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Did you know? When octopuses are caught in the act of moving rocks and destroying the hard work of their aquarists, they drop everything and slowly back away like nothing happened.


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(my heart is hurting after this new clip, i want to hug sana and tell her she’s not alone)

high-quality scan of my mitosis, cytokinesis, cell cycle, and tumour formation notes!!!

I apologise for being completely inactive for the past few weeks, May has the biggest struggle of my life. I have honestly just been in survival mode, but I’m so glad I have come so far! There is still a lot more to go (IB ugh) and I am in the middle of my grade 11 finals so wish me luck. It’s so close to summer yet so far because of everything from here to then.

Here are some scans of my bio notes on mitosis, the cell cycle, and tumour formation. Can’t wait to come back onto tumblr, update you all and be active again after this huge load of work :) 

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Hit me with a cool fact of the brain!(short if possible?I have duslexia)Thanks!✨

Ok from where you’re sitting right now I want you to try and slowly scan the room from left to right in one smooth motion. It’s not possible- instead, your eyes move along in little jumps called saccades. Now I want you to lift your pointer finger up and move it along from left to right, following it with your eyes. You’ll now notice your eyes no longer move in saccades but follow your finger in a swift motion known as a “smooth pursuit”. This movement allows our eyes to closely follow a moving object and evolved to aid us in catching prey or keep away from predators. Autistic people, abuse victims and those under the influence of alcohol or drugs often show a lack or defecit of smooth pursuit.

“We have an exam tomorrow, but I need you to hear this new song I wrote for you”