i love banter in general

Finally finished Defenders. Vague impressions (SPOILERS OBVS)

-Jessica and Luke are still great and I love them

-Jessica and Matt’s banter and general relationship was a surprising favorite, especially since Daredevil S2 kinda made me dislike Matt. Turns out what Matt needs is someone who does not take him seriously at all and is constantly making fun of him, but in a not entirely un-affectionate way, and that offsets his boring broodiness. AND JESSICA IS READY TO BE THAT PERSON. THANK YOU JESS.

-why is Danny like this

-seriously why

-I kept expecting them to actually do something with Sigourney Weaver but they never did. she was kinda wasted.

-the whole ~the defenders could be Danny’s family~ thing they were trying to sell was…i mean it didn’t work and not just cuz i’m not too fond of Danny, they just didn’t…I mean they’d known each other TWO DAYS? and spent most of those days arguing and distrusting each other? There are stories where i can buy characters becoming a family in a short amount of time because the relationships are so strong- see Lego Batman, GotG- but this wasn’t one of them.

Matt and Jessica were starting to develop a bro-sis relationship i could buy, and obviously Jess and Luke have history, but for Danny? The only one of the team he even really had a relationship with at all was Luke, and even for that I felt like Luke could be doing something better with his time. 

-i’m sorry Netflix can never be bothered to ever give you logical character motivations Elektra you deserve better

-seriously, killing Stick (finally) and killing Alexandra- yes, she had good reasons for that . But why would she want to destroy New York. what was she even doing??

-that said Misty Colleen and Claire being the dream team was the best and I need them to get their own show. Danny isn’t allowed in it. Luke can guest star though. 

-I liked the idea of the side characters having conversations and bonding with each other, some of them felt so….perfunctory though? like “oh we need the supporting casts to interact lets stick them in a room and make them talk to each other.”

-I liked some of the banter and character stuff but mostly the show was a Mess. not a completely un-enjoyable Mess though, but the final episodes were particularly weak.

-god i hope we’re done with the Hand now i am so tired of that orientalist convoluted mystical bullshit they bring down every show they’re in


Just think twice about the man you’re involved with,
wouldn’t want to see you get hurt.