i love bubbles omg

you know his blowdrying function? yeah kiibo learns a little something new everyday


My charms came in this week, so I’ve put these up in my etsy store!

It’s Joker/Shadow Mishima and Akira/Mishima! (I really wanted a joker/shadow mishima charm hehe…) It’s on 2 inches of clear acrylic, double-sided~

I actually didn’t print a lot but I underestimated the strength of the Mishima Boys orz… so I don’t have much in stock right now (like less than 5 right now lmaooo), but I’ll definitely do another print run soon for these, so don’t worry if it’s sold out…I’LL BE BACK WITH MORE! I’m just glad there are more people than I thought who likes this ship HAHA

I’m selling it for $8USD + shipping!

The store link should be at the bottom corner of this post for mobile users or top right corner for PC users(green etsy button) or if you can’t see it, click here (only works for PC users)! Have to do all these weird linking around because tumblr will hide any post with external links :’)


Black cherry fishbowl 🍒

by slime.bun

idk Bubble Buddies makes me think that it’d be cool if he took her on an undersea adventure that didn’t involve them frantically running from a giant worm

I might actually color this one at some point…

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yeah i guess, we’re just gonna stay in our little bubble k babes? its all gonna be alright! I LOVE YOU

yessss haley babes, come join me in my lil bubble :) i have cookies and a pot of tea and cuddles and all are welcome :D

Bubble asked..: “ “SEVEN MINUTES” with james?? “
NUMBER - 6(Pinned-against-wall Kiss)
// Meme || @hardcoreproved \\

      It was awkward for James, having
      in notion that he wasn’t one for
      parties, unlike his twin sister.

      It was her idea to INVITE people
      over, but before he knew it, there
      were way too many people in
      their house for his taste. And then,
      Maya had
      that would most certainly ruin the
      rest of his night. Seven Minutes
      at Heaven
. Why him?

      With a sigh, he sat down beside
     Maya, and
WAITED for his turn to
     spin the bottle. And when he did,
     he was frowning. What kind of
     person would he be stuck with?
     And as
     stopping, the brunet gulped.
     Oh boy

     The bottle stopped, and always
     so slowly
, he looked up. And to
     the boy’s surprise, it was Bubbles.
SUDDENLY, he got up,
     grabbing her by the wrist and
     heading to the closet. He was
     blushing so hard, and the whistles
     behind him

     The door closed behind them, and
     unlike his prior actions, he kissed
     her gently, like he always did.
KISS went on, and on, and
     on.. And before he knew it, he
     was pressing her against the
. But did it stop James?

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I am a real person who has two cockapoo puppies names Zoey and Teddy (they are my bbys) I enjoy cute things a lot and love plushies, anime and bad horror movies. I'm 5'3 with blue eyes and chubby thighs. My ideal date would definitely be going to the movies and then getting bubble tea!!! *^*

omg i love bubble tea!!!!!!!!

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hi ily and you're amazing and friendly and precious and h o t and you make me very happy and bubbly inside and warm and i want to give you all the love and support in the world and i'd do anything to keep you happy and i want you to smile and laugh and be warm and i want to do that for you and i'm blushing writing this and i just lysm okay - ♥

this made me all happy and bubbly inside!! i really don’t deserve all this love omg 💘

(sorry it’s not colored…) Here’s your present for this year, Bubblepop~ A dolly, and a few books! You’ve got Charlotte’s Web, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and The Tale of Despereaux there for you to read! Hope you like them, darling <3

BubblePop: Thank you so much, Miss Icklemuse!

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Omg I thought Adele was like a super serious artist but she's actually so bubbly and cute OMG I love her even more

That’s what happens to all of us. You hear the song, get slayed by the voice, then see the interviews and get slayed by the personality. Soon you find yourself with two Adele blogs to your name on tumblr, occasionally wondering how you got to this point, but not really regretting it at all…

- Suzannah