i love anna and i love blue~

Let me tell you something. If Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow went on Ellen to discuss Pitch Perfect 3, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE ELLEN WOULDN'T ASK ABOUT BECHLOE.

Ellen: So… A little birdy told me something about your film.

Anna and Britt: looks nervously at her

Ellen: Your characters are gay for each other, huh?

Britt: … Well, that’s-


Britt: KENDRICK!! You can’t just-

Anna: I just did.

Ellen: Sits back to watch

Britt: What about Chi-


Britt: What about Th-

Anna: Dead to me.

Britt: …

Anna: Beca and Chloe love each other. They’re gay for only each other. They want to marry each other and have beautiful blue-eyed, ginger babies together. They have had sex so many times off screen and it’s okay Britt, you can tell everyone that. It’s the truth.

Ellen: Hot girls, lesbians, and singing. I love this film already.

house pairings + songs about the beginnings of love

gryffindor + gryffindor: wild - troye sivan
“ never knew lovin’ could hurt this good, “

gryffindor + hufflepuff: absolutely smitten - dodie clark
“ she wants to dance around the room; kiss you until your lips turn blue “

gryffindor + ravenclaw: i see the light - anna ft vaanfluff (cover)
“ if she’s here, it’s crystal clear; i’m where i’m meant to go. “

gryffindor + slytherin: a lovely night from la la land
“ but there’s only you and I, and we’ve got no shot. “

hufflepuff + hufflepuff: friends - ed sheeran
“ your eyes will lead me straight back home. “

hufflepuff + ravenclaw: when the day met the night - panic! at the disco
“ in exchange for your time, i give you this smile “

hufflepuff + slytherin: first day of my life - gnash (cover)
“ yours was the first face that I saw; i think i was blind before i met you. “

ravenclaw + ravenclaw: tomorrow - jeremy messersmith
“ let’s watch the morning break; some things just can’t wait, “

ravenclaw + slytherin: i won’t say i’m in love - anna (cover)
“ my head is screaming, ‘get a grip, girl!’ “

slytherin + slytherin: all about us - he is we ft. owl city
“ every heart in the room will melt; this is a feeling i’ve never felt, “

I. you kiss me. I tell myself this is nothing. your lips taste like longing. I am taken aback by the way your hands feel on my skin. It’s been a long time since I felt anything so gentle.
II. before you unbutton my jeans, you ask, “can I?” I almost ruin the moment by tearing up. I stare in your eyes, trying to drink in what it feels like when someone asks permission to touch you.
III. afterward, I leave. I tell myself not to get too attached. I remind myself of the poisonous words hurled at me, all the reasons I should be keeping you at arm’s length. it is all too easy to convince myself you deserve better.
IV. my friends ask if I’m keeping my options open. I lie and say yes.
V. I watch you drink and dance and laugh, feel an inescapable smile boil over on my lips. I kiss you. alcohol blurs the edges of your face, sharpens the truth I’m trying to ignore.
VI. we stay out by the lake watching the moon eat away at the shadows. “tell me things about you.” I am compelled to apologize whenever I talk about myself for too long, but with you the words spill out without all the familiar self-consciousness.
VII. I spend the night in your bed. I hold you as you fall asleep, amazed that my arms are allowed to hold something so precious. we breathe kisses over each other’s old wounds. I wish I could protect you from any new.  
VIII. at some point along the way - maybe watching you stay up past midnight to help a friend in need, hearing the compassion and excitement in your voice as you talk about what you’re going to do for the summer - I realize that I am lucky enough to have fallen in love with an angel.
IX. the color of your eyes makes me think of the summer my family went to Anna Maria Island, the summer I turned twelve, the summer I spent reading Nicholas Sparks novels and thinking nothing bad could ever come from falling in love. looking into your eyes, the water is an immaculate crystalline blue and I could dive right in.
X. I tell you I love you. I tell myself this is everything.
—  ten things I didn’t expect to happen

Some more Doodles/Practice get clothes and Colours in the Right Place so enjoy this Progress so far.

1st Picture : Did get the clothes set mostly for Hylian!Sidon. Their will be still some changes here and their always think that I should call Hylian/Zora Hybrid are more with Jewels and like to show Skin? Maybe I see it like that. 

2nd Picture: Inspiration from the Song from “Anna Blue - Every Time Then The Rain Comes Down” I see it like with the Chained it is a Symbol that it belongs to someone (In this case from Link to Sidon) The Chain can be down if either the “Victim” love the Person back or the “Keeper” ditch the “Victim”

I know I am cruel C: But who don’t love people suffer but happy endings <3 WELP I DO!

Siblings Vs. Couple » Jack Maynard

Requests: Hey there I love reading your imagines. I was wondering if you could do one when your partner with Jack Maynard and you did a tag with his siblings for his channel and you get along well with his siblings and cute stuff thank you I hope you have a great day or night 💜

Can you write an imagine where you and Jack have a really cute moment while filming?

You, your boyfriend Jack, his brother, Conor and his sister, Anna were filming a ‘Siblings Vs. Couple’ challenge for Jack’s YouTube channel. You, Jack and Conor were visiting both your families down in Brighton, where you grew up.

You had known the Maynard’s since you were a small girl and had been dating Jack since you were both teens. You really did have a fairytale romance; he was your first everything. First crush, first kiss, first relationship etc. You asked yourself everyday what you did to deserve someone so wonderful.

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While I was watching Frozen I noticed some things..

Little Anna is wearing the same boots Kristoff is wearing during the movie

External image

You can see Elsa’s silhouette at the flags at the coronation day, so someone had to come to the castle, she had to dress up and someone had to paint her

Rapunzel did you went turbo?

Well, what does this remind me off?

Aaaahhh. I know..

All the dresses are blue, purple, green and pink.
And this is the same room where Anna’s accident happened

You can see Hans and Anna dancing in the light tower, but at the same time they are dancing at the boat.

Hmm, 1 thing they all have in common

External image

They all trip when they’re afraid..

Here it is 10:15 pm, cause it’s already dark outsight so it can’t be am.

And here is the sunrise when Elsa sings ‘Let It Go’.

External image

She didn’t sleep that night and she still looks like an angel..

And when Anna gets at Oaken’s place it’s 10:30 PM, no not AM but PM

Because when she leaves and goes to Kristoff it’s dark outsight.

External image


Anna has been looking for Elsa for a WHOLE day, without sleep, food, water.. 

'Whoaah boy, whoaah. Easy, easy..’

Sounds familiar?

External image

Elsa is done with Anna’s shit, look at that eyeroll

Elsa freezes Anna with her own heart

External image

When Elsa makes Marshmallow, Anna neither Kristoff knew what Elsa was making. But Kristoff grabbed Anna, without a doubt, to protect her.

Look at Kristoff’s face. He’s worried, when Anna say’s:’ Au!' 

Do you see Anna had to NOD her head to think again?

What does this remind me of?

Oh wait, I know!

I think Elsa’s ice castle repressed how Elsa is feeling

Red = Fear

External image

Yellow= Anger

External image


External image

Right here, when Olaf wants to close the window, the White Queen of the chessboard falls.
Elsa falls a minute later.

I just love the animation here..

Anna had her eyes opened just a split second before their lips touch, cause the last time she closed her eyes too fast it didn’t end up that well

External image


I Don’t Know What Happened

“I don’t understand.” Conor says, glancing between his parents.

Jack sits next to him, wanting to say something similar, but his entire body is numb and his mouth feels dry. He doesn’t know how to react.

“We’re really sorry, dears,” Helen says softly, glancing between her three children, “It’s been coming for a while though.”

“No!” Anna jumps to her feet, “You two love each other!”

“I do love your mother,” Gary nods.

“And I your father.”

“But we aren’t in love with each other.”

“Things have been quite tense between us for a while now,” Helen admits, sharing a quick look with her husband, “And we’ve discussed it at length, and have decided this is the best option.”

“Divorce can’t be the only option!” Conor bursts out, and Jack flinches slightly at the sudden harsh tone in his older brothers voice.


“This is bullshit!” The eldest sibling declares, rising to his feet, “You can’t do this to us!”

“Don’t use that tone with your mother,” Gary scolds, “And watch your language!”

“Jack?” Helen says softly, staring at her middle child.

“I…” He starts before shaking his head, “I can’t do this.” With that said, he’s quick to his feet and out the door, ignoring the small cries of protest that follow him.

His mind is racing as he walks in an aimless direction, letting his feet carry him away from the now broken household.

When Jack hits the beach, he sits heavily on the rocks, staring across the water.

He still doesn’t quite know how to react, but he does know there’s one person he wants to talk to right now.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he quickly pulls up the contact number, hitting the button to start the phone call as he lifts his phone to his ear.

“Hey, babe!” Joe’s warm voice greets him, and it takes everything in Jack to not burst into tears right then.

“Hey,” He replies with a shaky voice, “I know you’re meant to be visiting your sister, but, can you come to the beach?”

“Is everything okay?” Joe’s voice turns concerned, and there’s shuffling in the background.

“I just need you right now,” Jack manages to get out, “Please.”

“I’m already on my way. Which part you at?”

Once Joe is told where to go, Jack lets the phone fall to the rocks beside him, pressing the heels of his palms to his eyes, willing himself to not cry.


He turns his head to see Joe hurrying towards him.

It’s only been ten minutes, but his phone has been going off non stop with texts and phone calls from his siblings, although Jack has ignored all of them. He only wants Joe right now.

“I’m sorry,” Jack tells his boyfriend as he takes a seat on the rocks beside him, “I didn’t mean to take you away from your sister…”

“No, it’s fine.” Joe replies, his blue eyes dark like the water as he stares over at Jack, “What’s going on?”

“My parents are getting a divorce.” The younger man chokes on the words, and the tears he had been holding back finally break past his barrier, as if saying it out loud finally makes it real.

“Oh, Jack…” Joe says softly, pulling his boyfriend closer, allowing Jack to bury his face into the older man’s shoulder, “I’m so sorry.”

“I don’t know what happened,” Jack clutches at Joe’s jacket, his words muffled against the collar, “They’ve always been fine!”

“Not all divorces are messy and loud,” Joe tells him, working his fingers through Jack’s hair gently, “They can creep up and out of nowhere.”

“They’re supposed to love each other.” Jack whimpers, “I just want them to love each other…”

“I know, babe, I know.” Joe sighs, thinking back to when his own parents split up. “But this doesn’t mean they love you, or Conor or Anna, any less. You need to remember that. One of the reasons they’re doing this is because they love you.”

Jack’s head snaps up at that, and Joe’s heart breaks a little at the redness in the younger man’s usually bright blue eyes.

“How?! How is it because they love me? Or Conor or Anna?!” Jack bites out, “If they loved us, they’d stay together!”

“No,” Joe speaks quietly, reaching up to brush the hair out of Jack’s eyes, “Because they’d be living a lie. Their feelings would turn dark and bitter, and they’d snap at each other or you guys. Any love they still have would turn to hate, and it would make an uncomfortable home.”

“Is that…is that what happened with yours?” Jack’s voice is a lot smaller sounding as he leans into Joe’s touch.

“Not my parents, no. They got close, though.” Joe’s free hand finds Jack’s, their fingers tangling together, “Trust me, Jack, they know what they’re doing.”

“I don’t know how to react, or what to do about it.”

“You will. Give it time, you’ve only just found out, haven’t you?”

“Yeah,” Jack nods, “They told us before I came here.”

“See, you haven’t even really processed it yet.” Joe smiles softly at Jack as his hand moves to cup his cheek, his thumb brushing away a tear, “I promise though, everything will be fine.”

“Can you,” The younger man hesitates briefly, but at the encouraging look sent towards him, he continues, “Can you stay here with me a bit longer? Will Zoe mind?”

“I’ll stay here as long as you need.” Joe reassures him, leaning in to kiss him softly, “And Zoe will understand that you needed me. She’s good at picking up on stuff like that.”

“Thank you,” Jack mumbles, leaning in to Joe.

“No need to thank me, love. I’m always here. And I promise, things will be okay.”

anonymous asked:

Do you ever look at someone and wonder "what is going on inside their head?" *looks into everyone's mind*

2p Iceland/Edvard Steilsson: if i ate a bunch of snow real fast would i pee out icicles….worth a shot

Jason J, Jones/ 2p America: i wonder what my dogs are doing right now…

James Williams/ 2p Canada: i want to go home already 

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: i want to die, but i also dont, but i do, but i don’t, but i do

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: is it quicker death to stab someone in the head or the heart or the heart hummm

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: there is no way that bush did 9/11 it just doesn’t add up


Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: want some fuck, bitches love stick, bitches love blue, want some yellow, bitch dont want yellow

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: i wonder how painful it would be if i put hot sauce in my brother underwear

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: my underwear burns for some reason

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: i did turn off the stove, did i turn off the light, oh man i hope i didn’t leave the water running what the hell is wrong with me, sergei is going to be mad at me and what will anna and maryska think of me…i just want to take a nap and forget this ever longer pain i call existence

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: *censored*

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: i need to get back home to do some work but messing with these people is so much fun~

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain: i want to be duck

Anastasia Braninsky/ 2p Belarus: klause look so cute right now

Maryska Braninsky/2p Ukraine: *censored*

Julia Héderváry/2p Hungary: ryszard is distracted right now, maybe i should attack him now

2p Sweden/ Baltzar Oxenstierna: pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows~

2p Finland/Thurston Väinämöinen: i forgot my headphones at home dammit

2p Denmark/Martin Køhler: i am so fucking sleepy wonder if i can get a power nap

2p Norway/Loki Bondevik: everyone here looks so stressed, do i look stressed

Olivia Would Do Anything For Her Daddy. Anything.

I never wanted to be a father.

When I was younger I was a stupid kid with big dreams. I lived in a tiny little shitsmear of a town in the middle of the rust belt, a place where kids unironically hopped on their dad’s tractor to hitch a ride to school in the mornings. I used to gaze out at the endless fields of shoulder-high corn, ridged like green corduroy off into the horizon, and I would think to myself, “Fuck this. Fuck this so hard.”

I’d always been a horror movie geek, and in my junior year of high school I scrounged together enough cash to buy a cheap video camera off eBay. I got my friends Anna, Kevin and Dylan together, and, from sundown until curfew, we’d be out in the woods shooting our own homemade horror flick. We didn’t know what we were doing; the shots were dark as hell, you couldn’t hear 80% of the dialogue, and the fake blood looked like dollar-store barbecue sauce (because it was). But it gave us a purpose, and The Killer in the Woods became our own little masterpiece.

I was ecstatic. I knew what I wanted to do with my life, and I had a plan for finally escaping that terrible small town with its pervasive manure stench and its suffocating right-wing god-and-guns culture. I promised myself that, as soon as I’d saved up enough from my crappy gas station job, I was going to catch a bus out to LA and become a filmmaker.

And then Anna got pregnant.

We weren’t even dating, exactly. Actually, if you want to get technical about it, she was Dylan’s girlfriend at the time. But Dylan’s nutty Christian parents had discovered naked men in his browser history, and they threatened to kick him out of the house unless he could prove he wasn’t “tainted by perversion.” He started dating Anna, and though I’m sure he cared about her in a way, Anna told me he would recoil away from her when she tried to kiss him, as though she was sticking a dog turd in his face.

Anyway, she was at my house late one night while I was editing the movie, telling me all about what a joke their relationship was, how confused she’d become, how lonely. I don’t have an excuse, not a good one anyway. I told myself I was helping out a friend in need, but honestly we were both just horny teenagers who weren’t thinking. It’s okay, I told myself. No one will know. Just make sure to pull out, and it’ll all be fine.

Anna was Catholic, and she refused to even consider getting an abortion. She told me she was going to raise the baby, and that I could stick around if I wanted, or not. I was scared, and angry, and deeply confused about why this was happening, just when I was so close to finally getting out of that town. I thought long and hard about leaving anyway, but I remembered how hard it was on my mom and me when my dad took off, and I swore I’d never do that to anyone. No, I wasn’t going to be like my dad. I was going to take care of my responsibilities like a real man.

So I stayed.

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solarexlipse’s movie masterpost <3

OKAY so I can’t explain how many hours I spent making this so please don’t delete any text or remove any credit. All of these work as of 29/06/2015 but if you spot a broken link please message me so I can fix it. Please like/ reblog if you use, the text won’t show on your blog.  

Enjoy, anna x


·         Romance      

·         Comedy        

·         RomComs/ChickFlicks


1.      Titanic

2.     Remember Me

3.      Silver Linings Playbook

4.      The Notebook        

5.      The Princess Bride                

6.      Pride and Prejudice            

7.      Sleepless in Seattle

8.      Notting Hill

9.      The Blue Lagoon

10.   Holes

11.  Life as We Know It

12.  The Fault in Our Stars

13.  Pretty Woman

14.  Moulin Rouge!

15.  Dirty Dancing

16.  Love Actually

17.  The Vow

18.  Brief Encounter

19.  Across the Universe

20.  P.S I love you

21.  Out of Sight

22.  Bonnie and Clyde

23.  Roman Holiday

24.  Show Me Love

25.  It’s a Wonderful Life

26.  Some Like It Hot

27.  Waterloo Bridge

28.  One Day

29.  The Phantom of the Opera

30.  City Lights      

31.  Picture Perfect

32.  Singin’ in the Rain

33.  The Graduate

34.  500 Days Of Summer

35.  Edward Scissorhands

36.  West Side Story

37.  Ghost

38.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s

39.  Eat Pray Love

40.  Vertigo

41.  The Theory of Everything

42.  William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet

43.  Before Sunrise

44.  Manhattan

45.  True Romance

46.  Les Miserables

47.  Wild at Heart

48.  Love Happens

49.  Message in a Bottle

50.  The Last Song

51.  Gone with the wind

52.  The Painted Veil

53.  Letters to Juliet

54.  Charlie St. Cloud

55.  Save the Last Dance

56.  Inherent Vice

57.  If I Stay

58.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

59.  The Perks of Being a Wallflower

60.  A matter of Life and Death

61.  The apartment

62.  Brokeback Mountain          

63.  Management

64.  Harold and Maude

65.  The Lucky One

66.  In the mood for Love

67.  Something Borrowed

68.  Becoming Jane

69.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

70.  Love Story

71.  Atonement

72.  Say Anything…

73.  Dear John

74.  He’s Just Not that Into You

75.  Groundhog Day

76.  Rumor Has It

77.  Marley & Me

78.  Love and Other Drugs

79.  Life Is Beautiful

80.  The Spectacular Now

81.  Footloose

82.  The Object of My Affection

83.  Endless Love

84.  Moonrise Kingdom

85.  The Great Gatsby

86.  Chocolat

87.  Australia

88.  A Walk to Remember

89.  Like Crazy

90.  The Other Boleyn Girl

91.  Closer

92.  What to Expect When You’re Expecting

93.  It Happened One Night

94.  Drinking Buddies

95.  Casablanca

96.  Fever Pitch

97.  Once

98.  The Time Traveller’s Wife

99.  While you were Sleeping

100. The Lake House


1.      Sister Act

2.      Dodgeball

3.      The Internship

4.      Swingers

5.      Meet the Parents

6.      Meet the Fockers

7.      We’re the Millers

8.      Mean Girls

9.      American Pie

10.  Ace Ventura

11.  Office Space

12.  The Hangover

13.  The Hangover Part II

14.  The Hangover Part III

15.  Due Date

16.  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

17.  The Invention of Lying

18.  Hot Tub Time Machine

19.  Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

20.  Daddy Day Camp

21.  Ted

22.  I love you, Man

23.  The Breakfast Club

24.  Big Momma

25.  21 Jump Street

26.  22 Jump Street

27.  The Heat

28.  Happy Gilmore

29.  Pitch Perfect

30.  Napoleon Dynamite

31.  Anchorman

32.  Anchorman 2

33.  Not Suitable for Children

34.  Home Alone

35.  Night at the Museum

36.  Ghostbusters

37.  The Goonies

38.  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

39.  Horrible Bosses

40.  Superbad

41.  Paul

42.  Ella Enchanted

43.  Get Him to the Greek

44.  Role Models

45.  Grown Ups    

46.  Grown Ups 2

47.  Shaun of the Dead

48.  Monty Python’s Life of Brian

49.  Mr Bean’s Holiday

50.  Grosse Pointe Blank

51.  Let’s Be Cops

52.  Wet Hot American Summer

53.  Borat

54.  Bridesmaids

55.  Keith Lemon: the film

56.  Arthur

57.  Megamind

58.  Mrs Doubtfire

59.  Priscilla Queen of the Desert

60.  Death at a funeral

61.  City Island

62.  The Castle

63.  Enchanted

64.  The Parent Trap

65.  Tropic Thunder

66.  Forrest Gump

67.  The Producers

68.  Little Miss Sunshine

69.  The Truman Show

70.  Beerfest

71.  Norbit

72.  Garfield

73.  School of Rock

74.  Alvin and the Chipmunks

75.  Jackass: The Movie

76.  Pineapple Express

77.  Hot Fuzz

78.  Waiting…

79.  The InBetweeners Movie

80.  St Trinians

81.  White Chicks

82.  Little Man

83.  Diary of a wimpy kid

84.  Freaky Friday

85.  Lesbian Vampire Killers

86.  Fame

87.  Spilt Milk

88.  Identity Thief

89.  Spy

90.  Beverly Hills Cop

91.  Baby Mama

92.  Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

93.  Secretary

94.  Cheaper By The Dozen

95.  Liar Liar

96.  The Full Monty

97.  Knocked Up

98.  Wayne’s World

99.  Zoolander

100.                      Weekend at Bernie’s

Romcoms/Chick Flicks

1.    When Harry Met Sally

2.    Friends with Benefits

3.    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

4.    The Wedding Singer

5.    The Proposal

6.    Bridget Jones’s Diary

7.    Bridget Jones The Edge Of Reason

8.    The Five-Year Engagement

9.    Wanderlust

10.  The 40-Year-Old Virgin

11.  The Rewrite

12.  Working Girl

13.  Four Weddings and a Funeral

14.  Clueless

15.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding

16.  27 Dresses

17.  The Wedding Planner

18.  John Tucker Must Die

19.  Wild Child

20.  What If

21.  10 Things I Hate About You

22.  Just Go With It

23.  There’s Something About Mary

24.  You’ve Got Mail

25.  The Terminal

26.  Morning Glory

27.  50 First Dates

28.  Sex and the City

29.  Sex and the City 2

30.  The Break-Up

31.  Valentine’s Day

32.  The Perfect Catch

33.  Forgetting Sarah Marshall

34.  Two Weeks Notice

35.  Hitch

36.  Love Actually

37.  She’s All That

38.  The Holiday

39.  Along Came Polly

40.  She’s Out Of My League

41.  What Happens in Vegas

42.  Just Married

43.  One Fine Day

44.  Made of Honor

45.  About Last Night..

46.  Easy A

47.  No Strings Attached

48.  Chasing Amy

49.  Mamma Mia

50.  13 Going On 30

51.  The Wedding Banquet

52.  Jerry Maguire

53.  Enough Said

54.  Going the Distance

55.  LOL

56.  The Ugly Truth

57.  My Best Friend’s Wedding

58.  Bride Wars

59.  Leap Year

60.  The Devil Wears Prada

61.  A Cinderella Story

62.  The Perfect Man

63.  The Bounty Hunter

64.  Pretty in Pink

65.  Legally Blonde

66.  Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

67.  In Her Shoes

68.  Never Been Kissed

69.  Miss Congeniality

70.  Coyote Ugly

71.  Enchanted

72.  The First Wives Club

73.  Maid in Manhattan

74.  Failure to Launch

75.  When in Rome

76.  What Women Want

77.  She’s the Man

78.  Confessions of a Shopoholic

79.  Just Friends

80.  It’s  a Boy Girl Thing

81.  Sweet Home Alabama

82.  The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

83.  My Sassy Girl

84.  Too Young to Marry

85.  My Super Ex-Girlfriend

86.  The Other Woman

87.  Sex Tape

88.  I Love You, Beth Cooper

89.  Definitely, Maybe

90.  Just My Luck

91.  You, Me and Dupree

92.  Material Girls

93.  The Pacifier

94.  Just Like Heaven

95.  Date Night

96.  Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

97.  About a Boy

98.  The Wedding Date

99.  Something’s Gotta Give

100.               Bruce Almighty

Question tag

Tag 5+ people to answer these questions!!

Tag 5+ people to answer these questions!!

Name: Beth
Nickname: baby
3 fears: Sharks, the ocean, abandonment
3 loves: animals, friends, family
Favourite animal: doggo
Zodiac sign: gemini
Meaning behind URL: because I fell in love
Best date I had: we went for chinese buffet then stayed out drinking milkshakes and cuddling until dark
Where I am right now: at home
My piercings/tattoos: 5 ear piercings and belly button ring
Photo of myself: belowww
Fashion I like: denim, pastels, off-shoulder
Last song I listened to: Lana Del Rey- Born to Die
First album I ever bought: Rihanna- Loud  
Worst habit: staying up late
Song I dance to: 2NE1- Come Back Home
Eye colour: blue
Favourite Disney character: Mulan
Relationship status: in a relationship <3
Last person I texted: Anna (gf)
Something I’m good at: loving people
Something I’m bad at: keeping myself occupied

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i was tagged by @sherlockourhero . Thank you, darling <3

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Name: Anna
Nickname: Ania, Anka
Height: 184 cm (it’s something like 6 foot?)
Orientation: straight
Nationality + Ethnicity : Polish
Favorite fruit: raspberries
Favorite Season: winter
Favorite Book: The Hunger Games trilogy
Favorite scent: I don’t know, i like many scents XD
Favorite Colour: green, blue, black
Favorite Animal: I love animals in general, but I think it’s dog
Coffee, Tea or hot chocolate: don’t make me choose… I would say hot chocolate
Average hours of sleep: 6-7
Cats or dogs: dogs, but I love cats too
Number of blankets you sleep with: one
Dream trip: London, New York, Rome
Blog created: I don’t remember when… a long time ago. But at the beginning I wasn’t really active.

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Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

Okay y’all knew this was comin’ since I’m a FrozenFreak™ and I too am freaking out.

- My baby girls look on point in their new outfits!! I love Elsa’s floofity-floof fur collar and Anna looks really good in blue! ;3; And their hairpieces, yaaas.

- Kristoff and Anna need a mistletoe kiss. Just sayin’, it’d be really cute.


- “Breaking and entering: okay on Christmas!” / “You chop down a tree and decorate its corpse with candles…I LOVE IT!” Olaf gives zero fucks

- I honestly love how Elsa still has her guilt complex, despite it being as sad as it is. A lot of people complain about Elsa’s constantly blaming herself for things going wrong and being anxious, saying that it’s repetitive and annoying. Well…that’s how mental illness and post-traumatic thinking works in her case. Just because she came home again at the end of the first film doesn’t mean she’s going to get better overnight and she’s going to be hunky-dory about things and forget the accident and the thirteen YEARS of isolation. She’s still got a lot to learn and she’s going to need reassurance and support. Kudos to the team for depicting her realistically. It’s okay, Elsa; we love you, baby girl. Go at your own pace. You’re doing fine.

- Kristoff better sing. Reindeer Rockstar needs to sing.

- I also wanna point out that they’re not just observing Christmas??? I saw Hanukkah, Lucia, and a few others?? It’s such a nice touch to show that, yeah, there IS more than one holiday around Christmastime for different religions and cultures. Really nice to see that acknowledgment.

- Can we have an opening presents scene? Pretty please?

- I was honestly kinda irked when I saw that this 21-minute long special was given a theatrical run with Coco, but apparently, it was too cinematic to air on ABC like previously stated. I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda on the fence about whether or not this is a cash grab. Not that I’m not excited about it, it just surprised me.

- You guys saw Olaf’s little bowties, right? ;3;

- For the timeline issue: I personally believe that OFA takes place BETWEEN Frozen and Frozen Fever. FF is stated to take place nearly a year after the original film in that following summer, so this must be the first Christmas after Elsa and Anna’s reunion.

- Idina and Kristen’s voices never fail to astound me at how pretty they sound together.

- Final thing: THE ANIMATION LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER?? It looks like there’s a ton more detail put in there in comparison to Frozen and Frozen Fever, like clothing and hair and lighting and stuff? Is it just me? Keep this up, then Frozen 2 is going to be animation porn.

OKay, I’m done for now. November needs to hurry up.