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He might make her mad, but nobody can make her laugh like he does. He might stress her out, but nobody can make her happier than he does. Although it may feel like the right thing to do to leave her, he just feels so wrong without her. Nothing feels right. But with her it’s just something they can’t explain. Although it may feel like hell when they argue, when they are getting along it feels perfect.


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*gasp* I have been chosen.

I was tagged by @garciiaflynn to list my top otps. Is it only five? lol. I have so many more than five. Let me see what happens. In no particular order.

1. Garcia Flynn/Lucy Preston (Timeless)

Garcy. Newie but goodie! Oh, these two, I swear. So much chemistry and such unique possibility I began shipping it the very first time I saw the trailer. No lie. By now I have written literally thousands of words of meta and conclusions on why I love them, and if I start here, it will quickly go that way again. I’ll just hit the high notes. They meet and Flynn already has pre-established fondness for her because he’s read her journal from the future saying they’re going to work together. And from there it’s just a roller coaster of emotions on Lucy’s journey to understanding and helping this sad, sad man who is not evil.

2. Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams (Hawaii Five-0)

McDanno. Proof that I can have a healthy ship between two people who love and support each other. lol. I can do it! I just usually choose not to. Steve and Danny’s relationship. It’s been such a good thing since the Pilot, and sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me watching H50. What’s more beautiful than two people who would go (and literally have gone) to the ends of the world for each other? They regularly say, “I love you.” They genuinely want the other to be happy. They’re best friends who fight like an old married couple. It’s perfect. I love them. And I want it to be canon. It practically is already.

3. Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham (Hannibal)

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Hannigram. Proof that, for the good of humanity, some people should have never met. But I’ll buy tickets to the disaster. One of the most unhealthy relationships it has ever been my pleasure to watch unfold. Mutual murder attempts, friendship, gaslighting, sensual hand bandaging, a deep understanding of each other that no one else can come close to, cannibalism, this ship has it all! I love unhealthy relationships, especially one so codependent.

4. Guy of Gisborne/Marian of Knighton (Robin Hood)

Poisoned my water supply, burned my crops, and delivered a plague unto my house. 9/10. Highkey ruined my life for a very long time. I don’t think anything can come close to the agony these two gave me on a regular basis. (Like please don’t come close. My heart can’t take it. Flynn/Lucy is trying to get close. Back off.) Always painful all the time. Always frustrating. Guy needed a relationship like the one he had with Marian so we could see that other, kinder side of him. He really loved her. But he screwed it up at every turn. Why… Why are you so horrible? Why? Like… why?

5. Tony Stark/Loki (The Avengers)

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FrostIron! Because why the eff not? That is just hours of guaranteed fun right there. They are both so sarcastic and witty. They have an amazing repartee. Their scene in The Avengers remains my absolute favorite to this day. And because of how their characters act, there’s such a wide array of ways to ship them. You can go funny. You can go angsty. Everything is possible and everything is in character.

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Just throwin’ out the first names that came to mind. I’ve made so many new friends in the Timeless fandom, but you guys need to talk to me more so I can remember your usernames. I’m bad with names. OTL

  • Rey: *is cold*
  • finn: here, take my jacket
  • rey: *wears finn's jacket*
  • finn: just don't eat anything, or drink anything, no sweating or pulling up the sleeves. If you take it off it wouldn't hang on its own.
  • rey: ...
  • finn: you're probably warm now right?

Imagine Annie and Abed going to the movie theatre together to watch the new star wars movie. 

Imagine them cosplaying as Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Imagine them remembering the last time they were these characters, remembering kissing each other while getting covered in paint, and feeling what they felt. 

Imagine Annie finally realizing that it was Abed she had been feeling those feelings for, and not just ‘Han’ & that those feelings never really went away. 

Imagine Annie looking back over the past years she’s spent my Abed’s side & realizing just how much she really loves him, and how much she’s in love with him

Imagine Annie telling Abed she loves him and he responds with  “I know” thinking that she’s pretending to be Leia, but she pulls him close and looks at him properly and says “I, Annie Edison, am in love with you, Abed Nadir.” just so it’s clear. 

Imagine Abed smiling and brushing his hand over her cheek, saying “I know. And I, Abed Nadir, love you, Annie Edison.” because he really truly does.

Imagine them kissing in front of everybody at the movie theatre cheers because they think it’s part of their cosplay, and the two of them just go along with it. 


I don’t want a candy cigarette.                                                                                                                                                                         I want  o u r  A n n i e.