i love catching up on summer

Drunk/Jealous Luke


Luke was going out to some party with the guys and you decided to use your time alone wisely. Catching up on your favourite tv show.

Already in your sweats and on the sofa, you were ready to start as soon as Luke left.

"Alright babe, I’m leaving now, I’ll see you tonight okay? Love you" he said, leaning down and placing a firm kiss to your lips.

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Bones mend. Regret stays with you forever.

Quirky Circus set, Therapy Shoes heels

Happy Sunday! Here are some little piccies we snapped this afternoon. They were the perfect excuse to head to the beach and don this little number. I don’t usually do the whole low-cut thing, but the print and skirt and everything have me hooked. Go Quirky Circus; you did good. 

I’m currently catching up on Zoe Suen and consequently mourning London. It is just depressing because she/it are perfect. I’m also slowly warming to the idea of winter as a result. Oversized outerwear is becoming more and more appealing and irresistible to me. For me, Summer trumps Winter every time, so it will be interesting to see just how short lived this little fantasy is. 

Sweet dreams my loves…

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Wanna Bet on It? (Luke Imagine for Stephanie)

Here is your imagine! Enjoy

"Hemmings I swear to God if you come any closer." You threaten the tall boy who was holding a super soak-er, and aiming it directly towards you. You point you index finger at him, scolding him like he was a 6 year old who broke a lamp by playing catch in side the house. “You know i always love you wet.” He winks while slowly walking towards you. Your cheeks beat red after his comment, rolling your eyes you start to back up. “Don’t think that will get you anywhere tonight, Lucifer.” You tease him seeing if it will stop him from coming any closer. He stops for a second and just stares at you to see if you were joking. “No sex for a month, if you do this.” You tell him while crossing your arms over your chest getting amused by his sudden actions. Luke drops the water gun, only just a bit though while looking at you to make sure you were serious. “You wouldn’t dare Steph, this isn’t even funny anymore.” Luke looks annoyed by this point. Smirking you walked towards him now, swaying your hips, getting close enough to him you push the water gun down you get up on your tippy toes whispering in his ear, “Wanna bet on it Hemmings?” You ask while nibbling on his ear lobe. A throaty groan leave his lips as he drops the gun completely as his hands run up your legs and rests at the end of your back, trying to pull you closer. “Hey Luke, did you get Steph- oh shit.” Calum walked in from the backyard bring his water gun with him, staring at your position with Luke. Pushing away from Luke, you send Calum a wink while walking up the stairs. When Luke gets frustrated, he runs his hands through his hair and groans, which is exactly what he did when you left to go up stairs. Turning around to look at Calum, he points towards the front door, “Leave, now” 

Sorry if its too short…. Maybe i can continue it, if im not busy and if you want to.. i dunno but i hope you enjoyed it! AND IM SORRY IF YOU DIDNT LIKE IT AT ALL I WILL WRITE YOU A NEW ONE IF YOU DONT! 

Please request for imagines! 


Holy crap, i actually used my webcam, weird. I havent used my webcam, since like, summer. But i feel really good and happy right now, and its just, its a weird feeling. I owe a majority of it to my lovely wife for being such a sweetheart (for most of the time, except when she called me ugly, that wasnt very happy making) and i owe it to my buddy Josh for calling me at like 1:30 am and staying on skype with me until 3 because, ive missed that kid, its been a week since i talked to him, and it was super nice to catch up. THE FIRST THING HE NOTICED IS THAT I LOST MORE WEIGHT! THAT MADE ME SUPERDUPER HAPPY. Okay okay, i really need sleep. But ill probably be up for a while, so feel free to message me on here, on kik; hi_imtate or even text my phone +1(315)227-2523

Okay, i love y’all so damn much, seriously. 

solxensemble asked:

( Gravity Falls is fantastic, and all the episodes are online. You really should keep watching, it's on hiatus til summer so you have plenty of time :3 )

I think I got all the way through the first season and loved it! I’ll really just have to set aside some time to catch up sometime soon (lol what time????)

I realized that I’ve been so stressed out and panicky about spring break with the copious amount of responsibilities I need to handle that my anxiety has literally spiked up. So you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to breathe and write about positive things that have happen to me thus far. 

  •  A great marketing internship (learning more about the construction, engineering and business industry and meeting amazing people) 
  • Very likely chance of getting a summer internship, so that’s exciting!
  • I’m in amazing program with people who are practically like family to me now and also very ambitious (I freaking love ambitious people. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people with goals.)
  • Enactus Expo coming up—going to St. Louis as the presentation coordinator wooooo~ 
  • Working on my speaking skills (toastmasters) and becoming social again (networking more)
  • Catching up on my Lit class 
  • Made great friends who have been super supportive and positive
  • Been visiting coffee shops (better with coffee than without it~) 
  • Making more time for myself 
  • Starting to run and doing pilates again 

Even though this Spring Break doesn’t really feel like a break, it’s good chance to “spring” forward, as a wise friend once said. I just need to breaaaaathe~ 

Hope everyone’s having a great break! :) 

FRIENDS It’S FRIDAY!!!  My classes today went well and my kids are all awesome goofy little creatures who I love dearly.

AND next week is spring break, which means I actually get a chance to catch up on stuff and maybe even relax and breathe a bit??

And I have an interview next week for a (decent-paying!) summer job, and the week after people from the school I want to work at next year are going to observe me and my cooperating teacher co-teaching (which means I’ll have her help with planning, although at my request she’s letting me do the first draft of the plan independently) and in general working with my cooperating teacher is getting a lot more comfortable so that’s really nice.

And tonight my sister and I kick off our chronological Marvel binge with Captain America and let me tell you I am SO excited about this (I’ve never seen the whole thing either because I quit ten minutes from the end the first time I tried watching it because I didn’t get why Steve Rogers was awesome [i do now.  oh god do i ever.]).  And tomorrow I leave for a few days at my parents’ house which okay that’s meh BUT I get to see my baby brother for the first time since Christmas and since he’s turning out to be a kind of awesome kid I am really looking forward to hanging out for a few days.

Basically I have all kinds of things to be happy about right now and I’m not sure how this happened but I’m so thankful for it.

Back on the wagon

This beautiful weather means it’s time to reincorporate activity into my life. I spent most of this winter on my butt. I mostly sit at work, then I’d come home and it would be dark at 5pm so I’d lay around watching tv or whatever. I’d love to blame some of it on having mono, but they never did confirm for sure if that’s what was wrong. And I can’t say this is much different than past years but I guess the age of 25/26 is when it decided to catch up to me. I’ve gained 15 or so pounds in the past year.

Sometimes I notice it, sometimes I don’t. I tried on shorts from last summer and they fit fine. A happy surprise. Then this morning I put on a shirt that I know I wore less than six months ago and the sleeves were so tight on my upper arms that I took it off. My arms have gotten bigger? Really?! While no miracle will happen by the time we go to the beach this Sunday, I’d love to see some changes by my brother’s wedding in August where there will be a million photos taken. I don’t want to set a specific goal (as far as pounds lost or something) because than I’ll just get discouraged.

We eat fairly healthy. Not Whole 30 or anything, but a burger and fries come around once for every ten dinners of chicken breast and veggies we have. I feel like diets in general are just setting yourself up for failure or misery; you can eat healthier without having to solemnly swear to never eat a slice of birthday cake ever again.

So let’s hope movement is the big push because food isn’t really the issue. We’ve gone and played tennis a few nights recently because it’s been so nice out. I just found out that the campus nearby has a .7 mile fitness trail that I’d gladly do a couple laps on before dark a few nights a week. And with the summer season approaching, I’ll get to trade a few office days each week for working outside at the ropes course (just climbing up the damn hill is a workout for everyone, let alone hauling kids up ropes).

Hate that I love you;

After the whole ordeal with Noah, Summer ran to her car and left campus. She’d catch up with the rest of her classes at a later time but right now she was too emotional to even think about anything. Pulling up to the daycare, she parked and went right in; picking Luca up and talking to his caregiver for a while before leaving. “Hey lil man.” She cooed at Luca as she placed him in his car seat. Adjusting his tiny hearing aid against his ear, she laughed as he started babbling and munching on his fingers. “Someone’s hungry I see. Mommy’s gonna feed you as soon as we get to the mall Papa.” Making sure he was in the seat safely, Summer closed the door and got in before pulling off and heading to the mall.

Once they got to the mall, Summer took Luca out the car and pulled out his stroller before sitting him in it and making her way into the mall with him. Giving him one of his bottles that she’d made for him, she smiled as he drank his bottle while she picked out a few clothes here and there for the both of them. “It’s time to go pick up you shoes from Foot Locker baby boy, hopefully Malachi got them here in time.” Pushing his stroller in the direction of foot locker, she adjusted the blanket that she had covering his head so she could only see him and she giggled as he made silly faces at her. “Hiyaaa handsome. You look so much like your daddy it’s crazy.” Shaking her head, she walked into Foot Locker and went straight for the counter. “I’m here to pick up some shoes?” she told the associate. After giving him all the information he needed, she was startled by a voice behind her. “Gahdamn, this lil boy look like ole dude Noah. I ain’t know my nigga had a son.” Turning around quickly, Summer pulled the blanket over Luca and stared at the person who he soon recognized as Spencer. “That’s because he doesn’t have a son. Get away from his stroller.” “Whatever you say Summer. Nice seeing you or whatever.” With that, Spencer left, leaving Summer spooked.

There was a thunderstorm today!  Only like two minutes long but still!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~<3!  I love thunderstorms!  Thunderstorms mean spring, summer and fall!  Thunderstorms mean excitement and wonder!  Thunderstorms are Glory!

Also I started feeling super hyped as soon as I put my donut hoodie on

Look out world I’ve got some occult reading to catch up on
Manly P. Hall teach me secrets of all ages

When I’ve done sufficient research I am going to reinvent the Tarot card
Most everyone rips off my woman Pamela Colman Smith but I want to create entirely new illustrations
Also potentially add some cards, I think there needs to be more

I must consult the spirits

Perhaps they will be charmed by my donuts

anonymous asked:

Really loved reading your reviews of Don Bluth's "Anastasia" and "Thumbelina". They were so spot on. I've noticed that he too has a really bad case of the "same face" - worse than Disney's, even. I always felt like his male and female leads always looked exactly the same and were indistinguishable. Would love to see you do more commentary on his other films in the future, when you can. :)

Let me just take this opportunity to say I’m so sorry for the inactivity and not doing a review in months — college has been really busy (what a shock). However, I’m planning to do a review of “Strange Magic” for Fabulously Feminist Magazine, which I will link to here, and hopefully I can catch up on my other reviews over the summer!

In the meantime, you can of course feel free to ask me any questions you wish.

Evening Lovelies!
So I have been crazy sporadic for the last few months. In part, this is owed to my rediscovery of anime and, in part, to life happening. I’m a high school senior, so spring is supra busy and I literally have not seen anything post midseason finale. After an attempt to get caught up, I decided to wait until after the finale, so I can catch up in one fell swoop. Consequently, I will not be around much to avoid spoilers. Foreverolicity will be back this summer for all the fangirling and feels. Love you babes!

anonymous asked:

I'm so stressed out and I haven't thought about killing myself so much in my entire life. School is just way too much for me and I get anxiety whenever I walk into my classes. So much homework and not enough time to do it and I already have to take summer school and I'm currently failing 2 classes and I have to work on this massive research paper and it's just so much. I can't do it. I feel like I'm just constantly disappointing others and distancing myself from people who love me. I'm so sad.

baby i know how you feel but this wont last forever. you have your whole future ahead of you and you just have to get through this tough spot to get to it. maybe take a few days off school so you can catch up on work and sleep and talk to your teachers/counselor about how stressed you’re feeling bc they will definitely try their best to help you get through all your work and feel less stressed. many people care about you and dont want you to die and some other people at your school probably feel the same way about their work load and by talking to your teachers you will also be helping them so please talk to someone about this!! remember that your health should come before anything else and all of this school stuff is temporary and it will get better sooner or later you just have to make it through this. i love you sososo much and i hope you feel better soon

'We could go without washing,' said Roger. 'Unnecessary washing, I mean,' he added as he happened to catch Susan's eye.
—  Arthur Ransome, Pigeon Post

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things I’m currently in love with

one song: … because it was on the last episode of Hindsight and I was so excited I had trouble focusing on the dialogue of the scene … Sweet Jane - the Cowboy Junkies version.

two movies: Veronica Mars and Mockingjay Part 1

three TV shows: (this is the hard one for me - I could list 30 but I’m gonna list 3 that I want more of you all to catch on and start watching too so): Banshee, Empire, Hindsight

four people - real or fictional: my cat (she’s a person shut up), Veronica Mars, Buffy Summers, Kara Thrace

five foods: Lay’s classic potato chips (my kryptonite), Dove dark chocolate Promises, enchiladas, guacamole, movie theater popcorn with extra “butter”

six blogs to tag: ghostcat3000, elschaaf, scandalpantsstuff, ladynorbert, angelsscream

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West Coast by The Neighbourhood :)

song: not my kind of music sorry | it’s okay | BRUH, THATS MY JAM!!! IN THE SUMMER I WOULD LISTEN TO THIS SONG EVERY DAY its such a summer song i love it

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STYLE STEAL: @TheRealTahiry

My favourite American girl Tahiry was recently out and about in DC looking bloody gorgeous. Now, I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t really a fan of the whole peplum hem skirt trend. They just used to really remind me of my little sister’s primary school skirt, but of course T made me a believer.

This grown and sexy look really works for her and the dress accentuates her banging body without showing too much. I love love love the nude colour as well and how she didn’t over accessorize, it just added to the sophisticated element of the whole outfit.

If you, just like me, are obsessed with this dress and want to try this look then you can get the nude bandage dress on online boutique iDolls for $100 (about £67 for my fellow Brits). Make sure you snatch it up quick because I’m sure once everyone else catches a whiff of this it’s gonna be sold out like cream cakes at a summer fair.

You can’t say I don’t spoil you.