i love catas


TFW you try to keep your stupid soldier boyfriend from getting rained at but he’s stubborn. Kisses will not save you from the weather, Míredo, but I guess that’s nice?

Soráin (in white clothes; has the best nose) belongs to @xhakhal
Míredo (in black clothes; dark elf with freckles) is mine.

I love when there is MC mechanics in fights. Killing your teammates or rooting for yourself to kill them while MCed is the best. My favorite was my rogue in the Well of Eternity dungeon, watching him jump, smoke bomb the healer, killing the healer quickly since the ranged dps couldn’t stop me, finishing off the dps and then going for our tank. I wiped my group and it was glorious.


ok, this random idea is based on THIS song….. i’m going to do a little animation.

well, when i was drawing it, i thought in Little Jammy Hood ;-; but talking about the song, it’s diferent, k?. (cuz it would be the first time Reaper don’t want to fuck Geno and he only wants to watch him becouse their love is imposible….. omg Romeo and Julieta :V)

so i’m going to call this…… eh…. ‘The Wolf fell in love with the Dead’ (? … idk.

I love Cata, it’s my favorite expansion. But I miss the world of vanilla- especially Camp Taurajo and the racetrack in Thousand Needles. I visit the ruins of Camp T every time I’m in Southern Barrens.

The other thing with the Cata drama is that it seems to be news to people that she’s awkward on social media.

We’re talking about the woman whose twitter bio has always been “5 olympic medals and im really proud of myself.” She is WEIRD. She’s a massive oversharer, she posts memes that haven’t been funny since 2005, she made up her own hashtag that nobody else uses.

She’s basically a recently divorced 44 year old mother of 3 as far as her social media presence is concerned, she just doesn’t know how to sound cool or normal on Instagram. It’s kind of a less extreme version of Carrie Fisher’s twitter. I love that about Cata, not least because it’s hilarious as shit.

But when she’s in the spotlight people read a lot of resentment and passive-aggressiveness into the autobiography chapters she writes as Instagram captions… and really chances are it’s just her normal state of awkwardness.