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I love your animal ears and tails?? they're so cute??? do you have any tips for drawing them o: !! I would really appreciate a few pointers, i really look up to your art :D regardless have a good day!

hi, thanks for the message!! I’m kind of bad at explaining things but here’s how I do it

for ears: big triangles along the top of the head (make sure they follow the curve of the head to be more convincingly attached) and then fluff inside the ear in all sorts of directions

for the tail: I usually draw a nice S-curve and then pile on the fluff around it

and finally

…I have no advice for him I’m sorry

haha anyway I hope this helped a little? feel free to send me a more in-depth ask if you were looking for something specific C: have a good day!!

kiss kiss fall in love

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Thanks for the KanaDia~ ahh what a beautiful third years' relationship coughwellangstinthebackgroundcough

I know ;A; only 1 ep and I’m already in love with the 3rd years adfasfasdsafasd

My view on the 3rd Yrs’ relationships so far *runs*

Art Commission OC

And coming with a new commission done! I think this is one of the cutest illustrations I’ve ever done until now, it’s been a while since the last time I drew such a feminine character, also adding the fact that I love drawing horns, tails, animal ears and this kind of stuff, it really adds a lot of cuteness to the thing  ❤

Thank you for commissioning me! ^^
If you’re interested in a commission send me a message or visit my blog @naocieru ! ❤

Animal themed dolls are my favourites. I love seeing cat ears, deer ears, dog ears, rabbit ears, mouse ears, deer horns, tails, hooves, centaur bodies and wings! I love it all and I’ll never tire of it. Thank you for everyone with cute fantasy or animal dolls who shares photos, looking at pictures of them gives me such a happy warm feeling <3

Image by assamcat

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Hello ! :D I really love your art especially little cute fox Sanji he's so perfect !!! :) But I wonder why do you represents him as a fox ? I know Oda said the animal representing him was a duck and after a horned sheep but did I miss something or it's just for the cuteness ? >////< Thank you you're really a blessing for the fandom :3 Have a nice day !!!!

Because I love him to to be a fox WAAAAH

oops sorry, but sit down here I’ll tell you how much Sanji is perfect  in his half fox half human form! And why would it be.

first I will talk about the canon, or non-canon but relatable detail around ‘Fox Sanji’

Sanji first appeared with fox in this cover chapter. It’s chapter 266, a chapter of Skypiea arc (year 2003)

after that when One Piece got color version, here it is.

This is the first gunshot ever, to start everything of him being in fox form in fandom (or fandom ZSZ) without needing a word directly from Oda. Of course fandom still have always loved Sanji being a Duck or a Goat too (there’s many artworks or doujinshi about him related to Duck and Goat). What I want to say here, everything already started over 10 years ago (wow, how old is One Piece?)

Next to that, the sponsor a.k.a toei animation supports the idea too and with bandai/game sponsor for One Piece series, they gave out some game feature of Sanji being in fox form.

(source IMG)

I made gif for this game advertised too. (link)

Okay so that how much I have known about the original, canon this and that. However Fanmade, this is fanmade world, AU, and when we talk about fanmade, sometimes it’s just because of us, fan love them character to be in that way! Why we love it, okay, because Sanji does suit it very well!! Below I can explain some according to my knowledge and opinion, please just read as preview.

About personality, he’s quite clever and sneaking around to win the battle in many arc, that’s one of good trait suit with fox. In the battle with Jabra at Enies Lobby, Sanji defined himself as ‘hunter’, fox is one of the best hunter type animal too!

Sanji fighting style mostly base on agility and fire. Being quick also one of fox trait, and talking about fire, fox is highly recommend to be the icon of it. I’m not talking about mozilla firefox lol, but in Japanese myth, the ninetail fox demon is a type of monster using fire to attack. 

About outward look, I know fox got many color of fur, black fox, white fox, red fox, orange, yellow creamy, but when I think about them I used to think them in light orange or yellow color which easily suit with Sanji hair too! 

like… omg look they have ‘blackleg’ too!

Being a hunter type, but unlike cats, fox is something in the mix of cat and dog. They’re cheerful, welcoming, warm like dogs but also much of curiosity and cunning like cats.

I can’t say how much I love Sanji being in fox form xD this is too much. But I want to give out information that, I’m not the only one or the first one in fandom portray him in this way. 

There’re already many other artists around the world do it, we all love him in this way.

pixiv: 10558379

pixiv 13262819

pixiv id : 33839968


My fox Sanji is just one of them ^^ and I love to put him in the story of an animal trying to learn cooking (love the curiosity trait! may be I watch the ratatouille movie so many times xD)

also… because I got a kinky fetish (hide face in pillow) I love plot of human x animal (half animal form, like… they got ears and tail).

*hide face run away*

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What's your favorite thing to draw?

Silly comics. Those I have been drawing for the last years the most.
Anything that inspires me at that specific moment.
Noses and eyes.

I also love drawing people with animal ears but I don’t draw those as much as I love looking at them - for some reason!