i love bubbles omg

you know his blowdrying function? yeah kiibo learns a little something new everyday


Black cherry fishbowl 🍒

by slime.bun

idk Bubble Buddies makes me think that it’d be cool if he took her on an undersea adventure that didn’t involve them frantically running from a giant worm

I might actually color this one at some point…

some white person: omg i love drinking bubble tea and using chopsticks ! ramen and pho are so daebak uwu x3 kawaii

asians: can you not fetishize our culture like that because its gross and disgustingly racist?

some other whitie mcwhite: theyre not being racist you should be happy theyre appreciating your culture ! its ok sweetie youre doing amazing

asians: 🤸🏻‍♀️🕳

keliana856  asked:

Speaking of gay robot romance, have you been keeping track of the adorableness going on in the webcomic Questionable Content?

YES OMG I LOVE FAYE/BUBBLES!!!!!! And like, I’m a little sad that I’ve discovered that queer sardonic murderbots and the disaster humans who love them is 10000000% my jam because there are only two (2) of such that that I’ve encountered.

But yes, yes. That panel right before Bubbles had the memory procedure? It killed me, I was dead of feels.

roman-reigning  asked:

3, 19 & 129? 🌟💫🌟

3. Who are you looking forward to seeing?
right now, I’m really excited to see my good friend who goes to a different school. she’s playing in a game with me on Sunday, and I can’t wait because we normally hang out afterwards and I miss her a lot
19. Do you like bubble baths?
love them omg except sometimes I get too hot and then it’s a little uncomfy but other than that I adore bubble baths
129. What your zodiac sign?
I’m an Aries :)
thank you so so much for asking 💓💓

(sorry it’s not colored…) Here’s your present for this year, Bubblepop~ A dolly, and a few books! You’ve got Charlotte’s Web, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and The Tale of Despereaux there for you to read! Hope you like them, darling <3

BubblePop: Thank you so much, Miss Icklemuse!

rosyromantic  asked:

Omg I thought Adele was like a super serious artist but she's actually so bubbly and cute OMG I love her even more

That’s what happens to all of us. You hear the song, get slayed by the voice, then see the interviews and get slayed by the personality. Soon you find yourself with two Adele blogs to your name on tumblr, occasionally wondering how you got to this point, but not really regretting it at all…

- Suzannah