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Reading OBS&BH feels like, within a time travel AU. I know what's gonna happen but I can't change and just watching it happens. And top of that, Viktor is so smitten and loving from the start. Thank you so much for the beginning! I'd never be prepared enough for next chapters though. I'll just succumb to the suffering.

No matter how much you yell at the screen nothing is going to stop the next 7 chapters worth of them both fucking it all up 。゚(TヮT)゚。

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Not sure if you've done this before, but maybe some headcanons for Sidon introducing a Hylian s/o to his father? Bonus points if the s/o is immensely scared of/intimidated by his father even though he's just a sweet old whale shark. Thank you!

Introducing bae to father (Sidon)

  • Is so excited to introduce them to his dad
    • He just wants his love and his family to get along because he loves the both of them to get along so much.
  • Notices the s/o is feeling nervous when s/o is panicking over what gift to bring
    • “Should I bring a bottle of wine? Or some food? Oh, maybe I should bake him something???”
    • “Beloved, just bring the joy of your company.”
    • “Honey if I just bring that he’s just going to see the joy of you picking my passed-out ass from off the ground.”
  • Finally the night comes, and s/o is introduced to King Dorephan, and does the whole bowing thing and such.
    • But when they look up, they are surprised to see that he too is shaking like a leaf because he really wants his son’s bae to like him too.
  • They bond over the fact they both really love Sidon to the point they wanted each other to get along.

“Do you still bid Thor a good night personally?” You heard Loki ask.
The smile in the queen’s voice was evident, “I will kiss both of my sons to bed each night.”
Loki laughed, “surely we’ve gotten old though?”
“Never too old for a mother’s love. Now hush you, and no reading, you need to get your sleep.”
“I’m practically an adult mother, you needn’t worry so.”
“Mind your mother.”
“Good night mother.”
“Good night Loki, I love you.” The candle’s flame flickered out and the door clicked shut. You waited at your perch, breathing as quietly as you could while you waited.
“I know you’re out there.” A soft voice came from within.
You sighed ruefully, heaving yourself over the balcony and landing on the small ledge outside the prince’s room. “How? I was certain to be quiet, not a single guard noticed me.” You growled, glaring at the prince.
Loki laughed quietly, his night attire already magicked into clothing more fitting night travels. “I know you so well.”
You rolled your eyes and folded your arms. “Hardly.”
“My humble street urchin.” Loki murmured stepping closer to you, gently brushing aside your hair. “Magic wards, darling.” Loki winked.
You scowled.
“Now then, fair lady, are you here to steal away my princely virtue?”
You snorted, “hardly, I seem to recall it being the other way around.”
Loki’s eyes sparkled and he grinned at you, “and what a night it was.”
“Which night, they start to blend together.”
“You wound me.”
You remembered the night perfectly, often revisiting the memory during times of frustration. Of course, you dare not let Loki know.
His grin widened knowingly.
Loki laughed, quickly biting his lip to stifle the sound as he glanced warily towards the door.
“I open your world in other ways though.”
Loki looked back at you and gently stroked your cheek, “that you do. Now then, shall we begin our night?”
“Yes, you’ll love the festival.”
“I was hoping in bed.”
You gripped his collar and pulled him in for a deep kiss before quickly backing away to the balcony ledge. “There’ll be time for that later, my prince, for now, the festival awaits!”

Fix (Dean Ambrose x Reader)

I’m not dead! I actually got this, even though it took balls long to post, so thank you to @drarry–love for the request and sorry about the wait! I had like, twenty meltdowns about this. *shrug* Anychu, this one is based off a list I recently posted. Numbers used are 2, 26, and 70 from here. Sorta angsty, but the end has fluff bc I’m like that. I hope you enjoy!

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“I had always hoped it would be me to knock you down from that pedestal you’ve been standing on you so long.” Chris joked, knocking his shoulder against Viktor’s playfully. “But it seems like Katsuki might beat me to it. I’ll get you both one day though, you mark my words.” That this happened at the infamous World's makes it so bittersweet I want to die.

I deliberately put that bit in their because I love angst and I want to make people suffer ;)

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Can I say it's nice to know some one else likes Unleashed the PS3/Xbox 360 a lot like me. Meh I just really do and how you put it. It's a game I honestly like heh

HD Unleashed is my fave Sonic game overall and I always enjoy gushing about how much I love it’s visuals, animation, both gameplay styles, much of it’s story (Though I still stand by my view that it sort of flatlines during the middle act), it’s wonderful soundtrack, it’s worldbuilding, the quality of it’s animation of character models in cutscenes and overall how much effort went into it’s development and promotion.

It’s a shame that Sonic games these days with the very possible exception of Mania and Forces don’t seem to have production values quite as high as Unleashed’s.

Reasons To Love Kim Namjoon

Kim Namjoon has been one of the most influential people in my life. He is one of my biggest role models. He has one of the top IQs in K-pop and could’ve gone on in the world with any college and had any job he wanted, but her persuaded his mother into letting him chase his dream as a rapper even though they weren’t sure how far he would go. But look at him now! He’s one of the most popular people in the entertainment industry! His lyrics are deep and meaningful, we don’t get a whole lot of that nowadays. It’s really a shame that his mixtape isn’t as popular as Yoongi’s, I love both mixtapes, and I love his solo music. You connect with it, I think no matter the background you come from and who you are, you can find something about it you can relate to. I aspire to be someone like him. Even if I don’t go into the music industry, I want to have his look on life and see the meaning behind everything like he does. Along with his amazing leadership skills that helped raise BTS, the group we know and love into the spotlight more and more over the years. Yes, people joke and poke fun about all of our boys, but everyone can collectively agree that BTS isn’t, and could never be BTS, without our Namjoon. I love you Namjoon, thank you for all you have done, and helping me in my life from my hard times, to my inspirations.


Submitted by @onceyoukpopyoucantkstop.

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okay i just wanna say.... this au is so nice??? it seems so wonderfully thought out and planned and i love it... i love this au... it's so creative and you're writing it out as well and you're drawing it seriously get you a man who can do both... you're amazing though i love you

if only my talent was something a little more useful than coming up with gay headcanons

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what is your and pirozhki-prince's love story? how did u meet and how did u two get together?? if you dont mind me asking!! feel free to ignore aaaa i just find you both really adorable ; o ;

omg ok ofc i dont mind it’s totally fine to ask, also tysm <3 >,<

so we legit met on tumblr fangirling over yoi

in the words of @otayuri-queen we ‘low-keyed our feelings even though they were high-key’ and now we’re going to Barcelona together and spend nearly every waking hour talking

we agreed to keep things on the down low but somehow tumblr figured us out lmfao

BUT @pirozhki-prince still hasn’t actually asked me to be her girlfriend sooooo….

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Can I ask for you to pray for me and my ex? I recently split with him due to God placing me under conviction of our premarrital sex and selfishness among other things. I praise Jesus for it, even though it hurts so bad. I just pray that he reaches out to the Lord through this and grows closer to Him as well, even if we never get back together, you know? It'd be a shame to see him keep trying to carry all of his burdens alone.

Hi friend,

Of course. Sending prayers up for both of you. <3

All my love,


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Thoughts on the swan queen hug? I truly wasn't expecting it, well, ever. It did make me squeal all of a sudden, though.

Not currently behind a computer, but if you scroll down a bit on my blog you should find the post I made after the sneak peek came out. I would like to add that Snow’s reaction could also be less positive than I described there, considering how hard she is pushing both Emma and now also Killian. She may see the love between Emma and Regina and consider it a threat to the plans she has for her daughter’s dream wedding.

If you just want my thoughts on the first layer, that’s probably all I’ll say about it… If you get the OperationOUT meta reading, though, I have half a book coming up, because it was so significant.

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For the character thing, could you do Tsukishima or Bokuto?

I can do both!!! 


Sexuality Headcanon: as demi-sexual and demi-romantic as someone can possibly be… i honestly see him as being preeeetty close to aroace. 

Gender Headcanon: i generally think of Tsukki as cis but… agender leaning Tsukki is also 👌

A ship I have with said character:
Tsukkiyama is my number one Tsukishima ship and  i love them a whole lot asldkfh – though i have def. been known to enjoy Kurotsuki.

A BROTP I have with said character:
…i actually rly like Tsukki and Akaashi becoming good friends a whole lot. 

A NOTP I have with said character:
honestly, most Tsukishima ships that aren’t Tsukkiyama or Kurotsuki kinda edge into NOTP territory for me … SHRUG.

A random headcanon:
90% of the reason Tsukishima likes to intentionally be a jerk is because it makes Yamaguchi laugh. 

General Opinion over said character:
i couldn’t stand Tsukishima at very first but i grew to love him very very much (you know, the usual). he’s def. in line with one of my Types.  


Sexuality Headcanon: probably pansexual??? he likes people for who they are mostly, gender isn’t really a factor in attraction.

Gender Headcanon: i think of Bokuto as a fairly masculine cis dude but… i see him not being super hung up on needing to be gender conforming. he’d be kinda soft sometimes and not opposed to femme things. a soft bro.

A ship I have with said character:
BOKUAKA AND BOKURO AND BOKUKEN AND BOKUAKAKUROKEN i love all of them equally – tho i have a soft spot for Bokuken tbhhh because i do not see it enough. … okay and Bokuteru and Bokuroteru. those are all my Bokuto ships. 

A BROTP I have with said character:
i also really love Bokuro bros a whole lot. 

A NOTP I have with said character:
 none in particular! 

A random headcanon: …Bokuto and Andy Dwyer are basically the same person.

General Opinion over said character:

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The girl I love and I were both engaged/ married to abusive women. We became best friends and waited 5 years for each other to be single. And though we are both finally single and in love with each other we both live on opposite sides of the country. But I will wait however long it takes for us to finally be at the right place and time to be with each other. She loves me for me and never gives up on me. Love is patient and she's worth waiting for.

I truly hope you two will be able to be together one day! I believe in the strength of the love the two of you share!

Another thing! 

I love girl groups and I love writing about them and I love reading reactions/scenarios around girl groups. My point is, I have some recs for some primarily girl group writers here on tumblr whom I personally love a lot and I thought I’d share them with you all. 

@yeppeosnsdscenarios | @girls-scenarios | @girlgroup-reacts (I love this person/blog a lot though I’ve never even talked to them but they seem really kind) 

At any rate, these are my top three go to writers (girls-scenarios has more than one admin) when it comes to girl groups. I really recommend them!!! 

Meaghan and I were having our bi-weekly Adventure Zone Theories Jam and things we discussed:

  • Lup is absolutely in the staff, right? Like we can all agree she’s totally possessing the staff
  • And protecting her brother??? All this time?? Still watching out for him??
  • I love love LOVE the idea of Lup being the “protector” sibling in this dynamic, like. We know the both of them had a rough childhood, “surviving together”, and Taako is, to be blunt, a coward, so I like to believe that Lup stepped up in that regard. 
  • So take that into consideration, and the possibility that Lup only has a dim understanding of what’s going on around her at any time, and consider that Taako and herself are both pretty much liches (Though Taako is not himself in liche form) when you think about Lup trying to take Kravitz the fuck out- for all she knew, the reaper had come to collect her or worse, her brother. Fucking self defense, she couldn’t know they were on a date SHE’S A FUCKING UMBRELLA
  • Also still riding the theory that each Red Robe championed a relic real fucking hard and I so, SO, want Lupe’s relic to have been the Gauntlet. I so badly want Lup’s solution to the Hunger Problem to have been PUNCH IT IN THE FACE
  • Lup rushes in. Imagine it. 
  • I’m also really in love with the idea that the Chalice, as a solution pioneered by Magnus, came so close to working. Like. One, I can see Magnus wanting to make something that would protect everyone, which it does- it put the entire town of Refuge in a bubble that lasted for I think a year before it went haywire on the timeline, and that probably wouldn’t have happened if the town hadn’t blown up, they prolly could have kept on forever, until another catastrophe took them out.

    So imagine this, imagine they’re on a world, they’re out there, they’ve set up the chalice, their bubble, everything is safe, and they go on for months, years, and only THEN does the catastrophe hit, only THEN do they realize the glitch in the system: in case of unavoidable catastraphe, the bubble will reboot itself. Maybe the magic Magnus poured into this was tainted by his own regrets of failing to save Julia and Steven, and resulted in this ‘try again’ glitch.
  • I want to re-listen to the whole thing and try to translate Taako as someone who is perpetually grieving but doesn’t even know why, like underwent maybe a more cynical shift in personality than he had previous to Lup’s death, and she may be gone from his memory but that doesn’t mean the pessimism is
  • also really wanna know if Justin uh approved this character development bit
  • I want to believe that Lup and Lucretia were best friends
  • It sounds like Lup was taken out of the picture before Lucretia started wiping memories and since Liches are immune to voidfish, imagine Lup sitting there in a fucking umbrella just hoping one of her teammates will come for her, not even knowing that they don’t remember her. And then her own brother comes and doesn’t recognize her or her staff at all.
  • So basically Taako and Lup were home-ec wizards if we assume Lup made the Umbra staff and was an Umbra Wizard, making hidden magical knicknacks.
  • Liche > Voidfish > The actual goddess of fucking fate
  • Kind of want Taako to revisit the cave now that he understands who the skeleton was…

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Finn Kirkwood and Jonathan Strange <3

Thank you! :D

@tehsharkie also requested Finn but I haven’t been asked about Jonathan yet, so here goes!

Jonathan Strange

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: His irrefutable, unbreakable love for his wife and his passion for magic and bringing it to everyone in England.
worst quality: Jonathan does have a tendency to let things to go to his head, both pre- and post-Peninsula (and he was a right arse to Bell sometimes) but that entirely disappeared after Waterloo. That’s only a minor issue, though. Worst quality, if you can even call it such? As much as I love mad!Jonathan, it’s heartbreaking how obsession (of the most noble kind, mind) broke him in the end. But then again, that’s his character arc, isn’t it? That’s how he matures and gets from being in Henry IV, Part I to King Lear (thank you Bertie for this wonderful analogy!)…so I guess it’s a double-edged sword.
ship them with: Arabella Strange, of course.
brotp them with: Mr Norrell! :3
needs to stay away from: Pineapples. In all seriousness, the Gentleman with the Thistledown Hair. Get that fucker away from Jonathan, and especially Arabella.
misc. thoughts: Hapless-gentleman-wastrel-turned-BAMF-magician-extraordinaire. With equally extraordinary hair. :)

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How do you rank The Doctors?

Not really sure. I know that some approaches interest me most, like Two, Seven, and Eleven, who are personal favorites of mine. And then there’s Six (in audio at least) and Twelve, who both mean a lot to me. One, of course, too, is a very important Doctor for me, his era being the first classic era I watch through and utterly adored. I’m fond of War, however limited his appearence. Nine is of course quite good, though he doesn’t inspire quite as much personal connection and love. Ten’s the one I mostly grew up on so he means a lot, though I have a lot of messy and conflicted feelings and would love to see more stories push his character further and explore the complexities and flaws of that persona. Four is obviously great, but that feels so without needing to say that I don’t tend to bother, and like Nine I don’t connect with him and his era as much as many do. Three and Five, finally, are a bit more apathetic with me. I don’t hate any Doctor, but they just excite me the least. I do adore Three with Liz, though.

20 Questions

20 Questions
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tagged by: @doodlebonez

name | Dana

nicknames | Doodles, Dane, Danamatirix (at one point)

zodiac sign | Virgo

height | 5′9″

orientation | Asexual

nationality | Caucasian (Danish)

favorite fruit | Kiwi

favorite season | Anything but summer

favorite book | Aw geez, i have a lot of books I like… Warriors holds a consistently special place in my heart though

favorite flower | Bachelor Buttons

favorite scent | Petrichor, my friends house, freshly washed dog

favorite color | Teal or Aqua

favorite animal | I want to say Snow Leopards or Pallas Cats, but honestly there are so many good animals out there (can I just say dragons?)

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | hot cocoa

average sleep hours | 8 during vacation, 5-6 during school

cat or dog person | I love them both so much!

favorite fictional character | probably still Korra

number of blankets you sleep with | three or four currently

dream trip | A BUNCH: Hogwarts to try out my wand, The Shire and Rivendale, Denmark + Europe in general because family, Japan because I’m a weeb, South America because BIRDS, and Australia because I hate myself

blog created | Last year in June

number of followers | 56

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helloo just wondering if you could recommend anywhere good for wigs ? all my hair fell out :(( xx

Hey :) I just answered a similar question right now, but there are some differences from the wig companies I stated. I definitely recommend you to go for a lace front wigs. They are pricier but much much better in quality. On Uniqso you can’t get these as far as I know and they are mainly concentrated on Cosplay Wigs, they are cheaper there though. You can look on eBay or Amazon too but again, the quality is not good and if your hair is falling out you should really invest more. My first wigs were from a German shop and the quality was quite bad in compare to what I got after. I can really recommend you UniWigs since they are very lovely too and they have not that much, but beautiful wigs in range! DonaLoveHair and EvaHair have both quite a lot to choose from and the range is similar so you can check out these too. I have made good experiences regarding the customer service with all of them so there’s not much of a big difference. I don’t know if you are looking for a natural colored wig but I usually go for colored wigs. Grey works well too though and to me it counts to a quite natural color. I hope that helps you and good luck sweetie 💞