i love buddha

“안녕하세요! (Hello!) This is 707,Defender of Justice! The best hacker boy you’ll ever have! I LOVE Honey Buddha Chips and Dr. Pepper! I’m having a VERY DEEP DEPRESSION. I’ll make you smile no matter what. 당신의 미소를 보는 것 마음이 훈훈해진다…(Seeing your smile warms my heart…) Just keep on smiling…just for me, 알겠어? ( okay?)“

- 707/Saeyoung

I Am

I am a soldier of the world
choosing no sides I lay no blame
carrying nothing but this smile 
armed with peace I take my aim 

I am a child of the universe
far brighter than any star or sun 
I share a sacred bond with you
for we are not two we are one

I am a friend to all who suffer
sight for those lost in blindness
even if they burn with hatred   
my only action will be kindness

I am a student of great truths
will walk with love arm in arm
helping any who welcome her   
to all others I will do no harm