i love bicycles

Anthony Kiedis

“Bicycle bicycle bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride my bike

I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride it where I like”


so this is a thing for west virginia public tv about west virginian history or something in which a kid gets lost in time because of his wacky science uncle’s invention

the kid is young Justin McElroy at age like fuckin 10 or 12 or something

young Clint looks EXACTLY like Travis

btw here’s audio of modern justin talking about his experience

[TRANS] 170412 Seunghoon Fancafe Update

When I ate dinner at school as a student

I hadn’t applied for school dinner because I didn’t stay for study hall. But whenever I had to take make-up classes I ended up staying at school until late at night so I thought it would be best to eat dinner at school. If one of the kids who left early usually ate school dinner, I put in his number and ate. And if none of my friends left early, I just put in any number and ate school dinner. Back in my day, there were no bar codes on the backs of our school IDs, we had to put in our class grade/level (2nd grade, etc.) and our class number to get into school. I don’t know what it’s like these days but I still clearly remember my school days.

School memories 2

From when I was in my second year of high school, I was really into fixed gear bicycles so I saved all I had and bought a bicycle for beginners that cost 550,000 won. I was so fearless that I would ride my bicycle on car roads, I was like an outlaw.. But I was too scared to ride motorbikes ㅜㅜ I wasn’t an iljin (something like a student gangster).

Only I was insane enough to ride my bike into school grounds and park it next to the teacher’s car… One day, I was riding my bike to school and I crashed into a car that was turning right. I should’ve acted like I was seriously injured and collapsed right then and there but I didn’t ㅜㅜ I was young and innocent so I was scared of being late to school and getting scolded for it so I said “I..I’m okay…!!!” and I rushed to school… Can you guys catch that hit-and-run criminal… ㅜㅜ

Anyways, I love bicycles so much that I even wanted to get tattoos of bicycles on my arm. Nowadays, I don’t ride them often because of my bad back!! Hehe Did you guys ever become obsessed with something when you were a student that it turned into a hobby? Excluding stanning WINNER

trans by chrissy96_

it is 6:30 am
when you come to me
crying - no,
more than crying -
shaking apart
in my arms,
in the last hug
i will ever give you;
you will not have them now.
I remember wishing I could
hold you together better;
I think this often, but you see,
I am falling apart myself.
I have been falling apart for years
and yet I have no words when you sit and hate yourself
across the room from me.

you had a father.
you had a father but I don’t know when it is ok
to use the past tense.
I don’t know if it will ever be ok.
all I know is this:
your father was a man
a good man
and you hate yourself for not telling him
that you knew how hard he worked for you
how much he loved you.

and I know this:
my father is a good man.
and I tell him I know how hard he works
but I do not know
how much he loves me.

I do not know how much he loves me:
how could i?
when his love is bicycle helmets,
and the same humour in our mouths.
when I love him
and keep from him the knowledge of
my sexuality, mental illness and broken spine:
his expectations are heavy.
this is the knowledge that would tell me
how much he loves me.
but I am too scared to put it to the test;
I love him too much.
but this is
not about me.

this is about you.
it is about the curious looks
and the plurals and
the way you shoulder your brother’s pain.
the barbed wire:
the distance between you and the coffin
as your uncle stands beside it
(your uncle is a man).
this is about the fact that you will never hug your dad again, and -

(perhaps that is why you do not want my hugs,
I know,
they must be a poor substitute.)

- your voice on the phone,
trembling static, trembling
under the stained glass.
trembling with the laughter
of a joke I told to show you:
here, you can be vulnerable.

a friend visits:
she tells your mother it is
her sixtieth wedding anniversary.