i love backstage pics

It’s also telling that Liam and Niall didn’t take pictures with fans at the wembley arena, while Harry did. He could have easily said no or remained hidden behind his bodyguards in the backstage and yet he posed with the fan/contestant/whoever she was knowing she would have posted it, despite his face and his eyes and the fact that you could easily tell how much he was suffering and that he cried a lot. I think he wanted to take at least one pic to confirm his presence there considering there’s not much he can do other than this unfortunately, and he knew he was not allowed to be anywhere else publicly around Louis last night. it was a subtle but very clever. The band also didn’t make it about them being there (they would have never, after all) considering they could have taken countless pics with backstage people and fans. I love this. I love that Louis is surrounded by people like them. 

Wine Was NOT Enough......

So, I switched to Bloody Mary’s! As information, Charleston Bloody Mary mix is delish, and I would gladly ship you some if needed!

Anyway, after MUCH thought, review, swearing, sighs, and yes, some teary moments (of course, that could be the Bloody Mary’s!), I AM STILL ON THE SAM & CAIT EXPRESS!! That’s right! I might be locked in the karaoke bar due to excessive winds on deck, but I will bust back out when the wind stops. Here’s why:

Sam and Cait were miserable at the Bafta’s. Once you get past all of the attendees, just watch them, and connect the dots. Sam arrives with his date, and she is in the back seat for heaven’s sake! No helping her out of the car, no escort, nada! Cait arrives with T, and he wondered off someplace holding her purse, as usual.

The posing on the red carpet was awkward, and ONLY when they started talking to EACH other, did we see a glimpse of S&C. The shot of him looking at her with fans was vintage Sam. They were a little stoic as presenters, and appeared as a shell of themselves.

Cut to the big stuff….Cait won, T was just meh, Cait gave a lovely, yet awkward speech, Sam looked dazed, confused, pissed and sad at the same time, with one small acknowledgement to Cait. NO affection towards the alleged gf AT ALL, and everyone, including the dates watched Sam during Cait’s speech. Does that make any sense?? They should have all be ELATED…they were not, so why not?

The coup de gras…..that backstage pic. Sorry, but you do not do this if you are with someone else…period!!! And, they were finally alone together….telling, no?!?

If this was their “coming out” party for the alleged SO’S, it was an EPIC FAIL. Had they been jovial with each other, and even showed an ounce of affection for their dates, then I would say they are just friends and move along. Instead, we saw two wonderful people try very hard to “keep up appearances” and what should have been a celebratory evening (regardless if wins or losses) fall into an abyss of misery that was palpable. That is what breaks my heart.

I am pretty pragmatic, I am not delusional, and I know misery when I see it. I also know love when I see it. That backstage pic showed us that it is still there.

So, I am going to need more than a disinterested purse holder, a backseat driver, and a true show of affection for someone other than S&C themselves to make me disembark.

Now, I need some bread to soak up this liquor. Good night you awesome and wonderful shipsters!!💛💙💚💗❤