i love burt more than everything

Some people need to rewatch “Acafellas” and “Preggers.” 

They need to remember Burt controlling Kurt’s wardrobe via his car. They need to remember that Burt effectively grounded Kurt (took the car away) for having tiaras. They need to remember the SCARED look on Kurt’s face when his dad appears while they’re filming the “Single Ladies” dance. They need to remember how Burt gruffy looks down at him and SNAPS the leotard, scowling deeply at him while Kurt tries to lie about it being about sports. They need to remember how small Kurt was, and how intimidating that gesture was, even if Burt didn’t mean it that way.

They need to remember that when Kurt tells him he’s gay, Burt does say that he loves him, but first he makes a joke about Kurt wearing heels. He says ‘nothing I can do about it,’ and he’s ‘not in love with the idea’ (are we getting the concept of Burt’s discomfort yet??). He asks Kurt once more if he’s ‘sure’ before he leaves.

They need to remember that even as far as “Laryngitis,” Kurt is afraid that he’ll lose his relationship with his father to FINN, if he isn’t able to meet him halfway to the son he expected to have.

Comparatively, taking away a sewing machine to try to force Kurt to make friends because he’s scared that Kurt is depressed and might be thinking about suicide? Not even as severe as Burt was originally portrayed. 

I know that fandom loves to paint Burt as this wholly accepting figure, coddling and caring for Kurt right from the womb… but he’s not. It was a struggle. He’s an extremely different person from Kurt, and his entire character arc was coming to terms with how to best care for the son that he loves very much! Even after Kurt comes out, they have their moments in which Burt isn’t supportive enough, laughs at Kurt, or takes the side of someone against him, and that was before Blaine warped the universe around himself. 

If you want more, please read ranwing’s Kurt/Burt meta. It’s a lot more detailed. I’ve taken a lot of this as a given, because so much of it is hinted in the show itself in S1.

I just know it always pissed me off in Klainedom when they acted like Kurt’s home life was perfect, compared to poor widdle Blainers, who even Burt had to adopt and side with because apparently being a spoiled rich boy with parents who love you and let you do everything is super hard. Let’s just not erase character flaw, okay? Burt still isn’t perfect, but he came a long way.