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Request: Shine

Part two to Storm! Honestly I really didn’t expect the response that the first one got, but I was so thrilled!! I started this about four times, trying to get it to a place I wanted it so I could get a satisfying end to the first one, so you’ll have to let me know what you think… maybe even a third part? Let me know!

Word Count: 1,304

It’s good to be home. Despite everything, despite being completely unsure about your future, it’s nice to sleep in the same bed for more than two nights in a row, and it’s nice to know when and where your next meal is going to come from. It’s nice to have Bobby there, someone who knows you inside and out and understands – what isn’t nice is constantly having him lie to Dean for you. You’ discussed it, and more than once it had ended in tears, with you deciding that you didn’t want to face him. Not yet. Maybe not ever.

This limbo, it’s… easier than facing things. Whatever you do, whichever decision you make, it’s going to change your life forever. But while you’re here, admittedly hiding from everything, you’re safe from that change, sheltered from whatever havoc it’s likely to wreak on your life.

You sigh to yourself, rolling over and tugging the duvet up to your chin, enjoying the warmth – that’s another nice thing, not having to be up and out of bed at the crack of dawn every single morning. Bobby has been insisting on you getting proper sleep, and considering that it can take hours for you to fall asleep after tossing and turning constantly, you tend to make up the time in the mornings. You’re just about considering crawling from the bed and heading downstairs for a drink when you hear voices downstairs.

“We need something of hers. Will there be something in her room?”

“I- uh- it’s a mess, I’ll go up and-“

“It’s fine, Bobby, I know what she’s like. The sooner we’re out of here the sooner we can start tracking her properly.”

Dean. It’s him – he’s come for you. It’s been nearly two weeks – it would have come sooner or later. But you’d have appreciated some warning – some time to think about what you want to say.

Bobby doesn’t want to protest – it would give you away. You recognise that, and recognise that he’s giving you a chance to run; to hide, to get away from it all one more time. A substantial part of you wants to – to be able to live the lie you’d begun to persuade yourself of.

For once, you stand your ground, pushing yourself up and out of the bed, wrapping a robe around yourself – you’re not going to face him in just your pyjamas. By the time he makes it up the stairs, you’ve steeled yourself enough that you manage to stop your hands from shaking too much.

The door creaks open, and Dean steps into the room – he notices you instantly, His hands curl into fists and he freezes, just staring at you like you’re some kind of phantom in the night.

“Y/N,” He breathes, your name nothing short of a prayer on his lips. You want to be angry; be vindicated, but all you feel for him is sorrow. You take a half-step backwards, watching as the cogs whir in his brain, “How long have you been here?”

“The whole time.”

“You’ve been safe?” He whispers, words snagging on themselves and tangling like a loose thread. You nod minutely, wrapping your arms around yourself as he shakes his head.

“Very.” You reply, perhaps a little shortly. You find, however, that you have very little to say to him. All of the thoughts you’d had… they’re gone in the face of a real conversation.

“Y/N…” He presses his lips together, “I’m sorry.”

“You always are.” You swallow, taking another step back, “Don’t pretend to care if you don’t. Don’t do it for pity. I don’t want your pity, I don’t want your sympathy.”

“You don’t have it,” He snaps, perhaps a little too vehemently. It surprises you enough that it stops your mind in its tracks for a few moments, “I screwed up. Really, really screwed up.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed.” Just like you don’t notice the tears threatening to brim over, blurring your view like a melted kaleidoscope, “I’m not mad, Dean. I know you think I am.”

“Then what are you?” He insists, raking his hands through his hair, “I know what I said was God-awful. I know I can never take it back. But I was terrified, and-“

“So was I!” You interrupt, staring at him with wide eyes as the tears begin to fall, “I was beyond terrified! You didn’t think that that was my absolute worst fear? For you to completely… do that?”

He can only look at you for a few moments, shaking his head, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry isn’t good enough.” You realise, “Sorry doesn’t cut it. Sorry doesn’t take it back.”

The look of panic on his face is enough to break your heart – above it all, you love him. More than yourself, more than anything – but that doesn’t give him carte blanche to say what he wants and expect you to come running back the minute he realises his mistake.

“I know.” He admits, chest slowly deflating, “I know. And the second you say leave, I’ll go. No questions asked. I wouldn’t blame you.”

“Neither would I.” You agree, slowly unfolding your arms and wiping at your face, before letting them fall to your sides, “But I’m not going to.”

“You’re not?”

“You’re an idiot. We agree on that.” You watch as he nods, taking the hit in the hope of a little redemption – which you can’t help but give him, “And I’m upset. But that doesn’t mean I’m just going to give up. That’s not how this works. That’s never how this worked.”

He shakes his head, agreeing readily – only then do you notice the tears in his eyes – a change. You may as well have handed him a golden goose – he’d have been less thankful for that than anything else.

“Y/N, you don’t- you have no idea.” He says softly, swallowing hard, “You know I’ve always wanted a family. And then you came along and there was a chance, a real chance, of it happening. And now it is… now it might be…” Dean sighs again, “I screw you over. Because that’s what I do. Disappoint the people I love.”

“I’m not going to pity you because of your history of bad choices. That’s your cross to bear.” You inform him softly, but take a slow step forward, “I’m willing to forgive and forget and move on. I want to. What I don’t want is for you to feel coerced or forced into staying. Stay or go, but there’s no in between.”

He takes a deep breath, hesitating, and then shakes his head, “I’m staying. For as long as you’ll have me, I’m here.”

You can’t help but crack a smile, “So that’s that? We’re doing this?”

He nods, this time not hesitating, “Of course. In fact…” It’s the last thing you expect, but before you know it he’s taken both of your hands in his, “Marry me.”


“I love you. I want to be with you forever, I want to make this official. Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?” He rambles, squeezing your hands and offering a tentative smile.

“I’m not marrying you just because I’m pregnant. This isn’t nineteen-thirty-four.” You chastise, and Dean groans, rolling his eyes.

“It’s not because you’re pregnant! Trust me, Y/N, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to be. I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t completely sure of it. I love you. I want to do right by you, because you deserve it. Just let me be romantic and spontaneous, alright?” He insists, his eyes catching yours – and you grin, nodding.

“Yes, then. Yes, I’ll marry you.” You decide, and then he grins, surging forward and taking your face in his hands so he can kiss your lips – and there it is. Past, present, and future, all in one.

And Just Like That... Everything Changed Part 3

Hey loves! Sorry it’s taken me a while to get this out to you! And thankyou for being amazing people who are reading my fics I love you all! xx I hope you liked this chapter and I will start on the next one very soon xxx

the link to part two is here which gives the link to part one as well :)


“Can I see him?” Betty asked the doctor. Her tone was hopeful, exhausted and desperate all at once. 

The doctor hesitated.

“Immediate family only at the moment.”

Her heart dropped and her nails dug into the skin of her palms. She blanched, her lips quivering as the too white walls of the waiting room closed in on her. Her breath was starting to leave her again and the anxiety filled knots in her stomach only coiled tighter as the cracks in her heart that had just closed up a little gaped wide open again. 

“We understand you have regulations Doc, but ah, Jughead’s family aren’t here.” Fred mediated. Betty eyes flitted either side of her suddenly realising she wasn’t alone before the surgeon. Archie and Fred were on one side of her while her mother stood on the other. 

The doctor hesitated again before them, eyes straining and mouth set. 

Her brain kicked into gear and Betty squared her shoulders preparing for a fight. If nothing else Betty Cooper fought for the people she loved and she would undoubtedly fight for Jughead Jones forever. Because that’s what people like them, who had gone through what they’d gone through did. 

“Look I don’t want to be rude but I watched my boyfriend get shot in front of my eyes, bleed out in front of me and die in an ambulance. I’m not taking no for an answer.” Her voice was hard, the darkness giving it a cutting edge that almost scared her. Any other day she would have been terrified to unfurl that part of herself in front of so many people- anyone that wasn’t him- but today she didn’t care. Today she had to embrace her darkness so she could get to the love of her life in the darkest time of his. She needed him, and he needed her and nothing was going to inhibit that.

The doctor’s eyes softened a little after the initial shock of the broken girl’s stone words wore away, sympathy leaking through his professional exterior for the girl who had been through hell and back in less than 24 hours. 

“We’re all he’s got. We are his family.” Archie added sincerely and Betty spared a moment from glaring at the older man before her to shoot a grateful smile at her best friend. 

“Okay,” the man relented “But two at a time please." 

Betty moved with a new energy, one that should not have been possible in her current state of distress and fatigue. The doctor had barely managed to move aside before the determined blonde was pushing through the double doors that led to the ICU rooms. She heard a call of “Room 106” from the distance but she was too far gone to really acknowledge the doctor apprehensively warning those left about the shock of seeing him in such a state.

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A Matter of Pride

AN: Who’s up for a prequel to Mr Holmes

When the bell chimed to announce a visitor, Molly quickly wiped her tears and put away her journal, the ink not yet dry on the page, the relating of the story Colonel Lestrade had conveyed that morning not yet finished. Oh, but how she wished to be alone in her anger and sorrow. That her dearest friend, her beloved cousin, had been cheated of love by that horrible man and his arrogant meddling! 

Hearing footsteps heading toward the sitting room, she stood and composed herself to greet whomever had come with a courteous smile.

The maid opened the door and bobbed a quick curtsy, before stepping out of the way to let the visitor pass.

“Mr Holmes!” Molly stared at him in surprise, a turmoil rising in her chest as she suddenly was faced with the man at the centre of her ire.

“Miss Hooper.” He bowed curtly and she belatedly remembered to curtsy. His usual stoic nature abandoned, he strode past her and laid his top hat on the table, next to her journal. His fingers danced along the wood top and he seemed to be almost manic in his agitation.

“I confess I did not expect to see you again so soon after yesterday,” she said and lowered herself into an armchair, clasping her hands together so he could not see them trembling. She clenched her teeth and reminded herself that she was a lady, perhaps not in a social class that equaled his, but a lady nonetheless. And a lady minded her tongue, spoke softly, and most assuredly would not slap a man unless in defence of her person. No matter how she longed to.

He glanced at her and sat in the chair opposite, crossing his ankle over his knee. For a moment, he remained unnaturally still. Then in a burst of energy, he jumped and began to pace.

“Is everything quite all right?”

“No. It is not,” he snapped. Molly raised her eyebrows.He paced back and forth, breathing quite harshly, before stopping before her and gesturing toward her with an accusing hand. “You are a truly vexing creature, Miss Hooper. And though I have tried, by God, how I have tried, I am unable to overcome these wretched emotions.”

She watched with wide eyes and a pounding heart, as he ran a hand through his curls.

“It is hopeless to fight it, so I have decided to concede defeat and admit that I love you.”

All the colour drained from her face and she wondered if the earth had gone still, so quiet were the seconds after his admission.

But then he began pacing once more, his words flowing together and increasing in speed. “Though it is against my better judgment and all logical sense, there the truth stands. An inconceivable truth, perhaps. After all, a man of my intelligence, status, and class is hardly considered in want of female company. But I have found no use for it. However, I now find myself unable to think of anything else but of you. Despite your lack of familial ties and somewhat unremarkable beauty, I have come to admire your intelligence and comely appearance, an admiration that has swiftly turned to love. So I beg you most fervently to relieve my suffering and consent to be my wife.”

The ticking of the clock on the mantle filled the silence that fell following his declaration. Looking down at her lap, Molly’s heart pounded and she wondered how he could not hear it. This man, this hateful man who had destroyed her beloved cousin’s happiness, stood before her as a man in love, proposing marriage of all things!

Breathing deeply, she considered her words. “I am afraid I must decline.” She spoke calmly, the even tone of her voice belying the racing of her heart. She lifted her gaze to his and prayed for strength. “It was never my intention to vex you so and for that I am sorry.”

He stared at her blankly, as if surprised she had not joyfully accepted his suit. He paced away, leaning on the mantel, before looking back at her. His eyes searched her face. His baritone voice was low and even, but she could hear the timbre of anger underneath. “May I ask why I am to be refused?”

Pushing herself up, she stood as tall as her diminutive stature would allow, relying on her righteous anger to cow the man before her. “Mr Holmes, you have managed to insult me, mock my lack of immediate family, and rob my dearest cousin of her chance for love and happiness.” 

Mr Holmes blanched and blinked repeatedly.

“Still you ask why I would refuse you.” Molly scoffed in an unladylike manner. “Mr Holmes, you could have all the money in the world, but not a single note of it would persuade me to accept you. Had you treated me in a more gentlemanly manner and not been instrumental in breaking my cousin’s heart, my answer might have been more hesitant. And knowing now how horribly you have treated Mr Brook, a man once considered as close to your family as blood, I can assuredly say that you would be the last man on earth I could ever be prevailed upon to marry!”

At the name of his once-friend, Mr Holmes’ face darkened and a fury washed over his regal features. Molly was instantly struck by the thought of how he could change from a wealthy upperclassmen, aloof and cold perhaps, to London’s famous detective, whose very name sent criminals running in fear.

In the silence that followed her exclamation, Molly held her breath in fear that he would let loose his infamous cutting remarks, his mouth parted slightly. But then, he closed it and the muscles in his jaw clenched. His nostrils flared and the agitated, enamored suitor who had entered the room was replaced by the cold, stoic Mr Holmes she was acquainted with. 

“Forgive me for wasting your time. Good day, Miss Hooper,” he said quickly and coldly, then snapped his heels and bowed. Setting his hat on his head, he swept from the room and slammed the door behind him.

Trembling, Molly stared after him, lowering herself slowly onto the chair. A righteous satisfaction filled her, but she was also struck by a sudden disappointment. He hadn’t defended himself at all or given any excuse for his actions, in fact. 

She wondered at that. Was she disappointed that he hadn’t given her the satisfaction of a halfhearted denial, of challenging his excuses? 

Or perhaps she was disappointed that he hadn’t offered her a reason at all that would help her to understand why he had done the things he’d done. A reason that might have led her to reconsider her opinion of him. 

Good Morning EXO: Xiumin

First off, this is the first thing I’ve been about to write all week so regardless of whether or not it’s good I’m proud of myself!

So guys I’m so sorry I’m so naughty but my tumblr friend reminded me about little scenarios I wanted to do awhile ago and asked if she should be the first person and she is too sweet to deny! I’m probably going to make this a whole big thing but for now I’ve got Xiu done and Yeolie on hold. Welcome to Good Morning with EXO! I’ll be doing the other members when I have a chance but I’m giving you all the chance to claim who I haven’t written about, ot12 of course! Just put your name and who you want to be with in the message thing on this post, first come first serve! I will only be writing one chapter per member and I’ll message you later for some details about yourself later!


“Nataly!” A sweet voice calls to me, pulling me out of my fluff wrapped dream I’ve put myself in. But even with that sweetness I burrow myself deeper into the blankets and pillows and pray that he won’t come looking for me. He does. “Baby, I swear to god, if I have to come in there and drag you out of bed again I’m going to make you regret it.”

I snap up in bed to rest on my knees, eyes wide and alert even though I can’t see a thing without my glasses. My blonde curls are a mess and the deep frown on my face doesn’t make me look any better, I turn to see my boyfriend of two years leaning in the doorway with his arms crossed over his chest. “I’m up!” I yell with as much cheerfulness as I can fake. His blurry body swaggers over and holds something out to me. My eyes squint hard making him chuckle.

With ease he unfolds what I now realize are my glasses and slip them on my face, that handsome smile only inches away now becomes clear, “Good morning beautiful.”

As always my heart flutters at his words, “Morning Minnie.”

“You are going to be late to work if you don’t get up and get ready right now.”

I sigh and glance at the clock, “I don’t want to go!” I throw myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He catches me easily, once again chuckling at my childishness. Even though he doesn’t look much older than me, Minseok is actually seven years older than me, though he doesn’t always act like it. Both of us are usually very childish but it usually ends up with Minseok being the adult when needed, unless my friend and her boyfriend Chanyeol are around than the mom in me comes out and suddenly Minnie and I are mom and dad.

“Come on, I have a few drinks I want you to try before you have to go,” He urges, pulling me into the bathroom to get ready. Even though he has been up for thirty minutes he isn’t in much better shape than I am, minus the fact that he looks like a freaking super model right when he wakes up, he is still in his sweat pants and his hair is pointing in every direction.  

“We don’t have time to shower,” I point out when the man starts undressing.

He grins smugly at me, “You don’t have time for a shower, I don’t have to be at the company for another two hours.”

“Wrong!” I tut back with a just as smug grin, “Your schedule got bumped up because of your practice with Mark!”

He stops with his dark blue boxers on and groans, “Nat! You were supposed to remind me of that last night!”

“Well now we just have to leave at the same time! This is perfect! Now we can go to work together!”

I can tell he wants to be mad but he enjoys when we go to work together. Minseok and I met when I first started working at SM as an English tutor and part time mother hen to the trainees and rookie groups. We moved in together a year ago and don’t often get to go in together, twice a week at most. He thinks it’s extremely romantic when we ride the train in secret, holding hands with hats on and our faces mostly covered. I just find his possessiveness of me adorable when he catches someone staring at me too long and blocks my small frame from their view, muttering something under his breath about finding their own girlfriend.

I’m applying my makeup when he comes up behind me and begins to tie my curls into little space buns on top of my head. I have to stop when I begin to giggle at how concentrated he looked. My friend Haley had been showing him how to do them for me since I never manage to get them to look as nice as when she does it. To my surprise he actually makes them look pretty good, that only makes me smile wider at his satisfied grin. He doesn’t bother with his own make up knowing that he is going to practice soon anyway so he just brushes his teeth slowly, watching me while I finish getting ready.

“You’re so beautiful,” He points out randomly after we moved into the bedroom where we both currently getting dressed.

I pause looking down at myself wondering what caused his out burst. In nothing but tights and a black skirt I eye him suspiciously, “Thanks love, you are looking extra handsome today as well.”

He comes over to me, fully dressed in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, “You know I love you right?”

Okay, now I’m confused, “What did you do?”

He blanches, “What makes you think I did something wrong? Can’t I just tell you that you are beautiful and that I love you?”

“Of course,” I kiss him softly, “and I love you with all of my heart but what did you do?”

“Okay so…”

“Ah!” I point at him, “You did do something!”

“I didn’t do anything wrong I just really want you to try these pretty please!”

“Minseok!” I whine. “I hate coffee!”

“But you love me!”

“That has nothing to do with this!

“Pretty please! With a cherry on top!”

I groan but that is all he needs as a sign of victory on his end. He cheers as he scoops me up in his arms and carries me off into the kitchen.

“I need a shirt still!” I remind him.

“After,” He sets me down at the barstool at the counter. There are five little tea cups on the counter and a pot of hot water next to it. “So I got these ready earlier, you need to try them before we go.”

“We have five minutes before we need to leave, can’t this wait until we get home?”

“No! I am not going to give up until I find a coffee you will drink! There has to be one out there that you like.”

I sigh but sit and wait as he pours me five different drinks. This has been my dear Minseok’s mission ever since I told him that I hate coffee. He still finds it mind boggling that I could even say such a thing. When the drinks are ready he pushes them at me one by one, watching my reaction with earnest. The first four I give my usual child like reaction, scrunching up my nose and sticking out my tongue hoping to get the bitter taste out of my mouth. The last one isn’t so bad and when I don’t scrunch my nose Minseok beams at me, “So?”

“It’s not bad,” I answer honestly taking another sip.

“We are getting closer!”

“And we are going to be late.”

He groans but allows me to go back to find a jacket and a shirt. Five minutes later we are heading down the stairs to the subway, our hands intertwined. We surprisingly find two empty spots and quickly claim them. I find myself getting sleepy the moment we sit down. Minseok is wide away with one head phone in and his coffee in his hand. I’ll get my caffeine at the convince store next to the company for now I let myself rest my head on his shoulder and close my eyes. Minseok shifts next to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and placing his other headphone in my ear. I smile. What a great morning.

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hi please know that jesus loves u. no matter what those people on the side of the street with picket signs say, jesus loves u.

Rune Factory 10th Anniversary Week: Day One- The first character you fell in love with

Good evening ~ Iris Blanche - Rune Factory Frontier

I started Rune Factory so many years ago, I wasn’t sure who was my first beloved character XD Since the other one I was hesitating with is my favorite character, I chose to do Iris !

Of all the character, I found her really nice and pure, with a bit of mystery, she always melt my heart~

I can’t help thinking about Enjolras and Jehan singing “You love who you love” from Bonnie & Clyde, thiking about Grantaire and Montparnasse. 


  • “ Yes, you love who you love,                                                                     common sense may say it’s wrong.                                                         There’s a part of him you know is wild,                                                     maybe that’s what made you love him all along.”

Jehan sings Bonnie parts, so you have a beautiful: 

  • “I know my heart, don’t care what people say.”  


  • “Most girls would hate to be standing in my shoes,                               but true love’s something you don’t choose.”
While Enjolras as Blanche not only gets the second 

  • “There’s a part of him you know is wild” 
but also 

  • “ I always knew what I was takin’ on,                                                                       but I always felt that I could change his ways.”

  • “And you never think what’s down the road                                             while the fairytale seems real.”
which is the right amount of pain we always need in our Enjoltaire.

I really wish there was fanart of the BnHA teachers as Pokemon Go leaders \ o /


  • Midnight as Candela  (Valor =  strength & heart ♡ )
  • Eraser Head as Blanche (Mist =  calm analysis & wisdom.)
  • Present Mic as Spark (Instinct = YEAAAAHHHHH!!!! \ o / )

I love all the teams, and their leaders, just as I love all the teachers!

so today i hit a follower milestone and to celebrate, i figured i’d do a follow forever ! thank you to everyone who follows me (*coughs* puts up with me *coughs*), talks to me, reblogs my gifsets, etc etc. you’re all wonderful and you make this fandom such a lovely place to be. i’ve picked primarily x files blogs / blogs who sometimes reblog x files so if you’re not here, that might be why, and i hope you don’t take offense !!  i’ve bolded some of my absolute favorite blogs and i highly recommend checking them all out !

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In which Marianne finds a certain someone’s journal and some very… interesting writing.

(Thanks to the song ideas again everyone. Even if I didn’t use all of them I listened to every one of them for inspiration and I appreciate it so much)

It really hadn’t been her intention to snoop through the personal belongings of her paramour, truly it hadn’t. By the stars, Marainne had a younger sister! She knew the boundaries when it came to touching another’s things.

And really it was his fault for sending her to look through his things to begin with. He had asked her if she could go to thei- his room (his his his she kept reminding herself - it had been almost two months and she had spent near every night in that bed but it was still far too early for that) to find some old book of codes or laws or whatnot for smaller issues.

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Hogwarts Series #3

Summer Break

Mikey: Michael and yourself stood side by side at the last dinner the Hogwarts students would be sharing before you went on holiday break. It was summer time, so you would be gone three months before you would be back at this fantastic school, and back with your best friend. Michael and you had grown quite close over the year, and you were both sad to be leaving. Dinner was just as it always was, fun and you just joked around, Hermione on one side and Michael across from you. He threw a roll at you, as he always did at dinner, and it hit you in the head, as it always did, causing you both to laugh, but it didn’t reach either of your eyes.

Finally it was the day to leave, and five of you were wedged into a compartment, Harry having bought nearly the whole entire cart of sweets. Mikey and you were currently playing Bean Roulette, and he had just eaten earwax, his face contorting in a hilarious expression that made you hold your stomach. “So, what do you plan on doing this summer?” He asked you finally when you’d all settled down and Ron was fas asleep, Harry on his way there, and Hermione reading her books. “I dunno, I’ll probably study a bit, help my parents out around the garden. Maybe I’ll go visit Luna, she said she wanted me to.” You said, picking at the plush seats, and he nodded. “What about you?” You asked, looking up at him through your lashes. “I dunno, probably hang out with Calum, go on a couple family vacations I wish I didn’t have to, play video games. Boring.” “Calum? That second year always with the twins?” You asked, and he nodded. “Yep, that’s the one. We’ve been best friends for nearly our whole lives.” “Oh, that’s cool.” “Yeah, you should come visit me, make the whole summer worth-while.” “It won’t be that bad.” You said, but you were grinning. “Says you.” He snorted, and you smiled. “Pasty?” You asked, grabbing one and holding it out ot him. He accepted it galdly, spliting it with you while you both fell into a comfortable silence.
When you were on the platform, you had your arms around Mikey’s neck because his grandmother was already here to pick him up. You had met her, and she was thrilled because apparently Michael had written about you, but you didn’t mind. You were just sad to be leaving your best friend. “I’ll miss you. Promise you’ll write?” You asked, and he nodded, smiling when he pulled away. “‘Course I will. Keep me from going crazy.” He said, and you smiled before nodding. “Don’t be sad. I’ll see you next year. I gotta go! Bye Y/N!” He called, already pulling away and leaving you behind. You waved at him, turned, and walked away from one of the best school year of your life.

Calum: You locked your room door once again, trying desperately to ignore the screams that came from your parents fighting downstairs. It was constant in the summer, and you were getting extremely upset by it, and confused. You knew your parents didn’t love each other anymore, you’d heard them scream it at each other through whiskey hazes and late summer night heat. It sliced through the thick air in your home and slipped into your brain, a constant reminder that you were the reason they stayed together, and fought, and drank so much. The reason that your father pushed your mother around until she’d hit him back, and it turned into more screaming. You plopped down into your desk chair, pulling out your Potions book, trying your hardest to study, but it didn’t do much good. Just then, a scratching came from your window, and then a thump, and you turned to see Calum’s owl with a note attached to it’s leg.

You immediately let him in, stroking his beak while you untied the note from his leg. “Thanks Wimbley. Here, have a treat.” You said, feeding him ones you bought specifically for him for when Cal sent you letters. These were the best parts of your summer, and he knew that, you’d told him so. You unrolled it, greedily reading over his messy scrawl.
'Y/N, how many time do I have to tell you, it’s not your fault. It’s never been your fault. You can’t make two people not love each other, you just can’t. I know you think that you’ve somehow caused this, but that’s impossible. A girl like you makes two people love each other; not hate.
Besides that, we’re coming to get you. Like, next weekend. I’m staying with the Weasley’s for the second half of the summer, and all of us miss you terribly, according to Fred. But we do really miss you, and Mrs. Weasley would love to meet you. If your parents say it’s okay, we’ll be there and you can spend the rest of the time here. Ron and the twins went on a rescue mission for Harry just two weeks ago, and he’s really happy here, and I think you will be too. Just bring your money and everything, and we’ll all go out and get your school books. Don’t be sad, you know I hate that. I’ll see you soon, love.’

Your heart raced at the note, and even though your parents were fighting, you vaulted down the stairs, interrupting them. “Can I go stay at a friends’ house for the rest of the summer?” “I don’t care.” Your father spat, and you nodded, stumbling back up to your bedroom and pulling out a sheet of parchment. 'My parents said that they don’t care, and the sooner, the better. Please get me out of here. I’ll love you forever.’ You wrote, and meant every word.

Luke: You came down the breakfast table, already dressed and ready even though you shouldn’t have to be for a normal early morning with your family. But everyone was already eating and quiet when you reached the table, and you sat down in your seat, across from your mother, staying silent. Your father had taken to ignoring you, and only your mother would speak to you and ask you if you wanted to go out and do things. That’s why today, you were extremely relieved when she asked if you wanted to go out and search for some new robes and a few new outfits for when you went back to school. It took you only thirty minutes to get ready, and you were out the door after your mother before your brother could go on his schpeel about 'traitorous sisters’.
You were sat with your mum at an ice cream shop, already having been fitted for new robes, when she asked you a question that made your heart sink. “Are you comfortable at home anymore, Love?” She asked you, and you immediately put your food down, blanching. “Um…well I…yeah, I mean, I guess I am…” “I mean not when you’re in your room, shut off from us all.” She said, placing a manicured hand over top of yours. You looked down at your lap, sighing. “Well, no, not really. I understand why father and Draco are always talking down to me, and my father won’t even say anything, but I just don’t want to hear what my brother has to say. It’s not like I asked to be put into Hufflepuff, it just kind of happened.” You said, and your mother gave you a reassuring smile. “I think that you were placed in Hufflepuff because ever since you were little, you’ve always had a knack for putting yourself in other people’s positions, and understanding.” You gave her a gracious smile, a weight having been lifted off your shoulders. That’s when you heard your name being called, and you whipped around to see none other than your best friend Luke coming towards you.

You rose from your chair, embracing him. “Lukey! I did not expect to see you here!” You said, smiling up at him. His hair had grown out over the summer, and while it looked a little funny, he was still as cute as ever. Wait, what? “Yeah, you either! Is this your mum?” He asked, and you turned to see your mother smiling at you two, confused. “Oh, yes. Mum, this is Lucas Hemmings, Luke, this is my mum.” He gave her his charming smile that he saved for when you two were caught or you were in uncomfortable situations. “Hello, Mrs. Malfoy. How are you?” He asked, extending his hand. Surprised, your mother shook it, nodding. “Hello, Lucas. I’m quite fine, how are you?” “Oh, I’m great.” He smiled, and then turned to you. “I’m still surprised. What are you doing here?” “Oh, we went to get me fitted for robes, and we’re going clothing shopping.” “Ah, very nice. I’m here because Humphrey needed new toys and such. And I lost my mum somewhere along the shops.” He chuckled, shoving a hand in his trouser pocket. “Y/N, why don’t you accompany Lucas for a little bit.” Your mother said, and you turned to her, wide-eyed. Your father’d never let you do this. “A-are you sure?” You asked, and she gave you a reassuring nod. “Yes, I have to go pick up something from RosaLee’s for your father. Meet me back here at twelve, so we can go to the clothing shop.” She said, rising from her seat and brushing herself off. Smiling, you leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Thank you, mother.” You said quietly, and then smiled widely at Luke before you both took off through Diagon Alley, this being the best part of your whole summer.

After a really fun time with Luke, you both promised to meet up when you came to get your books. You told him all about what was happening at home, and he told you how his parents had left him with his grandparents and had just gotten back recently. When you had to part in order for you to go back to your mother, you’d never looked forward to school as much as you did then.

Ashton: It had been days since you last heard from Ashton, so you took to busying yourself with Quidditch matches in the garden with your brothers. “You can’t do that, ya ninny, that’s against the rules!” You shouted at Fred and his best friend, Calum. “Shut up, that’s why you’re only a chaser!” “You suck at being keeper, you know that Fredward!” You taunted, the quaffle-which was really a hollowed pumpkin-tucked underneath your arm safely. He gave you a sour expression, then zoomed towards you, abandoning his post, causing the rest of his team to groan in annoyance. With a satisfied expression, you flew towards him, gaining speed before rolling to your right and dodging him, chucking the pumpkin through the chimney pieces on the house, scoring the final point. You cheered, along with the rest of your small team consisting of Harry, Ron, and Ginny. “Best team ever, right?” You said, climbing off your broom and high-fiving everyone. “That’s not fair!” “Hey, it’s my birthday, I should get something I want, right?” you asked, and watched as he tried to fight the grin. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. That still doesn’t count though, considering I already got you your present.” He smiked, causing George and Calum to giggle. “What are you talking about?” You asked, and looked around at everyone. Hermione was just climbing off her broom, having been on the opposing team. “I say it counted, it was a good strategy-” Just then there was a resounding woosh noise, followed by a pop, and you turned to the house just as your mother let out a surprised 'oh!’. That was followed by a voice that made your heart stop. “Hello, Mrs. Weasley, how are you?” Ashton asked, and you could hear him all the way out in the garden.

Squealing, you abandoned your broom and took off toward the back door, slamming it into the wall just as Ashton was pulling away from your mother’s hug, soot in his sandy hair. She dusted him off, and he smiled at her. “Ashton!” You shouted, and he turned to you, grinning from ear to ear. “Surprise?” He said, and you laughed before pulling him into a tight hug. “Happy Birthday, Y/N!” He said, squeezing you, his tall frame dwarfing you. Everyone was crowding into the kitchen, and you turned to them. “You knew?” You asked everyone, who was smiling. “Of course we knew, it’s sort of like your big birthday reveal.” “I can’t believe this. Best birthday ever.” You said, turning back to Ashton to grin at him. “Your father’ll be home from the Ministry in a few hours, and he’ll be here to start cake and presents.” Your mum said, kissing the top of your head. “For now, go outside and do whatever you kids do.” Everyone immediately started groaning, but Ashton and you fell into conversation. “Well, how about another round of Quidditch?” Harry asked, and everyone grumbled in response. “Did I already miss one?” Ashton asked, following everyone outside. “Yeah, we just finished. My team won.” “Yes, but we call Ashton, so now we’ll win!” Fred shouted, and you protested immediately, but they ended up getting Ashton. Of course you won again, because you had Harry, but it didn’t matter, because now you had your best friend back.