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Top 10 One Tree Hill relationships (as voted by my followers) #6 - Brooke and Lucas

“I love you, Brooke. I want to be with you. But why? I need to know why? Because you kink your eyebrow when you trying to be cute. Because you quote Camus even though I’ve never actually seen you read. And because you miss your parents, but you’ll never ever admit that. And because I’ve given exactly two of these embarrassing speeches in my entire life and they’ve both been with you. I mean, that’s got to mean something, right? And because we’re both gonna get pneumonia, but if you need to hear why I love you, I can go on all night.

Prom Night

Character(s): Kim Mingyu

Genre: Fluff?? Fluff! High School!AU!!!

Word Count: 2,493

Summary: Prom is coming up, and everyone plans on going this year. Except you, prom is pretty lame you think. I guess you don’t really have a choice though. Your best friend is making you go!

Request:  yo, yo, yo! hello there, i was wondering if you could a scenario with mingyu or vernon i dont really mind in which the reader and him are childhood friends and they love each other more than that =, but there both shy about it but then he asks her to prom and really cute and fluffy if possible? please… much love (Thank you very much for requesting! I went with Mingyu!)

A/N: I wasn’t sure who to go with so I relied on at least three different things that would randomize the choosing! :P They all picked Mingyu so I guess we’ll have to shine some light on him for now! Ah… I’m sorry for my cringey writing ;;;; I did include Vernon as a wingman though!! I hope you got my references too!

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“Sorry, I’m not going to prom.” You’ve repeated that same phrase at least 20 times this whole week. You weren’t exactly that popular, but you were friends with a popular group of girls and boys, which was most likely the reason for the attention this time of year.

“Another suitor?” An arm slung around your shoulders and you groaned tiredly in response.

“Yeah. I’ve seen that kid around, they’re a freshman that’s pining after the seniors who hang out by the orange tables after school. I mean, I can understand that in that after school group a couple of our older friends in college also swing by, but it’s annoying by now.” You rested your head on your companion’s shoulder. “Do you get what I mean, Hansol?”

The boy cleared his throat and huffed. “I told you that you can call me Vernon. It’s still my name you know!”

“And I told you that I’m going to keep calling you Hansol because that’s the name you introduced yourself to me as. As I recall, you said something like: ‘H-Hi, m-m-m-y name’s Hansol a-and I think you’re very pretty!’“

“I did not stutter.” You laughed and earned yourself a glare from your friend. There was a slight pink on his cheeks though, signaling that he did remember that cringey memory. “I’m not that good at talking to girls anyways.”

“That certainly didn’t look like it when you were working on that choir project with Eunwoo,” you teased. He playfully nudged you in the side.

“She babysits Sofia from time to time, so we’re comfortable with each other.” You made a sarcastic sounding hum and he nudged you again, only harder this time.

“How’s my best friend and other best friend doing?” You heard a tense sounding voice come in between you and Vernon. Mingyu smiled sweetly, wrapping both of his long arms around the both of you. Vernon coughed and adjusted himself out of Mingyu’s awkward grip.

“Doing great, Mingyu. Trying to console Vernon about his girl troubles.” You were about to be nudged again, but Mingyu blocked Vernon from touching you and pulled you even closer to his own body. “Speaking of girls, other than me, how’d asking the big sis out to prom?”

“Ah, you mean big sis Nayoung? You really tried, Mingyu?” Mingyu shrugged and stuck his tongue out at Vernon.

“She said no, but I kind of expected it.” You laughed at him.

“I did too. It’s girl’s night out on Friday.”

“You didn’t tell me?”

“I thought you knew.” Mingyu pinched you and you laughed again.

“Friday is our usual hangout day.”

“Friday is also prom night,” Vernon pointed out.

“Gee, thanks. I didn’t know. I wouldn’t be asking someone out for prom if I didn’t know it was this Friday,” Mingyu said sarcastically. You raised an eyebrow at your lanky friend and locked eyes with Vernon, who also had a raised eyebrow but a somewhat knowing look.

“Don’t be so mad you got rejected, Mingyu. There are plenty of others just waiting to be asked out to prom.” Like you.

I guess. I have a person in mind.”

“Really? Spill,” you said. Mingyu smiled at you and pulled his arm from your shoulders.

“Not telling.”

“Why not? I told you who my crush was in fifth grade!”

“And then I told them you liked them!”

“That ruined me on a spiritual level, Mingyu!”

“Well, too bad! It’s a secret.”

“Why?” Because it’s you.

Not telling!” You groaned and looked to Vernon for help. He shrugged and mouthed an apology. Mingyu caught this and clicked his tongue. “I mean, you would find out if you’d go to prom.”

“You don’t even know if they’re gonna accept your invitation.”

“You’ll see, just come!”

With a roll of your eyes you begrudgingly nodded. “Fine.” Mingyu hopped into the hair and flailed his arms out. He was grinning and you felt your heart warming. You sighed in fake annoyance. “Guess I’ll have to wear a dress then…” Mingyu and Vernon coughed awkwardly, red dusting their cheeks when you said that. You smacked them both. “Hey! I know I don’t wear dresses often and I look weird. No need to rub it in.”

Mingyu smiled teasingly. “We’ll see about that on Friday.”

The rest of the week was a blur, and by Friday after school, you had ten girls surrounding you in your room. You were whining while three of them were tending to your hair and makeup, while four of them were prepping your dress, and the final three were spreading this “girl time” on social media. As far as you knew, only a quarter of them were actually going to prom.

You sighed and looked out the window at the house across the street from yours. The curtains were drawn tonight, but the window you looked into led into Mingyu’s bedroom, a room where you spent many a night and have definitely snuck into on numerous occasions when feeling risky. Usually those nights you really wanted to see Mingyu, and you let your selfishness take you across the street in pajama pants and messy hair to go see the boy who had your heart for as long as you could remember.

Maybe it was when he finally listened to wiping his snotty nose into a tissue and not on his hand that rubbed on your shoulder, or maybe it was when he finally grew taller than you during the last year of intermediate school, or maybe it was when he still stuck to you despite gaining friends that connected with him like you did. That was when he gained your heart, you think.

“Stop moving,” Eunwoo scolded and tilted your head so that you were facing her once more. “You don’t have to think about your boyfriend every second you know.”

Your cheeks betrayed you and gained a rosy color. “We’re not dating.” Eunwoo scoffed and you swore you heard her mutter something under her breath, but you weren’t sure what it was.

“Puh-lease!” Kyla said, making a hand motion to go with her exaggerated statement. She snapped another picture of you getting ready and smiled up at you when she was done typing away on her phone. “We all know that you make heart eyes whenever you look at Mingyu.”

“Stop!” You shouted, now flustered by all the giggling and agreements with the youngest. “I’m older than you, don’t be like this to me!” Kyla stuck her tongue out and took another quick picture.

“Just because I’m a freshman and I can’t attend prom, doesn’t mean that I don’t know that something’s gonna go down tonight.” The other nine girls all shushed Kyla and for a moment were all slightly panicked.

“Are you telling me the seniors are planning on sneaking stuff in?” A few of them visibly relaxed, and you quirked an eyebrow, only for that to be a mistake as Eunwoo was trying to pluck it and ended up stabbing you on accident.

“I hope not,” Nayoung sighed. “We weren’t allowed to attend homecoming because of that stunt they did last year as juniors, and that sucked.”

Another ten minutes later, you were finally able to get out of your spot and stretch. The girls had to prevent you from moving much as you would ruin their hard work on your hair. Sungyeon and Siyeon both clapped together and took a picture with you. “Too bad we can’t go because we’re still sophomores.”

“Hey, I’m staying with you.” Kyungwon pouted. The other three playfully rubbed their cheeks against her in thanks. When they were done, Kyla turned towards you and smiled once more.

“You look great! Mingyu’s gonna lov-”

“We’re going to be late! I told the boys we’d meet them in fifteen minutes, we need to go!” Jieqiong, otherwise known as Pinky for her tendency to have pink at least somewhere on her person everyday, shouted over Kyla. She ushered you out of your own bedroom and out the front door, shouting a farewell to your parents. You thanked the stars they didn’t stop you all for taking at least fifty pictures.

Another fast forward later, five girls met the smug faces of eight guys. You, Eunwoo, Jieqiong, Minkyung, and Nayoung were facing Seungcheol, Jeonghan, Jun, Hoshi, Seokmin, Mingyu, Seungkwan, and Vernon.

“We made it and we are in pristine condition!” The boys all turned towards the five of you and whistled.

“Aren’t you two not allowed in?” Nayoung asked Seungkwan and Vernon. They were sophomores, yet they were still dressed up in something fancy and waiting to go inside.

“We bribed the person up front,” Seungcheol smugly said. The girls all groaned, which made a few of the guys laugh. “Well, we’ll all go inside now. As we-”

“More so just you and Seokmin.”

Seungcheol cleared his throat and sent a warning glance to Jeonghan. “As we promised, we are your protectors tonight and will stop any nerdy looking guy with a B.O that can be spotted from ten miles away from creeping up on you.” Some of the boys nodded and the others rolled their eyes, but they knew to keep an eye out just in case.

“Let’s go in!” Jieqiong shouted, grabbing Nayoung and dragging her inside of the building. The others followed in and it was a wonder that the two up front didn’t stumble in those heels.

“You look good.” You turned around and saw Vernon smiling happily and walking next to you. He offered his arm and you gratefully took it, allowing him to guide you and keep you from slipping in the heels that your mom lent you. “And, by the way, you were wrong when you said you looked weird in a dress. I think you look absolutely stunning.”

“Dork,” you said and playfully nudged Vernon with your elbow. He nudged you back and kept that smile plastered onto his face. When the two of you made it in, you both instantly located yourselves to a table on the side of the room. There was no way, you decided, that you were going to try situating yourself in a sea of people wearing heels. Vernon didn’t know a lot of the people out there anyways, making him feel a little out of place and more comfortable with whoever he knew. You groaned when you sat down, peeling the shoes also called stilts off of your feet. “I haven’t even worn those for an hour and my feet hurt.”

Vernon laughed, helping you situate your feet into his lap while you adjusted your dress. He started rubbing them for you and you sighed in bliss. “Ah, they’re already starting to turn red by your toes.”

“See! This is why I don’t do this kind of stuff. It’s weird for me, and I don’t know what to do.” Vernon laughed again.

“What about your friends?”

“Yeah,” someone said as they slid into the chair on your other side. “What about your friends? Especially your friend that you knew since fifth grade?” You leaned your head back and rested it on Mingyu’s shoulder, which you marveled at being able to reach even while the both of you were sitting. He motioned Vernon to let go of your feet and moved you so that your feet were now over his lap instead of asking. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Vernon nod.

“I forgot, Eunwoo left something at my house when she was watching Sofia. I have to give it back to her.”

“I can go,” you offered. “I know where she most likely is and it won’t be as awkward.”

Vernon shook his head and said he was fine before leaving. Shrugging, you relaxed against Mingyu. “Why do you not want to stay with me?” You could just hear the pout now.

“I do, Mingyu, I do.” You did, and you didn’t want to be around Mingyu right now. Especially when he’s dressed up so nicely and his tuxedo top accentuates his broad shoulders and his arms and his chest and- oh golly, you’ve turned to look at him and now you’re staring. “I, uh, just wanted to help?”

“Uh-huh,” Mingyu said and then smiled at you. You cleared your throat and tore your gaze away from him and tried to locate your friends on the dance floor as a distraction. Thank goodness the theme this year made it so that the lights were dimmed, or else your red cheeks would contrast with everything else on your face. “You look great.”

“I do?” You asked aloud. He nodded and tried not to eye you over a little too much, trying to hold himself back as much as he could.

“Yeah. Great, stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, dazzling, you name it. I couldn’t believe it was you when I saw you.”

“So you’re saying I look anything but the words you listed when I’m not dressed up.”

Mingyu sputtered and flailed his arms around, nearly whacking someone passing by with his lanky arm. “No! No. That’s not what I meant, not at all.” You would have laughed and teased Mingyu like any other moment, but the serious look in Mingyu’s eyes made you prevent from doing so. “I’m being completely honest here. You look great.” With that said, Mingyu looked away with flushing cheeks. He cleared his throat this time with a fist, and only then did you realize that one of his arms had rested itself around your shoulders in a somewhat comforting and protective gesture.

“So… where’s your date?”

“My what?” Mingyu rapidly turned his head towards you and blinked quickly.

“Your date. You know, the person you said you’d show me if I actually came to prom?” Mingyu awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck.

“Well, I guess it’s, uh, you?” It was your turn to start blinking in response.

“Is that a question… or?”

“It’s a statement, I think.” The two of you were so awkward that you swear you could hear groans of the girls who decided to stay at your house for the night. “I mean, if you want to be my date.”

You smiled teasingly. “Shouldn’t you have asked me out before prom?”

Mingyu sputtered again and accepted defeat, sighing and hanging his head. “Yeah… I was really nervous when I asked Nayoung for help and then the other girls suggested that I be forward and just ask, but it didn’t come out right.”

“Wait, so when you were supposedly asking out Nayoung, you were really asking her for help on asking me?” Mingyu went visibly red and it wasn’t hard to see this time. He nodded shyly and refused to meet your eyes.

“I wanted to ask as an… intimate partner. You know… because I like you.” Wherever you gained this confidence from, it certainly didn’t leave you at all that night.

“So, do you like me or do you like like me?”

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Does Lucifer and Chloe even have anything in common? Wouldn't it make sense that he dates someone like Maze or Ella who are similar to him.

Honestly the only thing they have in common is that they’re both assholes to each other.

No, but in all seriousness they’re both Type A personalities and they share a similar sense of dry humor.

I would agree that Lucifer and Chloe are an odd pairing, though. You’re right, Maze would suit Lucifer better just as someone who’s not Lucifer would suit Chloe better.

But I think Lucifer and Chloe don’t want “similar”. They’ve had similar before, Maze and Dan, and it got boring for them. Perhaps the best trait they share is their love of a good challenge. And that “good challenge” comes in the form of each other. 

They are different in just so a way that their very beings push the other’s buttons. Lucifer is immature where Chloe’s mature. He’s seething rage and she’s quiet fury. He’s party out and she’s a night in. 

 And that makes them perfect for each other.

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What is one of your biggest pet peeves? And is there something Yuuri does that annoys you? Had he told you there's something you do that annoys him?

“We both have our quirks. Honestly, though, even with all of Yuuri’s quirks, I find myself loving them instead of really getting annoyed by them. I think the only thing that irks me sometimes is our drastically different sleeping schedules. He’s a night owl, I’m a morning bird. So, you can only imagine how that usually plays out.” 

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Lorythas and Darius (dragoonhawk) are otp? whos the dominant one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh yes! They are actually otps in one forum rpg and in one of our AU too, and we just decided to bring it in ffxiv too because why not. We love these characters and it’s pleasure to see them together here also .u.

They are both dominant ones, but I still feel like Lory is the most dominant here. He’s the one who usually enjoys both roles though, but wants to be the one also who controls that situation. He’s just alpha af, you don’t tame this dragon easily~

So if he accepts to be bottom, he surely wants to ride or somehow else pleasure his companions as he wants. But Lory does not do this with everyone and right after the first dates no noooo. He likes to know his mates better and trust them before he actually would even think anything too wild. And if that’s not their thing, he can be very gentle lover too.

He can be very rough and animalistic top if his fire burns too bright my dear anon, you don’t go in that bed if you don’t wish to end up half-dead. He surely will bite ;)

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I love my Russian darlings Sasha and Katya. (Even though Katya isn't actually Russian) I relay to both of them because Katya's struggles with anxiety are similar to mine and I LOVE LGBT history like Sasha does. Their drag styles couldn't be any different, but I love both in different ways. If that makes sense. Anyway yeah I love them both 😊

omg i feel you 100% on this, they’re def my top 2 all time faves i think 💞 i hope they do more shows together or collaborate on something in russian together, that would be so cool!!

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Hey! I'm bi and have been coming out to people slowly. I just wanted to say that you're awesome!

Congratulations on coming out! Coming out doesn’t need to be one big things, sometimes it’s a lot of smaller coming outs that build up, they’re both good ways! ^^
Thank you for the compliment, it means a lot! Though I don’t think I deserve it.
With love,

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Yeah! Bless you for more than 3 chapters of Be My Sex Coach. Of course there is more to this (and maybe love hotels will be involved??). The shenanigans these boys could get into...well its an extensive list I'm sure. Cannot wait to read ALL of it. Thank you!!!!

I don’t think Detroit has love hotels…. But then again, the GPF this year is in Japan. IDK how one would go about inviting their sex coach to that though, ahahhaa

Lots more shenanigans to come, now that Yuuri and Victor are both a bit more on the same page! ♡

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I'm having trouble figuring out whether or not I should write my new story idea as a screenplay or a novel- and I have no experience with either. I know that each of the previously mentioned has its own strengths and weaknesses, but if you could expand a little to tell me about the specific strengths/weaknesses of each, that would be lovely. I'm really struggling. Sorry if it was confusing!

I’m guessing that even though you’ve never written a novel, you probably still have more experience with fiction than screenwriting, because of what you’ve read. Screenwriting is very technical, and for big project I’d actually recommend you go novel first. Your story can be both eventually, but it my opinion it’s easier to take a story from novel to screenplay, than screenplay to novel. The reason being that a novel is a lot more work than a screenplay. If you do the novel first, all you have to do is cut and reformat. And of course, probably some rearranging and recreating of scenes to make them work with screen. To go from screenplay to novel? You basically have to double or triple the content of your story, if not more. It’ll be an uphill battle. 

If you don’t want it to be both, I’d view the strengths and weaknesses as the following:

Novel Pros:

  • room for internal development, emotion, voice, etc, whereas in screen you can only show what’s visual
  • can include more content and much more story
  • you have total control, only you make this story
  • it’s much easier to get a novel published than a screenplay made, if this is important to you
  • more freedom in terms of structure

Novel Cons:

  • it takes a lot longer to write and edit than a screenplay
  • in my opinion, it’s more difficult to write fiction than screenplay but this is personal opinion, and I wouldn’t let what’s harder/easier make the choice for you
  • don’t get the coolness of movie magic?

Screenplay Pros:

  • quicker to write
  • you don’t need to slave over the prose
  • cinema structure is more rigidly followed so for a new writer you’d have pretty set guidelines in terms of plot which could be helpful
  • it’s a collaborative project (this could be a con too)

Screenplay cons:

  • harder to get a movie produced than a novel published
  • if your movie does get produced, it likely will be changed a lot from your vision as it will go through directors, actors, cinematographers, etc. They say a script is written three times: when the screenwriter writes it, when it’s shot, and when it’s cut. You have much less control over your story.
  • you would have to learn screen format and structure

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Ayy, so kinda out of context with the rest of your blog but, tumblr is my last resort right now as my friends are not being helpful... There is a con coming up this weekend and I have no idea what to do for the Saturday. I know Sunday I'm doing a young Bellatrix, but I'm torn between Sailor Uranus, Roy Mustang and Belle for the Sunday... HELP...

((OOC: It totally depends on what you’re going for! I love doing things out of the box that other people wouldn’t think to do. I’ve never been huge into Anime, so Sailor Uranus and Roy Mustang aren’t characters I’m familiar with, but I imagine both would be recognizable, and probably less done. You’ll probably see a few other Belle’s though. So. Sorry for not really giving a definite answer, but those are my thoughts 💙))

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I was just reading some questions you responded to, and something was brought up that I want to know more about. In terms of Carl's hair, what season do you think it looks best in? Personally, I love the prison length up until season 7. I will admit it's getting kinda long though. Love your work!

I HATE HIS LONG HAIR…He needs to get it cut at this point he’s missing out on both of his blind spots it’s ridiculous…so S4 was ok and thanks!

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Much appreciate an interpretation of all you HYH ladies re this question: In 6.11 C tells Q "You have changed, we both know it." and Astrid too told Quinn something similar at the cabin (i don't remember it verbatim, do you?). Even though both statements are much the same they felt very different when spoken by C & A but I can't figure out why I feel that way. What is your interpretation of that statement & why & how is C's different from A's and vice versa? Thank you!

Thank you! My take…

Astrid is an old soul. She understands that her love for Quinn is limited by his inability to reciprocate. She is wise.

Carrie is a young soul… in so many ways. Her power over Quinn scares her. She refuses to meet him emotionally because to do so would require confronting herself. Think narcissism – she cannot get out of her own skin. She does what she should do for him (not kill him, visit him in the hospital, take him into her home) and that’s some kind of progress. But connecting with Quinn is just too intimate. Arguably, they do connect at the doorway with the “let me go” scene. But that’s easy. It releases her.

another analogy for sexuality that no one asked for
  • homo/hetero: I only like coffee OR tea. Just the one, the other one is cool but it's just not for me
  • heteroflexible: I strongly prefer tea, but sometimes I'm thirsty and they only have coffee.
  • bi: I like them both, doesn't really matter what form they come in. You could mix them and it'd be fine, honestly.
  • pan: It really doesn't matter what the drink is as long as it's hot and comforting.
  • demi: It has to be just the right temperature and the right amount of sugar and cream, but yeah I'll drink it.
  • ace: I love the smell of coffee and tea, but I don't really like the taste. It's nice to have some around though.
  • aro: I don't drink anything. Like ever.
  • poly: I have so many half drunken mugs in my room right now
Grasping the Obvious

Bucky Barnes was in love, and it seems that everyone figured it out but you. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, tiny segment of angst. 
Author’s Note: Don’t you love fluff? I do. After writing angst for three days straight I could use a little fluff. Enjoy! This is 3000 words long! 

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“We have an exam tomorrow, but I need you to hear this new song I wrote for you”


You need to be more self aware. I’m surprised you think you can choose your own image. From the audience’s perspective, you’re just a piglet and a kitten.

Bygones of the Sun | 04 (M)

Originally posted by hobismole

Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 4.8k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02 | 03 | 04

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