i love blaine so much bye!!!!!!!


Blaine and I were pretty famous around the neighbourhood for our duelling Simon Le Bon impressions ~ Cooper Anderson

4 Yrs since Blaine joined Glee #BeginningOfKlaine (They Have come so far)

when they first met, (if you notice Blaine’s jaw dropped slightly when Kurt called him)

Even when they met, you can still tell the admiration and Joy in Blaine’s eyes, even if they were only friends.

lets not forget the flirty duets tradition (#BlaineClearlyFeltAConnection)

and then comes the the legendary Blackbird.

and then their first kiss

(Yup, Blaine definitely had tried hard to control his urge to kiss Kurt because before this they were just friends, this must have been some relief)

we can never forget ‘somewhere only we know’ the first time Kurt said to Blaine 'I’m never saying good bye to you’ :’)

And when Blaine put aside his fears for Kurt

and when they said ’ I Love you’

for the first time

Our babies have been through so much and from then till now, this is called progress

and then lastly comes the most waited moment 


Fic: Kindred Holiday Spirits

KADC prompt day 11: kindred

Telephone fic, 464 words, G.


“Initiate Extraction Plan A.”

“…what? Babe, are you high on hot glue gun fumes again?”

“No, Blaine, I’m out shopping with Rachel and I need you to come get me before one of us ends up in prison. And by ‘one of us,’ I mean 'me.’”

“Oh no. What’s she doing this time?”

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