i love annie edison


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i let you go, annie


He might make her mad, but nobody can make her laugh like he does. He might stress her out, but nobody can make her happier than he does. Although it may feel like the right thing to do to leave her, he just feels so wrong without her. Nothing feels right. But with her it’s just something they can’t explain. Although it may feel like hell when they argue, when they are getting along it feels perfect.


community appreciation week 📚 day one - favorite character  

you’re afraid you won’t fit in. you’re afraid you’ll be alone. great news! you share that with all of us. so you’ll never be alone, and you’ll always fit in.

But I love you more than words can say


Why would a ghost want a pen? Troy? Okay, so I see it as a lot like the movie Paranormal Activity, except for more boring and fancy. And I think, in 1856, it is possible that a man was beheaded while he was writing in his diary to his long lost love. Now he roams the halls of Greendale, screaming for his pen so he can write her a love letter. ‘I need her, I need her!’ he screams…


a: if embarrassment were bountiful zinc deposits, i’d be zambia.

j: there’s nothing to be zambia about, annie.