i love catas


TFW you try to keep your stupid soldier boyfriend from getting rained at but he’s stubborn. Kisses will not save you from the weather, Míredo, but I guess that’s nice?

Soráin (in white clothes; has the best nose) belongs to @xhakhal
Míredo (in black clothes; dark elf with freckles) is mine.

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Lmfao do you have a problem with people making out a petition, like even if it doesn't work, why're you being rude about it

I made one snarky comment…and another with a very fair opinion. Chill.

1-Larisa is more than likely going to Rio so her petition is pointless. That petition is less about Larisa and more about making it so that a 2nd Romanian (aka Cata) can be sent.

2- Cata. “A gymnast with such dedication deserves to follow her dream.” This is the reason the petition maker gave as to why we should send Cata to Rio. Oh ok. So Cata, who only trained for the second ½ of the quad and has been to 2 Olympics, is more dedicated and deserving of a spot in Rio than Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, who has been training/competing for the entire quad, making history for her country, trying to get to her FIRST Olympics? NOPE. Farah Ann had a horrible comp at the test event and on most days would have qualified but nope, no petitions for her because she’s not as big of a name so she must not have a broken heart or anything.

The goal of these petitions is to give Cata a spot in Rio which in return would take a spot AWAY from a gymnast from a smaller country. It implies that only the big dogs matter and that gymnasts from smaller countries (who likely have faced more adversity) don’t.


ok, this random idea is based on THIS song….. i’m going to do a little animation.

well, when i was drawing it, i thought in Little Jammy Hood ;-; but talking about the song, it’s diferent, k?. (cuz it would be the first time Reaper don’t want to fuck Geno and he only wants to watch him becouse their love is imposible….. omg Romeo and Julieta :V)

so i’m going to call this…… eh…. ‘The Wolf fell in love with the Dead’ (? … idk.