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A collection of drawings of my new ocs Sasha and Sacha ;D

Some info on them: They were robot “twins” purchased to be bodyguards for “the boss” and her beloved nephew Tom. When she introduced the robots to her nephew she told him their model numbers Sascha 003 and Sascha 004, and since he was a child at the time he misunderstood and thought both of their names were Sascha. So they were then officially named Sasha (the girl) and Sacha (the boy). Sasha and Sacha lived many years with them until a virus swept through the world, causing robots to turn on humans and kill them. The twins were unaffected since the virus was passed through the internet and they were illegal robots to begin with and were not allowed to connect with the internet. The virus eventually gets suppressed and all human-like robots are officially outlawed. Tom panics, thinking his aunt will turn them in so he runs away with Sasha and Sacha.

I’ve got mORE I COULD SAY but I’ll stop with that ;D I think i want to do kind of a mini comic series with them? i’ll be tagging all stuff as “project sascha” if you want to keep up with it :DD


(Colin Ebeling - Betsey’s son - and his husband Will sandwich Hillary)

I’ve looked at his other Hillary-related Facebook posts and now I’m ugly crying. Happy pride month y'all.

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: Goodness dolly! Good God! Mary and Joseph! Zeus and Hera! Nathaniel Hawthorne! Don't touch her - grab her! Move closer - run away! Kill the snake - leave it alone! Give it some food - don't let it bite her! It's bitten her! It bited her! Come on get moving call an ambulance! Call a scientist! Call my wife! This is ghastly! This is phantasmagorical!
  • Also A Series of Unfortunate Events: It's a curious thing, the death of a loved one. It's like climbing the stairs to your room in the dark, thinking that there is one more stair than there is. And your foot falls through the air, and there is a sickly feeling of dark surprise.

anonymous asked:

Bucky, I'm guessing you fly a lot to missions and stuff and I have a 23 hour flight to New Zealand coming up. Any advice on how to not die of boredom?

1. sleep. 

2. sleep

3. read a book

4. read the briefing you were supplied with before takeoff, or you might ACCIDENTALLY CAPTURE THE WRONG BASE CLINT

5. bother the people sitting near you by singing dirty lyrics to songs they know and love, thereby ruining them forever

6. sleep

7. no matter how bored you get, DO NOT JUMP OUT OF THE PLANE

Jane eyre was truly big mood like rich mysterious weirdo hitting on me?? Falling for him and then about to marry him and his crazy wife comes out of the woodwork… LITERALLY!!! Then I leave him in the most dramatic way possible bc I’m no ones 19th century whore honey!!! Then I bump into my cousins and find out I’m busting open with bills?? Thanks uncle jerry from bumfuck wherever!! Now I’m gonna go back to my now blind sugar daddy?? Have his baby boy???? Like the DRAMA of it all