i love cather so much


Fangirl by @rainbowrowell

>> To really be a nerd, she’d decided, you had to prefer fictional worlds to the real one. Cath would move into the World of Mages in a heartbeat. She’d felt almost despondent last year when she realized that, even if she discovered a magical wormhole into Simon’s world, she was too old now to go to the Watford School of Magicks.
Wren had been bummed, too, when Cath pointed it out. (…)
“It’s not that I ever thought it was real,” Cath said after a minute, “even when we were kids, but still –“
“But still …” Wren sighed. (…)
Wren was an actual nerd. Despite her fancy hair and her handsome boyfriends. If Cath had found that wormhole, that rabbit hole, that doorway in the back of the closet, Wren would have gone through with her. <<