i love aunt


(Colin Ebeling - Betsey’s son - and his husband Will sandwich Hillary)

I’ve looked at his other Hillary-related Facebook posts and now I’m ugly crying. Happy pride month y'all.

it really annoys me when people push aunt may to the side to glorify tony as this father figure. aunt may and uncle ben both raised peter to be the amazing young man he is today, not tony. aunt may still continued to raise peter incredibly well after uncle ben died. that hero peter parker, that 15 year old boy who wants to help the little guy, who would skip his crush’s party because keeping the world safe is more important. peter parker who has more morals than most adults in this world, was raised by aunt may!! she loves peter and peter loves her and they have such a great relationship. please stop forgetting about her.

after one of the songs that taylor played for us, everybody went silent and taylor spoke mostly to herself for a second like “okayyy what else can I tell you about this song” and I answered “well, the fact that it’s going to win a Grammy” and Taylor laughed and everyone was like “YEAH TRUE” and Taylor replied to me saying “I like that! I love your wishful thinking. I really like that” and it makes me smile every time I think about it

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: Goodness dolly! Good God! Mary and Joseph! Zeus and Hera! Nathaniel Hawthorne! Don't touch her - grab her! Move closer - run away! Kill the snake - leave it alone! Give it some food - don't let it bite her! It's bitten her! It bited her! Come on get moving call an ambulance! Call a scientist! Call my wife! This is ghastly! This is phantasmagorical!
  • Also A Series of Unfortunate Events: It's a curious thing, the death of a loved one. It's like climbing the stairs to your room in the dark, thinking that there is one more stair than there is. And your foot falls through the air, and there is a sickly feeling of dark surprise.

The Danvers sisters and their wives.
(Or: L Corp’s CEO and CFO with their wives.)
(Or: Kryptonians and their humans.)

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taako is bard confirmed justifications: huge asshole, really hot, whenever people see him they get really horny and want to give him all their money

actually so I have a headcanon that taako and lup’s aunt was a bard/rogue multiclass and she taught lup a bunch of rogue stuff and taako a bunch of bard stuff. so yeah, taako is like part bard on his aunt’s side.