i love brie so much

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I'm here to announce my undying love and devotion to Brie Larson. Her not clapping for Casey affleck gave me new life and watered my crops. I love her. But fuck the academy for making her present to that trash sack.

i love brie larson so much she’s been Unhappy with him all awards season and she’s refused to crawl up his asshole and die there like the rest of hollywood has and i love and appreciate that

Filming this season of The Flash has been like a dream, ever since I got to put on the Kid Flash costume for the first time. And now we’re getting down to filming the last few episodes. It makes me sad, knowing I won’t be in the costume every week. But I’m also pretty excited to get to bleach my hair again. It’s such a small thing, but I’ve been itching to do it for weeks now. And I just have a couple months until I’m able to. I can’t freaking wait. What little things are you looking forward to? I’m Keiynan, and the littlest things make me happy.

not be rude because I love Brie Larson but she’s getting gassed up so much for nothing she barely paused to award casey affleck she had absolutely no qualms about giving him an Oscar so why are y'all acting like she gave some look of disapproval that didn’t happen

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Joy, Heartbeat, Warmth!

- Joy: What truly makes you happy? - I don’t know right now. I genuinely don’t know. My cat makes me happy, so do emma n lilah, traveling and the idea that I can go wherever I want, THAT makes me truly happy. Also reading

- Heartbeat: What fictional character do you love? - I love Brie Larson’s character Grace in short term 12 so much. So so much.

- Warmth: What is your happy place? - I don’t have one honestly. Still searching for it. Thank you!!!!:)

Why on earth did Team Bella and PCB start fighting each other??!?! After the Miz said they all fight like a bunch of girls, I was hoping they would team up to kick his ass?!!??!!! That’s what REAL women’s empowerment would be! Girls who have their differences teaming up against those who beat them all down