i love both of the other so much tho

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We never see evak saying I love you directly :((((( but do you think they said it to each other but it just wasn't filmed???

i dont think it was in the script..not sure if theyve already said it to each other since s3 ended or not tho….it mightve slipped, when isak was trying to rap and he messed it up and they were laughing and even just said “fuck i love you so much” breathless ..and they both froze and were just staring at each other and even smiled hopefully but nervous and scared and isak swallowed hard and blew air out his nose and his heart squeezed in his chest and then he just started smiling and grinning and even was grinning back and they were just sitting there foolishly giggling then isak shyly looked up at even and told him he loved him and even grabbed his face and kissed him and they smiled in the kiss wow anywa y

Sara and Phichit bond over the gay
  • Sara: *whispers* hey do you have the stuff?
  • Phichit: yes what about you?
  • Sara: *smirks as she whips out her phone* yes, fully loaded and ready to go
  • [they both proudly present to each other their victuuri and emimike pics]
  • Both squealing: OMG THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!
  • Yurio: wtf are you guys doing
  • Both: oh shit it's the son

some screencap redraws n sketches

this show is pure and good and i just, these boys r good and i want them to smoonch. and its december so its perfect time for worm sweaters

&tbh lets face it robbie is tsundre


LOOK AT THESE TWO GOOFBALLS!!!! Today is Chi-Chi’s birthday! I’ve already explained many many many times lol, why I really love her character haha. Even tho Toei does overdo it at times and many really don’t like her because of it, I can’t help but love her character. She’s just amazing but I want babble too much lol. I always liked Chi-Chi she was quite silly and funny as a kid. Just look at those two yelling together XD they were both adorable and didn’t know anything about real love! After years of not seeing each other they fight in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. Chi-Chi has grown up a lot and so has Goku! She’s got a lot more attitude and has become one of the best fighters in the world at that point in time. Of course we know that Goku thought marriage was food but kept his promise to make her his bride. Chi-Chi gives Goku so much love during the rest of the tournament even tho he’s not sure how to react haha. Clueless as usual :) after the fight with Piccolo Jr. is over they get to spend time together and that’s where you see them get closer and start figuring out what love really is. Goku turned down the role of Kami to be with her. Another thing I love is that they were able to ride the kinto-un as kids and teens. They are both pure of heart. It’s an incredible moment when Goku sees his Grandpa Gohan again and is able to introduce his fiancé to him. Just look at them smile side to side they are still those little goofballs from way back when they first met. It’s so simple and sweet! Lol I’ve been really random but this is just a Chi-Chi/GoChi appreciation post for her bday. Thanks for reading :)


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Yall!!! The most likely reason why JJ got a higher score than Otabek was bc even tho he flopped his SP, his FS has one of the highest difficulty levels out of all of the other skaters (plus he turned his 4T into a 4Lo SO).

I also assume that he had an outstanding PCS, considering this skate was much more personal to him and he was trying his damn hardest to recover from his last program.

I love both JJ and Otabek, and although I also would’ve been happy if Otabek was 3rd, I’m so proud of the way JJ recovered and I would like to celebrate his success in peace thank you!!!

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I would love to hear what some of your FAVORITE FAVORITE Matt headcanons are! I write a lot of Matt-centric fics, and it's really fun and helpful to hear other folks' Matt-headcanons, since so much of his character is open for interpretation.

I have quite a few headcanons for him that I’ve seen from other people and a few I’ve come up on my own, so this is gonna be a mix of both

  • He’s around Shiro’s age (25, not 6), probably anywhere from 6 months-2 years younger tho
  • He’s super gay
  • I love the trans boy Matt headcanon, but I also love demi-boy Matt, non-binary boy/non-binary Matt, just not cis Matt is good
  • I’ve seen a few posts discussing his middle name and I 100% agree that his middle name would be the name of a famous scientist 
  • He’s still a cadet bc he focused more on his research rather than rank
    • Or, the cadet uniform could be same uniform the scientists wear
    • This is one that I’m still unsure about tbh, but I know he’s not a cadet bc he’s a minor bc come on y’all, they wouldn’t send a minor- a child- in to space on a government mission
  • He probably skipped a grade or two when he was younger, but stayed enrolled in the Garrison longer to get higher degrees (masters & maybe doctorate)
    • He might have been working on either of those degrees while on the Kerberos mission
  • When he was chosen for the mission a few of his peers commented that he only got on the mission because his dad was leading it/also on it
    • But he was actually chosen because he was the most qualified for the job, and deep down everyone else knew that and they were just jealous
  • He was top of his class tbh, this boy is real fucking smart
  • He was first and foremost a scientist, probably focused on astronomy and biology
    • Astronomy bc he worked with a space program
    • Biology bc when he’s talking about the ice samples in the first episode of season one he mentions using them to possibly find signs of alien life and study of living things = biology
  • In episode one we also see Pidge take down a Galra drone thing and reprogram it in no time, that makes me think that Matt was also interested in robotics
    • Maybe Pidge was the one who got him into it??
    • They probably worked on projects together
    • Some of their projects were hell for their parents bc they wouldn’t work as planned
  • His room at home is probably a mess, but an organized mess so don’t try to move anything around bc he has a system
  • He has ADHD
  • The Holts are Jewish, but not particularly religious
    • They still celebrate all the holidays but they don’t go to Temple
  • While in the Galra prison his dad was separated from him and Shiro almost immediately and it was only a few hours (?) days (?) later that he was separated from Shiro
    • He thought Shiro had died in the area and he wasn’t sure what happened to his father bc he was sent somewhere separate from him
    • The Galra found him to be a useful scientist and ended up using him
    • He ended up getting many scars, one on his right cheek and one over his left eye making him half blind
    • And many all over his body
  • When he was reunited with Pidge and Shiro it took him a minute to register who they were bc you know that thing where you see something that you look at everyday but it’s in a place where you don’t normally see it so you don’t register what it is for a minute?? That’s what happened with him
    • He then cried and they had a big group hug yay
    • He was part of a rebel group, the group the busted him out of prison, and after he was found he joined team voltron
    • He told his team that he was joining them bc they needed voltron as their ally and he could join and be like a diplomat of sorts
    • When in reality he just wanted to be with Pidge and Shiro and other humans again

I have more but I need to get off the computer now

I’ll make another headcanon post later!!

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I agree. People are way too hard on Alphys. Crying and apologizing is usually a sign of remorse and sensitivity. And Alphys isn't crying for herself, she's crying for Papyrus. Both Alphys and Papyrus are showing compassion and understanding toward each other so it's not one-sided. And as for Sans, don't worry, Sans will be okay again. He just needs to feel it. Love your comics!

It may be she’s crying for both of them - for Papyrus and herself, since self-loathing is something she’s way too familiar with…

I do worry about Sans tho - of course he’ll be okay, but…I dunno, i HAVE THIS FEELING…HMMM….

Thank you so much! ^^

I really do think Dylemma

Is the purest ship of all time. I mean absolutely nothing about is toxic? There was no drama aside from the threat of Norman but other than that between the both of them Dylan made sure she consented to sex, he bought her lung transplant and never once used it to be with her, he didn’t even tell her so she didn’t feel obligated to date him. They respect each other and neither has cheated. But seriously tho I think this ship is prolly the purest ship I’ve seen in like a longggggg time!


Mclennon❤️ “Their looks at each other tho.
I just love both of them so much.”

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The thing about Roche and Iorveth is that they’re two sides of the same coin; they are far more similar than either would care to admit. I find it difficult to love one and hate the other – you’re often inclined to feel very similarly about them both. 

It’s really only odd when you look at them from the, well, not end-game standpoint, but beginning-game standpoint. Upon meeting both men, you see Roche as a patriot who’s fighting back threats to his country. For Iorveth, you see an elven revel who is lashing out at those who’ve robbed him of his home. Roche is depicted as ruthless and capable of doing anything for Temeria. Iorveth is painted as incredibly scathing and endless in his bitterness. On the surface, it’s really hard to like either of the men, but take a step back (or play through their routes) and you find out:

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Victor’s love

Aside from being a truly scream-worthy Victuri moment, Victor saying that he won’t let Yuri off easy because this is the way he shows his love further proves that he isn’t helping Yuri for conniving reasons. In my opinion, the first three episodes already proved it, but this statement really sums up the mindset of someone who is passionate about his sport and wants the best for others who share that same passion.

By making both Yuri and Yurio step outside of their comfort zones and skate programs they typically wouldn’t, Victor already showed that he is invested in them as fellow skaters. Isn’t this passion something that people can relate to? Getting inspired by other people who share your love for something…wanting to share the inspiration you gain from them back with them…wanting to make them better…and feeling yourself becoming better as you push them to greater heights.

We see all of this in Victor. We see it in his tough love. His perfectionism. His high expectations (like suggesting Yuri take on a quadruple toe loop for his last jump…I mean I’m no ice skater but I’m pretty sure that’s pretty tough? But he suggests it because he believes Yuri can improve enough to do it). His analytical eye for Yuri’s skating (he already recognizes that Yuri fails to land his jumps when he’s preoccupied with something). The reason he’s invested in Yuri is his love, his exhilaration, his care and passion and whatever else you want to call it (but not greed) for his sport and his fellow skaters. Victor loves what he does and loves seeing this love in Yuri.

I also think it’s important to note that while Victor took Yuri and Yurio out of their comfort zones, he stepped out of his usual role as well by coaching them. There are sayings that go ‘when you’re in a slump, approach things from a different angle,’ and I’m not sure if Victor is fully conscious that he’s doing this since he’s so dedicated to Yuri’s season, but he’s doing this! And this is why their relationship will be mutually beneficial! This is why the saying ‘by helping others you help yourself’ doesn’t have to be selfish! He’s skating with a new light, a new purpose, and finding a brand new inspiration in Yuri that will undoubtedly bolster his own skating as well. Before, he took it upon himself to surprise his audiences, but he isn’t able to do that right now so he’s taking that high expectation for himself and helping Yuri achieve it instead.

So not to take away from the lovely shipping interpretation of the love he mentions on the beach with Yuri (because I am squealing along with everybody else), but foremost I take this love as his love for his sport. And, because Yuri loves this sport just as genuinely, and is working just as hard, is rediscovering his inspiration and rekindling Victor’s as well, this love encompasses Yuri wholly and just as genuinely.


I’m so lucky to have him as my boyfriend. Even tho we are miles apart we still manage to see each other. He’s helped me so much and I’m so thankful I’ve had him by my side through these past couple of weeks I don’t know what I would have done without him… We have both fucked up before and there are a lot of barriers that can make it hard for us but we get through it all. These have been the best 8 months ever I love him so much and I’m so grateful for everything he has done and continues to do ❤️

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Fave movie genre: I want to say comedy but tbh most comedy films are trash nowadays, so I’ll say fantasy.
Last video game played: Sonic Unleashed on Xbox 360, goddd I love it so much!!
Fave video game: HMMM….this is a toughie…probably Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, even tho I’ve played ‘better’ Sonic games, I just always find myself coming back to this one? I never get sick of it. Other faves include Sonic Unleashed, Generations, as well as GTA San Andreas and Fable <3
Interests: Music (both listening and playing….I want to learn every instrument on the planet), Drawing, Reading, Watching lots of TV…. sometimes skateboarding? I can’t do any tricks, I just like rolling around AT THE SPEED OF SOUND
Best subject: Media studies! I haven’t always been great at it but I love it, analysing different media and creating stuff!
Print or cursive: Let’s say Print, because my cursive writing is almost always terrible.
Fave TV show(s): Scrubs, Psych, Doctor Who, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Veronica Mars, Young Justice (SEASON 3 YEESSSS!!!!), Community, Sherlock, Suits, The Flash, Avatar: The Last Airbender, (I watch a crap tonne of TV)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown. Used to have a few dyed caramel streaks but they’re fading :P
Religion: I’d rather not get specific, but I believe in God
Fave season: Spring! Nice and warm, but not too warm and I’m lucky enough to never get allergies or hay fever :D
Fears: Going deaf, getting swooped by birds (Aussie magpies are fuckin crazy), some moths D:
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