i love axl

Teachers are lazy. They know it only takes a day to do a project, but if they gave us assignments every day, they’d have to grade ‘em every day. They don’t want it, we don’t want it…it’s an unspoken agreement. Who are you to mess with the American educational system? We’re not number one in the world for nothing. Suck it, China! It’s why they’ve got to make all our stuff for us.
—  Axl Heck, the Middle S4 Ep. 11
Omg, I just realized that I have to bake a cake on Sunday..

Because it’s Axl’s birthday, and I love Axl.. and because I like cake.

Actually, it’s quite stupid, but it’s a good excuse to bake a cake. I just suck at baking, but whatever. And I’m not even sure we have a kitchen on Sunday, oh no. And I don’t know what cake to bake lol.

Another reason I love Megaman X8
  • Axl is actually useful and I like his character. Axl is more of the precision platformer character, while lacking in fighting. Plus his dodge really helps with Optic Sunflower's big laser attack. While still cocky but he is not annoying like in X7, in fact one of my favorite lines from him is. "You show up late and have the nerve to complain. I can handle a few mavericks by myself anyway" He was talking to Zero and it was not out of hate just normal conversation.

Re-vamp doodle of my handsome mate Panzerdvsn. <3 Possibly a new idea for icon commissions someday?
Tried something a little different with Axle’s hair in this, since his hair was spiked back in his real photo. ^^ I love it. <3

Axle © Panzerdvsn (Miiine… >.>)

Art © SaaraBlitz

jim-morrizon the top three results of my search. None of them are from reliable sources- all of these are blogs. If it was real, there would at least be a reliable article on a reliable website in the top results. Lori could have been lying about it or exaggerating. Don’t hate David just yet. I’m pretty positive it’s just a rumor c: I get it, I worship David too. Even if he did it, you can still like the aspects about him that make you view him so highly and acknowledge his mistakes (which is why I love Axl Rose so much. He’s got a lot of baggage but he’s still a rock legend and one of my biggest idols)

i love you so much.
axl, i don’t think u will ever know how much you’ve done for me and how important you’re to me. i’ve been through hard times, but the hardest was 2 years ago, when i heard guns n’ roses for the first time. i heard the same cd (the recopilatory one) for several times, but i fell in love with you at the time i saw a photo on the internet. life’s full of coincedences, but this one was definitely the best one. i wasn’t even looking for u, but u were on this rock page and i just went crazy for u. guns n’ roses became my fav band, and to avoid thinking about my endless problems, i heard to your songs at all times, watching your videoclips eachday, live concerts..
the only song i’ve cried to was sweet child o’ mine, i wish i had been erin everly.. i love you so much axl. you’re the most amazing person ever, i don’t think you can barely imagine how you’ve saved my life.. thank you, thank you, thank you.
i only dream of meeting you and making you fall in love with me the same way you’ve made me feel like this.. i love you axl, forever and beyond. 💙