i love being an uncle

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I love your Lance hc so much! If you have any spare imagination and time could we get some with him and Coren? I don't see enough about those to being friends!

Love this uncle-nephew duo!!

  • Can you imagine the cheesy nicknames Lance gives Coran? Most of them don’t even make sense lmfao
    • “What’s up my buttery Coran on the cob?”
    • Every time the Castle’s particle barrier goes down Lance starts calling it the ‘Corantic’ and starts humming ‘My Heart Will Go On’
    • Lance busts a move with Coran and calls it the ‘Macorana’ 
  • Coran one day saying “excellent work, my boy!” and internally Lance is like :’) omg but externally he’s like, “Coran… you’re my boi as well”
    • Every time they cross paths both just start yelling about their BOI 
  • They sneak a space siren past Allura and Shiro whenever possible, it’s their favorite game to play. They laugh until they cry every time the Castle goes into battle and Lance’s longest ‘yeah boy’ ever starts blasting from the speakers.
  • Coran voice: Anime is real, right?
    • Lance: (………. What do I tell him……….?)
  • Vent sessions… They have a lot of homesickness to work through. And then they watch these weird Altean romcoms that Coran has stashed throughout the castle. Lance has no idea what he’s watching but he still cries anyway.
  • Occasionally they like to play a version of Two Truths and a Lie where they each have to state three ridiculous facts about their home planets and the other has to figure out which one is total bs
    • Lance: Okay, final fact: on Earth, no one can shapeshift like Allura can. Instead, we get something called cosmetic surgery to totally change the way we look. Permanently.
    • Coran: No, no that’s got to be- That has to be the lie. You’re kidding me, right? Why on Altea would anyone willingly subject themselves to that?!
    • Lance: Nope! Totally true!
    • Coran: And you all really just, lose teeth, and it’s considered completely normal?
    • Lance: Yep!
    • Coran: Which means… Really? Humans still haven’t completely explored their own planet? What have you lot been doing for the past millennia?!
  • On that note, can you imagine how freaked out Coran would be about the concept of braces?
  • I feel like they would kind of enable each other lmfao… They give Shiro and Allura gray(er) hairs.
    • Lance: Bet you can’t wrestle that weird looking alien.
    • Coran: … Hold my nunville.
    • Lance: LMAO
  • Lance wants to know how Coran grew such an excellent mustache and takes rigorous notes as Coran waxes poetic on the art of growing mustaches. A few years later, Lance finally gives up the ghost and settles for growing an okay beard instead. Coran cries real tears over this betrayal.
  • They go out of their way stage ridiculous rescues for each other. After Lance gets beaten up during episode 4, Coran swears to return the favor, and eventually HE ends up getting gravely injured saving Lance’s life. Who then solemnly promises to save Coran back one day. And then he does, because they live dangerous lives. So then Coran vows to protect Lance in turn. And then he does. And then Lance needs to pay him back. Which he does. And so on.
    • It’s half ‘This guy is my friend/family and I want him to live’ and half ‘like hell I’ll let HIM be the sole hero, someone hold my nunville’
  • Lance suggests putting the spaceship equivalent of a bumper sticker on the back of the Castle. Coran decides right then and there that Lance MUST be the smartest paladin, because like… Holy shit.

’Cause I’ve seen twilight

I was stained by a role
In a day not my own
But as you walked into my life
You showed what needed to be shown
I always knew what was right
I just didn’t know that I might
Peel away and choose to see
With such a different sight

Happy Jenny Calendar Day! @dreadfulcalendarwoman

Yamcha is the resident uncle and you cannot convince me otherwise! Thanks to @goldhund, I just had to sketch something! More on the way later most likely!

What is the problem?

Okay, to cut to the point; I am a believer of the Qrow is Ruby’s father theory. I don’t care whether it’s been denied by Monty (Rest in Peace) and Miles and Kerry it’s a theory that I support. In much the same way people might ship a non-canon ship, I support this non-canon theory.

Now there is just one teeny thing I don’t get; Why. Are. People. So. Salty. About. This. Theory?!

It’s a THEORY.

And it’s also a ship (Flown North, Summer x Qrow, Qrose, Hummingbird, whatever you want to call it)

I like this theory a lot, regardless of it being canon or in this case NOT being canon, though I do love Qrow as the cool Uncle figure of the Rose/Xiao Long/Branwen family. He’s a great uncle to Yang and Ruby I know, but I kinda like the idea of Summer and Qrow being a thing.

I won’t push this theory on you but for the love of Salem; PLEASE STOP HATING ON THOSE WHO SUPPORT IT. I have felt personally attacked for supporting this theory in much the same way as I felt attacked by a larger number of fans when I said that I supported Blacksun as a ship (though if Bumblebee becomes canon I will be ecastic I just prefer Blacksun). If you don’t support it that’s fine. It’s a theory.

Just please stop attacking those who do.

Rant Over. Maddstar Out.

just some good things

1) today was Mike’s birthday so I bought a half-cake and we had a small party and it was Nice and I was surrounded by nice people and I just :)

2) I went to take a nap (bc today is my FOREVER day where I’m on campus early but don’t have class until 5pm) and apparently Mike took a snapchat of me sleeping and sent it to st8 bro, because “I thought he’d like to know” (or: literally everyone knows that str8 bro is my Dad)

3) str8 bro drove me home again tonight and our conversation had the following path: swinging, tinder, are handjobs gay, are circle jerks gay, locker rooms are weirdly sexually charged homosocial spaces, masculinity is Wild. all of with str8 bro trying his damndest to not be overtly homophobic (but still being vaguely homophobic bc he’s a str8 dude) and it was just like. :) :) :) 

I love my people, basically, and I’m so grateful for them and also you all, because you are also my people and I love you a lot

Okay but like imagine when Noodle was like really young 2D and Russel used to give her little kisses on top of her head sometimes and she’s like, “I wanna do that,” so one day she sees 2D in the hallway by his room and she gestures to him like she wants to tell him a secret so he crouches down and she plants a lil smooch on his head
And later he hoists her up on his shoulders and she gives one to Russel too

Looking up Skywalker/Solo family trees made me sad because all of them seem to stop at Ben Skywalker, therefore dismissing the BEST Skywalker dudes in the EU really ?? The ginger dude who whore the most undecent v-necks in the galaxy. The biker dude with a handlebar moustache who rescued kittens and made prostethics for the disabled. The pirate dude who was about nothing but space drugs and surfer hair !! what about thOSE

So we all know Mabel loves 80s music and stuff. And we all know Ford was sucked into the portal in the early 80s (1982). He obviously missed out on most of the 80s stuff (as well as everything else after, I know). But just imagine Mabel just giving him a big lecture over what happened after (the portal incident) in the 80s—more specifically all the 80s songs and artists she loves. Just imagine it.

And then Ford shares his personal favorites from the 70s, and Mabel is now obsessed with 70s music too.