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“You have fought many battles in your life. You’re about to fight another. But this time, it will be different. This time, Sarah Jane… you lose.”
- The Sarah Jane Adventures, s02e03 Secrets of the Stars

I actually love this idea, @chandra-nalaar!

It would explain a lot, and explain why Chandra might not have connected the dots between Ramaz and Nicol Bolas. Since Duels 2014 (dubiously canonical) ends with her learning a dragon planeswalker was behind her going after the Dragon Scroll.

“Oh, THAT Dragon planeswalker!”

Everyone else: “… How many dragon Planeswalkers do you think there are?”

Chandra: I try not to stereotype.

lavenderyao  asked:

hey do you remember that line in 2010 where floyd says that one of his fondest amusements is finding similarities between humans and animals and how it's often more flattering than insulting........ yeah......... Floyd's A Furry?

YES!!!! YES!!!!!!!! The BEST line of 2010…(Heywood Floyd voice) Nya! The only redeeming thing about that is that Chandra is spared a fursona and gets a birdsona. That is acceptable…But like? There’s Floyd. Putting dog ears and fur on his spacesuit. ..The absolute Furry Man. 

This is my villianous oc chandra and I love her

Full name: Chandra Laghari
Age: 24
Ethnicity: indian
Intrests: Playing the Bassoon, Gardening, and collecting beautiful weaved baskets
Likes: Horror books and movies, the smell of jasmine flowers, and holographic things
Job: A grocery store cashier

ok so basically the story here is that chandra was on shift one day at the grocery store and basically the villainous gang just burst in out of no where. This was the first time they came in there, as they just moved in. Chandra was terrified since things were being broken and customers being scared off. She met flug first, since he was apologizing for the chaos. Then black hat bc he told flug to shut up and help him. and then dementia. She got a complaint about dementia scaring people off as she hid in the meat isle’s freezer and hissed at anyone trying to take the last pack of ribs. She got dementia out of there and they talked for a bit. Dementia may or may not have gotten a crush on her as they talked, loving her accent and cute laugh. Dementia whined when flug and black hat started dragging her off. She went out a lot more often after meeting her, just to talk to her and hang out.

Clyde & Rani + 'That Langer Boy'
In Today’s Magic Story...

In This Very Arena

  • Ral test’s Jace’s telepathy by insulting him.  I approve.
  • Project Lightning bug is still up, but overseen by Ral.  I like that he’s doing this to make sure Jace does his job on Ravnica.
  • Vraska planeswalks away, but to no specific destination.  I don’t think this is because of Rashmi’s experiments: rather, I think the destination might be hidden.  I’ll go more into this later.
  • Lavinia yelling “GUILDPAAAACT!” at the ceiling.  Even if we didn’t see it in the story, we can all see it happening.
  • No-nonsense Liliana.  There’s a brilliant juxtaposition here between her suave, aloof normal self and how seeing Tezzeret made her serious.  She even admits she needs help – that’s how serious this is.  Liliana 'Fought Emrakul 1v1’ needs help.
  • “Chandra had become a pillar of fire”.  I think this part of Tezzeret’s plan took no more than an eighth of a second to come up with at most.
  • “It seems this is a matter for the Gatewatch” is as close as we’re going to get to someone saying ‘This looks like a job for Superman!’
  • As always, Liliana is sizing up the potential competition, even whilst serious.
  • Of course Rashmi won top prize at the fair.
  • Pia still thinks of her husband whilst in the midst of an artificer duel.
  • Tezzeret isn’t even trying to play fair, perfectly in character.  He even uses unfamiliar metal, most likely etherium, implying he knows how to create it now if that’s the case.
  • For a brilliant mind mage, Jace still hasn’t caught on to the fact that Chandra doesn’t do waiting.
  • The mother-daughter banter between Pia and Chandra.  I love it.
  • Chandra is unfazed by Tezzeret’s attempts at psychological intimidation, given the relevance of the arena.
  • “Tezzeret cheats!” – said right after the Guildpact + Ajani reveal themselves, outnumbering Tezzeret.  We thank you, random citizen!
  • Just like to point out that Nissa was the one who took out the automaton that harmed Chandra.
  • Liliana’s thoughts override Jace’s: “End him.”  Nissa calms Chandra down.  Even so, nobody bothers to stop Tezzeret… why?
  • Saheeli Rai’s role in the story comes full circle.  Her friend’s invention was stolen – and she needs the Gatewatch.
  • Ajani, in addition to reacting to the theft of the inventions, also deduces that Tezzeret is building something.  How he knows or figures this, we don’t know.