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You could be the King but watch the Queen conquer.

The Mac Tirs + Ferelden
The name "Mac Tir" means "son of the land."
It was bestowed upon Loghain by King Maric after the Battle
of River Dane.
The Fereldan people considered the name highly appropriate:
to them, Teyrn Loghain was a son of the entire nation,
and he was famously said to have told a crowd
that Ferelden would forever be "part of his blood"

Anora Mac Tir

Queen Anora, daughter of Teryn Loghain, was never one to stay quietly in the background. It is common knowledge that in the five years Anora and Cailan held the throne together, she was wielding the power. In the period before his death, Anora was held in much higher esteem than her husband by the people of Ferelden, nobility and commoners alike, and commanded the respect of foreign nations, having once inspired Empress Celene of Orlais to declare, “Anora of Ferelden is a solitary rose among brambles.”

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Let’s play a game of ‘spot the Tolkien quotes and references’…

Anyhoo, Bree likes to ‘fix’ things and by ‘fix’ I mean shape them to her will (she is a mage, after all).  She can be a meddlesome nuisance when she puts her mind to something.  Out of the scenarios you listed, Zevran’s lonely death probably would have hit her the hardest.

Fun fact: Morowa probably would have insisted Cullen start taking lyrium again had Cassandra and Bree not dissuaded her.

imagine Loghain rocking baby Anora to sleep after hours of an exhausted Celia trying to settle her down for the babe to fall silent the moment she’s in her father’s arms

imagine Loghain reading Anora stories, the little girl asking for tales and legends from Gwaren, and the great deeds of the warriors and queens past

imagine Loghain tending to Anora’s injured knees, his daughter trying to hold back her tears and proudly declaring he needn’t do this but shaking in her father’s arms all the same, grateful for the tenderness in his touch

imagine Loghain teaching Anora to wield a bow as good as him, breathe, focus, and draw, not good enough, again, breathe, focus and draw, until she reaches the bull’s eye every time, gritting her teeth and trembling from exhaustion but seeing the pride in her father’s eyes is her best reward

imagine Loghain teaching Anora to set traps and taking her hunting in the forests of Gwaren, to be as silent as a deer, as deadly as a wyvern

imagine Loghain watching Anora growing into the Queen she will be one day, feeling every day more certain that Ferelden’s future will be in good hands as long as his daughter is on the throne

imagine daddy!Loghain and daughter!Anora (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

tbh no one deserves anora mac tir. she loved cailan so much even though he was most likely going to leave her for celene. eamon constantly disregards and belittles her in favour of a bastard who has no idea how to rule a kingdom. and the fandom constantly shits on her for daring to fight for ferelden because she believes that she’s its best option.

no one deserves anora mac tir.

  • Anora, staring from her window in the palace after the Battle of Denerim, and feeling as if she can see every ruined building in the city.

  • Anora dedicating herself to restoration projects in the capital, rebuilding the heart of the country she loves so much.
  • Anora, without a drop of royal blood, bringing the banns and teyrns into line; they will support her, or she will leave them powerless in her wake.
  • Anora, whose bed has been empty for years -for all of Cailan’s talk of heirs and children he thought nothing of how often he left her to sleep alone- laughing as she considers her future prospects. Perhaps she will take a lover. Or three.

  • Anora smiling to herself as she removes bard after bard from her court, leaving only those she wishes to use behind
  • Anora, beloved of the people, who is greeted with cheers and flowers whenever she ventures from the palace gates.

  • Anora, head held high as the nobles swear fealty, knowing they are strong enough to withstand all the might of Orlais.
  • Anora Mac Tir, Queen of Ferelden, her fathers daughter, finding her line, clearly drawn, and knowing nothing will ever get past her.

- You don’t think he’s going to have your father’s nose, do you?

- He is not a he, Fergus.

-  Oh, how do you know that Your Majesty?

- I just do. 

- So, a girl with your father’s nose…. she’s is going to hate us.

-I don’t believe she’s going to care about that, husband.


asolitaryrose , i know this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but i hope it’s close enough. :D

Don’t you guys know? FergusXAnora is totally a thing.