i love any way he moves his body

Imagine Harrison Wells shooting Barry because Barry got frisky with you

Words: 434

Note: This is dedicated to @grymmfangrunerunner. Thank you for writing a wonderful ficlet (read it here) for me and I decided to write something in return, hope you’ll like it :D

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“Barry, I think we need–” You instantly stop talking when you turned around and noticed Barry was standing very close behind you. Your body couldn’t help but jerk back. You would have accidentally kissed Barry’s lips if you hadn’t moved your head fast enough.

Barry’s hungry gaze lingered on you. Something wasn’t right. Barry would never look at you that way, like he suddenly had a burning desire for you. No, no, no. How could you even think like that? Iris is the love of his life; he definitely wouldn’t have any interest in you. Besides, he clearly knew that you were in love with Harrison Wells.

“What are you doing?” You asked with an unsure tone, letting out a nervous smile and trying to walk away from him.

You pretended nothing weird had happened, but it seemed Barry had other ideas.

“Something…” Barry alluded and you could sense he was slowly approaching you from behind, “I think I should have done…” He gripped your arm and turned you around to face him, locking you between his arms, “a long time ago.”

Barry took a second to look at your attractive red lips before he closed his eyes and pulled you into a kiss.

You were confused, totally confused. Why was he doing this? This Barry was like a complete stranger to you. You slightly pushed him away and gathered your thoughts with a gasp, “Barry, I’m Dr. Wells’…” You wanted to say “girlfriend”, but Barry gave you no time and pressed his lips once again to yours.

But before you could shove him away again, Barry was abruptly twitching and trembling; an excruciating groan coming from his throat. The tremor spread over his body and he slammed on the floor, unconscious.

“Oh my…” You were taken aback, lifting your head you saw Harrison Wells holding a stun gun firmly in his hand, “What did you do?”

Harrison took a livid glimpse of the man lying on the floor before eyeing you softly, “Are you okay?”

“I’m… I’m fine.” You stammered, knowing that Harrison had plenty of reasons for being mad at Barry, but shooting him seemed way too far, “Why did you shoot Barry?”

“He’s not Barry,” Harrison pointed to the man, you followed his direction and saw the fake Barry was gripping a pistol in his left hand, “our Barry is right-handed. This man is the shape-shifter we are looking for.”

“Oh, I knew it!” You let out a relived sigh, the explanation made everything clear.

“And since he got frisky with you,” Harrison whispered darkly, “he deserves all the shooting.”

loving hoseok is so so endlessly exciting and fulfilling hes not only a natural onstage but always further honing his performance skills whether it be in rap dance vocals etc his body can move in ways ive never seen before time and time again and execute any and all choreo w such precision and power and fluidity to match every layer of the music his voice is so strong and unique and diverse in rapping singing or his signature in between you can never get used to how amazing he is bc hes already excelling even further like hes not only talented but SO driven in self improvement and sticking to goals like how can someone be so incredible sjfjm 😩💘💖💝💞💞

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I'm so sinful, but could I get some kink headcanons for the reapers, please?

Welcome to the darkside. It happens to be the best one.

Othello (London Branch), Ludger (German Branch), Sascha (German Branch), Allen Humphries (Musical), Eric Slingby (Musical) and Undertaker are excluded. He’s technically an ex-shinigami but that’s still his race? ANYWHO, if you wanted any of these could I whip something up for any except for the ones in musical because I have only seen the song numbers. Sorry for being so nit picky ^^; !

Kink Headcanons

Ronald Knox

  • For someone who enjoys partying it comes to no surprise that he absolutely loves looking at the way his s/o’s body moves. His imagination tends to run wild.
  • If there’s celebrating and you join the dance floor his eyes never lose sight of you.
  • Dancing alone? Fear not Ronald is here! He’ll definitely keep you all to himself and make you’re as close as possible to him.
  • To the point that you can probably feel the erection he’s sporting from being so close and watching you.
  • In that case he won’t back away. He’ll stay close and make you are absolutely aware of the situation in his trousers and make sure you are as hot as he is.

William T. Spears

  • He absolutely doesn’t mind being watched when rubbing one off especially if the one watching is one of his subordinates. He’ll just come even harder in the long run.
  • There are consequences to face.
  • He’ll calmly invite them into his room or office, if that’s where he was at the moment, and threaten their life. That’s right overtime. Honestly, no one in the branch wants that kind of work especially since they seem perpetually understaffed.
  • He will stare you down like a hawk if you show any signs of disagreement. A secret between the two of you. Who’s going to believe your story about William anyway?

Grell Sutcliff

  • Red… Obviously!
  • Red lipstick, underwear, blood, etc. Their s/o or potential s/o covered in blood splatters would be such a heavenly sight that Grell can’t help the goosebumps that form all over her body.
  • She’d be more than happy to kiss the bloody mess of her s/o’s lips away and proceed to kiss other places that are clean just because. Grell is just a passionate lover. 

I’m rusty and I cry. 

I Want This

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Pairing: CasxReader
Word count: 694
Warnings: Smut, oral

Flaws Masterlist

Cas gently laid you back on your bed,  his lips moving with yours. He snapped his fingers, leaving both of you entirely bare. Despite the fact that all you had been wearing at this point was you underwear, you suddenly felt way more self-conscious. As if he could tell what you were thinking, he kissed the spot under your ear. “You are beautiful.” His voice was raspy in your ear. As he kissed down your body, he whispered sweet words against your skin.

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In lieu of actual content, have some Shakarian feelings, everyone.

There was supposed to be a longish burbling meta post about the whole Menae reunion, but due to my inability to warp the space time continuum to my needs, it’s not happening quite yet.

So for now let’s just take a moment to watch the way Garrus moves in this clip, how he moves forward all the way to their joined hands before stepping back again. I love this so much because it is essentially Garrus getting as close as he possibly can to Shepard, even if it’s just for a second. And shaking her hand with both of his is as much body contact as he can get away with in the situation.

But he also does not pull Shepard towards him in any way - he wants to be close to her, yes, but he doesn’t compel her to make any move that isn’t her own decision.

So essentially he is desperately relieved and yearning to be back with her but still respecting boundaries and please excuse me while I sigh and stare dreamily into space for absolutely no reason at all now…


Loni felt a tingle go through her body from the mans lustful expression. She grabbed his shirt as he pinned her against a wall. Without thinking she reached up to capture his lips in a deep kiss. She nibbled on his lower lip, “I’m all about danger, I am a pirate after all.” @barabaranobuggy

Buggy didn’t hold back in any sense as she kissed him in a way that told him she’d been holding back herself. He smiled into her lips and returned the gesture, snaking his tongue in for a taste. Though as if the kiss wasn’t distracting enough, his hands surged with greed, allowing gloved fingers to crawl up the base of her shirt.


Can we just talk about the amount of emotion in this scene. When she first leans in and kisses him you can literally see the relief in her and how her body adjusts. I felt she was going to cry right there since she finally got to touch him. I mean that sob that’s rising from her chest is so prominent. Her hand moves so swiftly to touch his cheek and he’s the one who continues it, never wanting it to end. I mean just the way he leans in at the end of it kills me. This isn’t like any of the other times they’ve kissed- this is desperate, passionate and in love. I’m so glad we got this moment.