i love being 23

i love laura kinney. i love x-23. i love laura kinney not being sexualised. i love laura kinney canon that doesn’t adapt the prostitute storyline. i love media that draws from her original evo appearance. i love laura kinney so much.


Hollstein 30 Day OTP Challenge Masterpost

  1. Holding Hands
  2. Cuddling
  3. Watching a Movie
  4. On a Date
  5. Kissing
  6. Wearing Each Other’s Clothes
  7. Cosplaying
  8. Shopping
  9. Hanging Out with Friends
  10. With Animal Ears
  11. Wearing Kigurumis
  12. Making Out
  13. Eating Ice Cream
  14. As animals
  15. In a Different Clothing Style
  16. During Their Morning Rituals
  17. Spooning
  18. Doing Something Together
  19. In Formal Wear
  20. Dancing
  21. Cooking/Baking
  22. In Battle, Side by Side
  23. Arguing
  24. Making Up
  25. Gazing into Each Other’s Eyes
  26. Proposing
  27. On One of their Birthdays
  28. Doing Something Ridiculous
  29. Doing Something Sweet
  30. Doing Something Hot

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couldn’t be smiling more whilst reading your messages, as without Taylor I wouldn’t have any of you beautiful, encouraging people, and all of your kind words!! I have to be up in four hours so I’ll answer more of your messages when I can, thank you for such a lovely start to being 23 xx

Do we really fall hard at 23? Because I’m 23 now, and the last time I felt something was when I was 16. I’m never really sure if that was love. Does being 23 have something in it that makes us feel something again?

are you jasper jordan af?

Blaine's insane.

In the best possible way.

First, he sent a bouquet of flowers to my office today. Which that and Paris would have been totally enough. Really. I’m not that picky.

But then I get home and he got me a few Duchamp ties. And THEN he told me to pick one because, hey, we’re going out to dinner at The Ledbury tonight! And it was divine. There were candles and I had a new tie and we held hands and shared a mille-feuille with mango, vanilla, and lime it was so cheesy and romantic and PERFECT.

We take a cab home and I expect the birthday celebrations to head towards the bedroom but NOOOO. Blaine whips out this gorgeous, GORGEOUS panoramic frame with our vows on either side and a picture from our first dance at our wedding in the middle and it’s gorgeous and pretty and I’m so, so, so lucky.

I love the reaction of Killian being alive in both 4.23 and 5.21

In both situations Emma was taken by surprise. She felt the fear of him being gone. Him being alive in 4.23 was way easier than 5.21 but she still felt the pain of thinking he was gone. In both situations we see that Emma is beyond happy. In 4.23, she was hugging him so hard they fell on the bed. She was giggling with excitement over him being there with her. In 5.21, she didn’t know how to let him talk. She couldn’t stop kissing him and feeling him because she thought he was gone for good. But just like every time, he managed his way back. She was a mix of happy and emotional. She didn’t know whether or not to laugh or cry. Then we have Killian who is enjoying how happy Emma is more than being alive. Even though I hate seeing Killian die, I love these reunions. They remind you how much Emma and Killian mean to each other and that death itself can’t stop them from being together. 

sometimes I feel like I need Jess Mariano stans to explain to me why they love this character so much.

Back in the days during my teenage years I was all over Jess, but then many years later I rewatched Gilmore Girls and I was like “he’s so terrible, why did I love him?” I think being a 23 year old girl makes me see things differently (and in a better way)

I really need an explanation, I can’t remember why I liked him so much.
I’m serious.