more information regarding the event and featured designers. I read every single word until something caught my eyes. At the bottom of the invitation I read, “Seat: A116”. Row A. I was going to sit in Row A of Section 1 in seat 16. Only the best of the best in this industry were seated here. This was the section where top bloggers, top designers, and top celebrities chilled as mannequin-like figures strut down the runway. I had only turned 21 about three weeks ago, so how did someone as young as me get one of the best seats at Fashion Week?


“Designer y/n will be the Hottest Handbag Designer of 2017”, I read off the article in excitement as all my friends and families congratulated me. I never went to design school or took professional lessons, but I had made a successful debut as a handbag designer. My aesthetics were appealing to many people. It was the perfect mix of hard and soft, feminine and edgy, cool and dark. Everyone loved it. This included Beyonce. My work was beautiful and modern. Beyonce tweeted my work and even asked for a handbag for herself, which I definitely did not refuse. Ever since then, I’ve been blowing up as the next big thing of 2017.

This was my first appearance at a major event. My work was being recognized and I deserved a spot here. I would be able to make create so many connections and opportunities for myself in this industry. Focusing back to my first priority, which was to make yourself a nice warm cup of green tea, I put down the invitation and scrambled out of the bedroom. Quickly starting up the water on the stove, I ran to wash my face and brush my teeth. After, I came back to finish making my cup of tea and headed back to my bedroom. I sat down at my vanity and wondered how I was going to do my makeup. Feathery brows and a dewy base was the trend so I decided on that. Before I started, I pulled the curtains away so I could do my makeup in natural lighting. I had bad experiences with looking too orange after doing my face in bad lighting. As I did my makeup, I listened to whatever was playing on my favorite station on Spotify, which was in no doubt, EXO. I was the biggest fan of them, especially Chanyeol. I admired how talented he was. I mean, SM though, right? Right when I was about to attempt Chen’s highnote in Monster, the music stopped. My phone rang in the familiar ringtone of EXO’s debut song and I picked up. It was my best friend, f/n. “Hey! Did you hear?” she exclaimed. “No, what? Why are you so excited so early?” - “I just heard something and you won’t believe it” - “okay, and?” I replied with confusion. “Okay so you know my friend Marco. He works with the organizers of Fashion Week and gave me a peek at the guest list in your section. Oh my god I’m going to die. EXO is seated right next to you in seats A117-A120.” I couldn’t believe it. EXO, who I had been following from the very beginning in 2012 was going to be at Fashion Week. Seated right next to me. How was this possible? I was honestly going to lose your shit. Just how was I going to introduce myself and act? Am I gonna be lame and ask for an autograph and picture. That’s not lame, is it? Too many thoughts were running through my mind at the moment and found everything hard to process right now. I finished the call with f/n and finished my makeup as calmly as possible. 5 minutes later, I still haven’t calmed down my shit yet. Well, a little bit. I pulled out an outfit from my closet. It was a ruffled blouse in the color of crimson. Along with it, was a pair of flared culottes that defined my waist in a beautiful nude color. It was the perfect length for my petite body that stood at 5’0”. I quickly styled my hair into loose waves that framed my face perfectly. Time was passing quicker than I remembered so I packed my little nude clutch, threw on my outfit, a pair of single-strap heels and I was out the door.

Thank god I lived in the Big Apple because 5 minutes after i arrived, lines got real long. I showed my invitation to the two overly buff men at the entrance and entered the venue. It was nothing like I’ve ever seen before. It was dim and there were people from all industries. Oh yeah, celebrities. Celebrities were EVERYWHERE. EXO was nowhere to be seen (yet) so I managed to stay calm. It was awkward not having anyone I know to keep me company considering I was new to this world. I stood in the corner like a plant not knowing what to do. I checked my phone and it displayed “12:46 PM.” The show didn’t start until one so I was stuck with no one to talk to for the next 14 minutes. But that was a lie. A lady who looked in her early 30’s came towards me. She was chic and had a perky personality. She introduced herself as a journalist from Vogue and wanted to interview me. I was more than happy to and answered all her questions perfectly. It was just the right timing because the show was going to start any minute now. I shuffled around to my spot and man, I felt incredible. Front row seats, where I would get the best view. I was on top of the world, until I saw a large shadow overcast me. The large figure took a seat and I recognized who it was right away. EXO. EXO was seated right next to me. In fact, Park Chanyeol was seated right next to me. I might’ve stared for too long because Chanyeol turned to greet me. I greeted back and tried to focus on the show. My face was growing as red as my blouse. Was Chanyeol going to notice? Oh god, he smells wonderful. He was so close to me, I knew I was going to lose my shit. But i’m an adult, so I didn’t. The show started and I was able to relax more into my seat. I totally had forgotten about the beautiful being that was seated next to me. I enjoyed all collections that came out on that runway and I knew I was going to be invited to more shows. At the end, everyone stood and applaud the closing. It took about five minutes for everyone to settle down and continue on with whatever they planned to do for the rest of the day. EXO was getting up from their seats and greeting people. Are they going to leave? Am I going to ask for a picture? Should I just introduce myself? I couldn’t make up my mind as my phone suddenly rang. Oh my god, Mama was playing from my phone right now. And I was too shock to turn it off. Chanyeol immediately turned to me hearing the familiar song. He gives me probably the most angelic smile I’ve ever seen and he was hella tall. He towered over me but I didn’t look like a midget thanks to my 4-inch heels. The only thing I could say was “It’s my ringtone”. Of course I stuttered it, but it came out in korean so that was a plus. “You speak korean?” Chanyeol asks. I thank the lord for letting me study korean because they were finally coming into use. I answer shyly yes and Chanyeol was more than excited to talk to me. “A-ah Annyeonghaseyo. My name is y/n. I’m a handbag designer.” Unconsciously, I hand him my business card. He takes it from my fingers and says, “Ah! I’ve heard about you. I’m a fan. It’s amazing how far you’ve come considering your age.” He just said he was my fan “I’m a huge fan of you too! You have no idea how long I’ve been following you gu-” I cut myself off, too embarrassed to continue. Now, my face was really blowing up. Chanyeol lets out a small laugh. He leads a small talk with me until one of the other members nudge him that they must leave now. “How long are you guys staying?” I quickly asked. Chanyeol replied, “We’re leaving tonight. But please come to Korea and watch our shows sometime!” I gladly nod and wave goodbye to him. I guess he wasn’t expecting just a wave because he came in to give me a light hug. And like that, he disappeared into the crowd, leaving me stranded in row A of Section 1 with my fastly beating heart.


Resting on the couch, I scrolled through all the articles about me at Fashion Week. There were tons of them. Apparently, I had been one of the favorite outfits of the bloggers. A plus for that! As much fun as the show was, I couldn’t forget about Chanyeol. Why would he hug me when he barely knew me? Wouldn’t all the other fans come after me if they knew? I was more than familiar with this crazy fandom and there are some crazy lunatics. But still. Why didn’t he just settle with a wave? Are koreans that open? I thought they didn’t like skinship. Once again, my heart was beating extremely quick. I decide to close my eyes and rest my mind. Not even 20 seconds had pass when I get an instagram notification. I look at the screen and my jaw dropped wide open. “(y/insta/n): real_pcy liked your photo” I was losing brain cells because this wasn’t being processed into my mind either. My phone dings again with another notification. “(y/insta/n): real_pcy sent you a message” And I lost my shit again.

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I Am An Alpha Ch 10: Introductions

“Hello,” I stand in front of all of them and bow, “I’m Insoo.”

“Hello!” Chanyeol answers back eagerly from where he sits with his brothers on the couch. Eleven pairs of eyes are staring at me, six waiting on edge, afraid of what could be going on, the other five want to hear about my past from my own mouth. The silver haired giants wide smile keeps my heart from pounding out of my chest, I give him a grateful smile.

“It’s nice to meet all of you, I’m sorry for looking like a mess on our first meeting, I wasn’t expecting to be meeting anyone new,” I apologize awkwardly and I run my fingers through my short hair.

“You look beautiful,” Luhan offers me a sweet smile.

“The others had neglected to mention that there were move of you so, again, I apologize for the very bad introduction I’m giving, I would have prepared better or at least talked with my pack to see what they said yesterday. I’m not really sure how I should explain this, can Jin hyung come up and help me?” I look to Kris.

He shakes him head, “I’m sorry little wolf, I would like to keep the fighting to a minimum and having him up here would cause a fight. We are very possessive men Love, I let you stay with them yesterday because you wouldn’t let him go after you passed out. If you need someone to help or lean on I’m right here and so is Yixing, we’ve got you.”

“But it’s different,” I protest lightly, “You don’t know all of it.”

“Please just try and explain a little bit so the others will be more willing to understand why you need another man to hold your hand.”

I take a deep breath, “Okay, Ge, I’ll try.”

He chuckles, “That is all I ask.”

“Okay, when I was a little girl, I was kidnapped by the blood red army.” The new comers eyes are wide with surprise, their mouths hang up ready to question everything.

“You were kidnapped?” Suho repeats.

I nod, “When I was nine years old.”

“The army has been wiped out for thirty years,” Kyungsoo’s brows furrow, “How old are you? How long were you with them?”

“I am 115 years old, so I was is the army for about 76 year? That sounds about right, it was a lot harder to tell how many days would pass back then,” I laugh awkwardly to try and defuse the intense atmosphere I feel beginning to grow.

I suddenly feel my knees buckle under me when I feel the air become thicker around me, “You were stuck with those bastards for 76 years?” Chanyeol seethes. The others want to glare at the younger but are struggling to keep their own anger in check.

Kris is on his feet hanging over me, his hands are on my shoulders keeping me from going on all fours, “Chanyeol calm down right now or I swear to god I will kick you out.”

The silver haired giant growls back at the older, “How can you be so calm Hyung? How can any of you be calm when our mate was used as a sex slave for some of the most disgusting men in the world? Do you remember the rumors of what they would do to the omegas that they caught? Their soldiers were pieces of shit monsters who would rather kill innocent people than die themselves. Can you imagine what could have happened to her?”

“Chanyeol you are only making things worse!” Suho snaps back in an obviously restrained voice. “Look at what you are doing to her, she is just an omega, you are putting too much pressure on her. Calm down.”

Just an omega. I remove Kris’s hands from my shoulders and stand up on my own two feet, ignoring the trembling of my knees and my shaking hands. I straighten my shoulders, trying my best to fight against my natural instinct and just burry my face in Kris’s neck. I don’t cower, I have already cowered and submitted more in the last three day than I have for the last 100 years of my life. I not some weakling. The new comers are arguing amongst themselves, too busy trying to protect me to actually notice me right now.

“Suho hyung is right,” Chen voices his concern, “Bringing it up also doesn’t help. We don’t want her to have to relive it.”

Too late for that, I think to myself, I’ve been reliving my past every night in my dreams since I was freed.

“So are we just supposed to pretend like it didn’t happen?” Luhan scoffs, “This isn’t just something we can ignore!”

“How do we handle something like this?” Suho worries.

Kyungsoo and Minseok are both staring at the ground, their eyes fixed on the wood, their hands are on their knees, gripping them so tight their knuckles are white. As much as they are trying to control their angry I can feel it seeping out of them. All of them are too focused on their anger and how to handle me that they don’t notice my sudden change of attitude. But the others do, Baekhyun, Jongin, Sehun, Yixing and Kris all watch me with both interest and worry.

“You have it all wrong,” I mumble to them.

“What?” The six look up at me.

“I was not a sex slave, I was a soldier.” The others share a knowing look.

Kyungsoo is the first to question it, for the first time I see some kind of emotion on his face, though whether it is concern or anger I’m not sure, “You were a soldier? That’s impossible, they wouldn’t allow a female omega to be a soldier.”

“That’s because they didn’t know, I’ve been hiding my gender my whole life, well since I was nine.”

“How could you have been a soldier?” Chanyeol scoffs, “You couldn’t hurt a fly. You are so tiny, look how fragile you are, you could barely stand with me being upset, how could you be in an army full of powerful alphas?”

“I’m stronger than you think,” I snap back, taking the others by surprise. “This has be been a hard couple of days for me, this is all so new for me. I’m used to attacking people before they have the chance to use their dominance on me, so I hope you’ll understand unless you would prefer me to use my old tactics.”

“You would attack people?” Chen croaks.

My heart actually hurts when I see the concern and guilt on his face but I have to continue on with my poker face, “I did what I had to do.”

I lock eyes with Minseok who’s cat like ones are narrowed on me, “There is a cost to join, isn’t there?”

I stiffen, “A cost?”

Kyungsoo’s eyes go wide, “Your parents.”

“The cost to join is killing your parents with your own two hands,” Jin surprises the room by chiming in. He stands in the doorway, ignoring the death glares he is getting from my mates and casually munches on an apple.

“What are you doing up here?” Kris snarls.

“I was ease dropping, when I heard about the cost I figured Insoo might need a little extra support,” Jin explains with a glare of his own.

“We are here for her,” Yixing interjects.

Jin cocks a brow at him, “Are you sure? You may want to ask some of your other pack members before you start yelling about that.” I look out amongst my mates and feel a ping in my chest. They look so cold. I take a step away from Kris and wrap around myself, trying to hold myself together.

“You didn’t do it did you?” Chen suddenly questions me.

Before I have a chance to answer Chanyeol sneers back, “Of course she didn’t!”

I chuckle humorlessly, “What makes you so sure? Because I’m an omega? Because I’m a girl?”

“Because our mate could never do something that cruel,” He snaps back. A burning feeling spreads through my chest, I’m struggling to breath once again. But this isn’t his dominance taking over me, it’s rejection.

I glare at him back at him, boiling with anger I seethe back, “Well than I guess I’m not your mate because I did kill my own parents. Sorry if that destroys the perfect little image you had of your mate in your head but I did what I had to do to survive.”

“But they forced you right?” Sehun hopes before looking over at Jin, “He forced you to do it! You had no choice.” I look over at the older with apologetic eyes, he’s always being troubled because of me. I guess this wasn’t discussed yesterday from not just Sehun’s reaction but the other four as well.

Jin doesn’t argue, he doesn’t have to, we’ve had this conversation a million times so I give the same answer I always tell myself and anyone else who asks, “I had a choice.”

“No you didn’t,” Jongin agrees, the others nod along with him.

I shake my head, “There is always a choice. Jin hyung gave me two just like he gave everyone else, just like I did with everyone after I was recruited.”

That seems like too much for Jongin to understand, “How could you do something like that to your own parents? How could you make children do the same?”

“Would you rather her be dead?” Jin questions with his eyebrows raised. “Because that is what her other option consisted of if case you were wondering.”

“How could make her do something like that? Why didn’t you help her?” Baekhyun explodes.

“I’ve done more for that child than any of you will ever know. I watched her struggle for years, offered her my shoulder to cry on and my arms to sleep in. I protected her from a world that would have eaten her up and spit her out so don’t you ever tell me I didn’t help her. She had to make the same decision as me and the rest of our pack, your own life or theirs. She did what she needed to do to survive in this world, so get your asses off your high horses and ask yourself, where were you when she needed you? What were you doing, huh? Last time I checked you were more infamous than us. Your life wasn’t on the line when you made that choice to bathe in the same blood as us so don’t you dare judge us. Just answer my question: would you rather have her dead than have her as the warrior she is? But make sure to answer wisely, say the wrong thing and we can be gone.”

The whole room is brought to their feet when Kris suddenly has Jin by the throat, slammed hard up against the wall. “You will not be taking my mate anywhere!” The giant roars as he looms over the shorter. I stare dumbstruck, I’ve never felt someone this mad before. As scared as I feel right now though, I find it strongly comforting that he is this mad about me, all my mates are right now actually.

Jin is surprisingly able to push the other away, rage burning in his eyes, “I will not be leaving my Insoo anywhere she doesn’t feel wanted so the rest of your pack needs to buck the fuck up and take responsibility for making her feel like they would rather have her dead than how she is now!”

Jin’s words just hang in the air, my heart is out there with them waiting to be completely torn apart by whatever harsh words come out of their mouths. I wait for more denial and blame, I wait for their eyes to leave the wood floor and come back to meet mine with nothing but a heartbreaking chill. Instead I meet cat like ones that have sweet warmth to them, “I’m sorry we weren’t there for you. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that. I’m sorry for hurting you, for looking at you so coldly, for not welcoming you in my arms for better or worse.” Minseok comes around the coffee table to stand only a few feet from me. “Can we try again?”

I nod and take a step closer to the older, “I would really like that.”

“Is it alright if I hug you?”

Again I nod.

“Thank god, I’ve been wanting to do this since I got home,” He sighs in relief before pulling me into his arms and burring his face in my neck. The tension seems to fade away allowing me to let out my own sigh of relief.

“Good,” Jin claps his hands together, “now that all this stuff is out of the way I have a cranky pup who would like to see his favorite hyung.”

I snuggle deeper into Minseok’s embrace and inhale his scent, “Give me a minute.”

“I want to hug her!” Chanyeol whines as he comes forward as well. I sigh but release the eldest hyung before allowing the younger to lift me up to his height to inhale his sweet scent. Cake, the man literally smells like cake and it is driving me insane by reminding me of the emptiness of my stomach.

“Are we each doing a round or am I excused?” I wonder when the giant sets me down.

“I would like to have a turn if that’s okay little wolf,” Luhan’s voice is soft and sweet.

“Me too!” Chen appears behind him with a Cheshire grin.

“Form a line, form a line,” I order as the others from earlier also join in for a hug. They each take their time holding me close, I enjoy each new embrace, my mind already forgetting the fighting from only a moment ago. When everyone has had their turn, I look to Kris for an okay to go see my pack. “May I be excused?”

Jin chuckles as he comes to stand next to me, “So polite now, aren’t we?”

“You have twenty minutes but than you need to take a bath, you are still a little cold,” Kris places his large warm hands on my cheeks in a quick attempt to get rid of their chill. He lets me go with a deep sigh before waving us away.

“Did you actually take a bath by yourself yesterday?” Jin wonders as we turn to leave the room, “That’s a first.”

I nod, “It was really weird so I asked Yixing hyung to come in so he laid on the floor.”

Jin chuckles, we reach the stairs, “Poor man. It’s a shame now though, Jungkook has to bathe with Jimin and Tae now that his usual partner is gone, he is very upset about it.”

“Who the hell is Jungkook?” Chanyeol roars from behind us, “And why the hell is he taking a bath with you?” Jin and I rush down the stairs to find our pack lounging around the massive basement, Tao is sitting in a chair close to the stairs on his phone. He looks up upon our arrival and quickly jumps to his feet.

“Insoo-ya!” He greets with a big smile and a tight hug. I return the hug with a quick glance over my shoulder when I hear a crowd following us.

“Hyung!” The three youngest greet me happily. I thank Tao and even give him a quick kiss on the cheek before rushing to my pack to give them each a hug before the moment is ruined. I hug the older boys first since they are the more dominate of the group knowing my mates would hate it a fraction less if I was hugging the pups.

“My pup!” I coo when I finally reach Jungkook at the same time my mates reach the bottom of the stairs. Growls erupt from where they stand but I don’t release Jungkook. Looking over my shoulder I give them a forced smile, “This is my pack.”

“Well it is nice to meet you,” Namjoon greets a bit awkwardly.

“You are the head alpha?” Minseok questions.

Namjoon can’t hide the bit of offense he takes from the question but quickly recovers and straightens his shoulders, “I am.”

Minseok nods as he scans Namjoon head to toe before looking over at Jin who is hovering around Jungkook and I, “I figured from the way this man was acting he would be in charge.”

“I thought the same thing when I saw you,” Jin snaps back, “but I guess we think the same thing, why bother with being in charge when it’s only more work? I had my work cut out for me with my pup and my grand pup.”

“True,” Namjoon ads on with a chuckle, trying to make the conversation more light, “He had his hands full with making sure these two didn’t get into any trouble.”

“What kind of trouble could she get into?” Baekhyun wonders.

I chuckle as I release my pup and awkwardly rub the back of my neck, “More than you could ever guess.”

“Insoo-ya,” Sehun waves me over, I give my pack a small smile before obeying. Sehun pulls me close the moment I’m in his reaching distance and wraps his arms around my shoulder, keeping me at his side. “I’d prefer it if you stayed by us.”

I cock my head in confusion looking to a smirking Jin for an explanation that he happily gives, “He’s jealous Soo-ya.”

“Can you really blame us though?” Jongin comes to stand on my other side, “We’ve barely been able to spend time with her then the hyungs came back and now you are all here taking all of her love and affection and attention.”

“You can’t just expect her to be able to focus on you and only you with twelve mates. Also,” Yoongi clicks his tongue, “it has only been a day since she met you, you didn’t honestly expect her to just throw herself in your arms the moment you meet.”

“That is how is works!” Sehun corrects with a stomp of his foot like a spoiled child, “She is supposed to feel the same automatic connection that we all feel where we can’t imagine living without each other.”

“How do you know she doesn’t feel it?” Jungkook mumbles taking all of us off guard, the pup usually never enters a conversations when other alphas are involved, especially ones so old and powerful. But at the same time my pack and I understand his sudden out burst, when it comes to me Jungkook can be a wild card.

I lock eyes with the younger and warn him softly, “Be careful with your words pup, I don’t want to start another fight.”

“But Hyung they seem so ungrateful for all the things you are doing,” he protests.

“Ungrateful?” Kris snarls, taking a step forward hands clenching tightly at his sides, making the younger step back.

I pull away from Sehun to stand in between them, “Don’t you even think about raising a hand to my pup.”

Kris’s frustration with not only my pack but me as well show in his eyes, “How can you stand there and let them say that we are ungrateful to you?”

“Because you all stand there glaring at us like we’ve done something wrong!” Jungkook snarls at them. “All we have done is loved her while you were all too preoccupied running around the forest slaughtering people for fun. We are her family, who you are keeping from her, because your desire to keep her to yourself seems to be more important than what she wants.”

I turn around to face the younger with a poor attempt at a stern face to scold the boy but when I see his eyes are red from holding in tears I can’t hold my self back from hugging him. “Kookie,” I coo holding the boy closer, his face tucked into the crook of my neck, “What in the world has gotten into you?”

“I’m so sorry Hyung,” He cries softly, “I just…I’m sorry…but you were my hyung first and now they can come and just take you away, how is that fair? I know they are your mates but they won’t appreciate you as much as I do.”

I shush him, “Everything is going to be okay, please calm down.”

“It’s not going to be okay! They are going to make us leave as soon as they can so they can have you all to themselves. I don’t want to leave you behind, I can’t imagine my life without you!”

“Kookie, look at me,” I command take the boy by his puffy cheeks. He stares at me with a cute pout, “I’m only going to tell you this once, okay?”

He nods.

“I love you, you know I will always love all of you. You are my pup and I am your mama wolf, okay? Just because I have my mates doesn’t mean I love you guys any less. You are not getting out of my life even if you wanted to, we are family which means we are always connected. Now stop crying okay?”

He gives me a small smile, “Yes, Hyung.”

“Good,” I kiss he forehead before pulling away and flicking him in the same stop on his head.

“Ah,” He whines, “Hyung that hurt. What was that for?”

“That is for talking back to my mates. I don’t ever want you to talk back to a powerful alpha again, we won’t always be able to protect you from getting your ass beat. I know they are being possessive and a little crazy but this is a lot for them to handle. As I remember you didn’t have the calmest reaction when you found out I was a girl so give them a break. I have a lot more baggage than most omegas, it not like I had one or two problems in my life that they have to deal with. I’m a bucket of crazy with a lot of blood on my hands so give them more than an hour to fully understand that, okay?”

“Yes, Hyung.”

“Good boy.”

Charred (Epilogue)

EXO FanFiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing: Reader x Chanyeol
You get sucked into a mysterious world, and begin to discover things you couldn’t have imagined. But why you? And who is the stranger you are becoming drawn to?

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You looked up with raised eyebrows and smiled warmly at your coworker who was looking at you with concern.

‘Yup? Is everything okay?’ you said, brightly, peering at him over the stack of engraved tablets you were working on.

You coworker frowned slightly at you and your smile faded slightly, worry seeping into your mind. What was wrong? 

‘Aren’t you cold?!’ he finally blurted at you. You looked at him in surprise, before glancing down at your outfit. You were wearing slightly floaty trousers and a soft silk shirt.

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