i love blonde key


such a beautiful v i e w

all the fifth harmony girls are so beautiful and not in the cookie cutter pop star way; they’ve got thick thighs, broad shoulders, big noses, small boobs, big boobs…all sorts of defects and assets, but that is exactly what makes them so beautiful. i legit think they are some of the prettiest girls on earth but in the most normal way, like you could see one of these girls at the mall or on campus and think, “wow that girl is gorgeous” i can definitely see why they have so many supporters, it’s because they honestly look like they could be your friends and i think that is so special. 

I forgot how much I love the Ultimates god fucking damnit shit fuck I love ultimate Tony “I-drink-too-much-while-having-cancer-still-trashy-calling-everyone-darling-I-love-blonds-but-Steve-high-key” Stark tbh my favorite piece of shit y'all

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w ait...I love my salty child but Matsukawa...I love him too omg he needs more love....

Muahahahahahahaha~ That’s the point, anon! I’m trying to break you all! Duh~! Lol Please enjoy the part 3 to this angst :D Thanks for semi requesting! -Admin Satori <3

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3

Tsukishima Kei:

The moment you closed the door behind you, you felt… wrong. Like you didn’t belong in the house anymore. As if you didn’t belong anywhere near Tsukishima. But you were tired, so you pushed those negative feelings away as you trudged over to the couch, pulling the throw blanket off the back of the couch and wrapping it around yourself before you fell asleep. Your dreams were filled with memories; Tsukishima listening to your confession; Your first awkward date; The first time you slept over at his house; The day you told him you loved him….. None of them were of him doing something for you.

It was only 3 hours later that you sat up quickly on the couch, rubbing your eyes sleepily before walking back to the front door and pulling your shoes on. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and walked out the house, texting him and asking where he was. You wanted to see him again. And you almost sprinted towards his destination when your phone not a few seconds later.

You didn’t know Tsukishima was watching you from his bedroom window, his golden eyes watching the small quirk in your lips as you stared down at your phone. He frowned deeply and drew his blinds closed before crawling back into bed, knowing he had really messed up if you hadn’t even come to check on him before leaving. Did you even want to mend the wounds he felt he caused in your heart? Did you even want to talk to him? …. Did you still love him after being wooed by that Seijoh third year last night?

You panted loudly from the long walk from Tsukishima’s house to the doors in front of you, sliding them open and apologizing for the intrusion when a tall boy with light pink hair turned to see you in the doorway. “I’m sorry.” You apologized again, blushing a bit when the boy turned to look at someone across the gym with a knowing smirk. When you turned to see who he was looking at, you couldn’t help but blush deeper at the sight of Matsukawa looking at you with surprise. He hadn’t expected you to come all the way to the Seijoh gym once he’d told you where he was.

“_____? What are you doing here?” Matsukawa asked as he walked over to you, pushing the pink haired boy’s interested shit eating smiling face out of the way and out of his business. “Did you talk to that middle blocker of yours?” He asked curiously, waving off his friend as he walked out of the gym with you.

“No…. He wasn’t awake when I left…” You lied. You’d chickened out. Just the idea of seeing Tsukishima and having him ask about your whereabouts…. You internally snorted, who were you kidding? Tsukishima didn’t care. He hadn’t wanted you around, and you think he was worried about where you were? You frowned deeply and shook your head to yourself, there was no way in hell that he would have even thought about you after such a terrible argument. He probably fell asleep without a care in the world once you’d left the house.

But how were you to know that he had worried about you? Had gone out to search for you? To bring you home.

Matsukawa didn’t believe you for a second, knowing from how you’d been the night before that you hadn’t checked. You hadn’t even tried. He sighed and rubbed the back of his head as he started to walk ahead of you, turning his head to look at you out of the corner of his eye when you called his name with confusion, “Hmm? Come on, let’s go talk to him then. Can’t have you without a place to stay, right? I’ll help you move your stuff.” He explained with a shrug, smiling to himself as you caught up quickly.

You were terrified. Shaking as you walked beside Matsukawa all the way back to Tsukishima’s house, feeling a déjà vu wash over you. Only this time, you weren’t as determined to put an end to what had started to unfurl. “I….” You started off, seeing Matsukawa turn his head to watch you struggle to look for what you wanted to say, “I…. I don’t want to hurt him…” You whispered, gulping loudly when Tsukishima’s house came into view as you turned down his road. “I love him…. I love him so much, and I don’t want to hurt him.” Your lip trembled, your eyebrows furrowing, “But I have to put a stop before one of us breaks…” You took a deep breath, ignoring how shaky it sounded, trying your hardest to steel your nerves as you got to Tsukishima’s front door.

“Hey…” Matsukawa’s voice called gently, making you look over at him with confusion. He smiled at you gently before nodding, “I’m right here.” He assured, letting you know that you didn’t have to work through this alone. He was there to lend you a shoulder to cry on like the night before or an ear to listen like you’d been using this whole time.

His words were so sincere, so genuine that you were almost brought to tears. You hadn’t heard a kindness like that in so long. You sniffled and nodded to him, wiping at your eyes quickly in case some tears had escaped your notice before turning and opening the front door, stepping in with Matsukawa right behind you.

You wished you had taken a little longer to get there. Or taken a little longer to get to Seijoh earlier. Something to get a different view than what you had as you opened the door.

Tsukishima had just come down the stairs, which were directly behind the front door. He was standing there, waiting, when you opened the door to his house, a irkingly familiar boy behind you. Tsukishima stared at you both with wide eyes, having not expected you to come back to flaunt your new toy so soon after you’d left that morning. But he held his tongue, keeping his eyes on you and not the intruder you’d brought with you, “Good morning, ______. I see you already got a head start in the day.” Tsukishima stated simply, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched you take off your shoes and step further inside. He didn’t even acknowledge your friend as you stepped forward and wrapped your shaky arms around Tsukishima in an awkward hug before pulling back.

“I have….” You murmured quietly, feeling yourself shrink under his gaze. You wanted to badly to run and hide behind Matsukawa before Tsukishima could turn nasty and say some cruel things to you. But you held your ground. “Kei…. I feel that…. After our argument, last night…. That we need time.” You whispered, looking down at your hands clasped in front of you. “We’re fighting too often, Kei…. And I don’t want us to burn up in flames…. I don’t want to hurt you.” You whispered, closing your eyes tightly as you took a deep breath. “So, that’s why…. I’m going to be leaving. I brought Issei with me to help me get some of my things out of your house.” You explained.

“You’re going to be going to his place then?” Tsukishima couldn’t help but suddenly ask, watching your face flush with embarrassment, “Hmmm, had this always been the plan?” He pondered loudly, his golden eyes watching as you shook your head quickly.

This wasn’t going to end if you didn’t shut down his bitter words now. “No! That’s not it at all, Kei! Shut up and listen to me for once, will you?” You looked up at him with fire in your eyes, making the tall blond step back a bit in surprise. “I love you, Kei. No matter how much you hurt me with teases and your mean words or observations. No matter how many times I’ve held back my tears because of something you’ve said. I have loved you with all my heart ever since I first met you.” You stated seriously, your tone sharp but genuine. You weren’t going to let him beat you down with his words right now. “I’m moving my things out of your house and I’m moving into Yachi’s mom’s apartment until my parents get back from out of town and my house is done being renovated.” You finished, your eyes watching him like a hawk for any signs of understanding. His expression was blank though. He gave nothing away. You didn’t expect him to, though, you knew he didn’t care. If he wanted to push you away so damn hard, you’d go away without a fight. With that in mind, you let out a deep sigh, “So please… Do not stand in my way as I take my things and go.” You whispered as you walked past him up the stairs and into his room to get your items.

Tsukishima wasted no time as he stood slightly above Matsukawa due to the step from the front door to the interior of his house, “What’s an old man like you doing flirting with a first year? How sad. You couldn’t find some hole in the wall to entertain yourself with?” Tsukishima smirked down at Matsukawa, his eyebrows furrowing upward and his eyes showing just how bitter he was deep down. Bitter that Matsukawa had been there to comfort you and not him. Why couldn’t he have gone after you sooner? Maybe you wouldn’t be leaving him if he had.

But Matsukawa wasn’t one to back down from a challenge. He let his sleepy eyes stare up at the barely taller than him blond, knowing he was about the same height if he stepped up on the same level. But he stayed lower. Stayed just below the blonds current eyelevel as he let a lazy smirk tug at his lips, “Maybe this old man wouldn’t have had a chance if the inexperienced boy had known what he was doing.” He stated easily. If Tsukishima wanted a pissing contest, he’d found his match in Matsukawa. “_____ came to me this morning, kid. Didn’t even check up on you.” Matsukawa pointed out, raising a thick eyebrow at the blond who looked winded at the reminder, “Makes me wonder just how badly you must have hurt her to make her run into the arms of such an old man, as you say I am.”

The blond middle blocker looked away from the sleepy third year, biting his bottom lip roughly and feeling his heart crumble bit by bit in his heart at Matsukawa’s words. He knew he was right. But that didn’t mean he had to like it. “She left me…. She’ll leave you, too.” Tsukishima muttered, his threat as sharp as his words.

“She’s not the reason she left you.” Matusakwa answered back almost immediately, making Tsukishima send a quick glare at him just as you were coming down the stairs with your backpack full of clothing and memories. Matsukawa’s sleepy eyes watched you, his lazy smirk turning into a calming smile, “Got everything?” He asked evenly as he reached out and took the backpack from you gently, slinging it over his shoulder and watching you put your shoes back on.

You nodded before standing up next to him, feeling a familiar gaze bore into the side of your face. “Um…. Issei….” You whispered, feeling your face heat a bit every time you called him by his first name, “Do you think you could…. Give me and Kei a few minutes?” You asked, looking up at his sweet smile, his drowsy eyes looking down at you with understanding; You briefly wondered how sleepy his eyes really looked when he was first waking up, but quickly shook that thought out of your head. Now was definitely not the time for that.

Matsukawa nodded, “I’ll be outside.” He assured as he turned and walked out the door, closing it softly behind him.

Now was the time. You could already feel your tears brimming as you turned to face Tsukishima, seeing that he wasn’t looking at you but at his closed front door with a scowl on his face. “Kei.” You called quietly, feeling your heart stop when his golden eyes slowly met yours, “Don’t be mad at him…. He hasn’t done anything to deserve your mean face.” You whispered, staring up at him pleadingly, “He’s been very kind and understanding… and it’s not about him, anyway… This is about us….” You reminded quietly. You could see he wanted to say something biting back, but you didn’t let him, “Kei, I love you. I love you so much, and I only want what’s best for you. But I can’t just stand by and let you bully me into submission. I know, Kei. I know you’re not overly emotional, and I know you feel things that you think is ‘pathetic’ and ‘weak’ to share with those involved, but it’s not….” You took a shaky inhale before staring down at your feet, “I want you to know that this was my idea to leave. No one else’s. There’s never been anyone else but you, Kei.”

It was silent for a few minutes, he was letting you get a hold of your emotions before he answered. Tsukishima took a deep breath before letting his shoulders slack and nodding a bit, “I think… I think it’s a good idea…. For you to leave, I mean.” He muttered, not meeting your eyes when you looked up at him with furrowed eyebrows, “I don’t want to hurt you anymore.” He mumbled before turning so you were staring at the side of his face. “Please be careful.” He glanced at you out of the corner of his eye before nodding and walking into the living room without another word. That was your dismissal from him. The conversation was over and you knew he wanted you out of his house.

The tears fell freely now, your heart lying in shattered pieces at your feet. But there wasn’t time for you to pick it up and put it all together. Before Tsukishima could come back and actually tell you that you could leave now, you turned and left his house, putting your key in his mailbox before walking over to Matsukawa, who was standing on the sidewalk in front of the house. You didn’t say anything and let him wrap an arm around your back so his palm rested on your shoulder and led you down the road quietly. Tsukishima’s eyes were on you, watching you through his living room window as you passed his house, seeing the tears streaming down your face and feeling his own heart completely turning black and cold once the heat of your presence was completely gone from his home. How had it come to this, he thought, how had he messed up so completely that you had literally gone into the arms of another? Maybe this was a wakeup call for him to check his attitude. Maybe it was a sign that he didn’t deserve to be with anyone ever. Maybe he was meant to be alone to simmer in his bitterness and biting remarks. Maybe Matsukawa would treat you better than he ever could.

This wasn’t a goodbye, though, he reminded himself. You may have left him, but you had said you still loved him. This wasn’t the end. He clenched his hands into fists and nodded to himself. He’d have to put a lot of effort into bringing you back to him, but you were worth it. You were worth everything he could give.

Kurotsuki - Colorblind AU

I wrote this thing for Kuroo’s birthday like two weeks ago but didn’t have time to post it :/ 

based to this propmt by @otpprompts​ 

Words: 1.5K+

When he and Tetsurou started dating at the end of his first year of high school, Kei barely knew or better said didn’t give a fuck about color blindness.

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Hey .. Whats your favourite hair colour/style of each of the SHINee members ?

this is a very hard one (may i choose 2/3 for some members??) and hi there!

for onew it’s the triple combo, i really loved him with dark hair

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but i also really loved him with that beautiful blonde hair~~

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yet he still managed to steal my heart with the cotton candy pink^^

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but with jonghyun, the blonde won me over~

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for key, i loved the black, 

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but i had a short affair with his blonde hair~

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for minho, dark hair ALL DAMN DAY

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and lastly, i love taemin with black hair!!!!!! ughhhh he looks so good with it! (but i’m not gonna lie, he looked really cute with blonde)

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