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Louis Tomlinson’s Stomach/Curves Appreciation Post.

Honestly… I just love his stomach and curves so much I had to make a post about it rip rip warning it may be long

look at him!! look at that stomach!!!

the kiss you video was a blessing

forreal i want to die everytime i see him shirtless


h onest ly his body is a work of the gods …

Boy, I can see the way you dancing, move that body..


now lets move onto pictures of his stomach and curves

fuc king hell i want to die


His body is so gorgeous oh wow

just set me on fire yeah?

the curve ,,, the pudge ,,, the love i have for it ,,,,


i just fuc king squealed

anyone care to tell me how harry survives this boy because i am d e a d

I really hope when I fall in love it’s that love that people write about in books or songs. It’s that love screenwriters write about in movies that makes your heart literally ache with want. I hope it’s the kind of love that everyone yearns to feel at least once in their life. I hope it turns my entire world upside down, but makes everything feel great and alive. I just want to be so stupidly in love that people from miles away can see it and feel it. I just hope that kind of love exists and that one day I get to feel it.

Hey uhhh remember that Shance Singer!AU i did where Shiro is Keith and Katie’s dad? Well, i kinda have some hcs about kid Keith and Katie 😁

* i suck at drawing kids 🙃🙃*

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me: ugh the drive is going to be hell
mom: well it’s not a vacation : ))) so suck it up : )))

Happy Angst-Giving: The Finale???

Honestly everyone…. I really like how this came out… But I do realize that it’s probably missing something…. 

Still… I hope you all like what I’ve created for the possible finale of the Asahi Zombie AU…..


Happy Halloween Happy Angst-Giving Merry Angst-Mas Happy Halloween II Happy Angst-Giving: The Finale???

They were attacking. The horde of zombies. The horde of the dead. The horde of the familiar no more.

The news of the monsters had come a few days before - and the safe haven had sent out it’s best guards and fighters to try to distract the horde in a different direction… But it hadn’t worked at all. Your safe haven lost a lot of people that day. A lot of good people. People with families.

But finally, this morning, there had been yells of panic, yells of fear. You’d been placed on guard duty, your son, Kazuki, placed in the safe haven’s completely guarded building with the other children, while Suga and Daichi had been posted outside that same building to protect the children.

You sighed to yourself as you popped a few of the zombies in the head, watching as their rotten innards exploded all over their nearest comrade, their already dead bodies falling to the floor unceremoniously. In another life, this probably would have been fun for you… Not this life though. Only a little over a year ago had you lost your husband to this disease. This terrible infection. You’d only seen him once while the infection ate at his skin, bubbling in his veins, taking away all his humanity, replacing his loving brown eyes with milky death. A life worse than death. Worse than being satan’s whipping boy. Walking around, alone or in packs, eating anything that moved or made a noise, taking their life essences to fill their own void. Just the idea of your husband, your Asahi, having to live that kind of life made your finger pull on the trigger more liberally. You were freeing these poor souls. You were taking their suffering away and granting them eternal slumber with a bullet straight through their skulls.

If you were able to free your husband from this life… You would. Without any hesitation. You would save him over and over. Asahi… You closed your eyes and turned your head towards the sky, feeling your heart reaching out for his, reaching out for some sort of sign that he was okay - that his soul was freed from this hell and searching the cosmos for yours once more.

“____! Pay attention! They’re starting to pile up over on the north end of the gates.” A man who’s name currently escaped your memory called out at you, causing you to jump and open your eyes to see the large amount of zombies actually below your post. If you didn’t focus now, they’d pile on top of each other and end up overwhelming this part of the wall. “H-Hey! What the hell is that!” The man called, grabbing his binoculars to see the change in the zombie current just a few yards away. You looked where he was seeing the disturbance, and felt your heart still in your chest.

You jumped down into the horde of zombies before you could even think about what it was you were seeing. You pulled out your knife and stabbed the ones that got too close, using the distraction as a way for you to bob and weave your way through the horde, thanking your squadron for taking them out as you made your way into the thick of the monsters. You’d almost gotten bit, but none of that was registering right now. Nothing but what you’d barely caught a glimpse of. It was almost as if your heart was pulling you towards the distraction, as if your very soul was commanding your feet to run, commanding your arms to stab and push and move any dead being out of the way enough for you to reach what you had thought you’d seen.

But not everything can go as planned. And you were falling to the floor with a zombie snapping it’s teeth towards your neck. You struggled against it’s dead weight, trying to get away from the monster, still feeling your heart, your very soul, pulling you towards what you’d seen. Maybe this was the end for you, maybe your son would grow up an orphan - you’d definitely jumped into the horde as if you were only living for yourself. How could you be so stupid? So completely impulsive that you’d submit yourself to this type of death? Being eaten alive?

The sound of struggling registered to your ears, above the sound of the dead man trying to bite at your neck, above the sound of the front gates starting to creak open as reinforcements were sent in to rescue you. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, ____?” His voice yelled at you above the growling and the groans, a knife plunging into the zombie’s temple before he tossed the body off of you and grabbed you by your hand. You felt as if you could finally breathe again, his hand holding yours so tight and pulling you towards where the gates were opening. “Why would you just jump in like that? Are you out of your mind?” He yelled at you over his shoulder, and you wanted so badly to stop him from moving, wanted to pull him to a stop so you could see him properly - truly see him after all this time.

The gates were only a few yards away, you were going to make it, you were going to be able to have your family back. The light was just on the other end of that gate border - it was blinding. It was heading straight for you.

A blood curdling scream ripped through the air, and your hands were suddenly out of Asahi’s and pushing him into the community gates. Asahi turned as he fell back on his ass, the gates of the community slowly closing just behind him as soon as he’d made it in. But the gates weren’t what he was seeing, what was pulling his entire world to shreds. You held your hand out towards where you’d pushed him, not reaching, more a plea for him to stay where he was and not come after you. You’d been bit. Your blood was seeping through your clothes, your neck having a large bite taken out of it. Another zombie took your stillness as an opportunity to bite at your bicep, pulling back with all your muscle tendons in between its teeth. “I will find you….” You mouthed to him, remembering when he’d yelled it to you the first time in the infected prison all that time ago, “Take care of Kazuki, Asahi….” You whispered, feeling your tears flowing down your cheeks just before a zombie grabbed you from behind, pulling you into a large horde. Asahi yelled, an animalistic scream as he scrambled to his feet and rushed towards the gates just as they’d closed. He slammed his hands on the metal gates, still yelling, still screaming out his anguish. All this time. All this time alone, away from you, and this is how it ended.

He didn’t know how long he’d been screaming, but the guards pulled him away from the gates, dropping him just a few yards away as they closed the secondary gates as a precaution. Your sacrifice had caused the horde to bunch up just outside the gates. Something you hadn’t thought of preventing. Your only goal had been to save Asahi. Save him while you could. Give your life in exchange for his. He kneeled on the asphalt outside the secondary gates, staring ahead of him blankly, not being able to scream any more as his voice had escaped him.

“Look what you’ve done!” A voice yelled from behind him, but Asahi didn’t even have the strength to turn and acknowledge who he knew was yelling at him. Blaming him. He knew. How could he not. He’d seen what he’d done first hand. Right in front of him. “You sick bastard!” The voice was closer now, and suddenly Asahi’s collar was being bunched and pulled, a fist connecting with his jaw causing him to fall back. But there was someone else there, pulling the first voice off of him.

“Suga! Stop!” Daichi yelled, wrapping his arms around Suga’s middle and keeping him from attacking Asahi again. He’d gotten his cheap shot. And while Daichi felt his own heart breaking, his tears streaming down his face at the realization you were gone, he kept it together better than Suga. But Daichi couldn’t blame him for his erratic behavior.

“Do you know what you’ve just done? Do you know who just left the world? For your sorry ass?” Suga yelled, struggling against Daichi’s hold, breaking free and grabbing Asahi by the collar of his shirt again, shaking him harshly. “She was the most important person in our lives, in my life, and you just show up and get her killed? You sick bastard!” Suga sobbed, not finding the strength to yell anymore at Asahi, falling to his knees in front of his old friend. His hands slowly fell from Asahi’s shirt and landed on either side of his kneeling body, tilting his head up with his eyes closed as he cried for your loss. He’d loved you with his entire being, and although he’d known you’d never love him the same… He’d never thought in a million years you’d sacrifice yourself for someone who’d been lost before.

Asahi felt… empty. Hollow. Like his soul had just been ripped out of his body. And it had…. He had no doubt about it. You were everything to him, his heart, his soul, his reason for living. Why else would he have traveled so far, done so much, fought so damn hard to get back?

For you.

He’d kicked and fought for so long, so damn long against everything he came across, just so he could see you again, so he could be with you again. But not like this. He’d give anything to get you back, to bring you back to life, to give you the same serum he’d been given to make you immune. But he knew even the serum couldn’t heal death. And that’s what you’d been greeted with with his resurfacing. Your untimely death. All because of him.

But your words… they finally registered in his brain. The noise of the zombies groaning and hissing as they over took you had been deafening along with his own screaming of horror, but… he’d heard you loud and clear, as if you’d been whispering right into his ear.

“Ka…. Kazuki.” Asahi whispered, looking down at his bloody hands, seeing they were no longer shaking, but knowing he wasn’t completely coming to terms with your death just yet. Not yet. In the privacy of his lonesome, he’d handle what he’d caused, what your final moments must have been like.

“No…. No. Fuck you… NO!” Suga suddenly yelled, getting to his feet and standing in the way of where the baby was being hidden, “You took her from me, you’re not going to take him, too. No! Over my goddamn dead body! Daichi, stop, no!” Suga’s voice was hoarse at this point, and he struggled again against Daichi as he grabbed his best friend. “No! He got _____ killed!” Suga sobbed, feeling his blood boil at just the thought of Asahi touching the baby he raised with you. His baby. Not Asahi’s.

Daichi took a shaky breath as he held Suga in his arms, keeping him from struggling too much and lunging at Asahi again, “Suga…. Kazuki…. He’s not yours…. He’s not your baby, Suga….” He reminded his best friend, holding him closer when he felt Suga start to struggle harder, “He’s Asahi’s!”

Asahi looked up at his former best friends, his eyes wide, looking like a small child himself - A small child covered in the innards and blood of the dead, sweat making his body odor and the dead’s mold into a single awful stench, his usual long hair had been chopped off to be short enough for the zombies to not be able to grab it so easily. “M….. Mine?” His voice was barely above a whisper, the groans and moans of the dead coming from the other side of the gate still and drowning out his realization. His eyes snapped to the gates, slowly shaking his head as he connected the dots. “Fuck….” He bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes, bowing his head as he sobbed, letting his loss overcome his entire body and mourn your death. You’d given him everything you had - your love, your heart, your soul…. Your life…. And now, he realized, you’d given him something he’d always wanted to have with you.

A new beginning.

As much as Asahi wanted to keel over and die, give up on his life with the forfeit of yours, he knew he couldn’t. Because if he left this world, if he followed after you into the ever changing world of the cosmos… He’d be leaving the future behind. Your son. His son. He had to live for Kazuki. Had to keep breathing, keep his head above the waters of anguish and guilt to give Kazuki the chance at a normal life - as normal as someone could have in this dead world.

Asahi had to keep living.

For you.

For his son. For Kazuki.

Boys need positivity.

Theres not enough body positivity/general positivity posts for boys. So here :)

I love boys.

Boys are so handsome!

Boys are so pretty!

Boys are beautiful.

Boys with short hair

Boys with no hair

Boys with long hair

Boys with blond, black, red, brown, hair.

Boys with dyed hair

Boys who are short

Boys who are tall

Boys who are average size

Chubby boys

Thin boys

Boys of all shapes and sizes

Feminine boys

Masculine boys

Androgynous boys

Boys that like boys

Boys that like girls

Boys that like boys and girls

Boys who like nb peeps

Boya who like every gender

Boys who are on the aro/ace spec

Boys who are questioning there romantic/sexual orientation

Transgender boys

Athletic boys

Emo boys

Goth boys

Musical boys

Artsy boys

Boys in wheel chairs

Boys with other disabilitys, mental and physical.

Autistic boys

ALL boys!

pls look at this important fish boy