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'Grey's Anatomy' star Jessica Capshaw on Arizona's surprising new love interest | EW

Well, that was quick.

After being ghosted by Eliza Minnick in the wake of her firing in the finale, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) drowned her sorrows at the bar in the Grey’s Anatomy premiere. It’s there she meets a beautiful Italian woman named Carina (Stefania Spampinato) — ahem, called it — whom she takes home for a steamy hookup. Well, it’s steamy until Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) walks in and discovers his roomie hooking up with his sister. Yup, meet Carina DeLuca.

Worse for Andrew: Carina is an OBGYN who has come to Seattle to work on her trial to basically create the female Viagra. She has women masturbate in an MRI machine so she can study the female orgasm. That’s not awkward at all for Andrew, right? It’s actually kind of hot for Arizona, though, as evidenced in the premiere. Capshaw dishes on the new romance below.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Arizona hooked up with DeLuca’s sister. What fresh drama is that going to create this season?
JESSICA CAPSHAW: In and of itself, that’s the drama, right, because she gets caught red-handed making out with a girl in her living room, which clearly seems like a normal thing to do when you have a roommate, but she obviously must have gotten a different schedule for DeLuca that week. [Laughs] And he comes in and it’s his sister and his roommate, which of course has got to be incredibly awkward. I also think it plays for the comedy of it because DeLuca, he only knows Arizona in a certain way, and all of a sudden there she is.

We’ve seen Arizona in relationships with Callie and with Eliza. How is this relationship different?
Well, it’s totally different. Listen, every relationship is different, right? In life, nobody has the same relationship, even though you’re the same person who has a relationship with everyone. But I think that this one, she’s Italian, there’s like an English-as-a-first-language sort of romance to it. She’s got this Italian accent and she’s beautiful, and it’s revealed that she is in the hospital for specific research reasons that also make her kind of exotic and sensual and all of this good stuff. I think it’s fun. Who’s to say it’s over the top? It’s not over the top, but it’s very high drama. It’s high stakes and high business.

Does Arizona see this as a fun fling or could there be actually something more there?
That remains to be seen. I do not know. It really makes sense to me, but you have to see what happens between two people, you know? You have to see what kind of chemistry they have, and what do people really respond to in them, and what do you like about it, and what do you not like about it, and does it make you want to see more, does it make you want to see less? And honestly, I don’t think any of the writers are like sitting around waiting for fans to react and then write something new, but I think that it becomes very obvious what’s working and what’s not. So then they sort of adjust. So I think that’s what they will probably do here.

Is Arizona worried dating DeLuca’s sister may damage their relationship?
I don’t think she doesn’t care. I mean, listen, I’ve been a happily married woman for a really long time, but if I think way back into my dating years, didn’t everybody date somebody’s sister or brother, and the brother or sister is never happy about it, but it happens, you know?

It’s better than being ghosted!
Oh, Minnick. Minnick, Minnick, Minnick. Well, listen, this is where truth is not stranger than fiction and where art and real life cross-section because Arizona learns a term that I too, as Jessica, learned that you can be, as a verb, ghosted. You can be left in the dust with no goodbye, nothing, ghosted. It’s like they didn’t exist, like they weren’t real, and they vanished into thin air, and that is what happens to Arizona with Eliza Minnick after all that foreplay and all that by the car kissing; she just leaves her in the dust.

Following that disappearing act, where are we seeing Arizona mindset-wise? Are we seeing a more fun side to her this season?
She thought that she had a little bit of a thing going, so I think she was disappointed when all of a sudden she left, and again, I think she just didn’t even understand that people can do that to each other, just all of a sudden leave. But now I think, from what comes next, her actions show that she’s ready to have copious amounts of fun.

What do you hope to see for Arizona this season?
I would love to see Arizona in a situation with some sort of LGBT youth, and not necessarily like mentoring, but just seeing that aspect of her, vis-à-vis not being a teacher to a doctor, but perhaps being a model for another human and seeing how that plays out. Now that we have introduced the sister, I think it would be really funny to see more of the Arizona-DeLuca home life. I’m surrounded by the most incredible cast, I genuinely love every time I have story lines with anyone, certainly Mr. Jim Pickens — Arizona and the Chief have some really funny stuff that happens with them. I love my sweet Camilla Luddington; any chance to work with her is amazing. I love working with Ellen and Jesse and Sarah and Caterina and insert all the names of our cast there. Jason!

Do we get more of the Arizona-Webber wingman thing this season?
They’ve set up that it’s really funny and interesting to watch Arizona and Webber talk about pretty much anything. I don’t know, maybe I’m flattering myself, but it’s really funny. Whenever we do those scenes, they’re always funny. First of all, you can have him read the phone book and it somehow ends up being funny and serious at the same time. But I think when they get together, there’s just something that happens that’s really just nice to watch. So I can see them having more to do.

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What are your biggest wayhaught hopes for in season 2?

Honest to God truth. I want a sex scene. And I don’t say that because I want to watch them bang. But hers the dealio. I was a huge fan of Lost Girl. Like insanely huge. I’m still a huge fan, it’s one of my go to rewatches when I’m having a shitty day. Anyways. The very first episode I ever saw of Lost Girl was in 2012. I was sicker than shit and had mixed some cold medicine with some other stuff and was high as hell, but like on accident. Also at this time I was an RA (a resident assistant in a dorm building aka I was the student that you came to with your problems or wrote you up if you were in trouble, but I was a cool RA and would be happy to regale stories of that at another time) and that night we had a meeting with all the RAs in the. Holding with our boss who I wasn’t super fond of and I just laid on her living room floor and made snarky comments for the whole hour…because I was high as fuck. And so one of the other RAs was and still is one of my best friends in the entire world. So once the meeting wraps up, our boss tells her to take me to my room before anyone sees me. (Which was only semi successful as there was I girl I was super into and my gay ass ran into on the walk to my room and I tried to hit on her, long story short, she brought me soup the next day) so anyways my best friend takes me to my room but has to then go sit on desk duty, but I when I get sick I catch ‘man colds’ so I didn’t want to be left alone. So she had to go and her solution was to turn my tv on and flip through the channels and find something to amuse me. Now here I need to note, I was still one foot in the closet one foot out and only my best friends and a handful of other people knew I was into girls at this point. Also, I had never heard of Lost Girl. Well she is flipping through the channels and stops on SyFy because I’m into that stuff and it just so happens that Lost Girl was on, specifically the episode in the second season where Bo and Lauren are having really hot passionate sex. Now, up until this point the hottest girl on girl tv scene I have seen is Lexie walking in on Callie and Arizona in the shower. It was before gay marriage was legal after all. So anyways, that one episode of Lost Girl when I was super high got me hooked and he next week all I did was watch this show online. So as many of you know, Emily Andras was a Lost Girl writer for a while and Wynonna Earp is her baby. And I would love a WayHaught sex scene, because I know it will be done right. I also want it, because somewhere, there might be a 19 year old girl, in here dorm room, in maybe North Dakota, who is trying to come out of the closet. And maybe that girl will be flipping through the channels and land on SyFy and Wynonna Earp will be on. And maybe there will be a WayHaught sex scene in the episode she lands on. And maybe just maybe like me, it will help her is more ways than she knows how to express. I hope that answers your question.

Eremology [1/1]

For @katie-dub‘s hub prompt CS + cold. I… don’t know. Just trying to eek out the words I guess! Deserts though. How about ‘em.

850 words of Neverland flangst, because I love it so.

Eremology. The study of deserts.

The year Emma turned ten, she’d slept in five different foster homes, attended six different schools, learned the names of a dozen temporary siblings and forgotten them as soon as the door closed behind her.

The only thing she hadn’t forgotten, were the deserts.

Thing is, you see, when you change school district almost monthly you’re thrown into whatever area of study that grade are following at the time. And that year, over and over, it was deserts.

Sahara, Gobi, Mojave.

The words had slipped off the tongues of half a dozen nameless, faceless teachers, the desks all splintered and worn under her tapping fingers. Katie woz here. Monica hearts Tyler. The names all scored through with a furious compass point when the teachers turned their backs

She hadn’t left her name behind, hadn’t taken anything with her but that endless, listless rote of names.

Kalahari, Chihuahuan, Arabian.

Neverland is about as far from those arid places as it’s possible to get, and yet, lying in her makeshift shelter, her shirt still damp from the sweltering heat of the day, her teeth chattering futilely against the encroaching chill, they’re all she can think about.

Hot by day, cold by night. Lands where unsuspecting travellers could be caught unawares and unprepared. Where the very ground seems out to kill you and your bones would be left to be bleached by the sun, or turned, in this case, into flutes for feral boys.

Like setting the Lord of the Flies in Nevada, she thinks to herself, and snorts with laughter.

“Alright there, Swan?”

And then, as if freezing to death wrapped in a cocoon of your own cooling sweat wasn’t bad enough, there’s him.

The embers of their fire have long since burnt out, so it’s only the reflected light of the few stars that linger in Neverland’s cursed skies against the curve of his hook that she can see in the still darkness. Not that she needs light to see where he is. Not when she can hear him prowling through the shadows of the camp’s perimeter just as he’s taken up residence at the edges of her consciousness, the memory of the heat of his skin the only warmth she can cling to even though she wants - she knows - she should throw it off.

“What’s that?”

“Nothing,” she grumbles, her tongue too slow, too thick for other words. “G’to sleep.”

“Not really advisable, not with Pan lurking about,” she hears his footsteps approach, then stop, shuffle in the leaf litter as though he plans to turn but can’t quite decide how, the glow of steel at the edge of her unsteady vision. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

She huffs, tries to wriggle onto her side to avoid the way she knows he must be staring at her, the little furrow that appears between his brows, the slow, pink slide of tongue against lip as he considers her. She can’t though, her legs won’t obey, her feet too heavy and leaden and numb.

“I’fine,” she lies.

Takes a liar to know one, though.

He moves over her like a shadow, the glint of steel smothered by the darkness as he rests his hand on her cheek. It’s hot as fire, and she finds herself leaning into it, a little moan escaping as she wonders whether it might be worthwhile to burn.

“You’re bloody freezing!”

She mutters discontentedly as he moves away, but in a moment he’s back, something warm and heavy settling over her legs and body, a collar round her throat that chilled fingertips soon recognise.

“Wha’you doin?”

“Keeping you alive, that a problem, is it?” he snaps, the warmth of the coat dulled by the chill in his voice. She imagines the furrow getting deeper, the nervous glance he sends in the direction of her sleeping parents. Of Neal. She remembers the taste of him. The bite of rum. The promise.

A one time thing.

There are deserts in the Arctic, she remembers, where the cold keeps out life as assuredly as the drought.

“Have you,” she stops, licks dry lips with drier tongue, “Have you ever been to a desert?”


“Deserts, you know. They’re - they’re places with nothing - an’ nothing grows. Too dry, or too hot, or too cold. I’m cold.”

“You don’t say,” he murmurs, and then he’s close - too close almost - his breath fanning flames across her face, his skin radiating warmth even through the leather as he stretches out alongside her.

“You’re hot,” she grumbles, and she hears the uptick in his brow, the little smirk at the corner of his mouth.

“Is that so?”

“You’re hot,” she says again, her brain fuzzy from his proximity, pins and needles in her nerves. “And I’m cold.”

“Alright, love,” he says, soft as an Arizona breeze, his fingers leaving scorch marks along her jaw. “I’ve got you, I’ll warm you up. I promise.”

“That’s not what I mean,” she says, tries to say, but the ground is softer beneath her now, her body melting towards his. “That’s not what I -”

When she wakes, though, she’s warm.

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Could u please do an imagine where ur pregnant and Garcia and the girls take ur coffee away from u and force u to have a healthy smoothie and Luke's sitting there laughing but u make him go healthy too 😂😂 I'm watching greys anatomy and Arizona just made Callie drink the 'goop'

Omg I love that scene in Grey’s! I can definitely imagine this one! Enjoy <3

Coffee Ban

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request

Description: You loved coffee. So, if you couldn’t have it…neither could Luke.

An exhausted sigh left your lips as you sank into your chair, hands gripped tightly around the steaming cup of hot coffee. You had never needed the drink more. Your hand drifted to your stomach, fondly tracing the tiny bump.

Even though you were still in the early stages of pregnancy, it was already becoming increasingly uncomfortable for you. Changing your sleeping position and constantly having to get up to go the bathroom had left you tired and slightly irritable.

You took an appreciative sniff of the black liquid, the steam warming your face pleasantly. The relief you got just from its strong scent was almost laughable. You could already feel your senses waking up at the prospect of finally getting to enjoy a cup of coffee.

You sneakily glanced around to check the bullpen was empty. Luke had been dragged off by Garcia, undoubtedly to receive a lecture on how he should be carrying all your bags into work now. All your other coworkers desk were fortunately abandoned, most of them still making their way into the office.

A smug smile played on your face as you victoriously drummed your fingers against the paper cup. Yesterday, you had recruited Reid to your team. His extensive knowledge providing you with all the scientific evidence you needed to prove to your colleagues that you were entitled to one cup of coffee a day – 200mg of caffeine to be precise.

You would savour every last granule.

However, before you managed to get the cup to your mouth, a hand swept in to seize your beloved coffee from you. A shriek of outrage and surprise escaped your lips as you glared angrily up at JJ.

“Excuse you.” You reached forward to swipe the cup back from her, growling in frustration as she took a step back. “Please JJ, I’m tired.”

You decided to resort to whining in the hopes that the blonde would take pity on you. Surely, she understood – having been pregnant twice – not to get in the way of a woman and her coffee.

You heard Emily laugh softly at your dismay, finding your pouting incredibly funny rather than effective. She patted you gently on the shoulder as you smoldered angrily at the three women now surrounding your desk. At least Tara had the decency to conceal her laughter, her shoulders shaking under the strain as she tried to compose herself.

A gasp of disbelief escaped your throat as JJ took a grateful swig of the coffee you had been dreaming about since you had woken up this morning.

“But I’d won. Reid backed me up.” You cried, but your desperate protests only made your team members laugh harder. Your intervention yesterday had apparently gone less well than you had believed.

“Well, Reid’s not here now.” Prentiss told you, smirking at the fury in your eyes as you hissed angrily about how you preferred the BAU’s resident genius to them all anyway.

Tara laughed softly, tapping your leg supportively. “But…we did get you a lovely replacement.”

You shot her a curious glance, genuinely intrigued by what she meant. Maybe, they had found a pregnancy-friendly coffee.

However, your face fell hysterically as Garcia plonked a plastic cup in front of you, the contents extremely unappealing.

“A smoothie?” You uttered the words with absolute distain. “If I wanted fruit I’d eat it. Not drink it crushed up through a straw.” You wrinkled your nose as you shoved the green-coloured mush away from you. Even the smell was making you feel a little nauseous.

“But the wonderful Penelope Garcia went through all this trouble to get you this lovely drink Y/N.” JJ grinned at your evident disgust. After all, they had all expected your resistance to the change in your morning routine.

Ever since you had joined the bureau, a coffee cup had been practically glued to your hand. But, they loved you and were so excited for the new addition to the BAU family, that they had decided to risk your wrath.

You shook your head, folding your arms across your chest determinedly. “I don’t do pulp.” There were few things you believed in more than the fact drinks with bits in them were a repulsive crime.

The arrival of Luke provided you with an opportunity to fight back. As the father of your baby, he had to take your side. If not, he would be sleeping on the sofa for the foreseeable future.

“Luke, tell them I don’t do pulp.”

He chuckled softly, recalling the time when he had accidentally given you freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. The look of horror on your face would be etched in his mind forever.

“You don’t do pulp.” He nodded his head in confirmation at your words, his lips curving upwards into a wide grin.

You smirked victoriously at your female colleagues. But, your victory was short-lived.

“But, they’re trying to help you…and, for what it’s worth, I think the smoothie is a good idea.”

He ducked as you chucked a ball of paper at his head, his shoulders shaking with laughter at your apparent distress.

“Well, seen as you don’t have a womb, your opinion doesn’t count Luke.”

You frowned as you realised that you had given the four women stood beside you ammunition for their argument. An exasperated whine echoed around the room as you poked the straw at the slimy green substance.

They all just laughter at your expense. As you glanced upwards to glare angrily at them, you spotted something which only incensed you further. The coffee cup sitting proudly on Luke’s desk.

“No way.” You pointed accusingly at the drink, motioning for JJ to grab it. “If I can’t have coffee, you can’t have coffee.”

Luke opened his mouth to protest, but you silenced him.

“This-” You gestured down to your stomach. “-is your baby too Agent Alvez. So, no more coffee for you…or alcohol.”

You folded your arms across your chest in satisfaction, raising your eyebrows as if daring him to challenge your order. It was only fair. In fact, you were providing your boyfriend with the perfect opportunity to endorse gender equality.

A sheepish smile spread across his face as he glanced down sadly at his coffee. He knew you had a point. Plus, you adored your morning coffee and he did feel slightly guilty about all the things you had to give up. If it would help you through your pregnancy, he would do it.

“Fine.” He sighed heavily, walking over to reluctantly hand the cup over the JJ. “I’m on a coffee ban with you.”

Knowing smirks played on all the women’s faces as they congratulated themselves on hounding their fellow agent into submission. Even Garcia found it slightly sweet that Luke had sacrificed his coffee for you. Not quite as a noble sacrifice as in fairytales, but all the same.

Luke smiled at you softly as he bent down to press a tender kiss onto your temple.

“I’ll go to find you a smoothie without pulp.”

 As you lovingly stared at his retreating figure, you couldn’t help but realise how lucky you were to have him…despite having to surrender your beloved caffeine.