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I’ll fix it guys, I’ll fix our broken hearts from tonight’s episode!

Calm… this was the first time Jughead could honestly use that term in regards to his father and the tumultuous life they usually lead. F.P had been framed, it all came out eventually thanks to Betty, Archie and Veronica, they worked endlessly to clear F.Ps name and in the end the murderer was still on the loose while Jughead took comfort in the quiet of the trailer he and his father shared. Neither of the Jones men brought up Toledo again, it was a conversation for another time and even though it was calm, things were most definitely not okay.

Jughead was miserable, he hadn’t spoken to Betty since the night of Homecoming and although she played the biggest part in freeing his father, she didn’t want to see him.
Understandable. The things Jughead had said, the way he blamed her, put everything on her, just like her mother did, it made him sick to think about the way he had pulled away from her that night. He had watched her reach for him, her eyes filled with tears as she begged him, but he ran. He ran and bit out nasty, in the moment cruel words.

That’s not to say he didn’t try, Jughead had climbed the ladder by her window for an entire week, never finding the beautiful blonde, he would find out a few days later from Archie that Betty had moved into Pollys room, she was having a hard time sleeping and her father had suggested a change of scenery. He knew all about that, living in the Riverdale Register.

That brought him to where he was now, staring at the girl of his thoughts as she dug in her locker, her tiny cheerleading skirt looking to big on her, had she lost weight? She was already so small. Jughead had never been able to muster up the courage to speak to her on school grounds, what would he even say? Sure in her room it was different, that was their space, the place they shared their first kiss, the countless hours with his head in her lap as she studied her notes, perched on her soft mattress. But school? He wasn’t confident here, it was a foreign place filled with bullies and judgement. Jughead watched as she pulled her bag over her shoulder and leaned against the lockers, resting her head on the cool metal.

Fuck it.

Jughead threw his backpack in his own locker and made his way towards her, keeping his steps quick and light, he didn’t want to scare her, make her run before he even got the chance to see her.

“Bets.” He spoke low as she popped her head up, and swayed a little before maintaining her balance. When Betty’s eyes caught his her whole demeanor changed, she stiffened and her hands begin to fidget.

“Im going to class.” She slammed her locker shut and attempted to turn on her heel but Jughead was faster, he placed an arm out before her, blocking her movements.
“Let.me.go” she whispered, her eyes scanning frantically.

No, Jughead thought, no not this time.

“Betty please, talk to me. I…”

A very unladylike snort of indignation came from the blonde beside him
“Talk to you?! You want me to talk to you? Oh wait, that’s right, now you wanna talk right? Because everything’s easy? when the going gets tough, the tough get going huh? Just leave me alone Jughead, go on Toledo is waiting” she finished off, her tone exhausted and her eyes so dull and sad he physically felt his chest ache.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry I took it out on you, it was a lot to take in, I was overwhelmed… I…”

Betty cut him off turning her body to look at his, her eyes softer now
“I know that Jughead, I know you felt betrayed, I know how hurt you were, and I’m so sorry for that, but… you can’t take it out on me. Every time something goes wrong you hurt me, you say angry things and then regret them later. Your birthday party? Homecoming? I can’t do that anymore. I get that you never really had faith in our relationship but I… Jughead… I never would never hurt you, not on purpose. The things you said to me? You wanted to hurt me and I can’t… I can’t be hurt anymore. I.. Jughead I love you, but I won’t be that girl.”
She quickly wiped at her eyes and sprinted off to class, leaving Jughead staring after her.

Jughead turned to the lockers and slammed a fist into the one beside Betty’s, what was wrong with him? How could he hurt her? She felt used and she was in pain and what did he do? He dig the knife in her back just a little deeper.

“Dude, you gotta watch out with that, that’s your typing hand.” His former best friend appeared out of nowhere holding an ice pack and smiling sadly. The only time the two boys spoke was when Jughead was inquiring about Betty.

“You’ve gotta fight for her man, that guy? That guy that said those things to Betty? That’s not you dude. You’re not your dad, you’re the best of all of us.” He joked, lightly punching his arm.

Jughead leaned back against the locker, feeling tears prick his eyes
“She’s not gonna want me, the way I made her feel? And then she tells me…” he felt a stray tear fall to his cheek, damnit he hated crying especially in front of Archie.

He felt the red headed boy lean beside him,
“She loves you. I heard it. That means something, you just gonna pass that up?” He asked nonchalantly, side eyeing Jughead.

“I don’t wanna hurt her man, you saw what i did, how I made her cry? I can’t do that again.” He whispered

“So you don’t.” Archie stated simply “you love her, the way I know you do, you show her that you won’t hurt her.”

Jughead slowly brought himself up off the wall and nodded
“I’m not losing her.” He stated with finality
“I’m getting her back. I love her.” He finished, the ghost of a smile creeping on his face.

Archie roughly patted his shoulder
“We’ll go get her then! She’s in the Blue and Gold, her moms there working on something.”

Jughead nodded quickly, racing down the hall before turning back to Archie
“Wanna get a burger at pops tonight?” He asked with a smile.
Archie felt his own eyes burn and grinned back
“ you got it pal.”

Slamming into the Blue and Gold office Jughead instantly found Betty, sitting prim and proper beside her mother, she looked up when she heard the door open and her eyes widened

“Jughead..” she started, before her mother cut her off
“Give him a chance Elizabeth, there might be something he wants to say.” Glancing apologetically at the boy, Alice cooper dropped a hand to his shoulder on the way out, things weren’t forgiven but it was a start.

“I don’t care what you have to say, my mother doesn’t know..”

Jughead cut Betty off

“I love you.” He started, smiling as he watched her slam her mouth shut and bring her palms to her chest “what” she whispered

“I love you Betty Cooper. I know I’m an absolute idiot and I know that I hurt you, but I won’t hurt you ever again if you give me another chance. I can’t lose you. What we have is too amazing to give up. If you would just let me show you. I can be better, I can be different. I love you so much.” He was practically panting as he finished, he looked up to the gorgeous blonde who was standing there staring at him, waiting for him to finish

“You don’t have to be different for me, I don’t want you to change. I just want you to trust me. If you really love me you need to trust me.” She whispered moving even closer. Jugheads hands found her waist and he pulled her flush against him before whispering against her lips

“Oh I really love you.”

Holding each other in the Bkue and Gold office after declaring their love for one another felt too good to be true and in a town like Riverdale that was probably the case, but in this moment Jughead knew, he wasn’t letting go. Not now, not ever.

In light of the new episode that just came out HERE IS MORE JARCHIEEE!!!

I have been trying to get a lot of art done lately but with work and uni my time is pretty much taken up, but I love art and doing art even when its half done on a plane!~
So more art should be coming soon after I get out of my slump!!

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Love the blog. Been reading archie since I was a little kid and my mom would buy them for me at the grocery store.

Thank you. My mom would buy them at the grocery store for me, as well and my dad bought them at a newspaper stand on his way back from work. I love that many of us grew up with Archie comics. It’s a part of our lives. That’s a huge part of why these comics are special.



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