i love both my angels

Phil appreciation post

I love both Dan&Phil, but this is why Phil will always be my angel.

I m a very similar person to Dan, pretty cynical with not much faith in humans and a lot of dark thoughts…and I can t articulate how Phil s personality helps with that.

He is a literal ball of sunshine, optimistic and caring. While he s being underappreciated by many he never shows being hurt by it. He is here for the ones that love him and ignores the hate. 

He is so strong .He is always true to himself and never tried to change coz of the bullies in real life nor the bullies on the internet .

His videos show how he cares about his fans and how he wants to make us all smile while watching his content. He went through so much shit in his life, yet he never once spread negativity and pain that life gave him to us.

I m honestly so thankful for him.

I m not even gonna ackowledge any hate towards him coz it clearly is just a pathethic try of spreading pain they are feeling inside…and the only way to fight sth like that is ignore it and spread LOVE twice as hard !

Am I the only one who fucking adores Mirana Marmoreal/The White Queen from Alice In Wonderland/Alice Through The Looking Glass? Like just her faces and her physical movements and actions are key. But also her appearance in general is to die for. Then the weird but lovable things she says are just… UGH! I can’t even describe my love for this character. Then she’s so nice! Like the amount of love and affection she gives EVERYONE is so fucking cute. And my bisexual ass is just in love with her and no matter how hard I search there isn’t a single imagine, fanfic, drabble- NOTHING for this wonderful specimen of fiction. And I know some people are just like “Is this fucking bitch crazy?” Yes I am but also are you crazy for not realizing how amazing Mirana is? Don’t offend me. I fucking love this character and so should you because she is amazing for every reason

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get to know me: [ one / ∞ ] favourite female characters || allison argent

❝ I was thinking that maybe I should be prepared. Learn to be a better fighter and learn all the things that you can still teach me. And maybe a few things more. But we’re going to have a new code. Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger. We protect those who cannot protect themselves. 


You can take a shower and put on something of Eddie’s. 

The Path, S01E08 (The Shore) vs S01E09 (A Room of One’s Own)

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“What is your favorite thing about playing Jace, he’s a very interesting character, but to you, what is your favorite thing about being him in this movie?” [x]