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Nothing like giving your love a massage~

This is my Secret Valentine for @stellatiate! Much love!

Please do not repost


this is a totally straight anime


Danny gets Phantom on the weekends makes sense that the text on my birthday is my trash ship

Now that Mark is getting into music...

can we all just say a silent prayer to whatever deity you believe in (if you’re atheist, just pick one for the purposes of this exercise) and ask that Markiplier be introduced to the musical genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda

A Sesshomaru for Valentine’s Day

ANNNNND here he is!! My one true Valentine. 

For the low low price of $00.000000001, here he is, right on your dash!!

Idk what’s wrong with me, I’m sorry lmao

Buut anyways! Pls enjoy this beautiful grumpy boy if you do not have a Valentine, or if you do have a Valentine, or if you just love Sesshomaru like I do. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


List of all my favourite league related blogs that you guys really should check out cus they are really worth it and create amazing content. “Shout out” you could call it. No particular order!!!

wujikadian233 ,artist: Very active and regularly updated blog,creates lots of cool lol fanart and sometimes even short comics.

bloodmooncarnage Jhin roleplayer &  runeterrasjester Shaco roleplayer: These two come as a combo and for good reasons,both are amazing roleplayers but when roleplaying with each other it really turns into a hilarious clown fiesta. Great stuff for a good laughter. 👌 

galaxyhorses ,artist: Lot of amazing “glossy” yordle fanart but also origianl art. Has a super lovely and original artstyle!

fuckinguglyleagueoflegendsart ,artist: The (hideous) content they post makes me cry and i hope it makes you to :^)

uclislol ,artist: Another artist with a unique and interesting artsyle that i have never seen before!All their art is lol related.

leglinka ,artist: Their technique of shading/painting is incredible, they do lot of funny art/short comics.

lol-lockscreens ,editor: They create amazing phone backgrounds of all champions! They also link all artists works used in their backgrounds which is super cool!

moruboru ,artist: meme lord, lotsa cool jhin art  👌 👌 👌 (beware,you will find the most random shit on their blog lmfao)

thesandqrator , Nasus roleplayer & artist: Their portrayal of Nasus is just so on point,they stay in character in so many weird situations.Their art is bomb af.

uhaaaalf ,artist: Amazing artist with a very interesting artsyle,mostly draws Thresh,Nasus and Azir.

dajekim ,artist: Really amazing stylized lol fanarts,mostly jhin,zed and shen but other champs to!

prideofnoxus ,roleplayer: Another roleplayer that is just so amazing at portraying their character in many different ways! Also they ship kledinger which is so darn adorable;;;



❝ oh, the printer’s jammed. again. ❞

vampires from VNC (rated)

aka. useless rant about vampires and how much of a story-telling god Jun Mochizuki is

There would be no conspiracy theories (moon is fake, it’s official, no need to further dwell on the landing issue if the land itself doesn’t exist), no life-changing conclusions, no screencaps from canon material. Just babbling and some spoilers (please, be wary if you haven’t had the possibility to catch up with the manga yet!). Everything features my awful grammar and a lot of references to various works of fiction.

TL;DR: the actual rant doesn’t, in fact, include the rating part. I just wanted the title to look cool and relatable. Anyways, I happen to be very passionate about the vampires as a fictional concept and I try to analyse VNC paying special attention to this issue. Also I mention Twilight once or twice.

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I’ve been feeling rough the last couple of days with contractions and Ollie dropping and making me waddle even more and the lack of sleep at night, and C has been so great and perfect and understanding.

When he came home from work today he surprised me with flowers 😭💕💕 they’re all different kinds but he made sure there were white and yellow daisies in there because they’re my favourites and they were in my wedding bouquet and he knows I’m a sentimental sap.

He’s perfect, idk what I did to deserve him 😭😍💕💕

Oh don’t worry darling... Looking is free.

Though a few people have already guessed this, I’m pleased to announce that I wrote Aurora James’ route in Gangsters in Love.

Get it, MC.

Anyway, on a more serious note, it was nerve-wracking to write another f/f route for Voltage. I worried near constantly and I’m sure I drove a few people crazy with it, but I really wanted to make sure Aurora’s route was as good as it could possibly be! 

I’m so excited and relieved to know you all enjoyed her so much, and it was such an honor and a pleasure to write Chance Valentine and Aurora James as the first and last routes to be released for season one! 

I know the overlap between “people who want to romance Chance” and “people who want to romance Aurora” might not be very large, but if you enjoyed Aurora at all I really recommend you also give Chance a chance! (No, I’ll never stop making that joke.) There are a lot of intentional parallels between the routes, and I really did view them as “bookends” for season one. 

Likewise if you loved Chance, you should definitely play Aurora’s route– she comes on strong, but she’s actually very sweet, sincere, and secretly, just a little nerdy. She’ll treat you right– you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

As always, Thanks Voltage for this incredible opportunity!


anonymous asked:

i love your art so much?? like the comics and stuff are fantastic and i'm sndhwahsjsbdjd about them

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Oh my g o d s!!!!!!!!!!

Anon said: Thank you for always providing us with such good soft kiribaku 😍 also, I’m obsessed with the Bakusquad in big comfy sweaters in that last comic! Omg they look so cute

!!!!!!!!!! I’m happy you liked them!!!!!! *O* big comfy sweaters are my weakness, honestly hahaha

Anon said: Hello! I adore your comics, they’re all so good I cri. There’s not a single comic you’ve made that I don’t like. They’re all just so cute and you always draw things I could see happening in canon. It’s like you understand every character so well and is able to draw them in character because of that, if you know what I mean?? And also your art is so pretty and unique I just!? I lov.

Welp count me as a gross sobbing mess on the floor holy heck this ask killed me - thank you??? so much?????? This means a whole damn lot to me!!!! And made my whole day 300x better, really, thank you!!!! <3<3<3

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