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Are The Girls Here?

Author: Juju

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Reader

Warnings: fluff…so much fluff, also sorry for any typos or mistakes. If you find any, drop by my inbox and tell me please?

Word Count: 3.1k …sorry?

Summary: At one of Shawn’s Q&A’s, the fans seem to be more interested in you and Aaliyah than they are Shawn.

A/N: There was a Shawn imagine where it was similar but it didn’t include Aaliyah or the same questions. I asked the writer of that fic ( @1-800-sassy-mendes)  if she was ok with it and she was! Hope you understand! Xx


“y/n? y/n wake up, Shawn’s doing the q&a and you said you were gonna come with me.” Aaliyah said as she shook you awake. 

“I’m up! I’m up. What’s-what’s Shawn doing?” You mumbled as you slowly rose from the couch. 

“The q&a! Come on! It just started!” She whined.

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Day6: dating Jae would include


▪ honestly, if you’re the type to take everything seriously, this sunshine will change your view of life 

▪ always preaching about taking life easy and not over worrying about anything

 ▪ funny thing for him to say bc he’s always internally freaking out every time you smile or even glance towards him 

▪ you and Wonpil constantly teasing him and Brian over their bromance

▪ constantly tweeting some shady shit about you, but making it hella vague so you never know if it’s about you or Wonpil

 ▪ did I mention you and Wonpil are partners in crime when it comes to picking on him?

▪ prank wars are always on between you and Wonpil against jae and his other bf

▪ with Sungjin and Dowoon (not so) silently judging you all

▪ he can’t believe he picked a prankster as a gf, he can never catch a break

▪ sometimes, tho, you’re both really sweet to each other 

▪ not very good with expressing his feelings at first, but he just feels so strongly about you-

▪ so one day all the feelings that were bottled up came out like word vomit 

▪ all you could get out of the confession was “I love you sm ok like I literally never knew how much I needed a person until I met you, bruh, like I’m so in love with your face and everything-”

▪ that was all it took for you to tackle him and kiss the life out of him, RIP jae

▪ back hugs are a must. Will actually make up excuses just to hug you from behind “I saw some lint on your sweater” “ You just looked really cold" 

▪ you always having to initiate kisses, he’s actually very shy when showing some intimacy 

▪ loves playing with your fingers and your hair, especially when you’re telling him about your day and just chilling. He’s sitting there with a stupid grin, listening to your every word 

▪ so so so supportive of everything you do and stand for

▪ your personal cheerleader. Feeling sad? Cheesy memes coming up. Feeling exhausted? Jae’s there in .0002 seconds. Feeling hungry? Jae’s already at your place with chicken wings and soda

 ▪ actually very deep and will talk to you about everything going on in his beautiful mind

▪ not a casual cuddler, but you quickly convinced him otherwise

▪ pls never ever let this chicken nugget go, I promise he’ll treat you like a princess 💖

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Why do you hate Jackei so much? You both are undertale animators so I don't see any issues


I’m assuming you’ve only following me recently.

I freaking love jakei, she knows that

We usually just go and full roast each other for fun and lolz

so I call her a fgt, she calls me a cringe queen, all in cool terms.

So you’re right, there is no issues. It’s all just for fun.

Unless someone gets in the middle and gets all triggered by me or jakei for using the word faggot or retard, even tho it’s in jokingly manner, between us, as a joke, but hey, I usually have a great time with jakei on skype and we chat pretty often so no worries and it’s a great stress relief!

@jakei95 <3

(If any of you feel like shame me again for my use of words, do it on Monday 28, I’m busy at the moment animating my ass off and I might pay attention at your snowflake complaints that day, or not, probably not)

🐯 Dating Michael Harrison would include 🐯

▪ he’s the typical tough boy on the outside and inside all soft like A FUCKING MARSHMALLOW


▪ (you just looooove to tease the other customers with bad music)

▫ sharing a milkskake with michael is a nice bonus, tho

▪ L A U G H T E R

▫ so much, about everything

▪ acting like complete morons when you’re together

▫ let’s be honest, you both don’t give a shit


▫ and he loves it dearly


▫ k i s s i n g

▪ he’s not that big on PDA but, boy, kissing is alright

▫ H U G S

▪ (in the morning when you’re both a bit sleepy and you were separted for far too long, or during a break when one of you chats with someone else)

▫ neither of you is extremely clingy, but YOU MAKE SURE TO SPEND EXTRA TIME TOGETHER ‘CAUSE WHY NOT??

▪ picking you up before school with his motorcycle

▫ your dad wasn’t too happy about it at first, but damn, michael can be extremely charming when he wants to

▪ (you wrap your arms a bit tighter than necessary around his waist, tho)



▫ michael would watch you during class, because he just can’t believe how lucky he got when you waltzed into the school


▫ (lol, you can’t convince me otherwise)

▪ he teaches you how to skate, obvi


▪ “Did it hurt?” - “Let me guess, when I fell from heaven?” - “When you fell for me.” (Bad pick up lines, while laughing too much)

▫ you both just love to celebrate your awesomeness


▫ he’s so cocky and confident

▪ (he tones it down a bit when you’re around)


▪ he said so himself

▫ hanging out at home when you’re both extremely lazy

▪ (your dad loves to chat with michael when he’s home)

▫ that’s when your dad shows Michael embarrassing childhood pics

▪ “DAD! Stop it please! You’re embarrassing me before my OWN BOYFRIEND!”

▫ your dad will not stop

▪ and michael will never let you hear the end of it


▪ bringing you to all his little hideouts


▪ (he insists on sharing headphones)

▫ which is just an excuse to be close to you, tho

▪ leaving school early to go to the diner & share spaghetti

▫ pranking your classmates and teachers


▫ daring eachother to do dumb shit, and laughing your asses off afterwards

▪ you are michaels biggest fan ⏩ cheering him on the loudest, running on the field after a victory to give him a kiss, wearing his Jersey whenever you can

▫ he in return loves to watch you perform your routine or hear you play the saxophone



▪ m o r e k i s s i n g

Okay honestly though Lukas is such a good character, and he’s really relatable, or at least for me.

A lot of people think he’s just really calm for no reason but like his entire life he’s constantly made fun of for his social standing, which if you haven’t caught on is a big theme in echoes, but Lukas shows it in a much different way. Not only is he made fun of by other nobles, being called a “back water noble” but also his brother who literally sent him to war to benefit himself, and didn’t care what happened to Lukas as it let him have a win win either way (if desaix won he could claim it was Lukas who joined, and if the deliverance won he could claim he supported them).

And yet through all of this he takes it all, in the dlc you learn before the event he pretty much destroyed a fellow noble who tried to fight him, and because of it, half the deliverance upped and left because of Lukas, and its effects clearly show as he tries to hide his feelings more and more, only snapping in a tone of voice for a second, foes and allies alike, before realising he’s ‘out of place’ and hes afraid of causing a commotion.

Not only that, but Lukas also doubts his future social life, that being his love life. Part of this stems from his emotions. Lukas rarely feels emotion, potentially due to his older brother trying to repress him out of fear of being outshine. He honestly dosen’t know what his emotions are, or at least the ones more complex than joy and sorrow. When python asks about his “ladyfriend” He admits they were courted but even though he had to leave, he felt nothing? he didn’t feel sad to leave her and worries if he actually loves her or not, which *spoilers* he never returns to her. But he worries because everyone acts differently about these things, how like Mathilda and Clive have a “fire” in their relationship. Python advises however to just go with the flow and to stop worrying. And if anyone ever calls him broken to fight back and show em what your really are but also that love isint for everyone and you never know if/when it will happen.

When Clive called him ‘cold overseer’ not only does he takes this as Clive claiming he’s broken but also as he has one job, which Clive then remarks *”its what he does best, and its natural that everyone view things differently” and Lukas accepts this, that despite him not feeling like how he expects people to react that its him, he can’t change it, but theres also nothing wrong with it.

At the end of the day in both supports Lukas Accepts who he is, and more so with Pythons, you see the other two trying to support him, where as normally Lukas takes care of everyone. Its almost like he doesn’t know what his feelings are because he’s never been given support in order to feel them.

As someone who faces both these issues everyday its refreshing to see them dealt in a more calm way, rather than someone just lashing out. It to me is a more realistic approach and a better one at that.

Honestly tho I love Lukas so much I think he’s one of the best written characters in the game, and it helps that Greg chun does a great job at being his VA.

Boyfriend! Yoongi
External image

How You Two Met

-probably while walking through the park, or in a flower garden; anywhere you can hear your own thoughts

-you were just chilling and had nothing better to do but admire the scenery of mid-autumn

-and like from a movie, yoongi emerges from the falling leaves

-you stare at him

-and he stares back

-the two of you stare at each other

-and stare at each other

-and stare at each other

-tick tock

-nobody actually goes there except for you two weirdos

-to break the tension you give an awkward half-wave and he just nods back

-basically the two of you just go your separate ways and ignore one another


-so it’s becoming an usual routine on bumping  purposely  into the cute boy who always had on red headphones

-and you develop a small crush on him ever since you caught him humming to can’t stop by cnblue they’re your favorite kpop band and fanboys are so FRICKIN rare in the fandom

-he has an excellent music taste marry him

-but whenever you try to initiate a conversation between the two of you about cnblue’s music you chicken out and he just brushes past you

-one day he doesn’t show up at the park

-”maybe he just didn’t want to come today” you don’t give it much thought

-the following day he doesn’t show up either

“Something probably came up”

-and the next day after that

-yoongi’s been missing for a week


-he still doesn’t show up for a great deal of time

-so you’re roaming around the area by yourself everyday (with the occasional creepy old man that does morning walks) and you regret never catching his name nor his phone number because what a cutie you’ll never get that chance again

-you guys meet again three months later coincidentally on the street

-and you’re staring at the black-haired boy in S H O C K

-god has given you a second chance to prove yourself

-growing increasingly bold, you step up and look him straight in the eye, sticking out your hand

-”hey, i’m y/n… that girl from the park you used to go to??”

-”oh hi, yes, from the park? i’m yoongi. Min yoongi. Nice to meet you”


-unfortunately, you couldn’t even look at him properly to speak since the two of you were shoved around by the crowd from blocking the sidewalk

-yoongi, unfazed by the pushing, tucks his hands into his hoodie pocket

- ”we shouldn’t stand here; there’s people trying to pass by. Do you have something to tell me?”


-”y-yes i do! Would you care for an americano?”

-it’s three in the afternoon who drinks americano at late noon honestly

-but surprisingly he agrees??

-what a weirdo

-the waiter sets down your drinks at the cafe; the aroma of coffee is the BEST

-lost in each other’s words, you guys chat about music, music, and more music

-HE’S ONE OF CNBLUE’S TOP FANS husband material right there

-Yoongi tells you that he’s part of a boy band, called BTS, though they haven’t debuted yet. To your surprise -how? he’s been oozing swag and confidence from day one-, he’s a rapper, not a singer

-after spending almost an hour with him, you fall in love with his taste in music, taste in fashion, and taste in everything in general. How do boys like him still exist??

-obviously you could talk to him for the whole day without running out of anything to converse about, but Yoongi, apologetically tells you he has somewhere to be although he enjoyed chatting with you

-you guys part ways, but not before exchanging numbers

-AND YOU JUST COULDN’T WAIT TO SEE HIM AGAIN so you call him every other two days just to chit-chat about nothing

-he doesn’t decline your offers unless he has to go to work and even then he promises to make up for the missed ‘date’

-what a respectful cutie 

The Confession

-you guys spend most of your time together, and he eventually he looks forward to your incoming calls

-”y/n? Yeah i didn’t leave the house yet i’ll take a few minutes to get there” and he gets out of the bed so quickly jin would’ve thought the house was on fire to get him to move like that

-and one day…

-you confess accidentally over the phone; jokingly saying “i love you” to him after he does a favor for you

-cue the awkwardness in the call i’m shocked you didn’t hang up

-”oh you do? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

-”yoongi what that was a-”

-”no i’m serious, don’t you like me?”


-”… you do don’t you”

-”it’s not like you’ll be my boyfriend anyways idiot”

-”i’ll be your boyfriend”



-”w HAT”

-”i said i’ll be your-”

-”i swear to god if you’re playing a prank on me i will personally march over to your studio and beat the living daylights out of you”

-”( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i always knew you liked me why didn’t you confess earlier”


-”when’s the date beautiful”

-and that’s how the confession went in very simple words


-definitely no pda between you or him

-like he would hold your hands once or twice in public but that’s it

-he must be the one to initiate snuggling, or else he gets annoyed/uncomfortable

-busy most of the time with comebacks and writing new songs especially with BTS’s thriving popularity… you would get extremely worried if he sleeps at the studio and forgets to call you to tell you he’s coming home late because he’s pulled that multiple times already -not on purpose tho he would never want to worry you like that-

-so many reminders from you to him to eat/breathe a little

-contrary to what yoongi usually acts like, he’s very, very hardworking when it comes to his passions. The only breaks he take is when he sleeps and when he uses the toilet you’re so proud of him for being so dedicated to his career

-he’s committed to his idol duties even his s/o can’t convince him otherwise

-you thank the LORD FOR SLOW ALBUM SALES because you two never spend time together as a couple anymore

-one positive thing after the hectic schedules he has as an idol however is that CUDDLING. POSSIBILITIES. ARE. STRONGER. THAN. EVER.

-yoongi always buries his face in your neck whenever he hugs you from the back -it sends butterflies down to your stomach hE NEEDS TO STOP BREATHING ON YOUR COLLARBONE- and acknowledges the new shampoo/conditioner/body lotion/perfume you’re using -you don’t have to ask him if he notices your new haircut he notices even if he doesn’t say anything trust me-

-absolutely adorable in his sleep?? How can such an evil person look like an angel when sleeping that’s your question

-insults come on a daily basis -they’re lighthearted yoongi wouldn’t actually hurt you with his words-

-although he ruthlessly gives opinions, you always know he loves you

-take his kisses for example

-i see him as a person who likes to give their s/o lazy pecks on their forehead, cheek or lips~ it’s sweet and intimate, and it doesn’t require him to put much effort into it

-however, this does NOT mean he’s a bad kisser!! Once in he’s in the mood, he’ll bruise your lips to the point where they become so swollen that you’re having trouble communicating with other humans

-you two will be a spontaneous couple; planned dates aren’t really his thing. That’s not necessarily a bad thing tho! It’ll make you both treasure memories more

-the first date would be to the arcade or maybe somewhere not exactly quiet, but where you guys can really feel connected as a couple and discuss deep topics about life -and music-

-once bts’s popularity expands internationally and domestically, yoongi starts being burdened about how fans would take your relationship with him

-”will they react kindly to y/n?? Will saesangs target her? Should i even reveal our level of intimacy or insist we’re friends??”

-just know that he’ll protect you at all costs

-and you couldn’t wish for a better boyfriend

Seventeen When You Get Sick

I hope this pleases you love 💕it took me like an hour and now my heart hurts bc of how much I love these 13 boys :’)

S. Coups:

I feel like coups would want to be by your side 24/7. You make him soft, and when he sees you being pouty because of your cold his instinct is to take care of you. Lots of cuddles too. You could be sitting on the couch, sniffling, and he’d grab a blanket and wrap the both of you up. And as you fall asleep he’d kiss your head askdhaja


This cat trapped inside a human would say some shit like “sleep on it” And you pout bc gdi jeonghan I have a sore throat it won’t go away with sleep. But really he cares so he hits up Mingyu and cooks you a soup to help your throat. You get all smiley and while you’re sipping that soup you tease him. He just rolls his eyes playfully and after you’re done he pulls you into him and y'all just cuddle like the cuties you are.


He’d smile cutely when you told him you weren’t feeling well. Didn’t really know what to do so he lead you back to your room and had you lay down. Minutes later he comes back bear hugging all the junk food he could find around the house. “Josh are you sure this is healthy-” “just let it happen Y/N.” You two feed each other the snacks while cuddling. You accidentally dropped a bag of sour patch kids and all the sugar got in the bed and instead of fretting he just grabbed your face and gave you a soft kiss. Man Joshua loves you I hope you love him just as much.


This puppy would do whatever it took to help you ok don’t even try to deny it. As soon as you said your stomach was cramping he had you go back to bed with even more blankets wrapped around you. “Don’t worry babe I’ll make you feel better.” He sends you a cute smile and goes off to get you a heat pack. If there wasn’t one lying around then he’d just buy one and break all the driving rules bc he doesn’t want you hurting for too long. He’d give you the heat pack and try to cook you your favorite dish. You’d eat breakfast in bed like a queen bc to him you’re his queen. You’d be wrapped in his arms and as you drift to sleep he whispers “my good looks were the real reason you feel better.” You would slap him jokingly while he whines bc he thinks he was right.


This lil cutie would cling onto you the whole day. He would call Mingyu just so that he didn’t have to leave your side to cook you something. Lots of stolen kisses. “Soonyoung I need to go to the-” *kisses you* You lowkey love it tho. Once Mingyu is done cooking for you Soonyoung fights with you bc he wants to feed you. “I CAN DO IT” “BUT YOU’RE SICK YOU ALREADY HAVE TO GO THROUGH SO MUCH.” Yeah he ends up feeding it to you. When you’re tired he’ll grab a bunch of blankets and pillows and builds you a fort to sleep in. Overall, Hoshi is boyfriend goals whoever snatches this boy is lucky.


Coincidentally, you’re both sick. It’s really cute tho. The two of you would cough at the same time and you’d give each other these funny looks. He’s honestly the type to read to you with music playing softly in the background. Gets mad when you start hyping up and forgetting that he’s reading to you. You want to go out and eat and he debates with you but eventually you win bc you’re too cute to him. Makes sure to bundle you both up though. When y'all get home you bet your ass it’s cuddle time. You two lay in bed, sharing a blanket with books out. You’re too comfortable to grab your phone to listen to your playlist so you share earbuds. It’s cute. You end up falling asleep on his shoulder and he gets all soft and decides to sleep too. Accidentally coughs on your face. You don’t wake up though so he keeps it a secret with himself. I love wonu snjsjsshaa


Despite not knowing what to do he tries to help as much as he can. I bet you if he was in his studio he would stop what he’s doing and go to make you feel better. When it comes to you he can get really soft. Holds you so carefully while spooning as if he’s afraid he’ll hurt you. You say that you’re craving a bag of chips and he gets up and goes searching for some. If he can’t find anything he’ll just give you the next best thing. You pout about it and Jihoon can’t help but think about how kissable your lips look. So to stop your whining he just holds your chin and presses his lips to yours. If the other members ever saw him like this- he’d go from soft to angry in 0.002 seconds. And bc you’re sick he’s even more affectionate towards you. He’d grab your hand and just kiss it bc “your hands are pretty.” Sometimes you question if the Jihoon before you is the actual Jihoon. But he’s just caring for his baby. He will occasionally complain about how picky you are when sick tho lmao.


MOVE OKAY THIS SWEETHEART IS GOING TO BE CARING AF. You text him saying “I can’t speak bc i have strep throat” Seokmin sends you a pout and hands you a water bottle. “Drink more water.” You’re not thirsty but you drink it since he’ll most likely force you to anyways. Always asking you if you need anything and if you shake your head he asks you if you’re sure. Makes you eat soft foods so that your throat doesn’t irritate anymore. You’re reaching for some popcorn? He’ll snatch it and put it all the way up the shelf so you can’t reach it. At least you still have ice cream. You two binge watch your favorite shows and you beg him for a bag of chips and he feels bad so he lets you eat it. His head would be resting on your shoulder and his arms would be hugging your waist. As the night ends you grow tired and your eyes begin to shut. “Thank you Seok-” “You can’t speak, Y/N, or you won’t get better.” You smile at how caring he was and drift off.


He was up and cooking breakfast for you two when you hug him from behind and pout about your stuffy nose. He was currently busy so he just pecked you softly. While something was baking he’d take out some medicine and make you take it. “I know it’s not good but it helps.” Goes back to cooking bc he doesn’t want anything to burn lol. Okay but why do I see him blowing your nose for you. Gyu is quick to grab you anything you need. Extra pillow? You got it. Craving ice cream? Already on it. Need a new tissue box? He’s back in 2 seconds. If it’s raining you two would usually go out and fool around but this time he doesn’t for your well being. There were times where your pouting almost convinced him but he fought his soft spot for you. You’d watch a drama with him on the couch, you on his lap with a hoodie of his on. You were fine but he just threw his hoodie at you like “wear it.” He hands you the box of tissues when you ask. “Tissue.” *grabs box so fast his arm pops* Didn’t want you getting up every minute so he set the trash can near you. What a cutie omg I love this tall boy so much :((


I see Minghao as the one to be like “doNT SNEEZE ON ME YOU BACTERIA INFESTED RAT” When you pout at the name though he’d say he’s sorry and that he loves you. But legit it’s like you’re some monster bc he won’t even let you cuddle him. Only slight hugs. Let’s you kiss him tho. But not too much. But lowkey wants to kiss you forever, but then again he doesn’t want to get sick. Besides that he doesn’t know what to do so he just stays by your side. “Hao could you get the tea right there?” “the what” “how do you not know what tea is.” “IM PANICKING OKAY” Isn’t a cook so he just warms up those soup cans. You’re disgusted but accept it anyways because that’s your boo and he’s trying. Kisses the top of your head and asks if you’re feeling well. When you fall asleep on him he smile and cuddles you back. He wakes up the next morning and he’s sick and he blames you but doesn’t really care bc at least someone he loves infected him. Love this boy pls


I feel like Kwannie here would be a bit bipolar. He’d say to stay away from him but when you do he’s like “wait no come over here and love me.” The type to feed everything to you. Even if it’s just something as simple as a cracker. It’s cute until you sneeze and he says something about your germs. This boy doesn’t want to get sick because it’ll upset fans so he restricts kisses. Unless it’s on the cheek. You two eat a bunch of sugary goods while watching movies. Y'all fall asleep with Netflix still playing and wrappers everywhere. You’re far apart but his hand is intertwine with yours and it’s cute :’).


Baby Hansol would worry for you. “Does it hurt a lot? Do you want some water or something?” Would totally rub your stomach with his warm hands if the cramps really hurt. Has you close by him at all times. If you take a nap he takes pictures of you the whole time because you look cute all cuddled up in the blankets. Posts 2 pictures out of the whole gallery. Hansol would try to cook you something you like and it wouldn’t come out perfect but you appreciate the effort and still eat it. Blushes at the praise you give him for it. He’d be extra and carry you around everywhere. “Sol just put me down-” “You’re my princess y/n your feet can’t touch the floor.” Kisses you a lot more than usual because of your pouts. If you make a whiny voice he squeals on the inside but squishes your cheeks. When y'all go to bed he hugs you from inside your shirt to soothe you. He falls asleep with this big dorky smile on his face shejwkjssh he makes me soft


Poor baby wouldn’t know what to do. Asks if there’s anything you need multiple times. Hugs you to make you feel better. You find it cute and giggle at how caring he was being. Chan would cling onto you like a koala. Kisses you and asks if you’re fine. I can see him calling the other members and asking what to do when someone was sick. He’d forget though because of how much thoughts about you were in his head. When he’d apologize about not being the best at taking care of you you’d just hug him tightly and kiss his face all over, reassuring him that he’s doing his best. Cuddled up in his hold, you’d ask him to sing for you and he would. Smiling, you go into a deep slumber against him. He’d smile and kiss your head goodnight.

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hiii! was just wondering if you had any fanboy!taehyung with any ship really :) btw i love your account tae is just too adorable with everyone hehe

Hello!! thank you, i’m so glad you like my blog <3 I love fanboy tae so much so here most of the fanfic i could find!! if anyone knows more please let me know~

Starstruck by5sosninja (Taekook, G, complete, 400 words. Tae runs into his celeb crush jk. says it’s complete but feels incomplete?)

The Composition Notebook bymintaehyung (Taegi,G, incomplete, Taegi 16k, 5 chapters so far, fluff and angst. Yoongi is an idol and tae is a fan. Yoongi finds tae’s notebook in a coffee shop asdfghjkl at one point tae writes about yoongi’s dick i died >.<) 

you’re just my type bychaechae (Taegi, T, incomplete, 1k, 2 chapters so far, fluff, humour, texting fic. Tae accidentally texts idol yoongi thinking he’s texting jimin. very cute and i’m a sucker for texting fics~)

Of Karaoke Machines, Unplanned “Concerts” and The so-called “King Of Music”  byPmjkimjeon (Taekook, T, Complete, 2k, Tae sings at a karaoke bar and idol jk hears him and they hit it off)

That Guy byBPL1414 (Taekook, Taejin, not rated, complete, 1k, jin and jungkook are in a band and tae is a fan, jk plays guitar and sings, jin plays the drums isn’t that just everything you’ve ever wanted? although i wish it was longer)

You’re my forever boy byLolistar92 (Taekook, E, incomplete 5 out of 7 chapters, 21k.smut, read the tags! Idol jk, fan boy tae, a/b/o soulamtes au, platonic taegi, omega tae, alpha jk) 

Crashing Into You(r DMs) byredgrapetae (Taekook side: yoonmin and namjin and platonic vmin, M, complete, 21k, fluff, angst Idol jungkook starts at tae’s new school after tae sent him cheesy pick up lines on insta~) 

Learning To Love by RainyDays26 ( Taekook side: yoonmin and namjin and platonic vmin, M, incomplete, 25 chapters so far (hasn’t updated in almost a year), 60k, smut, angst, fluff, older jungkook. Idol jk is an asshole to his fan tae)

Lucky Mistake bytaekook_my_hearteu (Taekook, not rated, incomplete, 7 chaps so far, 7k, tae is a fan who accidentally messages idol jungkook thinking it’s his rp partner) 

Fallen for the perfect you (even though you’re crazy) by haygrand (Taekook, M, completed, on asianfanfics, fluff, slight crack, tae is a fan and idol jungkook is his boyfriend and they’re cute together~)

mutuals; or, how to be a Super Secret Fanboy by jonghyunslisterine (Vmin (not tagged tho and it’s pretty platonic but still super cute~), T, complete, 4k, the first part of a series so check the sequels out too!! college au, tumblr au, both jimin and tae are big bang fanboys and they find each other on tumblr and asdfghjkl i love this one so much, it’s one of my faves~) 

#IShipYouAndMe by alaniarcano (Vhope, T, complete, 8k, social media au, youtuber au, fluff, hoseok is a youtuber and tae likes him and they start following each other on insta~)

You hit me head on (got me weak in my knees) by Fourthfireshadow (Taekook side: yoonmin and namjin, G, incomplete, 5 chapters so far, 24k, fluff, angst, platonic vmin, youtubers au, vmin are youtubers and bts fanboys and everyone else is in bts)

Cypher PT.5: Seducer bymintaehyung (Taegi, G, complete, 1.5k, fluff, tae is in bts but he’s a yoongi fanboy)

Yo Boy (You’re my Mr. Right) by nutaella (Taekook, side yoonmin, platonic vmin, G, complete, 4k, fluff and humour, vmin are bts fanboys and they attend a fansign) 

Crosswind bypaperhearts (Taegi with side namjin, T, incomplete, 11 out of 16 chapters, 26k, fluff, mild angst, slow burn, coffee shop au, rap line are famous and maknae line plus jin work in a cafe.)

Perfection byJeojahyungnim (Taekook, side namjin, yoonmin and yoonseok, M, complete, 51k, fluff, smut, tae is a youtuber and huge bts fanboy who gets to go on tour with them! read the tags!!! rape/non-con elements, domestic violence, eating disorders and so on so be careful!) 

maybe we found love (right where we are) by wowoashley (Taekook, M, complete, 30k, college au, asdfghj this one is of course iconic, its so great, a must read! so tae is a fan of jungkook who starts attending his uni and is an asshole at first) 

Maybe we can be (each other’s company) by foolishbangtan (Taekook, side jihope, and namyoonjin, E,complete, 57k, smut, angst, jk is an idol and tae runs a fansite for him and oh my lord this one is great too!! there’s a ton of emotional angst but there’s a happy ending and this was one of, if not the first taekook fics i read so it has a special place in my heart <3)

Please leave kudos and comments and let the hard working authors know you appreciate their work!!

Things I need in life

Yuri and Otabek going on friend dates with each other and gushing over their crushes at each other (or at least as close to gushing as these two can get lol).

Like Otabek listening to Yuri enthusiastically talk about Yuuri and then Yuri playfully teasing Otabek because when Otabek talks about JJ he gets all shy.

or if you want angst, they both comfort each other because both of their crushes are engaged :’) 

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Hello Nipuni, i don't know if you answered that already, but have you ever romanced someone else beside Solas? Your heart ached for someone besides him? The cute & smirky Cullen, the grumpy & polite Blackwall or/and the mass of muscle iron bull?

Hello! I must admit that I’ve replayed the game I think three times and in all of them I make the exact same choices only the mods change haha. I’ve seen all the romances tho! I watched both my partner and a friend play the entire game next to me and they romanced Josie and Sera respectively, then I watched the other romances online. 

My favourite one that isn’t Solas is Sera, it may be my elf bias talking but I really love Sera as a character, I just wish the game didn’t force me to be such an ass to her most of the time because I think she makes a lot of sense, shes smart and cute and well meaning and you learn so much more about her when you romance her, but it felt like the game just wanted me to be angry because she wasn’t eloquent enough or something. 

but I found all the romances very cute!! like a respite from war, still none of them hit me even remotely as hard as Solas romance did. Maybe because it was the first, but it was all questions and riddles, moral dilemas, a lot of lessons and problems, I just found it so so interesting!! 

There is this mythical quality to it, I was already in deep before the reveal but then the story suddenly changes the SCALE so dramatically, you fell in love with a god and he loves you back and everything is terrible and I felt like I was so much more, I was thrilled!! I didn’t see that coming and it was the best turn of events ever!! it made me want to solve all the puzzles find all the clues read all the things!! It also has a ton of my favourite tropes in it, you can draw a lot of parallels and it has endless art potential I’m just so invested it’s been years and I’m just as in love with them as I was before if not more!! I…didn’t mean to write this much I have a lot of feelings _(:’>」∠)_

V casually discussing what it would be like to be blinded and all but encouraging Rika to blind him

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Hi. Just wanted to say that I love your blog! IzuOcha is the greatest thing ever! Right now on top of my "bucket list" is having a manga chapter/arc where Uraraka is in trouble against a villain only for Deku to dash in between, eyes ablaze with fury, roaring "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!" Afterwards they'd both be in the hospital, a mood would get going and then they'd confess and kiss... that's the dream... Of course more than likely they won't be canon until the very end but one can dream.

Thank you!!! 

Seriously, I am obsessing over these two so much lately. They are too adorable and happy. It’s funny because my other otps are very angsty and tragic so izuocha is like my blessing to have to balance my shipping life. 

and YES, I love the fluffy headcanon. Ahhh we can only dream it tho lol Personally, I would love to have a scene where one of them is visiting the other in the hospital and is very concerned about the other. 

and something like this wouldnt be too bad to throw in for me…. I am definitely dreaming now

Thank you for the follow and love!!  ♥♥♥

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Jason once saved the trinity from Mongul using his wits (check jaytoddsfacts tumblr)

(I don’t know what may have prompted this anon, but either way I hadn’t read the issue you reference here and it was GOLD. So thank you? Haha ;)

One of my personal pet peeves is when Jason Todd’s character is portrayed as this one-dimensional, chain-smoking, gun-toting lunatic who steals everyone’s costumes, talks with his fists and is only “witty” when he’s throwing out one-liners. We’re too often told and shown that Jason is the “brawn” of the Robins instead of the “brains”… and that is perhaps one of DC’s biggest mistakes with Jason Todd, is how much they downplay his sheer intelligence and intuitiveness. 

Jason Todd is a smart kid. Always has been one. And yes, we are talking about the ballsy kid who called Batman “a big boob.” Throughout the earlier comics, Jason is shown to be diligent in both his training (which included a wide range of studies under Batman) and his school work. He is shown to love learning, to find joy in literature, to be curious, to think outside the box and ask deep, comprehensive questions from a young age. Even after his return to life, Jason embarks on a long period of learning that may have been prompted by his desire for vengeance, but his careful study of languages and a variety of skills shows us that Jason is very intelligent. He is not the “rash” Robin that “got himself killed”. Like anyone else, Jason has his moments of emotional turmoil when he acts before he thinks. But he is not always like this. 

And the issue that anon is referencing is actually a wonderful example of this. In Superman Annual #11, the Trinity is compromised by a villain named Mongul who beats up Wonder Woman and uses an alien spore that attaches itself to Superman, then Batman. (In other words: the Trinity is getting their ass kicked.) If you touch the spore with your bare hands, it will attach itself to your body, instantly paralysing you and feeding you illusions… so Jason has the brilliant idea to use Mongul’s big-ass gloves to pull the thing off Bruce, and then throw it at Mongul himself, thereby defeating him. 

What a smart cookie.

So there you have it folks. Jason Todd is a good, healthy balance of both brains and brawn. 

Other honourable mentions from this issue that made me laugh out loud:

  • In which Jason Todd is me (“EW EW EW EW EW EW….”)
  • ………Broose
  • boi get up and stop being dramatic
  • I need… like, a huge, blown-up print of this to frame please.
  • Make that 100.
  • #broals 
  • (get it? bromance+goals= ….broals? I’m sorry I’ll shut up)
  • That cheek caress tho….

He would be so annoyed. Not at you but because he feels like the universe is playing a trick on him ;;; would think about you for weeks after briefly meeting, hoping that you were thinking of him too

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Not a problem. Joshua exist as a 24/7 translator dictionary english-o-pedia and 3rd wheel. But to be honest he’d want to teach you Korean more than learn English because I have never heard Jeonghan speak more than three seconds of english.

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Bro. Lowkey would love it because the two of you have private conversations and dirty talk. RIP Hansol.

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Would be really sad about it? And afterwards he’d often think about you? And just sigh? and he just needs a hug and to be tol d it’s okay and he’s doing well.

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Naega Hosh can do anything. He is so hard working and tries really hard to make things work out. But you gotta try hard too mate he deserves someone who can match his diligence

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Wouldn’t be too upset? You guys can do minimal communication but u connect w ur harts. Cutie lives by this until he misunderstands “let’s feed the dukcs” at a park as “feed me ducks” and proceeds to buy u duck meat. It was rlly e x p e n s i v e

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Knows basic english anyway. Acts like language barrier is not a problem and when you seem annoyed at the barrier he gives u this “not my problem so annoying” look bc lowkey woozi is a TSUNDERE AND YOU KNOW IT but goes at night oto take english class lmao

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so much positivity so much faith in the relationship. both of you take ages to translate what the other said in your head. lbr tho, it does not last but it was sweet and full of happy moments and it was more like he was your best friend :’)))

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“i love guys” thats it that was your relationship and brief interaction lmao im sorry but not really

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tries his best to communicate with you and like it’s so endearing bc he just WANTS TO TELL YOU THAT YOU LOOK NICE TODAY AND HE LIKES YOUR PERFUME AND WHY IS LIFE SO CRUEL TO MYUNGHO

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also i really want his thrasher hoodie like this boy has fine taste son

I am Boo Seungkwan from Jeju and I can do anything
lmao cue hansols “low quality english” as long as u follow us i will never stop using this joke it’s not dead meme guys it’s only just been born

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Bro 2.0

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also bc CLC’s Hobgoblin is my S HIT OH MAN THEIR TRACK IS ON FIRE

Lee Chan
who’s lee chan??? i know of lee jongchan but he is a liar, a fugy whore don’t trust this bitch. lmao im sorry again sort of. okay but srsly still speaks to you in korean but then realises and tries again in english :’)

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i love fetus svt so much it’s their tru selves

mod kimchi for the second half and mod velvelt for the first :)))

Finn Wolfhard confirmed the other day that, in the movie, Richie’s parents are neglectful to him- his dad is a dentist and his mom is an alcoholic and they both don’t give him the attention he needs so that’s why he jokes all the time and that’s why he’s so loud and obnoxious. Honestly….i love it even tho it technically isn’t canon. We don’t see much of Richies home life so I’m okay with that

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Who are your favourite people on tumblr?

Omg anon where do I start???

@queen-archeron My best friend, my fave, the Brittany to my Santana, an amazing writer who is v pretty and I love her so much 💕

And ofc all my other inner circle gals who I love v v much bc they are all amazing: @aelinarcheroncursebreaker @the-bookish-soul @justasimplereader @faesbeforebaes @iamthebonecarver @fiery-feyre @havilliardandgalathynius

@my-life-is-a-drama-book Maria is an amazing human being who deserves the world ily so much!!!

@illyrianrhys My British friend, and even tho she is wrong about Jaffa cakes, she is still wonderful, and we bonded over talks about shitty English high school and chavs

@tacmc and @throne-of-ashes-and-beauty bc they are both amazing writers like they are my inspirations I am in awe (and completely fangirled when they followed me omg)

And because I don’t want this to be too long here is a list of all the people on tumblr I love and who are amazing (even though literally everyone in this fandom is)

@foxboy-lucien @rowaelinsmut @feysandsmut @tntwme @dorianthekinkymf @readinglikewildfire @highlady-casandra @xmanorianx @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks @cauldron-boilme And so many more!!!

Thank you for the ask!!!


speaking of phichit/yuuri…. it’s honestly such an objectively great ship??? w/ phichit being outgoing and yuuri being more reserved they balance each other so well, less of “opposites attract” and more “we bring out the best in each other”. it’s such a nice and soft ship :’)

and them being in a relationship totally plausible considering the amount of time they’ve spent in detroit… altho the thought of their relationship having an end date breaks my heart even tho they probably ended their relationship on equal mutual terms

as much as i love victuuri, phichit/yuuri is just as good and i can imagine an AU where they both take the figure skating world by storm: phichit changing history by paving the way for figure skating in southeast asia and yuuri breaking past records and being the figure skating power couple …. incredibly competitive but still completely in love with each other :’)

I really do think Dylemma

Is the purest ship of all time. I mean absolutely nothing about is toxic? There was no drama aside from the threat of Norman but other than that between the both of them Dylan made sure she consented to sex, he bought her lung transplant and never once used it to be with her, he didn’t even tell her so she didn’t feel obligated to date him. They respect each other and neither has cheated. But seriously tho I think this ship is prolly the purest ship I’ve seen in like a longggggg time!