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DOUG JONES APPRECIATION POST I do believe this man, who I feel like is walking in Lon Chaney’s shoes a little, would be The Worlds Most Perfect Erik. @actordougjones works a lot with a lot of makeup and other body modifications. He’s absolutely brilliant and also… he has The Right Kind Of Hands™ You may not recognize Doug Jones as some of these memorable monster/makeup roles:

you’ve stopped saying i love you to me every night, like you used to before. should i be worried that you don’t love me anymore or is it once again my fear talking. its ironical how i used to tell my friends to believe in actions and not words but i find myself wondering why you have stopped saying those words. i find myself wondering what could i have done wrong. i know what i could have done wrong. but how can three words have the power to make someone feel miserable about themselves in seconds, but how can three words have power to make someone feel alive in seconds. but how can these three words change someone’s life in seconds.
—  i l y// nikitagupta

Your body is amazing just the way it is. Stretch marks? Gorgeous tiger stripes. Scars? Awe-inspiring memories of battles gone by. Body hair? Soft blanket to keep you safe and warm. Freckles and moles and birthmarks and uneven skin tone? Intricate works of art, dabs of paint and textured brushstrokes. Cellulite? Cute lil body dimples. Whatever your “imperfection”, it’s beautiful, and don’t you forget it!

I found this picture in my phone from months back and I was like “damn!!! When did I take this?!” Then I felt the need to share it with my man I was like “aye look at this shit I found in my phone” so now I feel like I need to share it with you guys because THIS PICTURE MAKES ME FEEL SO DAMN GOOD ABOUT MYSELF.