i love blunt people

Space Doesn’t Burn Red

2 parts, 2700 words total (also on ao3)

Part I. Taako thinks about how much he loves Kravitz

Part II. Taako tries his damnedest to parley this information to Kravitz

Part I.

“I love you.” The words taste foreign and almost dry on his tongue, and he’s thankful he’s speaking them in practice to his reflection in a mirror and not to his actual boyfriend. “I’m in love with you,” he tries once again with feeling and comes off a little less ham-fisted but no more confident than before. “Kravitz, I think I love you.” Still blunt. Still hard. Still unnatural.

How do people do this? How did Merle do it – how did Magnus do it? How did Carey do it? It’s got to be easier than this, right?

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[trans] Minho’s interview with Marie Claire

※ Do not re-translate into another language

You must have been very busy in 2016. How have you been in the year-end and New Years?
M: I was busy with award shows and broadcasts at the end of the year. I think I have always spent the end of the year like that after my debut. Of course, I was with the members. It felt unusually different greeting the new year thinking that I’m now turning 27. The January that always came felt different this time thinking that I’m now in my late 20s.

You’re already in your late 20s?
M: It doesn’t seem real for me as well because I’ve been living together with the members for 10 years straight. I also think our image of each other is stopped at when we first met. I still feel like a high school student and Taemin still feels like a middle school student! (laughs) It’s not only me but we were all greatly surprised when we realized Onew hyung will be 30 next year. Work is also important too but personally, not as an entertainer, I’ve decided to spend more time with my family this year. I’ve begun to think that I should cherish and take care of the people around me as time goes by. I also thought I should make an effort to mature as a man and as a person too.

Talking about family, in one program you even showed tears that you rarely showed.
M: In a program called tvN <My Last 48 Hours>, I showed how I prepared my virtual death. I think I got emotional thinking that I haven’t been treating my parents very well. What I felt while doing that program was ‘Let’s express well and say that you love them to the people you love’. I have been a blunt son. I thought I shouldn’t be like that from now on.

Looking at the program, your dad was affectionate.
M: That’s right. He’s a person with a charm of 'tsundere’, to put it in our modern slang. My dad has been playing football continuously and as he got busier he raised me and my brother more strongly. I felt suddenly emotional when my dad felt sad about me working too hard. I’m the style that rarely cries even when I’m happy or sad to some extent.

Fortune, fame, love, family, etc. Everyone has their own standard of happiness, right? What is Minho’s standard of happiness?
M: Whether or not you have lots of money or honour, I think the fact that you’re alive itself is happiness; where you are standing right now or what kind of job you have could be different but working hard in that spot and feeling a sense of accomplishment. I feel alive while doing that too. Even though it’s trivial, things like having a meal or a conversation with my family can give me happiness too.

In some ways, you’re that young man of 1% in the competitive world of entertainment who achieved success. You must have a different sense of pride as a person who has succeeded.
M: Everything that I own right now is something that could never have been achieved on my own. I am able to enjoy the popularity, fortune, and fame because many people around me have helped me. But I think I could become arrogant forgetting that truth if I occasionally slack off. So I try my best to not forget my original intention.

It’s not easy to not change and be passionate and active from the start until now.
M: There are numerous idol teams in Korea. What I’m confident is that our team has the same attitude of mind and enthusiasm as when we first started. I’m confident to make the time people spend on us worth it whether it be on stage or on an album. I’m trying my best to make people happy during the time they devote to us. In that aspect, I would like to compliment all of our members.

That must be a driving force that kept SHINee together for 10 years as well.
M: In the future, I want to go more, go bigger and try in more areas too. The result might not be as good as I expect but I’m going to try without being afraid. Each members’ personality and individuality are distinct but when working as a team, we blend perfectly and our thoughts match. So I’m going to try everything that I can without fear.

The <Hwarang> is currently on air, what does this drama mean to you personally as a piece of work?
M: It’s a work that I was able to learn so many things. It was good to shoot with actors of my age and it made me feel 'Ah, I’m alive’ everytime we shoot. Of course, it was so hard shooting a historical drama in the summer! My sweat came all the way down to my feet because of the thick clothes. Haha. Thinking back after finishing all the shooting, I have a deep affection as it is a meaningful piece of work that made me grow about a span as an actor.

You have done as many as 4 works while doing album promotions in 2016. Wasn’t it too much to switch between singer and actor?
M: It was hard in terms of a physical side like time and strength but it wasn’t at all with other things. In fact, each field helps the other a lot. When I shoot a drama carrying the energy that I embraced on stage, I feel that energy is delivered just as it is. In opposite, if I go on stage keeping the emotion that I had while acting, that emotion is expressed directly. I heard many people questioning whether those two things would really work in harmony. But surprisingly after actually doing that two side by side, they were in harmony and helped me a lot.

Your plan and aspiration as an actor must be big and concrete too now.
M: I dreamt of becoming an actor since young, I picked my university major of that field to achieve that dream and I think I started acting by fate after my debut. Of course, I fell into a slump but because of that, one of my goals this year is to do lots of work. I want to continue trying whether I receive favourable reviews or harsh criticisms.

How did you usually spend your days off?
M: I had nearly no days off in 2016. I worked hard that much and it is a year that I grew by challenging myself in different areas. When I do have days that I rest on a rare occasion, I just exercise or meet my friends so my everyday life is always similar with no change. A close hyung works in plays so I did go to Daehakro often (t/n: a famous street well known for performing arts in Korea). I could feel a different sense of air when I go there.

Lastly, please say a word to your fans.
M: 2016 was the busiest time of my life and it was good to be able to meet fans often that much as well. We got closer as much as time passed and I hope I have more opportunities to be closer in 2017. I hope we interact more too. Goodbye!

How Leo sees the signs

Aries- fuck you for being perfect and amazing. I have fallen in love with one of you and it hurts a lot but I love you.
Taurus- you have such a great fashion sense and you literally make everyone want to be you.
Gemini- we are supposed to be compatible? But you talk a lot and you always get me in trouble, because the teacher thinks I’m the one talking. BUT ITS ALL YOU
Cancer- you are the most precious thing on earth, never ever change who you are.
Leo- you are still a badass sign but cmon I know you can show your true self a little more and not be scared of what other people think.
Virgo- you make others around you feel very loved and worth it.
Libra- you are one of the most romantic people I have ever met. Don’t stop being romantic.
Scorpio- you give the best advice, you never once gave up on anything unless it was math.
Sagittarius- you are so fucking blunt I love it.
Capricorn- you need to realize that other people are independent and don’t always need your help. Take time for your self.
Aquarius- you truly do care about anyone that’s close to you, and will defend anyone. I appreciate that a lot.
Pisces- never stop being the rays of sunshine you are, because you are making people days by being your self.

now usually I’m ok with character dislike because everyone’s entitled to their opinion but once you start criticizing Anya Jenkins it feels like a personal attack

[Ask RPedia] Sadistic Character Tips?

Anonymous asked: any tips on rping “sadistic” characters?

Oooh, well, I mean why would you ever ask me– Imagine I just flipped a chair around, sat on it loudly, and leaned in with an evil grin like you were going to get an earful. You came to the right person. I play as and with sadists all the time, and I’m gonna give you an idea of what works best for me, and therefore probably gives you a good starting point. Warning, violence, horrible humans, and other terrible things to follow. Don’t traumatize yourself.

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the one thing i want to know is how does anyone without a tumblr hear about all this 1d drama seriously i would be lost without tumblr 

Things I Love about each sign (based on  people I know)

Aries: I love your leadership. Your feisty attitude. Has a strange sense of humor, a refreshing kind though. Takes the reins in a sticky situation. Could kick your ass. Don’t get on their bad side. 

Taurus: I love how anyone can be comfortable around you. You don’t judge people. VERY SWEET. SO NICE. I love your soft smiles. Down to earth. Helps others a lot. 

Gemini: I love your loud personality. And your mischievous looks you get all the time. Bubbly attitude. I love your wit. Wise. Knows everything about everyone. Crazy. Amazed by your way of having fun. 

Cancer: I love your sweetness towards everyone. Innocent beauty. They can be really sensitive. They will make you laugh so hard. Will listen to you when you need it. A shoulder to cry on. Good all around. 

Leo: I love your very flirty attitude. Seriously, they flirt with everyone. Open, loud. FUNNY. Could be a model. Goofy. Very confident, smirking a lot. 

Virgo: I love your attitude. I love your dry humor. Funny as hell. Could talk to you for hours about random stuff. You seem bored out of your mind most of the time. Will make you laugh till tears are streaming down your face. 

Libra: I love your awesomeness. Your fashion is the bomb, seriously. Gorgeous. Good sense of style. Makeup is always on point. Coolest people around. Everyone likes them. 

Scorpio: I love your bluntness. Has a mysterious aura about them, idk. Badass. Hot as fuck. Fun to be around. 

Sagittarius: I love your thirst for adventure. I love your honesty and smirks. I love how you always have a positive attitude. Dances randomly to make you smile. REALLY PRETTY/ HANDSOME. 

Capricorn: Not always serious. Very cheery. How they try to hold back a smile but just can’t. Can be serious when it’s needed. Mysterious beauty. They’re not scare of anything. They make funny faces while your talking. A lot smirks. Ships anyone with anyone and anything with anything. 

Aquarius: Loud personality. Badass. Smart, you don’t realize how smart they are until you talk to them. Geeky. Rebels. 

Pisces: I love how they’re the biggest sweetheart ever. SO CUTE. Loves memes. Wears funny t-shirts and is very tumblr looking. Basically the meme queen. Shy but can be open at times. 

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every body tells you how you are a role model, so smart and stuff, well thats true.. but i just wanna tell you you're HOT

Let me just tell you that I am giving you 50,000,000 cool points right now. The quality that I love most in people is blunt honesty. If the girl I like flat out tells me, “hey I like you” instead of sugar coating the situation first I AM COMPLETELY SWOONING. So props for you for being blunt. Thank you for acknowledging different aspects of me, and thank you of course for the compliment(:

anonymous asked:

So don't get me wrong, I love your bluntness. It's something that people of any status need to understand is important in today's world; but the way you answer sometimes, it's a bit snippy and mean. I don't agree with your statement on women always needing to use exclamations and emoticons, me being a woman myself. There are plenty of people whom I converse with normally who don't say a thing about my typing. I think it's the way you happen to word your answers.

It’s entirely possible that I word my answers poorly, and I’m sorry for that. Please let me know where I’ve been snippy or rude and I will try my best not to be like that in the future. This is not meant to sound sarcastic - I really would like to know because obviously it’s not connecting in my head. 

But the women typing a certain way idea is an actual thing people are examining:






I recently had a conversation with my roommates (one is working on her PhD and the other is a software engineer). We’ve all noticed how we present ourselves in the professional setting. And we’re actively tried to cut down on our use of things like “sorry to bother you,” “just,” and excessive exclamation in work emails. The big reason we and a lot of women subconsciously do that is to “soften” our words. It’s a psychological thing that I’m very interested in and there’s a lot of good articles out there about this phenomenon. It’s telling in the applied experimentation - women who take these things out are usually seen as colder or bitchier. It’s kind of garbage, especially in comparison to how men write in the professional setting. They’re considered polite without saying “Sorry to bother you, but could you please [do this thing that it is your job to do]? Just wondering! Thanks so much!” They can just say “[do this thing that it is your job to do.]”

Obviously this isn’t all encompassing, and there is a huge difference between being direct and being rude. But it is an actual noted phenomenon being examined in the workplace.

anonymous asked:

Hey ABazeThe100, what's your thoughts now about the finale? , you still think the same you have a new theory, i still think that we gonna get bellarke canon next week one way or another, and him is gonna get her out of COL,not abby or L,this promo is so suspicious come on they given us clarke awakeing the bigger spoiler,i don't understand why people is not happy what we get in this episode is a gem,is kind of frustrated really,i still believe bellamy blake is clarke's griffin home like you said.

If you proceed, you’ll get my honest opinion about the finale prediction between Bellamy and Clarke as well as L.exa and Clarke. No, I do not think L.exa was Clarke’s true match, so if you do not agree with that statement, then you need to STOP reading now. 

p.s. I may regret this post, but I cannot help myself anymore. I’m a bit frustrated to be honest … but I still love you all–remember that too. 

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