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Fake Ah Hand Holding: Gavin's cold hands, Micheal's warm. Ryan's big, calloused, and swallowing up anyone else's. Geoff's are shaky, unless you need him, the they're steady as the mountains. Jack's are soft and comforting. Jeremy's got tiny hands but he holds on tightest.


thank you so much anon, this is so great! and so true!!! to all of them, they’re all so true to each one.

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What r ur fav movies

short term 12, the breakfast club, prozac nation, stuck in love, little birds, ask me anything, this is where i leave you, the edge of seventeen, kill your darlings, cruel intentions

well done, Snow

Penny is standing next to him. “Simon.” 

“What,” he says, frowning at the oven. 

 “It’s smoking.” Penny gestures in the general direction of the oven. 

 “Yeah, I think that’s what happens when you bake things. Things get hot. They smoke.” Simon scratches at a mole on his neck and shifts his weight. 

Penny holds back a ‘just because your magic smoked doesn’t mean that smoking things are normal’, and yanks open the oven door so forcefully that her ring clangs against the side. “Simon, it’s smoking.” 

Which is an understatement. Smoke kind of bustles out of the oven in rolls and waves that dissipate at their feet. Six precious scones – are they supposed to be scones? Penny can’t exactly tell, but what else would Simon Snow try and fail to bake himself? – lie in the centre of the oven, on a tray. Their tops are blackened, and they actually have a striking resemblance to Simon, when he accidentally blew up, last time. A mixture of gold and bronze and random sooty bits. 

Penny turns to Simon just as Baz walks in. Baz glances at the both of them, and eyes the scones in the oven. He gives Simon a half smirk, then pauses as though he’s savoring the words he’s about to say. “Well done, Snow.” 

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@ the requests piling up in my inbox

i see you. i know you there. be patient. mommy will get to you soon.

the day the joke started  and joey said “kenny i love you and would do anything for you including get matching ids but i have to draw a line at bart simpson” is the funniest thing anyones ever said to me

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I love your thoughts on shows so involved wondering if you have anything more to say on the L&M finale ... especially the whole talking heads thing.

I thought it was a perfect way to end a series. Funny and sentimental and full of closure for every important character (cough GMW????? cough). 

Anyone who follows me closely knows I am a huge fan of using a character as a 4th wall breaker and I absolutely loved the way they integrated Dump Truck. Not only was the explanation of the “talking heads” a great twist, but the way they carried it on through DT, making him the audiences voice throughout the episode was just brilliant. Some of my favorites?

“Sorry I’m crying, I just watched the episode where Liv shows the world what a girl is”

“Just so you know, I am Team Josh. MOSH FOREVER!”

and of course

“Au revior, Bits and Pieces, you were too beautiful for this world” (Not only did that make me cry, but for those of you that didn’t know, Liv and Maddie was originally supposed to be called “Bits and Pieces”). 


I also really loved how the last couple scenes focused on the main 5 characters and didn’t deviate away from that core dynamic. You got the four siblings together, especially the Liv/Maddie and Joey/Parker pairings, but then you also got a wonderful, beautiful, all too real (bet none of those tears were fake from anyone) scene with their mom. 

Even the camp fire scene really focused on the OG family, but it was really a nice touch to have most of the shows significant characters there, from throughout all different seasons. Dove’s live rendition of the theme song and her getting choked up, not being able to sing a few lines because she was crying was so emotional. It didn’t seem like a group of characters in that moment. Instead, it seemed like a group of real friends who over the past 4 years, had become family and were truly saying goodbye to one another. That made not just that particular scene, but the entire episode, so much more genuine. Which is so smart on the part of the writers. The actors got to say goodbye through a script, but grasp on to that raw emotion. 

I feel like Liv and Maddie (deservingly) got to tell the story they wanted to tell. Disney granted them everything they asked for. Because of that, along with the show runner being John Beck and the great cast, they were able to make one of the best Disney shows, in my opinion, of all time. 

Farewell Liv and Maddie, you will be missed!

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I think you're absolutely adorable as a Litwick, dear! There's something about basic Pokémon that I just absolutely love~ So, is there anything you miss doing that you loved to do in this form? (@daily-cofagrigus)

and if lori had to pick, he’d say… hugging with his dad. it just got more awkward as the time passed.


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Im so sorry you and @hermajestymanon are getting anon hate. I hope you don't listen to their negativity. Your answers are making me cackle though tbh. I hope they dont make you feel bad or anything. I love both your blogs💖💖

Thank you babe. All it did was put me in a pissy mood until I got some food haha 😘😘

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I love your characters and I love your writing. Can you please just write anything you want about any character/s you want? I mostly see responses to requests and I want to see what you come up with. (That is, if you want to. Please don't feel lile you have to!)

Thank you so much! You’re so lovely! This was actually a really sweet request, because it gave me a chance to introduce a new character! So, here is Jasper. AKA, Isabelle’s new love interest, cause I felt bad for her after the Julius/Alistair thing. Jasper is another one who I think is a little sweetie, so I hope you guys like him too. He’s my lovely, shy little writer. I hope you enjoy this.

Isabelle was finding it terribly difficult to focus on the lecture - she kept glancing surreptitiously to the left every time a movement caught her eye. The boy sitting beside her was clearly ill, fidgeting around in his chair. He’d arrived in the morning pale and sweaty, his arms curled around his middle. When Isabelle had asked in concern if he was okay, he’d simply smiled wryly and insisted he was just tired.

Isabelle hadn’t felt she had the right to pry any further - she knew the boy was called Jasper and was obviously taking literature too, but she’d never exchanged more than polite small talk with him. Jasper seemed painfully shy, avoiding Isabelle’s eyes if she ever tried to speak to him. He curled up with a book or scribbled in a notebook before lectures rather than chatting to the other students, his eyes far away and dreamy.

Isabelle supposed Jasper was good looking in a choir boy kind of way: a cascade of blond curls, blue eyes, dimples. He’d looked like he’d been painted with watercolours, subdued and angelic.

Jasper’s expression now wasn’t at all subdued or angelic, his face was screwed up with pain. He was bent over in his seat, his face rapidly growing whiter as the lecturer droned on and on. His stomach was clearly bothering him - Isabelle could actually hear it gurgling ominously from her seat. She shuffled over in her chair, her voice low.

“Jasper? Are you feeling okay? You don’t look too well,” she whispered, trying not to alert the lecturer. Jasper took a deep, shuddering breath in.

“I’m f-fine. I’m just a little - hic!” The sickly hiccup took the blond boy by surprise, forcing him to clap a hand over his mouth. His blue eyes widened with alarm, and he started feverishly gathering his possessions, looking frantic.

“I have to go,” he hissed through gritted teeth, bolting out of the lecture theatre so rapidly that he left a dog-eared leather notebook on his desk. Isabelle picked it up and followed Jasper out into the corridor. He was nowhere to be seen, but it didn’t take a detective to guess that he’d probably dashed into the nearest public toilets. She went inside nervously, looking around.

“Jasper? You in here?” It seemed a logical guess, as the sour stench of vomit filled the bathroom unpleasantly. Isabelle went into the stall, clutching the notebook. She sighed sympathetically at the sight that greeted her.

Jasper was crumpled in front of the toilet bowl, his eyes wide, gasping painfully. A good deal of vomit was already in the loo, and by the look on the boy’s white face, there was still more to come.

Isabelle clenched her fists determinedly. It didn’t matter to her that she and Jasper were perfect strangers, or that she didn’t even know his last name - she knelt behind him and rubbed his back in steady circles, whispering soothingly.

“Hey, it’s okay, Jasper. You know me, right? I’m Isabelle. Just try to breathe, okay? It’s alright, I’ll stay with you.”

Jasper looked mortified to have Isabelle there, his pale cheeks flushing pink, but any protests he had were stolen by another heave, bringing up a large, painful wave of vomit into the soiled water. He hiccupped miserably, tears in his eyes, and fell against Isabelle gratefully this time when she held her arms out. She patted his blond mop of curls comfortingly.

“T-thank you…” Jasper gasped, moving to lean against the stall wall, not really one for prolonged physical contact. Isabelle shrugged, sitting opposite him.

“No problem. You really should have stayed in bed today though, you’re really sick,” she scolded gently, before handing him the black notebook. “You left this on the desk.”

“Oh!” Jasper gasped and clutched the notebook to his chest. He cradled it as tenderly as if it was a newborn baby, instead of a ragged, battered notebook that was almost falling apart.

“God, thank you! I don’t know what I’d do if I lost this - or if someone read it.” He grimaced at the thought. “It’s my most treasured possession,” he added earnestly, blinking those big blue eyes. Isabelle smiled at him.

“Is that the book you’re always writing in before lectures? Are you writing your first bestseller?” she asked eagerly. Jasper blinked, surprised that Isabelle had ever paid him enough attention to notice him writing. He’d noticed her, of course, he noticed all the interesting people - but he certainly didn’t count himself as remotely interesting.

In all honesty, he watched Isabelle quite often. She seemed happy all the time on the surface, laughing and joking, friends with everybody. But sometimes Jasper caught her with a wistful, rather mournful look in her eyes; he was sure she was full of secrets. Jasper longed to peel away her cheerful exterior and see what was waiting beneath - but he was far too shy to initiate a conversation himself.

“It’s not a novel… At least not one that other people will see. It’s-it’s more like a saga. It doesn’t end, because I just continue every time I get a new idea.” Jasper smiled wryly. “It’s just my way of escaping reality. You know how some people have drink or drugs or sex? I have fantasy.” He shook his head a little. “You probably think I sound crazy…” Isabelle grinned at him.

“No. I think you sound like a writer.” Isabelle was finding Jasper rather intriguing. She’d always liked quiet people - she usually found they had the loudest minds. She had a soft spot for people who found comfort in fictional worlds too. She wasn’t a writer herself, but she devoured novels hungrily, one after another. She was in awe of writers, of people who could conjure stories and characters and plots like magicians. She shuffled closer to Jasper.

“You feeling any better?” Isabelle asked, running her fingers through her dark hair. Jasper sighed a little.

“Yeah, thanks. My stomach hurts, but I don’t feel sick now. I just feel tired…I should probably head back to the halls,” he said, looking a little forlorn at the idea. Isabelle helped him to his feet, looking concerned.

“Do you have anyone to look after you? I don’t think you should be alone. What about the other people in your halls?” she asked as they walked out of the bathroom, Jasper leaning heavily on her.

“They’ll probably be in class…” Isabelle stuck her chin out determinedly upon hearing this, her face set.

“Then I’ll come back with you. Don’t try arguing, someone needs to make sure you’re okay. Besides, I’d like to get to know you, Jasper,” she said, suddenly beaming at him. Jasper blushed a little, taken aback - Isabelle’s smile was her best feature. He had been about to protest about Isabelle coming back to the halls with him, but he stopped himself now, suddenly not quite ready to see the back of her.

“Thank you… Most people wouldn’t go to all this trouble,” he said gratefully. They walked in silence across the campus, Jasper still weak and wobbly from vomiting, before Isabelle asked a sudden question.

“Hey, you know your story? Do you ever base characters on people you know or see in real life?” she asked curiously. Jasper nodded.

“Quite a lot, yes.” Isabelle grinned teasingly.

“Am I in it?” Jasper blushed scarlet, staring at the floor.


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Hiya! I'm still super happy with the cute lil Google you drew for me!! <3 I wanted to draw you something in return, and I was wondering if you wanted me to draw you anything in particular C: I hope you have a lovely day!

!!!!!! OH MY GOSH! I’m super glad to hear that aaaaaaa!!!!


But i really don’t know? Anything you want will be perfect for me!! It’ll be safe and sound on mah folder! <3333333


In chapter 5, when Sangwoo suddenly treats Bum kindly, It’s not for love or something else, it’s for evaluate him.
For see how he react,if he truly loves Sangwoo,if he can control Bum,and the most important thing, IF HE TRIES TO ESCAPE.

That’s the reason for Sangwoo’s reaction when Bum tries to escape in chapter 7, he does a “imitation” of Bum saying, “I love you”, “I’ll do anything”, “I like you”,

Obviously, when Bum tries to escape, the distrust of Sangwoo to him increases.

Basically,Sangwoo is a very distrust person because he never knew what love is.

All of that was a evaluation to see if Bum is in love with him, if he was telling the truth and if Sangwoo can trust in him.


i can stop this from happening / You Cannot Stop Protecting This City To Save Me / i won’t let that happen / How Long? / this is not gonna happen / I Can’t Hide From The World, Because Of What You Saw / i can’t lose [you] / Everyone’s Gotta Go Sometime, Right? / i won’t let you die / I’m Not Afraid To Die / the flash is gonna save you / I’m The Only One Who Doesn’t Get The Flash / everything i do is for you / nothing’s gonna take [you] away from me / My Life Isn’t Worth It, If That’s The Cost To Save Me / i love you more than anything / i love you, iris / 

You Lose, Barry. 

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Hey! It's okay! If you want to change up your art style, go for it! I love your art and anything you do, I will happily stand by and love it! Don't give up hope! ❤️

I don’t want to sound ungrateful and loose my (most likely) only fan so I’m just gonna suck up the self-loathing and do the right thing and say thank you friend.