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everyone deserves a happy ending by brightsee

Betty pulls her back into her arms, settling into the couch and just clinging to each other. “I got you,” she whispers into Veronica’s dark hair, dropping a kiss to the crown of her forehead. The memory and echo of countless times before this of when both have whispered the words to each other, a solid reassurance and promise that no matter what happened neither would have to face it alone.

They spend the night huddled together on the couch, sharing a bottle of wine and take out. Veronica puts on the office and they talk about their day. Betty is grateful to have such a strong woman in her life and she feels closer to Veronica than she ever has. This was the breakthrough they needed, both seemingly walking on eggshells regarding the accident, but now it was all out there.

Sometime later, Betty on the verge of falling asleep, she hears Veronica whisper, half asleep herself, “I love you, B.”

Betty mumbles something out that sounds like “love you too” but she can’t be sure. Veronica just places a kiss to her hair and settles back against Betty. She knows, without a doubt, this is where she wants to be.


harry & matt being their glorious selves for @daddarioswife 💖 happy birthday dani!!! i hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed making it 😊


Svana moved to Nosferatu Hill when her neighbours got suspicious of the strange nightly howling coming from her apartment and her frequent trips to Ikea to buy new furniture. Though, as she soon found out, keeping a low profile among a bunch of nosy supernaturals is not as easy as she thought. They’ve all got their little cliques, so naturally they’re curious about Svana’s alliance (and why nobody’s ever invited to her ‘parties’. Demons take great offense at that). But Svana belongs to none of their groups and so she’s going to stay a lone wolf until she finds someone who she can trust with her secret.