i love cats more than i love people

Signs as parks and rec quotes

Aries: “Any dog under fifty pounds is a cat and cats are useless.”

Taurus: “You had me at meat tornado.”

Cancer: “If there were more food and fewer people, this would be a perfect party.”

Gemini: “Guys love it when you can show them you’re better than they are at something they love.”

Leo: “Alcohol is fun and delicious.”

Virgo: “One time I accidentally drank an entire bottle of vinegar. I thought it was terrible wine.”

Libra: “Treat yo self!!”

Scorpio: “I’m fine. It’s just that life is pointless, and nothing matters, and I’m always tired.”

Sagittarius: “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”

Capricorn: “I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself.”

Aquarius: “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I know I’m doing it well.”

Pisces: “I think comic sans always screams ‘fun’.”


Kasey | 17 | NY

Hey i’m Kasey! I’m currently a junior in high school and always looking forward in life! I love animals, traveling to new places, and meeting new people. I have been doing musical theater since I was 2 years old and I am extremely passionate about all things music! I love nothing more than to sing. Okay, maybe I love my Australian Shepherd and three cats a tad more. I am super friendly and outgoing so don’t be shy! Looking for new friends and possibly more.

snapchat: kaseylovesyou14

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*Curtsies* Maybe it is an unfair question, but as I see a massive numbers of readers declaring that they are a cat person, I'd like to know about you: are you a cat or a dog person? :)

*Curtsies* I’m an all animals with more or less than six legs person. Basically, I’m fine with anything that isn’t an insect (including spiders; I think they’re cool). I love cats and dogs. I also love birds and snakes. I rode horses competitively for years. I’ve had mice and hamsters and fish and frogs and lizards and turtles and guinea pigs. I have a guinea pig now. However, I come from a family of dog people and for that reason when I finally decided that I was old/financially stable/responsible enough to get a pet that doesn’t live in a box, it turned out to be a dog. This tag might explain some things.


I was about 4 when I first spent time around a border collie - my grandparents’ dog, Bertie. My granny had brought the pup home in her coat pocket - after the farmer said he’d “bang that one on the head” (Bert was the runt of the litter & considered useless for work).

One of the things I loved most about Bertie & what set him apart from my grandparents’ other “normal” dogs, was that when we played together, he’d constantly hide. More like a strange pointy-nosed cat, than a dog. Bert would sneak off under bushes, behind trees, in long grass… he wasn’t very good at being sneaky but he was very determined. I was endlessly amused.

As I got older, I also came to love border collies for their working heritage, their intelligence, their eagerness to work with people etc… but even now I understand why they do it - & more than 20 years after I first played with Bertie - I still find it pretty hilarious when they try (generally unsuccessfully) to hide. Barney’s not so keen on the game but Flynn is convinced he’s a super sneaky ninja collie!

I don’t have many photos of Bert - this is him aged about 15, a year or so before he passed away. He was a good old dog - & the reason I have Barney & Flynn today.

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i've read that the 6th house relates to pets, and was wondering if you knew about any other planets or signs that might involve pets? i love my cat more than anything in the world and i can't help but look for my love for her in my chart 💜💜💜

wow, this is so wholesome

i think the purpose of your pet needs to be realized first. if you have your pet purely for pleasure, i would check your 5th house. pets usually fall under the 6th house because you have to serve it (by taking care of it) and the pets in return will serve you in whatever purpose you have for them

i know virgo influenced people tend to love animals - virgo moon or moon in the 6th is also known to like animals also. virgo midheaven could also work

Bts reaction to their s/o sending them pictures of an overly affectionate cat

Request: Could you do a BTS & GOT7 members react (or w/e you see fit) to their s/o sending them pictures and videos of her overly affectionate cat all day because she has the day off and made no plans besides relax…. like the cat stares at you while you take a bath, it grooms you while your on the computer, & other adorable loving cat things :) thanks! oh and that cat is super shy around other people so im sure JK would be jelly because he couldnt get that 1 cat that wanted food to love him.

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted :) I’ll get to the Got7 one soon!


Jin would be more gushy about it than jealous. He’d be silently fanboying to himself about how cute your reactions were in the videos, like when the cat would brush its head on your arm, or rest it’s paw on your leg, and in the background he can hear you squealing. This would be the cutest thing to him!

“Ahh, they’re so cute, I got lucky…”

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Yoongi would see this to be something incredibly cute, but would keep his reaction silent. He’d watch all the videos of you freaking out about how the cat had finally started to love you and smile to himself, but probably reply with something sarcastic or blunt like “you probably bribed it with food” or “it might be sick, did you check it’s temperature?” all the while finding it to be adorable on his side of the screen.

“They’re an idiot, but they’re my idiot.”

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Hobi would lowkey be freaking out. He would know how much you’d gone through to try and get this cat to like you, and now with it suddenly becoming incredibly affectionate, he’d be rather proud of you.

“Wahhh I can’t believe it!”

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Namjoon would react similarly to Suga in that he would keep his reaction rather silent. He’d find the videos to be adorable, but not know exactly how to react toward you. His replies would be rather simple, maybe a few emojis or something but not much more, but he’d still find both you and the cat to be cute.

“Affectionate cat makes Y/n freak out, good to know.”

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Jimin would hands down find this to be the actual cutest thing that ever had happened, ever. He’d be gushing to his other members, bragging about how you managed to get a cat to love you and such. His heart would flutter with every video and picture, and he wouldn’t be able to hide his eye smile.

“Guys look! The cat loves Y/n!”

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Tae would react two ways all at once. He’d be freaking out about how adorable you and the cat together were, but also lowkey jealous that the cat loved you more than him. He would get a little bit pouty when he got home to find the cat resting on your lap, and when he approached it they ran away.

“Ahh come on! I’m not that scary…”

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but also

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Now Jungkook would be the guy who would take this as a challenge to get this cat to like him more than you. He’d rush to the store and buy a ton of cat toys, treats, collars, and just about anything that would attract the cat. When he returned home and attempted to get the cat to come to him, though, it would run to your arms and sit with you. Leaving you stuck with an overly affectionate cat and a grumpy bunny.

“I need that cat to love me!”

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A/N: I hope you enjoyed! If this wasn’t what you wanted then please let me know~ I’m going to be out of state the next few days, so it may be a minute before I finish the Got7 version (if I don’t get to it tomorrow) so be patient, it’s coming!

-Admin Yeonie

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Honestly Arya and Cat's relationship and Sansa and Ned's are the two most under appreciated relationships in the show. I hate when people say Cat loves Sansa more and Ned loves Arya more because it's so not true. Ned literally admitted a crime he didn't commit for Sansa and when Cat receives the letter from Sansa the first thing she worries about (before Ned's imprisonment) is how Arya isn't mentioned. Plus people claim Ned cared about Jon more than his children which also annoys me

I mean tbh I don’t blame people who are show watchers only for not picking up on the subtle parallels or meaningful moments between Arya and Cat and Ned and Sansa because the show doesn’t really give much to work with. The books give a lot more context, imo. 

I think the people who claim that Cat loved Sansa/Bran/Robb more or Ned loved Arya/Jon…honestly for the most part I assume they are not parents themselves, and I kind of assume more of them are still rather young. (please note I said ‘most’, I know people bring all sorts of baggage to what they read that may color how they interpret the text.) I think because they are young and don’t have kids (and I say this as someone who doesn’t have kids myself, too!) they can’t really grasp that sometimes a parent’s personality meshes better with one child’s, sometimes they get ALONG better with one child, but that doesn’t mean they LOVE that child more. Parents and kids are still people, sometimes their personalities just mesh better than other combinations, but that doesn’t mean those parents don’t love all their children or, conversely, that those children didn’t love both their parents (sorry guys, Arya did in fact love her mom). Additionally, sometimes a certain child requires extra parental attention, and that doesn’t mean that the other children aren’t loved/are considered lesser. Catelyn even explicitly thinks this in the books, both that she wishes that there were five of her, so she could be with each of her children, and that she fears that Bran and Rickon will think that she doesn’t love them/that she’s a cold mother because Robb needs her the most right now. 

GRRM wrote these characters as shades of grey - one of his best qualities as a writer, and one of the most touted elements of the novels - and yet people still insist on seeing things as black and white. 

i think people underestimate how much i love my cats? i don’t even like calling them my “pets” because they’re more like my children than an animal i own (ew i hate that word bc i do not own another beings life no thanks)!! they’ve stuck w me and loved me when humans wouldn’t and i would die for every single one of them

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I’m never sure of who to tag in these myself but here goes:

a / age – 18 (19 in a month and 10 days or so)
b / biggest fear – Death or not achieving any of my goals before the aging process starts or something ridiculous and unavoidable like that, failing school
c / current time – 8:45pm 
d / drink you had last – Cherry Vanilla Pepsi
f / favorite song – Les Rallizes Denudes - Fallin’ Love With
g / ghosts are real? – No but aliens absolutely are
h / hometown – Denver (not living there currently sadly)
i / in love with – My cat
j / jealous of – People that get out more than I do
k / killed someone – Unless we’re talking video games then no
l / last time you cried?  – Can’t remember
m / middle name – Kathleen
n / number of siblings – None :)
o / one wish – Be better at art than I am now
p / person you last called/texted – My dad
q / questions you’re always asked – “How do you draw like that” or something to that effect (one time someone saw me drawing and just flat-out asked me if I watched Naruto..that was quite an experience to say the least)
r / reasons to smile – A bunch of stuff I ordered from Amazon will be here in the next few weeks hopefully and I still have a little bit of money left on my gift card aaah
s / song last sang – Not sure
t / time you woke up –  7:00 
u / underwear color – Black
v / vacation destination – Any Nordic country, Japan, France, Italy, Canada
w / worst habit – I bite my nails
x / xrays you have had – Just my teeth but this one time I had to get an MRI in elementary school because these mean kids pushed me off the back of a moving golf cart and I blacked out (long story) if that counts
y / your favourite food – Chicken cordon bleu
z / zodiac sign – Taurus

I want you to think about the person you love most in the world. Think of your best friend, parents, siblings, that crush you had years ago that you still think of from time to time, your ex, your cat, your dog, your goldfish, the person who loves you most,
and now imagine their face when they were told you were no longer part of this world.

I don’t think we should stay alive for anyone other than ourselves, but the thought of the people we love smashing windows and allowing alcohol to poison them to the point where they can’t see is terrifying beyond anything.

If you decide to go, you take everything you are with you. You deserve to be more than a memory. I don’t want you to miss out on all the good things in this world. Things may be dark at this time, but the sun can’t hide forever.

You’ll get your moment, just make sure you’re there to live it.

—  “i tried to kill myself last night”
About Me

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Thank you, lovely!

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Name: Paige

Nicknames: Paigiiee (reserved for very special friends only) Paige Raige (reserved only for when I’m driving)

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 5'5"

Orientation: Straight Space Ace

Ethnicity: White

Favorite fruit: Nectarines

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Book: I LOVE The Book Thief more than life itself

Favorite Flower: Sunflowers

Favorite Scent: Grandma’s homemade chicken soup, old books, old records

Favorite Animal: DOGS. DOGS. DOGS. 

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Tea! Hot cocoa! Anything but coffee!

Cat or dog person: DOGS. DOGS. DOGS. 

Favorite fictional character: There’s…too…many….

Dream trip: London (and I’m going next week)!!

Blog created: My first year of college (4 years ago) (I only remember because my friend called me, freaking out, and warned me I’d become addicted. I laughed then. I’m no longer laughing).

Number of followers: 789 (the majority of which are probably not real people)

What do I post about: Bands, books, nature, space, dogs, and my own photography with an occasional selfie

Do I get asks on a regular basis: I get them way more on my side blog

Aesthetic: Books, non-remastered records, red Converse, an occasional feminist rant, tattoos, my jean jacket, and my Disneyland annual pass

Favorite band/artist: *laughs for ten years* As everyone knows, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Rolling Stones own my ass

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

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Tell me about the most important people in your life?

taylor: strange music taste, loves cows more than herself, sends me a lizard picture almost everyday at 4:20 in the morning, sends me a snapchat that says blaze it at 4:20 every night without fail, has the best makeup, an overall flawless human

erika: short little green bean, would fight over anything, eats too many cheez its, loves dogs and cats so much even tho shes allergic, has the cutest hair

rae: my big sister whom i love, has the best advice, the cutest cheeks, actually an angel walking on earth, can draw so good??, tells you sweet things when u need them the most, a giant sap 

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Ships are open hopefully! Can I get a batboys ship?? I'm 5'5", brunette with medium length hair and brown eyes. I'm athletic and fit, I play softball, but lounge around more than I exercise. I really enjoy writing and reading. I love animals and have a (technically) therapy cat. I get stressed often and very anxious. I have chronic migraines(very fun), but hate when people worry about it. I'm also a generally shy person, but love close friends. If you get to this, thank you!!

I ship you with Damian Wayne.

He goes to every single softball game and practice.  Every time he’s always yelling your name from the sidelines and cheering you on.  And criticizing everyone else.  Lazy days is a must for the two of you.  You just sit there, listening to him read to you, surrounded by animals.  

Damian tends to get VERY stressed when you get your migraines.  But he knows that you don’t like it when he worries so he downplays his attitude a lot.  He just drops everything and makes sure that they go away as soon as possible.  

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name | Ana

nicknames | none

zodiac sign | sagittarius

height | 1,72 m

orientation | straight

ethnicity | white (but there are people who don’t consider spanish people as white ??)

favourite fruit | cherries and bananas

favourite season | autumn

favourite book | marina

favourite flower | idk all of them like the red poppy, the  Gladiolus or the Jasmine

favourite scent | rain and idk i can’t think of anything rn

favourite colour | aquamarine

favourite animal | owl and jellyfish (like they don’t have a brain!!!!!!!!) (well actually i love all animals)

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | hot cocoa

average sleep hours | 8

cat or dog person | i have a cat that i love more than myself but i think deep inside i’m a dog person

favourite fictional character | Ragnar

number of blankets you sleep with | 3

dream trip | Either a nordic country or smth like New Zeland or Australia

blog created | october 2012

number of followers | 631

and i tag @viking-witch @daddysebastians @meldarlin @immortansan @barrysprettyfast if u wanna do it ♥

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18, 31 and 50 for jerevin :P

18. Who is a cat person/ Who is a dog person?

Both are very much cat people though Jeremy also loves dogs as well. He’s been known to stop and pet a cute dog as they pass. Gavin is indifferent to them.

31. Who is more affectionate?

pff well they’re both pretty affectionate in their own ways. Gavin is more likely to do pda than Jeremy, but even still its never much. They’re both stupidly affectionate when they’re alone though. It’s almost gross

50. Who is the hopeless romantic?

Depends on the au I guess? In fahc au I tend to see Gavin as a bit disillusioned with love and romance before meeting Jeremy. And then def tries to deny that this crush is more than just a “let’s bang” kinda thing. So Jeremy is definitely the more hopeless romantic at first.

In different aus it can be flipped too, really is just depends.

I was tagged so to Honor The Code I’m doing it.

Name: Isabella

Gender: Nonbinary! (They/them pleaaase!)

Birthday: 9/11/2000

Relationship Status: I have the best QPP ever and I love them a lot.

Zodiac: Virgo

Siblings: None

Favorite Color: Yellow or green, but both are pretty

Pets: A wiener doge named Samantha

Wake-Up: wake me up inside (5:30 during the school year but I sleep 12 hours during the summer)

Sleep: None.

Phone: Galaxy S7 Edge

Love or Lust: Love

Lemonade or Iced Tea: That sweet iced tea tha n ks

Cats or Dogs: Doggers

Coke or Pepsi: Both are shit.

Day or Night: Niiiight

Text or Call: I text more often than call people

Make-Up or Natural: Natural!

Met a Celebrity: No? No.

Smile or Eyes: Both

Light or Dark Hair: Both

Intelligence or Attraction: Intelligence

Chapstick or Lipstick:  Chapstick

City or Country: City

Last song I listened to: The Chattering of Teeth and Lack of Common Sanity

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12 & 13!

12. ideas of a perfect date

- I’m easy to please. Take me to a cute coffee shop, or a neat hole-in-the-wall type bookstore. Or a museum! I love museums. Or skating! Oh yes, take me ice skating, god I love ice skating.

But from experience, it’s definitely more about the person on the date than the date location/activity that makes it fun.

13. life goal(s)

- marry Amber Benson. No, okay. Uh. Help create something original that people enjoy, whether it’s a book or a film or, or whatever. I wanna feel like I’ve created something meaningful at some point in my life. I wanna buy a cat. I’d like to travel around the world, too. Also, would be nice to find someone who will put up with me romantically for the long haul.

so I’ve been tagged a couple times now for posting about five happy things that’ve happened to me recently, and I can’t even remember how many times I tried to write them down BUT OH WELL HERE THEY ARE NOW:

1. I found and binge-watched a neato series called Westworld and it was deliciously heart rending and filled with blood, gore, etc etc and mind fuckery. loved it to bits, can’t wait for the second season.

2. I pet my cat today. this might not matter to most people, but I love my cat more than the whole of humanity.

3. a warm reception on AO3 for something incredibly fucked up that I also didn’t post on here bc of how awful it was and hey I’m glad my followers there didn’t disown me for that fic.

4. somehow became friends with @theherocomplex through our mutual friend @hotmilkytea and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this person both reads my stuff and talks to me.

5. idk. I still exist so. good things there. maybe I can add that I had a really good piece of chocolate bread yesterday.

I’m a simple person with simple needs. mostly

uuuuh… I don’t know who in my friend group hasn’t done this yet so I’ll tag them anyways even tho I know some have done this. I tag @lulusoblue @hotmilkytea @call-me-the-cooky-one @asexualdonnie and @grandgardenlover