i love being natural

the thing about being a young woman is that they will take everything from you. and i mean everything. and they will make it about them. your makeup, your clothes, how much you eat. your attitude, your hairstyle, your gym routine. they will take your driving and your train stations and your video games. your sexuality as sexy, your gender identity as a fetish, your cooking. your tv shows and your high heels and every harmless thing. 

if they cannot eat it, if it does not satisfy them, it will be an immediate shame. they cannot control how much you put food into your body, so it is seen as disgusting. your love of starbucks is your vapid need, your comfortable boots are symbols of your inherent stupidity. your fake nails, your body’s natural cycles, the hair on you. bath bombs, pink, the low singing of women talking about depression. your crazy, your hyper, your laughter, your loud, your excited, your passions. the things which are yours, that do not belong to them, that cannot be taken and devoured like flower petals, cannot be sucked dry until the wilt forms in you. 

do not satisfy them. let them starve. let them shy from the sin of you, the unfettered sinfulness of loving taking up space.

BTS Reaction: You’re insecure about being natural around them

Request:  I love ur blog so much I was super happy to see your request were open again lol 😭❤️ do you think you can do a BTS reaction to their girlfriend being too insecure to be natural around them? Like no makeup, natural hair, etc?

A/N: This is honestly so sweet thank you so much! I can only apologise for the wait, but I really hope it’s worth it for being such a sweetheart <3 xx


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I think Jin would wonder if it was something he was doing wrong as you were so insecure and so he would go out of his way to compliment you, whether it be on your appearance or that your laugh was particularly adorable. Either way he would just try and make you feel comfortable enough around him to be natural without make up or your hair done, but he wouldn’t want to pressure you into it either as he respected that it was your body and your choice. 


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He would watch you finishing off your make up before a date and would look at you and wonder why on earth a girl as beautiful as you both in and out would feel the need to wear so much make up. Of course you looked beautiful with it on too but he started to feel concerned that you felt like you needed it. He would sit next to you and whisper in your ear that you simply didn’t need it but when you explained you wanted to he would leave it at that, leaving a tender kiss on your cheek.


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I think at first Hobi would be concerned, after all his main priority would be making sure you realised how beautiful you truly were and he was confused as to how you couldn’t see that. However, when he realised that you weren’t ready to be naturally beautiful around him yet he would make an effort to learn about your make up, asking you lots of questions and pointing out the ones his make up noonas use to reassure you it was okay.

Rap Monster:

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While Namjoon would definitely appreciate the effort you put into your hair and make up, he would definitely drum into you that it wasn’t necessary and that you could show up bare faced and beautiful. Regardless, you knew the subtle looks and not so subtle heart eyes were a clear indication of how beautiful he thought you were but he would be understanding if you didn’t want to yet. 


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He would regularly play with your hair, loving the feeling of running his hands through it but one day he asked you what your hair was like naturally, when you first woke up in the morning. When you told him you thought it looked awful he dismissed you immediately, still patting your hair tenderly and promising himself that he would see it someday and tell you how beautiful it was.


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Taehyung would beg you to show him your face without make up but when you refused, compromised with maybe a little less make up or a more natural look. When you finally complied he told you how gorgeous you looked and how he could only imagine how radiant you were without it and that he hoped to see it someday before sitting with you and pulling faces in the mirror.


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Little Kook wouldn’t be too sure how to handle your insecurity until he had a brainwave. He walked out the bathroom one day with his hair sticking up everywhere and remnants of your make up strewn over his face with lipstick up to his ears. ‘See Jagi, now you’ve seen me like this you gotta let me see you all natural’ he’d giggle, attempting to wipe his face on your shoulder.

as big of a destiel trash I am, I was still so surprised that Dean was sitting in the back seat with Cas because first of all, that’s Dean we’re talking about when is he ever in the back?

and second, Dean and Sam knew that one of them is going to die by midnight yet Dean chose to sit with Cas

I mean, if it were me, I would be either like “shit my brother is going to die come midnight, I want to spend the rest of the time we have being as close to him as possible”

or the more likely option, becaues knowing Dean he was most likely going to make sure Billie takes him, I would have been like “shit I’m going to die by midnight, I want to spend the rest of the time I have being with the person I love most” so naturally, Dean was next to Cas and I think it speaks volumes


I love being a black girl with glasses.

I love being a black girl who’s loud.

I love being a black girl who’s smart.

I love being a black girl who’s not afraid to voice her opinion.

I love being a black girl who’s conscious.

I love being a black girl who’s beautiful.

I love being a black girl who’s thick.

I love being a black girl who’s witty.

I love being a black girl who’s supportive.

I love being a black girl who’s not afraid to wear weave.

I love being a black girl who’s not afraid to wear her natural hair.

I love being a black girl who’s not afraid to date outside her race, BUT still support and love black men.

I love being a black girl who’s ancestors made it across the middle passage.

I love being a black girl who’s okay with being vulnerable.

I love being a black girl who’s not afraid of being herself.

I love being a black girl. ✊✊

Hello! My name is Spencer.
I’m incredibly shy and a bit anti-social so tumblr is the perfect place for me to make friends, lol. I numb myself with plenty of netflix and sleep the majority of time. But I really love being outdoors and soaking up the natural beauty around us when possible. Come tell me your favorite band and a song I should check out by them, I need new music to listen to. :)

When a Flower Blooms (BTS Witch!Minjoon)

Well I’ve recently been following a lot of BTS ask blogs because these people are so talented and amazing and wonderful people. I actually had the courage to talk to one of the admins for one of these blogs and I decided to take their Au and write a quick minjoon one-shot of their featuring witch!jimin and witch!namjoon. This idea came to me randomly, but I thought it would be cute. So enjoy!

When a flower blooms

I’ve always loved nature. Ever since I was young, I adored being outside and playing in the forest, climbing trees, playing with insects, or even taking a swim in the river bank up the mountain. Many of you might think that nature is rather dull and seemingly lifeless, but as we all know plants are living beings full of as much life as us humans. It’s fascinating because you see I have a gift. I was born with the the ability to speak to plants.

You might wonder how this is even possible, but you see, I’m a witch. My name is Park Jimin and I specialize in spells and potion making with plants and herbs. I attend Bangtang’s Magic University and I’m a Junior. I’m sort of clumsy and shy, but I’m confident in my knowledge in potions and antidotes because no one knows plants better than I do. They’re my friends and they speak to me when I’m lonely. It’s like we have a mutual understanding. I’ve never been a person of many friends, but the plants comfort me which is why I spend most of my free time in the gardens.

You know they say that when a a flower blooms, the way it flourishes is a representation of the feelings of the person caring for them. The flowers listen to your heart and it shows the moment their bud spreads open. If you care for them with love, they bloom beautifully, but one grown with contempt may refuse to bloom or withers before it has the chance to show its beauty.

They understand your feelings when you think no one else does. A flower is the most perceptive plant in nature, but is often misunderstood as weak and fragile when it reality it has a sensitivity no human has ever been able to achieve.

And only they know , that for the longest time, since I enrolled in this university I’ve had a crush on my best friend Kim Namjoon, a senior.


“Jimin-ah!” A voice yells into a blonde’s ear who squeaks and jumps from his kneeling position near a mound of Witch Hazel. His small hands were covered in dirt as he unconsciously clutched onto his purple sweater where his heart should. He gazed up finding Kim Namjoon giving him an apologetic and sheepish smile as the blonde blushed furiously.

“N-Namjoon hyung, you scared me! Ah, my sweater!”, Jimin pouted with a sigh as he wiped away the dirt ad averted his gaze to avoid looking the older male in the eyes. His eyes widened when Namjoon leaned down to help him wipe of the dirt as he passed a hand in his purple locks.

“I’m sorry. It’s just I always see you here in the gardens. No one cares for them the best than you do”, he said appreciatively. The blonde shrugged returning his attention to the plants he’d been covering with new soil.

“I like plants. I always have. But anyways, did you need something, hyung?” Jimin asked as the senior seemed to stay silent in thought. He couldn’t help, but chuckle. Here was the older male known for exceeding in every area of magic and spells, probably the school’s top witch, but he was so forgetful and was known to break anything at an arm’s length that it was kind of ironic.

“Ah! I remember. You haven’t had lunch, right? I saw you run here after class so I know for a fact you must be hungry. I’ve brought some sandwiches we can eat here”, the older motioned proudly as he pulled at his bag and pulled out two napkin wrapped sandwiches.

“Wah! Thank you so much, Joonie hyung. I’m starving”, the blonde chirped as he took the offered meal and began to nibble on it hungrily. They remained in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, hats discarded besides them and cool air fresh on their skin.

“Jiminnie?” The purple head piped in suddenly. The younger looked up at the male in curiosity waiting for what he would say. “When you talk to plants what do you talk about?”

The blonde blushed, coughing awkwardly as he feigned that he was looking out in the distance in thought when in reality he was having a panic attack. “Uh, well. We talk about a lot of things. They like to hear me make most of the talking. They’re content by knowing about my day, and simply listening. Sometimes, they ask questions because well they don’t really see much outside of this garden so I teach them things”, he explained.

The senior hummed in awe. “That’s amazing. No one knows plats better than you do, Minnie”

Jimin simply smiled. And no one was able to make him feel more appreciated than Namjoon. After a few minutes, Namjoon stood and excused himself after realizing he was almost late to class making the younger laugh at how like the male it was to barely make it to class.

As his form disappeared into the crowds of students, Jimin was left to tend to the garden once more.

“Why don’t you tell him”, a tiny voice muttered like a soft whisper. Jimin snapped his head towards the rose bush where the voice had come from one of its flowers. The male blushed and licked his lips nervously.

“I d-don’t know w-hat you’re talking about”, he lied digging his fingers into the dirt as he began to add more of the Witch Hazel into place.
“Jimin-ah, you can’t lie to us, you know that. You have feelings for him”, the rose muttered with a slight giggle. Jimin sighed in defeat, standing from his spot and retrieving a wand from his bag and returning to his place.

After a quick flick of his wand he lifted a watering pot from near the rose bush and let it title as water poured over them. “What am I supposed to tell him, though. I can’t just go up to him and tell him ‘Namjoon hyung, I like you. And I’ve like you since the moment we first met’” he sighed as he let the water pot float towards the other flowers.

“Why can’t you?”He heard one of the red tulips ask as Jimin finally decided he’d finished his work and sat back to give the plants his full attention.

“It’s not that simple. When you like someone it takes great courage to confess your feelings. There’s the fear of rejection and the fear that a friendship, if one exists, can be ruined. I’m scared”, he confessed.

“Jimin-ah, I’m sure the pretty hyung would never hate you even if there was a chance that he didn’t like you. I’m sure of it”, the rose inquired.

“Yeah! We’re rooting for you!” The daisies piped in. The blond couldn’t help, but smile at their excitement, however, they didn’t really understand human relationships. They didn’t know how serious confessing your feelings was.However, he was more than thankful that they were ring extremely supportive.

“Jimin, just give yourself a chance. I know you don’t seemed convinced. You cannot hide your feelings from us. We know. Just tell him. You know him very well and know he’s incapable of hurting you”, the rose motioned once more. The male remained quiet for a bit contemplating this dilemma of his. Namjoon was the friendliest person he knew, the rose was right. His hyung wouldn’t hurt him. He’d probably turn him down gently if that was the case.

“Okay, I’ll try”, he decided hearing small cheers come into his ear like whisperes. Yes, today he’d have the courage to tell his hyung, he had feelings for him. He took a quick breathe as he flicked his wand to bring the watering pot down gently. He stood up, picking up his belongings and running to his room to change.


“Hyung, you’ve been awfully quiet”, a male with strawberry blond hair piped in. Jimin looked up in a daze to look at the younger male who’d called his attention.

“Uh, did you say something, Jungkook?” He asked the male feeling embarrassed all of a sudden. Jungkook rolled his eyes as he pat his hyung on the back assuringly.

“Whatever is bothering you hyung you can always tell me, okay?” The younger motioned with a concerned glance.

The blonde gulped and nodded. “Yes, Kook-ah…Wait!Yah! I’m the hyung here, brat!” He laughed punching the male playfully on the arm. It seemed to get him to direct his attention away from him as they began to focus on their task in front of them.

“Alright, your task today is to come up with a potion remedy for the liver without having a foul taste. You know there are many ways to make such a potion so there is a broad range of correct and incorrect ways to make it. Now make teams of three”, the teacher announced.

“Jimin-ah! Kookie-ah!” A loud and deep voice called from across the room as a broad haired male skipped towards them. Kim Taehyung, Jungkook’s boyfriend and Jimin’s roommate. The male came to hug the two squeezing the life out of them and stealing a kiss for the youngest. Jungkook blushed furiously, hitting him upside the head while the male pouted.

“Hyung, please, not in public”, Jungkook hissed making Taehyung frown and whine like a child.

“It would be Taehyung. Alright, listen up guys. Simple and sweet is the way to go. And don’t get creative again, Tae. Remember what happened last time you put herbs together because you thought the color were pretty”, Jimin deadpanned.

“It looked cool! I didn’t know it would cure constipation or in this case cause diarrhea”, the male piped in defensively. His companions simply rolled their eyes before Jimin continued.

“We’ll be using the chicory root, peppermint, and dandelion. With these three we’ll be helping prevent liver problems as well as stimulate the liver and avoid toxin formation and bile from damaging the liver. The peppermint besides helping the liver will also help with our flavor requirement”, Jimin began to explain as both his partners raced to retrieved their ingredients.

Jimin was in charge of making the potion given that Taehyung was a danger to society and Jungkook was a good distraction to keep the latter at bay from causing trouble. He began to grind the herbs as Taehyung watched him in thought.

“Spit it out, Tae. Unless you want a picture, and I don’t think Kookie would appreciate that”, Jimin chuckled softly.

“Kookie knows my heart belongs to him!” The male chirped as Jungkook pouted and looked away embarrassed. “But now I was wondering how you and Nakmjoon hyung were doing.”

The blonde stopped his ministrations as he directed his attention to Taehyung. “What do you mean? We’re fine like always? Why are you asking?” He began to say nervously as he continued his previous movements.

“What he means is if you’ve confessed to hyung yet. Don’t try denying it, Jimin hyung”, The youngest inquired.

“Look. Can we not talk about this right now? I’m gonna do it today, okay? I’m already nervous as it is. So please”, the blonde motioned as the two younger males fussed in excitement. At least, they seemed excited since they weren’t the ones at risk of rejection.

After the class, Jimin had sent Namjoon a text to meet up at the garden, but just as he pressed send, he noticed the male was already there. The older male looked at his phone and noticed Jimin walk towards him. “Says here you have something important to tell me?” He asked.

The shorter gulped and suddenly all his courage had dissipated. He felt ashamed more than anything that he was going to dismiss the whole thing, but he thought it might just be for the best.

“It was nothing important. I just wanted to hang out”, he lied with a strained smile.

“That’s cool. I’ll go get us a snack so we can talk”, the male smiled brightly as he jogged away. Jimin slumped on the floor feeling tears prick his eyes at how much of a coward he was as he pulled his knees into his chest and rested his forehead on his knees. He would have to live with these feelings for the rest of his time there. It was better for himself.

“Jimin-ah”, a tiny voice whispered. Jimin blinked his stray tears away as he looked up. The roses were calling him. However, he was perplexed that one of the roses ad turned purple.

“What happened to you?” Jimin asked curiously as he crouched near the rose bush. The purple rose giggled as Jimin examined it. It was different than the red roses. Although the the red ones were gorgeous, the purple one was in full bloom and full of life. It was breathtaking.

“I have a message for you,but I need you to come closer. We have tiny voices. This person told me he wanted you to know at all costs”, it explained as Jimin blinked confused, but nonetheless leaned in to hear it.

“I love you too, Jimin-ah. Since the first moment I laid yes on you”

Purple rose….Love at first sight.

Jimin’s eyes widened as it retracted abruptly and stood up. “Who? What? I don’t understand. Who said this?”

“I did, Jimin-ah”, a voice spoke from behind him as the blonde turned around to find Namjoon standing there with a loving smile on his face. Jimin was stuck in place, shock in his expression. “You’re not the only one who can speak to plants, you know”, Namjoon muttered before pulling Jimin into a kiss.
Jimin’s eyes were wide for a few seconds. He must have been dreaming, this had to be a dream, but no. Namjoon was right her kissing him after confessing his feelings like he could never. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him back softly.

After a few seconds, they parted with goofy smiles on their faces. “I love you, Jiminnie. Go out with me?”

“I love you too and yes. I’ll go out with you”, the blonde laughed. It felt so cliché, but perfect all the same.

They say that when a a flower blooms, the way it flourishes is a representation of the feelings of the person caring for them. The flowers listen to your heart and it shows the moment their bud spreads open. If you care for them with love, they bloom beautifully, but one grown with contempt may refuse to bloom or withers before it has the chance to show its beauty.

And the way that purple rose had been in full bloom, made Jimin realize he was probably the most dearest person in Namjoon’s eyes.

I made this for @ask-witch-jiminie I hope you like it! And since this also includes witch Namjoon I’ll tag @ask-witch-namjoon It’s not the best but regardless I hope you enjoy!


Cory, talking about having dates or finding his ideal type among the fans, yes ladies he’s a human being. I love him for being so sincere and natural. 😍😍
We should appreciate the fact that he’s so comfortable taking about this with the fans, without “speeches”, without lies.