i love axl


Okay. This was the most beautiful day of my life! I had never cried that much and honestly they’re like air for me- I can not live without them. Everytime I hear them it makes me feel special… but to see them live is the most alive I’ve ever been. And it was worth waiting in the thunderstorm for 3 hours. ❤😭😭😭❤❤

Letter from Axl to Erin.


     Dear Erin,

        Hi love, how are you doing? It’s just before dawn here in Hamburg and I was thinking of you. And I didn’t want to wake Izzy so I thought I’d be different.

The flights were actually fun. I’m reading my book and trying hard. I just took a much needed hot bath and read a little. It (the book) seems to save me new hope– I feel like maybe someone can finally help and understand me– I don’t feel so alone.

Hamburg seems to be cool. But I’ve noticed the people are much harsher than any place I’ve been- now I know where it really comes from.

Tell Torque and Geneva I love them and will see them soon. Hopefully we will will have talked before you get this note - I love you, and miss you. Thank you for coming back and also for holding me. That is one of the most important and special moments in life.

Wish me luck– I’m gonna get some sleep and hopefully go out and see the stars tonite.

Thinking of you always,