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Who to Fight: Buzzfeed Characters Edition

Quinta Bruson: Do not fight Quinta. You will wake up on the floor, injured and confused. She’s kind of a badass, and she’ll probably land 10 hard blows to your torso before you can get a swing in. You’d have to get her pretty mad for her to want to fight you though.

Ashly Perez: What?! Don’t fight her! Why the hell would you even want to hurt this girl? She is a sweet angel baby and 100% does not want to harm you. What’s wrong with you?

Sara Rubin: Do it. She will welcome the fight, gladly. You might get a few good bruises, but you’ll be better friends afterwards.

Eugene Lee Yang: DON T FIGHT DO NTO YOU WILL END UP IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM!!!11!! Eugene is fcuking crazy and will not hold back, no matter who you are. His Korean rage is unmatched.

Ned Fulmer: Fight him. He lives on adrenaline and you guys will have such a good time. He’ll win, no doubt, but he’ll bring you to his house after and introduce you to his wife.

Zach Kornfeld: Don’t fight him. He’s a peaceful guy and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Not a fighting bone in his body.

Keith Habersberger: Do not fight. He is a friendly giant tree who will have trouble hitting any part of your body because his arms are too high up, and he will feel immensely guilty for any punches he lands. Plus, why would you want to ruin such a nice face?

Gaby Dunn: Do NOT fight. She is scary as hell. She might also be a witch, so she might curse you.

Allison Raskin: Don’t fight her. Partially because she’s super nice and will hold back, but mostly because you’d have to deal with Gaby.

Andrew Ilnyckyj: Fight him, but only while pretending to be a dog. He will definitely respond by also pretending to be a dog. Neither of you will win, but you’ll both laugh after and high-five.

Justin Tan: Don’t fight him. He might cry if you get a good hit in, plus Zach will feel his pain with his bro-sense and come for you.

Zack Evans: He probably doesn’t want to fight, but if you insult the people he loves, he will not hold back. Do not attempt this.

Chris Reinacher: Don’t fight. He will reluctantly participate so he doesn’t seem like a wimp, and he’ll accidently break your nose. And he will feel terrible.

Brittany Ashley: Do it, it’ll be fun. She’ll say funny and clever things to distract you, and you might fall in love with her.


Television women loving women appreciation week | Day Five - Favourite wlw kiss(es) 
↳ All of them. Brittana (Glee), Sanvers (Supergirl), Evalise (How To Get Away With Murder), Wayhaught (Wynonna Earp), Zasha (Degrassi), Ruby Slippers (Once Upon A Time), Shoot (Person of Interest), Nyssara (Arrow), Clexa (The 100), Emaya (Pretty Little Liars). “We should kiss the girls we wanna kiss.”