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Transformers: Prime Episode 8: “Con Job”

Jack: *looks around* Where’s Optimus?

Arcee: Went for a drive… Primes don’t party. 


Over 4,000,000 Years Earlier

Hall of Records Employee: Oh, come on, Orion. You need to lighten up. Come with us to Maccadam’s tonight!

Orion: *waves hand dismissively* Thank you, but I have already made plans.  


A Few Cycles Later

Orion: *sighs as Ariel pets his helm as he rests it in her lap*

Ariel: It would be good for you to go out with them sometime. It can’t hurt at least… I can always come pick you up on the ~hover bike~. 

Orion: Love, you know where I’d always rather be.

Ariel: *smiles and hums softly*

*definition of Pulp Fiction’s “Comfortable Silence*

Orion: Want to go for a drive? 

Ariel: Of course, love. 

You’re an asshole but I love you [FrUK Drabble]

Preface: This drabble was born out of @crispyliza‘s tags for another FrUK fanfic where she expressed her love for Francis centered Fruk. It’s just a drabble and needs editing but I’ll hope it’s what you wished for nonetheless.
Also the title is taken from True Love by P!nk, fight me
Summary: François’ best friend is once more disappointed by her favourite Englishman and comes to him to rant about it.
She’s not alone with her feelings.
Warning: This is an Human AU and set in my Mafia!AU series. It contains major human OCs and minor aph OCs.
Ships: FrUK, Tarielle or Arielle&Tahir, mentioned ScotFra, mentioned UltsterScot, mentioned Railey.

„I hate him so much sometimes, I wish I would have in first place,“ Arielle said after she came into François’ office. Sun was setting over Paris and soon enough, the street lamps outside would turn on and chase the grey-ish blue away.

No one could however probably chase the kind of blue away Arielle felt.

François smiled faintly while his eyebrows arched upwards. “What did Tahir do now? Anything in particular?”

“He exists and rubs me the wrong way!” Arielle said and let herself fall onto one of the armchairs in his office.

He sighed and chuckled quietly, then got up from his office chair and sat next to Arielle. “So it’s just another day of you regretting what is instead of what could be.”

Arielle shot him a suspicious and miffed look; she still didn’t like it when people said she had a crush on Tahir instead of just appreciating him as a friend. Since that one evening in Germany however, she had been opposing those kind of comments less vehemently. François suspected it had something to do with jealousy, especially after the stunt the Englishmen had pulled.

Speaking of Englishmen, it reminded him of the text he had received earlier this day – and tried to forget ever since.

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tell me your thoughts about Ariel!

ariel is perfect in every way 

  • they’re cousins with puck 
  • they love flowers (almost as much as ophelia) 
  • their house is built from driftwood so it smells like the ocean but it’s very warm and cozy during storms 
  • they have the softest skin imaginable and they’re covered in freckles
  • they hang out with caliban (he’s their best friend) and though it takes convincing caliban will always play games and watch the stars with them

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Hello dear, could you do a Draco Malfoy imagine where his wife gave birth to twins ( boy and girl) and his parents come to visit them. They are really happy about being grandparents and please have a special moment with the babys and Draco, and with the reader and Narcissa . Thank you 💙💙💙

Yes! Yes-yes-yes! Have I mentioned ‘yes’? It is a bloody brilliant idea! YES!

[I called the kids Arial and Scorpius]

And I have no idea what I did. But it does sound nice for me.

Name: My little Malfoys

“Y/N, dear,” Narcissa walks into the kids’ room and smiles at you, as you stand by a window holding your son. “Hi. Draco said you were trying to lull the little ones.”

“Oh, only Scorpius. He does not like staying quiet,” you smile, as Narcissa walks up to you and hugs you, gently kissing you on forehead. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Oh, yes,” she carefully takes Scorpius from your hands and rests his head on her elbow, murmuring something very sweet. “Hello beautiful.”

“Does he look a lot like Draco when he was a kid?” you ask her, as you sit down on the couch, Scorpius making annoying, yet sweet sounds.

“Oh yes,” Narcissa smiles, stroking his soft skin. “Not as loud though.”

“So Draco was loud? He says he always was a sweet quiet child,” you lean back, as Narcissa takes your hand and squeezes it slightly.

“I suppose, the two kids are loud enough,” you both smile, quite happy that Arial is asleep in her little cradle. Scorpius starts whimpering, and, as you are about to take him back, Narcissa quickly calms him down. You sigh with relief, and Narcissa looks at you a little suspiciously. “Are you happy, dear?”

“Yeah,” you grin, taking Scorpius’ tiny hand and stroking little fingers. “I am. Exhausted, but… Yeah, I am very happy. Double happy, if I may.”

“You have no idea how happy I am, Y/N,” Narcissa tells you, smiling at Scorpius with so much kindness, you stop wondering how Draco ended up being such a gentle man (at home). “Lucius and I… We have always dreamed of grandkids. And we got two at the same time.”

“Hey,” Draco walks in the room, holding a glass of wine which he hands his mother, then sits down next to you and plants a short kiss on your cheek. “Missed me?”

“You bet,” you turn your head and quickly kiss him. “How is your father?”

“Right,” he grins and turns to his mother. “He got a letter from Director and has to go to the Ministry as soon as possible. He said he would come and say hi to the little Malfoys, but probably then he won’t get out of here until tomorrow morning,” Narcissa sighs and carefully gives you Scorpius. “Sorry, mom. I know that you wanted to spend more time with these little devils.”

“I can still come at some point,” Narcissa smiles at you, strokes Ariel’s forehead, and quickly leaves, hurrying to not make Lucius wait for too long. After the war, Lucius got better, but Azkaban really hurt him mentally, so the man often had anxiety attacks, and you were doing your best to help him.

“How are my Malfoys doing?” he smiles, resting your head on his shoulder. You grin.

“Quite quiet,” you tell him, and a second later, Ariel wakes up. He giggles, as you hand him Scorpius and head to the cradle to pick the girl up. “Hey, Ariel. Why are you upset, sunshine?”

“She just misses her father,” you hear Draco’s comment, so you just return and sit down next to him, murmuring something, as Ariel keeps looking around, as if wondering what is going on. “Oh, come here,” Draco carefully takes her from your hands and gently kisses the tiny nose. “Aren’t you beautiful?” Ariel sneezes.

“Who knew you are such a sweet father?” you ask, trying not to smile.

“You did,” Draco grins, holding both of your kids on his hands, smiling like an idiot. You stay quiet for a few minutes, just listening to the kids breathe, then Draco turns his head to you, pressing his lips against your temple. “Y/N?”


“I know that we don’t sleep a lot now because of two kids, but…” he looks you straight in the eye, as you turn your head to face him. “I love you so much, Y/N. These kids… Scorpius and Ariel… My… Our kids… They make me… very happy.”

“And sleepy,” you add, smiling, as you lean forward and slowly kiss him. Draco grins and kisses you back, resting his fingertip on Ariel’s palm. “I love you, too.”

“She will be the most stunning girl of them all, huh?” he asks quietly, staring your daughter’s face. You smile and nod.

“No doubt… And she will have a twin brother to take care of her when she starts dating,” you see how Draco frowns, not ready to accept that this small ball of happiness will belong to someone else, so you laugh quietly. “I am kidding, Draco. It won’t happen soon. For some time, she will be running around here and throwing food around, as she doesn’t like it.”

“You know,” he adds after a short period of comfortable silence. “I am so… grateful… that Potter killed that moron,” you realize that you are discussing Voldemort. “If it wasn’t him, these two would not be safe. Or born.”

“Because you wouldn’t ever walk up to a muggleborn if you had his eyes on your back,” you nod, resting your chin on his shoulder. “Harry did a great job.”

“True… You think it will be wrong to make him a god-father of Ariel?” Draco asks suddenly. Obviously, he’s been thinking about it for some time now, but he must have really considered other options if he offers he ex-worst enemy. “She will be safe, as no one will go against Potter the great,” you both grin.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” you answer, closing your eyes.

“I will talk to him,” adds Draco. “We’ve been working for quite a while, and I hope that he will understand that she is… so beautiful.”

“I am sure he will.”