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can you do headcanons for dating roxy morton?

i love my soft gf and kingsman came on tv after australian survivor so i am truly Blessed tonight @havokangel @mvximoff @rax-writes enjoyyy

  • she’s a small gal (5′2″) but you still take it in turns to be the big spoon because everyone wants to be the little spoon sometimes lbr
  • she loves loves loves when you play with her hair 
    • it’ll put her straight to sleep most of the time
    • after a stressful day, she’ll just flop down with her head in your lap and you’ll just start to card your fingers through her hair while she tells you about the day 
    • it’s a Soft Bonding Moment for you both 
  • she loves to cook for you 
    • she’ll make dinner for you both if you’re both at home together
    • you’ll bake cookies and cakes together on weekends
    • it’s just super cute and domestic 
  • she has to be away a lot for work so she’ll buy you flowers if she’s been away for a while
  • she stays in touch as much as she can while she’s working but it’s not always possible 
    • when she’s back you two have super cute date nights
    • she comes to stay at yours and she makes dinner and you watch a movie and cuddle and make out on the couch 
    • ‘missed you, rox’ ‘ i missed you too, love’ 
  • you’re not super touchy feeling in public
    • some hand holding
    • cheek kisses sometimes 
    • the occasional kiss in front of other people 
  • veeeeery touchy feely in private 
    • nose kisses
    • cheek kisses
    • forehead kisses
    • quick giggly kisses
    • soft tender i-missed-you kisses
    • fast urgent let’s-get-to-bed kisses
    • hugs
    • cuddling
    • hand holding
    • impromptu dancing in the kitchen
  • basically you’re just the cutest ever 


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Ed Sheeran on The Project 25/09/2014

*Have I ever told you guys how I love Australian TV interviews or maybe I’m just a little bit bias