i love baptiste

I will never be over the fact that a dark heavy cloak is associated with general demonic presence bc sometimes I just wanna chill with a swooshy black cape but also pressure stim and I wanna do this without every old-fashioned southern baptist judging me with not-so-sneaky glares

What is Stitchers?

A daisy chain of corpses. A blonde hitting people with random household object. A Fish dad. NSA, bitch. Multiple emotional voids, and daddy issues. That’s really all you need to know.

  • Maggie and Fisher: [can't find Cameron, Kirsten, Camille, or Linus]
  • Fisher: well we tried want to get a pizza or something

Cette série c’est la vie.
Jeudi j’ai vu l’intégrale + la fin au cinéma avec l’équipe du film.
Une tuerie.
*et Shimi mourra