i love butches

this is my love letter to butches. i love all butches and i smile when i see you out and about. you’re all dashing. i love butches with tats, black butches, trans and non binary butches, mentally and chronically ill butches, fat butches, insecure butches, confident butches, closeted butches. you are all valid, beautiful, and worthy of love. and you all have my love.

FYI, older lesbians are wonderful. I love sexy, confident lesbians in their 30s and 40s. I love adorable lesbian moms. I love cute lesbians who meet the love of their life in their 50s. I love gorgeous, mysterious femmes in their 60s who have the classiest aesthetic ever. I love sweet lesbian grandmas in big comfy sweaters. I love old lesbians who take care of each other when they’re sick. I love androgynous middle-aged lesbians. I love old butch lesbians. I love older trans lesbians who couldn’t come out until later in life so they never got the chance to be recognized as a young lesbian at all. 

I love you and you’re beautiful and everyone who says otherwise can fuck off because their opinions literally do not matter at all. 

@ the media pls give me butch girls! Give me masculine girls! Give me butch lesbians who are allowed to be attractive and sexy and have romance plots and find love!! Like I’m glad there are feminine lesbians on tv, feminine lesbians are great! But I love masculine girls and there are no masculine girls on tv. Show me girls I can relate to. Show me girls who are in love with each other and don’t conform to the world’s standards of femininity I Need It.

lmao honestly i just love literally any incarnation of lexa.

extra nightgown-and-body-glitter wearing pretty hoe? i love her. ruthless commander of 12 nations dictator? i love her. soft gooey romantic lesbean? i love her. messy sloppy pillow princess bottom? i love her. hot af athlete with sweaty muscles? i love her. prim, perfectly pulled together and prissy businesswoman lexa? i love her. service top lexa who focuses all her energy on her partner and her partner’s pleasure? I love her. fine stud lexa who is modest but also sexy and confident af and knows it? i love her. steely modern lexa who wears soft soft sweaters and is soft and gentle inside? i love her.

I love butch femme culture

I love dressing to the nines with my wife and stopping traffic downtown because people are open mouth starring at us. 

I love it when the waiter puts my gin cocktail in front of my femme wife and then puts her neat bourbon in front of me. I wink at the waiter and switch the drinks. 

I love being the only (young) couple who knows how to waltz at weddings. We put on a show. 

I love how she looks in a pencil skirt. She loves my tie collection. 

I love how she kisses me on the forehead while I’m fixing things around the house.

I love it when a man asks me a question about car mechanics and I refer the question to her, my car high femme. 

I love that she puts a happy note in my lunch every day. 

I love how she has my measurements memorized so she can buy me nice shirts when she goes thrifting. 

I love how she still gets excited when I buy her flowers. 

I love when she bakes brownies and she always sets aside two for me, her sugar butch. 

I love how she inspires straight women to ask for more and expect more from their husbands/boyfriends. 

I love being a chivalrous butch and worshiping her as my queen. 

I love subverting gender norms/expectations. Anyone who knows us knows she is the boss.