i love black and white pics of me ok

Hey guys! I wanna say something: Yesterday I saw the new pics of Bill and I was not shocked - I was surprised and proud. Why proud? That’s easy: He’s doing what he wants and he give a shit of stupid comments! This is one of million reasons why I call Bill fckng amazing Kaulitz my biggest inspiration!!! In my opinion the shoot says: “I can wear what I want and it doesn’t matter if I’m a woman or a man!” And I’m so happy, that there are more positives comments. If you don’t like it, constructive criticism is also OK, but the insult is only a big bullshit (keep it to yourself)! And this is an another thing where I really know why I have this alien on my arm.
Bill, you are a great person and an amazing artist! Damn, you made it! 💪 This photoshoot wasn’t only a shoot, it was pure art! I love you babé!

Thanks for tagging me @zigisbisexual 😊
I think it really is a lovely idea! I can only encourage everyone to post a selfie - Don’t be shy! We are basically a big family, right? If you are not comfortable with sharing a pic it’s obviously ok as well.
So here you go! You already know my face in black and white - this is the body to it in color. No shirtless action though haha 😋

Gonna tag a few people just to spread the “news”: @quinn-kelly @elizabethshark @tkxo-ashton @the-light-of-stars @zahranamazis @annyvil @firefly-hwufanficwriter @hollyashton @jakerogers128 @jacobmckenzies @kittenmusicals

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I love black and whites. Even if it’s just their backs here, their jersey numbers identify them and ‘link’ to a memory of each person. This especially feels like the kind of pic they’ll stumble on 5 or 10 years from now and then feel nostalgic about…”Remember that summer we played soccer…”