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The Infernal Devices? :)

Hello! I wanted to format my response really nicely, but I have been having major issues with my laptop while traveling (and it has been the absolute worst). I am fairly certain my computer has a virus and I’m on the opposite side of the country, so there’s not really anything I can do about it for this week :( ANYWAYS, I’m rambling and I apologize, but here is my (unformatted) response! Thanks for asking!

The first character I first fell in love with: WILL HERONDALE (what can I say; I always immediately fall in love with the brooding, sarcastic, pain-in-the-behind British men)
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: GABRIEL LIGHTWOOD
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: CAMILLE BELCOURT (some people like her, right?)
The character I love that everyone else hates: RAGNOR FELL (I don’t think EVERYONE hates him, but I know some people find him annoying)
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: NATE GRAY
The character I would totally smooch: WILL HERONDALE (my boyfriend)
The character I’d want to be like: CECILY HERONDALE (she’s so fiercely independent and I love her)
The character I’d slap: MARBAS (the little turd)
A pairing that I love: WESSA
A pairing that I despise: MAGNUS/CAMILLE


Okay this was intense.

Starting from the first half, I LOVED IT

The Winchesters, the brains and the brawns.

I loved that Sammy took advantage of the place they were stuck in, and got a spell which could help them out. The fact that it didn’t work cause Ketch is a git is a different story.

I loved that Dean finally got to use his grenade launcher and save the day ( well atleast till then)

I love that Sam, the same Sam who was hunted by two hunters present in that room went on to inspire all of them and went on to lead them in a fight against the British men of letters.

I love how Dean managed to get through the happy cocoon Mary had built in her head. I loved how he got his mom back.

I loved that Mary killed Ketch and we got a Winchester family reunion, however short lasted it was.

Now coming to the second part of the episode, I have mixed feeling about it.

While I am sad that Crowley died, I could see that there was a dearth of future storylines for him. He has lived through a good span in the show and atleast didn’t die in vain like many others. Also as much as I love the character and the actor, I would never forgive Crowley for the things he did in season 8.

Coming to Castiel, I have serious suspicion that he is going to come back and thus I cant make myself feel really sad for him. I just hope that he IS back. Its Cas, he is family.

Talking of family, BOBBY yes not our bobby but still BOBBY. I refuse to believe that they show 2 mins of him without any good reason. I think we gonna get more of alternate universe Bobby the next season.

So I guess the next season will start off with the boys against the creepy manchild.

The boys lost so many of their allies, but I am happy that they have eachother. Just like old times.

P.S - The alternate universe opens up so MANY prospects. I mean doesn’t the scooby dooby episode just scream  Gabriel ?

I am now 110% in love with the British Men of Letters, or at least David and Adam! They were such sweeties (and soooo handsome - yes I was swooning). I couldn’t resist getting a cheeky kiss from the boys, however I almost had a breakdown deciding which one I let @bilbowatsonholmes have!

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"There's Something About Mary"

I officially hate the British Men of Letters with a fucking passion.

Still loving Lucifer’s sass.

So is Ketch just sleeping with everyone?

I want someone or some creature to go all Sweeney Todd type of postal on the British Men of Letters.

I seriously loved it when Lucifer displayed his full power.

Ketch thinks he can just kill the Winchesters? He’s got another fucking thing coming to him.

Mary, what in the sweet hell do you think you’re doing?!?!?

Lucifer’s back in the world…and looking fine as hell in that outfit.

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Please tell me you've heard this audio of Joe talking because I died youtube(.)com/watch?v=lUZ_dbNAGWQ&ebc=ANyPxKqwKd_Udxk5rOoDcFy0AB8ZmiDtiPn3lrmY7lyzThhmSqVelW--Nmpj9cDcMgjwLBCVCU1FwpVAGGS2oqJ_ybj-TsXIjQ


I think all British men sound amazing when they talk, honestly. Love it. I have the British male Siri on my phone.