i love any kind of animal

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1. How tall are you? 162 cm

2. What color and style is your hair? Just black, long, straight.

3. What color are your eyes? Brown

4. Do you wear glasses? Contacts

5. Do you wear braces? No

6. What is your fashion sense? I don’t have a fashion sence :))

7. Do you have any siblins? One brother, Alex

8. What kind of a student were/are you? A  good one, really!

9. What is your favorite subject? Oh, in school? I loved history! 

10. Favorite TV shows? Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, Dr Who, Law and Order, OZ, Torchwood.

11. Favorite books? The lord of the rings, 11 minutes, Crime and punishment, Animal Farm…

12. Favorite pastime? Playing video games, movies.

13. Any regrets? Always

14. What is your dream job? Graphic designer

15. Do you want to get married? I’m married.

16. Do you want  kids? How many? I have two girls.

17. How many countries have you visited? 3, I think…

18. What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had? someone was chasing me with a big axe, and tried to kill me…

19. Do you have any enemies? Not that I know of.

20. Do you have a datemate? I have a husband

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Animal dolls

I have possibly found my niche within the world of dolls. Animal fashion dolls.
Reptile, bird, mammals, I love them all.

Gorgeous Creatures, Pinkie Cooper, Peteena poodle! Gimmy gimmy gimmy!!!

@dollsahoy you’re the one who really got me sold on the idea of hybrid dolls, so, thank you! I was wondering if you or anyone you know would be interested in sharing their animal dolls? Custom or bjd or any other kind?

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Hi! Whenever I've read your works I'm amazed at the level of research I can feel supporting the worlds you build. I hope you don't mind me asking, but I was curious about how you go about it and if you've come across any book, website, paper, etc. for any given topic that you found particularly interesting or worth sharing? Again sorry if this is a bother. Your writing is truly lovely!

Hi anon! thanks so much for your kind words. <3

I haven’t really come across / used any resources that are specific for worldbuilding if that’s what you mean? Re topics I kinda just. Like my brain thinks of all the details that i might need and then I go and google it so it’s a bit of a piece-meal process… for animal related stuff I also like looking up BBC documentaries just because I think when you’re describing something you need movement and visuals.

I spent a bit of time researching pilots / g-force effects on the body and aero-physics for more detailed avian flight stuff which I need for the Otayuri fic that’s set in Watercast!

but yeah… ijust google…

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Hi there! I really love your blog. I'm getting an Australian Shepherd and hope to train her as a service dog. What's your opinion on your fellow aussies? :P

These things…

Originally posted by thenatsdorf

…. are nothing to do with us Australians. Some Californians decided to name them that for no apparent reason. There’s nothing Australian about them. I don’t think there are even any Australian breeds that went into their development.

Ironically the average Australian (and I do mean average, not animal enthusiasts) wouldn’t recognize an australian shepherd as a breed of dog. They mostly think they’re some kind of border collie mix. They’re about as Australian as the Outback Steakhouse in Las Vegas (Which was the most awful food I’ve eaten in my life, by the way. The decor doesn’t even look Aussie,)

These funny looking American fluffballs are so rare down here that I’ve only encountered a handful, counting both standard and miniature size. One of them was owned by the resident opthalmologist who taught us at uni, and he kept him because he had Collie Eye Anomaly.

The eyes of this breed are a major weak point. While Collie Eye Anomaly is getting rarer thanks to genetic testing, the breed still has to contend with cataracts, micropthalmia (underdeveloped, small eyes), retinal atrophy and retinal dysplasia often enough often enough for them to be a veterinary opthalmologist’s favourite breed of patient.

They also prone to deafness in the first year of life, and this is thought to be genetic.

While a dog can live happily being either deaf or blind, and a dog can be both and still enjoy life in a well prepared home, having a service dog that is deaf or blind or both may present some challenges, and I understand training a service dog is challenging enough.

Hip dysplasia is not as common in these shepherds as the german ones, but is still worth screening for with the PennHip method at 16 weeks for a dog intended for such an important job.

It is also worth noting whether the parents have been screened for the MDR1 gene, which affects how certain drugs, including parasite treatments and chemotherapy, are handled by the dog. If they’re not tested, then testing your individual dog will prevent a lot of guesswork later on. They are also prone to a dermatitis on the bridge of the nose, which my be worsened with sunlight, and may be immune mediated in nature. Overall they’re not awful, but health screening is very important and they are nothing to do with this country of mine at all.

listen i’m the kind of person who has to buy any secondhand stuffed toy animal i see because otherwise i start crying at the thought of it not having a home where it’s loved and cared for like i’m a big fucking sook

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Kurt loves animals and pets any animal he can get close to, cat, dog, horse, frog, randomly appearing cow named Bertha (cough Peter where have you been up to?) and animals, sensing Kurt’s kind nature are always happy to be around him. Cat’s especially love when he waves his tail above them and he’s watched those little birds in the nest outside his window all their lives. Wherever Kurt passes an animals path, they’re soon right there by his side for attention.

I!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So! Here's a fun question. Which of the chocobros are you most compatible with? Favorites aside. For example, I loooove Prompto the most, but I know I am most compatible with Noctis for sure. HBU?

So, every time I ask another blog about a matchup, I get Gladio every single time. It’s my tattoos, red hair, I-will-fight-you attitude, love of rock music, adventurous nature, enjoying camping and roadtrips, and all of these other things that make people pair me with him. 

 For matchups there’s only so much info that you can say about yourself so I couldn’t include that I love astronomy, I’m majoring in archaeology, I really like all kinds of music, I love singing, totally a hardcore gamer, I’m trying to write a historical fiction/spooky novel, animal lover, equestrian, total cheesy romantic, loves reading, gets bitchslapped by nostalgia a lot, will sleep on any slightly horizontal surface, will literally sleep in until noon, pretty tech savvy, cuddlebug, blah blah blah

So, you tell me because I love Gladio but right now my mind is occupied by Noctis. I have no idea why. Maybe because he looks so soft????????? Help me I don’t know who I belong with and I don’t know who my fav is. I love them all

Professor Layton Themed Asks!

I tried to include as many characters in this as I could! Also, some of these are kind of personal, so only answer ones you feel comfortable answering! ^-^

Herschel Layton: What’s something you’d consider yourself an expert at? Or what’s something you’re good at?

Luke: What’s your favorite animal?

Flora: Do you like cooking? What are your favorite foods?

Emmy: Do you consider yourself to be a good fighter?

Don Paolo: Have you ever really loved someone who didn’t love you back?

Mr. Whistler: Can you play any instruments?

Janice: What kind of bands/artists do you listen to?

Melina: Is there anybody who you would give your life for?

Nina: If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

Inspector Grosky: What’s your dream job?

Dr. Schrader: If you’re in college, what are you studying? If not, what do you plan to study? If you’re not currently in school, what’s your favorite subject to learn about?

Amelia: If you had the chance at eternal life, would you take it?

Descole: How would you describe your fashion sense?

Raymond: Have you ever flown in an airplane?

Granny Riddleton: Do you like collecting things?

Inspector Chelmey: Are you a more serious or laid-back kind of person?

Barton: Have you ever gotten in trouble with the police?

Sammy Thunder: Do you like your job (if you have one)?

Beluga: Have you ever ridden on a train?

Anton: Do you believe in vampires?

Katia: Are you close with your grandparents, or where you close with them?

Sofia: What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever made?

Bill Hawks: Who is the most horrible person you have ever met?

Claire: If you could bring someone back from the dead, who would it be?

Clive: Do you try to get revenge against people who have wronged you, or do you try to let things go?

Beasly: Are you afraid of bugs?

Arianna: Has anyone ever spread a rumor about you?

Clark: If you could become mayor of your city and make one law, what would it be?

Brenda: Do you want to have kids someday?

Doland: Have you ever worked as a butler or maid?

Tony: Do you have any siblings?

Crow: Ever been to a bazaar or street market?

Randall: Do you ever feel like you “wear a mask” in your everyday life?

Angela: Do you currently have a significant other?

Henry: Was there ever a time when you felt heroic?

Alphonse: Do people often misjudge your personality?

Aurora: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Bronev: How far would you go to achieve your goals?

Espella: Have you ever been blamed for something you didn’t do?

Eve: How long have you known your best friend, and how did you meet them?

Storyteller: Do you enjoy writing?

Ridelle: Do you enjoy reading?

Welcome to the Oymate Region!

Those of you who knew my region on my main tumblr blog, it is back!
For a long while Oymate was inactive because I was busy with school & life, But now this whole blog is devoted to Oymate and any other regions and fakemon that I make.

What is the region?

The Oymate region is based upon the United Kingdom, As shown above is the “Coat of Arms” kind of deal. Including Rapidash (Scotland) Sawsbuck (Northern Ireland), Salamence (Wales) & Pyroar (England.) All made from each countries animal. 

The Oymate region is also known for being one of the oldest regions in the World, having founded Unova and various other regions most of us have grown to love. The Oymate region is just north of the Kalos region and because of this a lot of their pokemon are similar. 

From lots of original native pokemon to new forms of previous pokemon, the regions professor has lots of tricks up their sleeve.

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Hey there!! I was wondering if I could get a written ship with BTS? I'm 5'6, very cuddly, loving, motherly in nature. Really nice a friendly to everyone including strangers, good with kids (and animals!!), polite around adults. In my spare time I dance and work-out, as well as watching movie (horror, animation and romantic comedy movies) and cooking. I love cuddling and skinship in general. I really want to get married :D I spend a lot of time with my family. Thank you so much. Have a nice day!

I ship you with…

Jung Hoseok!

You and Hoseok would such an angelic couple, like the kind who go to animal shelters on weekends to play with the kittens. You guys would always take such good care of the rest of the members and everyone would really love the two of you together. You guys would be so caring towards one another and therefore would rarely get into any arguments, it’d honestly be such a pure relationship. Hoseok would always want to cuddle and there would be frequent cold mornings where you’d be late and he’d just try to keep you in bed with him for hours because he wouldn’t want to let you go. When you guys had movie nights and you chose horror, he’d try to be manly and tell you that he’d protect you if you got scared, but honestly, he’d be clinging onto you in fear within ten minutes. Overall, you and Hoseok would have such a strong, loving relationship and you both would be able to connect with one another so well.

anonymous asked:

Hello! eeeee i love your blog, i'm so glad that i'm finally getting a chance to request! Anyhoo, I've always wondered what Wham would be like with a...Stray animal kind of s/o, if that makes any sense? Like they've got a very wild personality, probably some kind of delinquent who lives place to place, very untrusting at first and reluctant to let him touch them. They're under the impression that anyone who would have enough interest in them to try and create <<1/2>>

I did not expect this much detail in a request OAO but thank you very much for doing so! Tried to do this post justice but I apologize if this isn’t exactly what you were looking for ^^


- Ghost

·         Wamuu’s first encounter with S/O would have been a strange one – when they had initially crossed paths they were acting so wary and tense that he had first assumed that they meant to bring some form of harm to his masters

·         Once it was ensured that they would be no issue so long as they didn’t try to take advantage of the unusual human then he would refrain from confronting them, yet he’d still be intrigued by their actions

·         They were similar to that of a wild animal – untrusting of others and potentially dangerous when placed in combat but not afraid to speak the truth to anyone, even to beings far superior than them; and given that these were characteristics he had hardly ever seen amongst many humans it would implore him to want to learn more

·         It was clear that they had built walls around themselves (in the metaphorical sense) to protect themselves from those that would do them harm and the pillarman respected their fighting spirit and their methods, understanding that a personality such as theirs wasn’t something which could be controlled or changed by anyone other than themselves

·         Wamuu would take care in expressing this to S/O, acknowledging their boundaries for physical contact and allowing them to take the steps they need when they feel they’re ready

·         His intentions aren’t to break down the walls around them, but instead makes the process easier on them when they’re prepared to do so – and this is far better for S/O to cope and deal with than any attempts others have made in the past

·         Then again, none of the people before were a millennia old non-human being built like a god with the heart of a warrior but I digress

·         When the time comes that S/O is ready to take this step all of the time spent alongside them, accepting them as they are is going to pay off

·         They’re fiercely loyal and protective of him from this point forward, willing to do anything to ensure that he’s happy and content and becoming a valuable ally in combat; should anyone even dare to speak a word against him or raise their hand S/O’s going to lose it, practically threatening to tear them apart (and sometimes even carrying out these threats) while Wamuu watches on, chest swelling with pride that his partner is so protective and devoted

·         During moments of affection and intimacy his S/O is going to be notably more forward and loving in their actions, treasuring him and expressing their gratitude and love for all he has done for them

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I was just wondering if you could drawl every animal themed Touhou as the animal they are supposed to be. Take your time. Also, Love the blog!

A fun little project, but unfortunately one I don’t have time for atm

Also I don’t do anonymous requests of any kind, sorry! If you message me off anon we can see if we can work something out.

You can have this from something I never finished:

Get to know me tag!

wRules-Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better.

Tagged by- @basicwitchythings I’ve been tagged by a couple people in this, and I just haven’t gotten around to filling it out. Thank you all for thinking of me! So kind.

Name- Yunan!

Nicknames- Just Yunan is fine ( ^ v ^ )

Zodiac Sign- Scorpio

Height- 5’ 6″

Orientation- straight

Ethnicity- I’m Irish, but live in the US.

Favourite Fruit- watermelon, and any kind of berries (´⌣`ʃƪ)

Favourite Season- Fall and Spring ♡

Favourite Book- It’s really hard to choose just one!! I really like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey

Favorite Flower- magnolias 

Favourite Scent- That’s hard to say! I like gardenia, any kind of citrus, and rose 

Favourite Colour- pink!!! and black and gold!

Favourite Animal- I love SHEEP! and bunnies!!! @・ω・@

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa- all of the above!!?!!!! But tea most of all ✿

Average Sleep Hours - 5-10, honestly.

Cat or Dog Person?- I would actually choose rodents over either (*^_^*)

Favourite Fictional Character- I can’t choose just one!! I really like Envy from FMA, obviously. And Medusa from Soul Eater ♡ She’s so classy and determined!

Number of blankets you sleep with- 2

Dream trip- I’d love to visit Greece!! Or Italy or Japan! Or anywhere!

Blog Created- November of 2016, so only a couple months ago

Number of Followers- 1,196, strangely enough

I tag
@mojean13 @witchbaby-earthling @faster-than-asparagus-is-cooked @wayward-eclectic @thewitchnextdoor @demonintheroom @vapingfurries @x-manen-barn-x @crystalbabywitch @burnyourexistence @witchofpearls @maxthedeathwitch @silverthewolf2202 @witchy-hazel @stygiantarot @sweaterwielder @meepmorpismypassion @massmagick @imnotmadmax @witchypsoline

This is probably more than 20 people, but here’s some of the amazing people I’ve spoken to over the past couple of months (つ´∀`)つ

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Please ship. I am 5 foot 4 thin with brunette with grey green eyes. I love all things cute I enjoy hot cocoa and coffee. My hobbies are reading drawing listening to music, long walks on the beach, and photography. My favorite season is spring.


He’s always give love to anything cute and freaks out over any kind of small animal. You two can love cuteness together~

The photography is a great plus for you. That’ll get his attention really fast and he’ll most likely try and see what your style in photography is so you two can show each other tricks and cool filters.

He would love going for long walks with you on the beach. It’s romantic but relaxing. He’s the guy that will always have you posing at sunset near the beach cuz he thinks it’s hot.Nothing beats natural lighting.

he’ll take you out for hot chocolate whenever you ask and he’s always ready to spend time with you no matter what it is you’re doing. 

Reading books may bore him a little and he’ll try to get your attention by whining about all the “fun” things you could be doing. if he get’s too annoying just walk away from him. He’ll pout but leave you alone.

Listening to music is a fun pass time for you both. Prompto has been seen dancing in the car to music a lot. I think he’ll have fun switching music with you and singing along to all the songs you know together.

Spring! he’s all about spring ( @ffxv-headcanons gave me this idea) He’ll love taking pics this season, the sun rise is gorgeous and it’s warm outside as well as fresh~ Be ready for him to ask you to go chocobo riding he’s not wasting time with those little cuties.( he might cry if he see’s a baby cuz of cuteness over load)

a date with Prompto could be from going to the movies to paint balling. He’s cool like that.

he’s affectionate so if he’s too touchy tell him, he’ll try to stop being so handsy. If you like it though he’s giving you hugs all day randomly,kissing you for no reason, holding your waist just because and playing in your hair just to feel it’s softness and show his love,

he’s playful too so get ready for tag and stuff like that. He’s a dork and doesn’t care who see’s.

he doesn’t mind public affection at all. it doesn’t bother him.he’s the guy thats always making out with a girl in the park

I hope you liked it~ thanks for waiting so long. i haven’t been feeling so inspired lately! *hugs from prompto* he’s happy to be yours!

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I was tagged by the lovely @littlebunnyandbigfox! Thanks love! 💖
Now the rules are:
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2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you
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1) Coffee or tea?

Coffee! Especially any kind of chocolate frappuccino!

2) Do you have a favorite band or singer?

I have several! I love Melanie Martinez, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj!

3) Favorite color?

I love all the colors!

4) May you show your favorite stuffed animal if you have one? :)

Sorry I’m on mobile if I’m to post a picture it would be the entire post itself. Besides I could never pick a favorite! I love them all! I do have a lot of stuffies though! Including several kitties, a piggie, puppies, and Harley Quinn! If ya really would like to see them I could message you some pictures!

5) If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

I’d really love to be with my daddy right now. He’s stationed in South Carolina. I haven’t seen him since Christmas. I’m scared I won’t see him until the holiday season comes around again.

6) What food do you wish to try?

Japanese candy! And a chocolate frog!

7) What 3 things do you really want right now?

I would love my daddy, a FNAFs Foxie stuffie, and a coke icee! (Chocolate wouldn’t go unappreciated either!)

8) What is your favorite outfit?

Depends on the weather!
If it’s cold I love to wear my blue long sleeve, form fitting shirt and black yoga pants that both have my college’s emblem on them.
If it’s warm I love to wear my black shorts and the Melanie Martinez t-shirt and matching jewelry my daddy gave me!

9) Do you have any plans tomorrow?

Unfortunately, they’re pretty boring. I’ll be rehearsing the PowerPoint I’ll be presenting Tuesday. #collegelife

10) What show do you like to watch?

I love Parks and Recreation, Dr. Phil, and Frasier; as well as Sofia the First, SpongeBob, Steven Universe, the Amazing World of Gumball, and anything Disney!

11) Matching socks or mismatched socks?

I love pairs of pretty matching socks!


The questions for the people I tagged are:

1. Do you have any precious pets?
2. What kind of sweets do you like to eat?
3. What’s your favorite thing to do to pass the time?
4. What’s your favorite book series?
5. Any ambitions?
6. What’s your favorite video game?
7. Favorite type of music to listen to?
8. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Would like any if you don’t or more if you do?
9. Morning person or night owl?
10. If we could hang out, what would you like to do together? (i.e. movies, tea party, sleepover, all of the above, etc)
11. Where would you love to travel?


The wonderful people I tagged are:

anonymous asked:


6. what are your favourite films?

☆Tuck Everlasting and Kicking & Screaming

7. what kind of weather do you like?

☆i love it when it’s not too hot or too cold, but i also love rain/storms!!

8. do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?


9. what kind of weather represents who you are as a person?


10. what’s your favourite animal?

☆cats!! any type of cat, big or small i lov them

11. what is your favourite song right now?

☆la lune by madeon ft dan smith or die for you by the weeknd 

12. what is your favourite song of all time?

☆i like too many songs so i can’t pick!!

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Name: Dan
Nickname: Bunbun~
Star Sign: Taurus
Height: 160/161cm
Time Right Now: 00:00am
Last Thing Googled: probably songs lyrics
Favorite Music Artist: a lot, i really can’t choose
Last Movie Watched: The Hobbit trilogy
Last TV Show Watched: i don’t watch any
What Are You Wearing?: red sweater, black pants, dark grey socks
When did you create your blog?: 1+ year ago
What kind of stuff do you post?: YuuYoi, OnS stuff, BUNNIES, art…
Do you have any other blogs?: nope!
Gender: bigender
Favorite Animal(s): bunnies, dogs and birds
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff probably
Pokemon Team: my own team lmao
Moral Alignment: i believe in shipping XD
Cat or Dog Person: dog!
Favorite Color: sunrise colors
Average Hours of Sleep: depends
Lucky Number: 2
Favorite Characters: Yoichi Saotome & Yuichiro Hyakuya
How many blankets do you sleep with?: 2 i think
How many pillows do you sleep with?: i drown in pillows
Dream Job: psychologist or animal caretaker…
Current number of followers: almost 300
Why did I pick my URL?: zuckarr is a personalized version of zucker which means sugar in german. i picked it because i wanted to be seen as a sweet person, and @tomekshi was the first one who told me that <3
Dream Trip: all the places in which my internet friends live

i tag whoever wants to do this!~

hufflebee  asked:

what are your favorite things about each other? if you could have any animal as a pet (regardless of if it's an animal that's usually a pet), which animal would you choose?

Fliss: They’re both really kind and honest!

Kathleen: If you’ve got any problems, you can always go to Mary! Also for Fliss, I can always have a good time with her. I love them both!

Me: We’ve been through a lot together, I feel like both of them are so dependable <3

hatfilmsgirl  asked:


🐧- describe yourself in three words

Loud, bubbly, animated

🐬- if you could transform into any animal/magical creature, what would you be and why?

Probably some kind of dog bc they’re my favorite animal and all they do is sleep and get affection and I’d love that lol

Rules: Answer the questions on a new post and then tag a bunch of followers you want to know better.

I was tagged by: the ever lovely  @hwenfayre, I’m glad to be back too :)

Name: Amber

Nickname: Bae, Amber Bamber 

Star Sign: Taurus 

Height: 6′1

TIme right now: 6:24pm

Last Thing I googled: “KT Tape for plantar fasciitis 

Favourite music artist: Brett Young 

Last Movie Watched: Beauty and the Beast this weekend with K

Last TV Show watched: currently watching Vampire Dairies 

What are you wearing? Blue patterned dress, navy cardi

When did you create your blog? original - 2008ish? recreated - Saturday?

What kind of stuff do you post: teacher things, things that make me laugh, puppies

Do you have any other blogs? Nope.

Gender: Female.

Favourite animal: Moooooooose

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokemon team: Not a clue

MBTI: I can’t remember…

Cat or dog person: dog

Favourite colour: blue

Average hours of sleep: 7-8.

Lucky number: 15

Favourite Character(s): Atticus Finch from TKAM

How many blankets do you sleep with? too many 

How many pillows? 5 or 6

Dream job: Professor or writer or both

Current number of followers: 14 hahaha

Why did you pick your url? because it’s my name…and I love things…

Dream trip: castle tour in Ireland, England, Scotland 

I tag bae @magicalmissb, @lovelikesummer, @hannahjoyhopes annnnnd @teachertotodile