i love beck so much!

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I'd just like to say that I'm absolutely in love with how you draw Alana like you put so much detail into her hair and stuff and it's so preTTY AAAAA

im glad u like how i draw her!! alana is the best and i love her with all my heart



Okay so I’m watching the DEH bootleg and Alana just did that little Waving Through A Window bit in a transition (and how do people hate her? She’s my favorite) and I was just thinking about how she’s like Evan in how she wants be noticed. That’s why she talks too fast and tries to get in every word, that’s why she does so much and tells everyone about it. She wants to be more than the Invisible Girl, and she’s getting away from that the only way she knows how. She and Evan are very similar people. They have the same core motivation, they just go about getting what they want differently. Evan stays in the shadows and is scared of trying anything until he’s comfortable enough to, but Alana gets in the spotlight. She shoves herself there into it because that’s the only way she doesn’t feel totally alone, and even there it can be lonely because, let’s face it, she is kind of adorkable and not everyone is into that. Anyways this is just a comment on how important that little bit is and I love her and now I’ll go back to procrastinating on math homework.

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personally i think alana and zoe should be called galaxy gals bc neither of them like plants too much but zoe loves stars and i headcanon she likes all astronomy and alana loves zoe so

💯💯👏👏 OKAY I FEEL YOU!!!! this is so important, so? good? i may have to write a space-themed drabble about these two now omg, let’s do this! #galaxygalsforever

Dear Evan Hansen Videochatting Headcannons:

  • Before he calls anyone or anyone calls him, Evan has to make sure the lighting is perfect, and he’s framed properly, so that he can look his best and no one will judge him.
  • Connor will most likely not wear any pants when talking to someone because he doesn’t feel the need if they can’t see his legs.
  • Jared just uses this time to show whoever he is calling memes and uses as many filters/effects as he can on his face.
  • Zoe talks with anyone at ALL TIMES so she can avoid family time.
  • Alana is always too busy with school work or extra curriculars to talk to people. She does like to talk to Zoe whenever she gets the chance, which is rarely. 

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If Connor and Evan are Tree bros, that means Zoe and Alana are Stargazing sis? If that isn't the cannon ship name, i'm going to riot

I call them gay galaxy gals but…I kinda like the argument you’ve made here, anon. I might start tagging on both. 

idk what their actual ship name is, but fun fact: I ship them 10x harder than Tree bros. Like I love Tree bros but I can sway to like Evan/Zoe and Connor/Jared or Evan/Jared (even Jared/Alana or connor/Alana) without worry. BUT I WILL FUCKING FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS I CAN’T SHIP MY BBY GIRLS 

Appreciation post for Alana Beck

As far as we’ve seen in the show, she’s insanely active in her community and studious, but because of this she has a hard time forming relationships and connecting with people. She gets so much hate from people because she “used Connor’s death for personal gain” but she only used it the same way Evan did. She wanted to feel like she was part of something, where she could connect with people and help them. Just because Evan suffers from extreme anxiety doesn’t mean we can give him a free pass while simultaneously hating on Alana for doing the same thing that Evan did.


Some Ultra-Fluffy Headcanons for Niamh, (@whotheeffisbucky). Ft. Lance Tucker, Steve Rogers, Jefferson, Sugar!Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Tony Stark, TJ Hammond, Chris Beck, and Bucky Barnes.

Lance Tucker

-Such a huge cuddle monster. He will literally snuggle you up in your bed and admire all the Movie Posters everywhere.

-He also loves seeing you all cosied up in his USA Jacket. He recognises it suits you way better than him.

-Whenever he goes out to an event, he wants you on his arm. And loves that one red dress.

-Taking photo’s for his Instagram. He loves your work, so get’s you to edit them, too. Even a certain video which went on his Twitter.

-Admiring that view when he’s working out. He’ll put you underneath him so he can steal kisses.

-Telling any man who comes near you that he loves you and to back off.

-Whenever he feels like you’re a bit self conscious, he’ll take you in his arms and kiss every part of your body, telling you how beautiful you are to him and the world.

-He gets you to read to him. He love your voice.

-Having movie nights where he holds you on his lap so you can snuggle in his chest.

Steve Rogers

-He is just obsessed with you lying on top of him. You’re like his teddy bear and loves you being snugly with him.

-Long, relaxing baths together. Covered in rose petals and bubbles.

-He always leaves the Shield by your bedroom door; it’s soundproof, so it stops the shouting downstairs somewhat.

-Carrying you around the house because you’re a small baby who needs to be protected.

-He literally calls you ‘Doll’ 24/7. It’s saved on his contacts as that.

-He also loves playing with your hair. He’ll run his hands through it and massage your scalp to soothe you.

-Hiding in his warm neck through snuggles.

-He loves making hot chocolate because it was a luxury in his time. Something sweet for you to share.

-Cheek kisses which are super soft.

Jefferson of OUAT

-Matching hats! He wants you both to look super cute, so he gets you your own top hat.

-He can play the piano really well. He learned ‘Another day of Sun,’ from the La La Land soundtrack.

-Wearing his scarves whenever you go out to keep you warm.

-He also loves baking. Cookies are his ultimate favourite. Like you, white chocolate and raspberry.

-Lying in your lap and telling you about Grace.

-Dancing around the house. He’ll put on a song, and you guy will dance together for so long.

-Taking you to see shows at the theatre. He’ll hold your hand throughout it.

-Nose kisses. all speckley and little.

-Rubbing his thumb across your palm when you hold hands.

Sugar!Chris Evans

-Whenever he hears his baby is upset, he is dropping meetings and is straight around to check up on you.

-Giving you the most beautiful presents which are lovely and sentimental.

-Paying for Spa Treatments together. He is super calm with you and loves going to the Spa with you.

-His hand resting on your thigh for warmth and comfort.

-Snuggling up in his apartment watching really bad movies and pushing his work aside for you.

-Sitting between his legs and lying back on his chest to snuggle together.

-Tying his tie around your wrist. It’s a sign that he is always there to protect you.

Kissing your neck in comfort.

-Carrying you to bed and snuggling you when you’re all comfy, reminding you how much he loves you.

Sebastian Stan

-He fell in love with you almost instantly. Just, he was in a quiet place and saw you buying a drink and went up to say hi.

-You recognised him, and he sat with you. He loves hearing you talk all the time.

-Taking you to Movie Premieres and is constantly gushing over how perfect you look.

-Wearing his blazer jacket when it begins to get a little bit cold.

-He once talked about how much he loved your directing and playscripts and on Twitter, the hashtag #WeWantNiamhsMovie was trending.

-He goes to your movie premiere. And is so proud of you.

-The best times are when you’re snuggling together and when he can just hold you and it’s nice and quiet.

-Eskimo kisses. He is one of them people.

-His Instagram feed is soon filled with photo’s of you cuddling, and comments such as ‘My faves’ and ‘Goals.’

Tony Stark

-Whenever you’re feeling a little angry, he let’s you borrow a suit, and can get your anger out in Target Practice.

-Helping you study for Film. He pretends he dosen’t know that much, but he really does.

-Joy riding in his cars. Nice relaxing drives in the evening with the stars above you.

-You guys have so many blanket cuddles, snuggling together. 

-He tickles you with the strange beard of his. But he says your laughter is totally worth it.

-He can also cook pretty damn well. JARVIS Taught him all these cute recipes.

-The amount of times he says ‘I love you,’ because it’s true.

-Forehead kisses. That way he feels like he’s keeping the most important thing safe in his life.

-Interlocking your hands with his and squeezing your fingers in comfort.

TJ Hammond

-You and TJ are best friends for live. You even have the little necklaces with half a heart each and put them together.

-He makes the best movie suggestions. Whenever you have snuggle sessions, he picks out something amazing.

-Making tea together, and clinking glasses.

-He loves that you keep and eye on him and he keeps and eye on you. You’re a good team together.

-Dancing around the flat, but more to rock music, air guitars and everything else.

-’Damn Niamh. If I wasn’t gay, I would totally go for you.’- TJ, 2017.

-You both made a vow to throw out all bad things, and instead you focus on the happiness.

-You keep finding him reading your writing and seeing a cute little smile on his face.

-Wrapping you up in a blanket and calling you his ‘Baby Burrito.’

Chris Beck

-A very big cuddler. He had nearly no physical contact in space, so he likes cuddling you to make up for it.

-Wearing his NASA jumper when you get out the shower because it’s super warm and fluffy.

-Painting a wall in your house like a star system.

-He loves ordering Pizza. For him, Pizza and watching a really cheesy television series is his perfect evening.

-The amount of times he say’s ‘I love you to the moon and back’ ‘Chris, you’ve been to the moon.’

-Introducing you to all his space buddies, because he wants you to know all about his life and how much you mean to him alongside it.

-Sharing Pillows so he can be closer to you.

-Running his hands across your face, and whispering how perfect you are.

-Getting glow in the dark star stickers and sticking them above your bed so it feels like you’re watching the stars in the warmth of home.

Bucky Barnes

-He loves holding your hand with his metal hand because it makes him feel less like a monster.

-Long, lingering kisses. He loves your kisses.

-He loves his time with you. Whether it be reading together, or lying outside on the grass, watching the world go by.

-Going to the library together, and getting lost in the world of books quite happily.

-He loves making pillow forts with you, and then you watch endless movies, hidden away from the world.

-Falling asleep in his arms, and he’ll kiss the top of your head in comfort.

-Nuzzling into his warmth, and he’ll just whisper all these sweet nothings gently in your ear.

-Keeping his arms around you to protect you.

-’I love you Niamh. Never forget that.’