i love astronauts

An astronaut travels to a distant world, the residents of which earth had been in contact with for some time previous, and when he lands, he finds that he towers over everything. This planet is somehow not to scale, and the alien residents are small enough to fit in the palm of his hand. But they know of him and had been expecting him. And after a brief adjustment period, the giant astronaut is soon deeply studying the diminutive aliens, while they in turn study him.

But when the time comes that he must return home to deliver his research, will he leave his new friends behind?


“They were a hell of a group. They were the best America had to offer. I think they brought a lot of prestige and honor to their country, I really do. Those first seven led the way. They really are the true pioneers.

They’re very special, each in their own way. Not only to me, but I think to a lot of people. They are national treasures.”

-Dee O’Hara, nurse to NASA astronauts, on the Mercury Seven