i love beck so much!

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I'd just like to say that I'm absolutely in love with how you draw Alana like you put so much detail into her hair and stuff and it's so preTTY AAAAA

im glad u like how i draw her!! alana is the best and i love her with all my heart


Z Nation meme | four relationships [4/4]  —– Doc & 10k

There’s not a lot of people looking out for each other in this world anymore. But you always did [look out for 10k]. So if 10k’s out there, he knows that.

Okay so I’m watching the DEH bootleg and Alana just did that little Waving Through A Window bit in a transition (and how do people hate her? She’s my favorite) and I was just thinking about how she’s like Evan in how she wants be noticed. That’s why she talks too fast and tries to get in every word, that’s why she does so much and tells everyone about it. She wants to be more than the Invisible Girl, and she’s getting away from that the only way she knows how. She and Evan are very similar people. They have the same core motivation, they just go about getting what they want differently. Evan stays in the shadows and is scared of trying anything until he’s comfortable enough to, but Alana gets in the spotlight. She shoves herself there into it because that’s the only way she doesn’t feel totally alone, and even there it can be lonely because, let’s face it, she is kind of adorkable and not everyone is into that. Anyways this is just a comment on how important that little bit is and I love her and now I’ll go back to procrastinating on math homework.

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Oh my lord, yes. My smol boi.

- He’s that kind of guy to make jokes about how gorgeous he is and pretends to be sooo far up his own ass

- But the moment someone makes a joke that pokes at his insecurities he is inconsolable

- You’ve had to tell off Connor a couple of times in private for this

- He doesn’t let anyone know that they got to him, except you

- He gets annoyed when you try to reassure him, he can’t help but think you’re lying

- Stroppy Stroppy Jared.

- But you’re stubborn and you keep telling him he’s perfect because you can’t have him thinking he’s anything less

- He’s constantly telling you to leave it alone and stop saying all these “great but untrue” things about him but he’s secretly hoping you don’t ever stop.

- Don’t worry, you never do.

- One time when it got really bad, you pulled out your laptop and made him wait confused while you made a FrEAkiN PowerPoint presentation on everything you love about him.

- You can’t make his insecurities disappear but my God did that presentation make him laugh. So hard he forgot he was upset

- Sometimes that’s all he needs. A distraction, something/someone to make him smile

- Thank God he has you.

I Turn To You

Prompt: The look in his eyes was something raw and haunting. She saw that same look every time she stared into the mirror.

Warnings: Fluffy and SMUTTY, just the way I like it. And plot I guess… sometimes I just can’t write smut without it :)

Tags: @bladebarnes whose a freaking writing genius and @sexylibrarian1 whose equally talented and encouraged me to start posting my writing

A/N: I LOVE Chris Beck. I don’t understand why there isn’t a lot of Beck fiction out there. He’s like one of the best characters Sebastian has played. Who wouldn’t like an intelligent, sassy nerdy guy who loves space and have the face and body of Sebastian? What else do you need in life?

This is my first shot for writing for Seb so I hope its received well to gauge if I should continue down this road.

He was different. At first, you had pegged it on the time you both had spent away from each other. Two years was a long time to not be around someone, even if it was inevitable. After you both had graduated from your masters programs, he had eagerly been accepted into NASA and you had gone off on your first archaeological dig. Before you had left, he had teased you, saying you were the next Lara Croft and you had fired back that trying to live out his Alien fantasy was never going to happen. No way he’d get selected to go into space. You were pulling his strings - of course he would and he did. Chris was brilliant. It would be ridiculous if he didn’t get selected.

He left three months later, for a journey that would take a year and a half of him away from you and you learn to deal with it. You spent time with his family. You sent him funny videos and wrote him letters you knew he wouldn’t read anytime soon. In return, he sent you videos and funny snippets reminding you that he hadn’t forgotten about you. 

You couldn’t expect more than that. After all, you both were only friends. He wasn’t tied down to you or you to him. It still didn’t help the butterflies from fluttering in your stomach whenever you got a video recording from him, those familiar blue eyes smiling at you as he floated in the air, speaking about how he spent his days and how much he missed you. 

You had loved him since that fateful day you ran into him freshman year in college. He was easy to love -cool blue eyes that drew you in, a smirk that challenged you at any opportunity, dark brown hair that you wanted to run your hands through. But he had made it clear that he only wanted to be friends. And you accepted that.

But now he was different.

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personally i think alana and zoe should be called galaxy gals bc neither of them like plants too much but zoe loves stars and i headcanon she likes all astronomy and alana loves zoe so

💯💯👏👏 OKAY I FEEL YOU!!!! this is so important, so? good? i may have to write a space-themed drabble about these two now omg, let’s do this! #galaxygalsforever

“A long time ago I misjudged someone. I let… friendship cloud judgement, and paid a heavy price… But I didn’t misjudge you, Beck. With you I chose well.”


Nothing calms me down more than this video of Mike singing one of my favorite Billy Joel songs.