i love and miss this show so much

Wolf Rage - Harry Styles imagine

Request: Definitely an imagine with Harry styles, please. One where he gets jealous about my love for teen wolf and the hot dudes lmao. And it kinda blows up into a fight but we make up. Cheesy I know!


Y/N - Your Name
Y/F/N - Your Friends Name
Y/H/T - Your Home Town


“Oh my god I know right?!” I exclaim into the phone talking to my best friend, Y/F/N and I are watching the weekly episode of our favorite show Teen Wolf. We would normally be together tonight but she’s back home in Y/H/T and I’m traveling with my boyfriend Harry while he does press for his new movie. I love Harry so much but I miss home immensely, that’s why I look forward to spending my Sunday nights on the phone with my best girl friend watching my favorite show. “She needs to stay away from Stiles, I’m gonna get my big ass in the tv rip those cheap hair extensions out of her annoying ass head!” Y/F/N yelled into the phone. “I think her hair is real Y/F/N.” I say laughing, I hear a door shut behind me and turn my head to see Harry closing the front door.

“Hey gorgeous.” I say, I can hear him taking off his shoes and walking towards the back of the couch in our living room.

“Hello love, how was your day?” Harry says placing a kiss on the top of my head. “Hold on a sec Y/F/N Harry just got home, I’ll call you back after the commercial break. Okay bye.” I hang up the phone and face towards the couch wrapping my arms around Harry’s torso, placing my chin on his chest. “It was fine, I called my mom she’s says hi and that she loves the movie, how was yours handsome?” Harry smile and rubs his thumbs over my cheeks. “It was good, lots of interviews as usual but Fionn invited us to go out for dinner tonight. I just came up to get you and to change.” Harry said with a smile on his face, I felt so guilty. “Honey you know I’d love to but Teen Wolf is on tonight and Y/F/N and I on the phone watching it together.” I say smiling nervously hoping he understands.

“So you’re telling me you would rather stay home and watch some dumb teen tv show than go out for dinner with adults?” Harry answered back clearly agitated. I unwrapped my arms from his torso and leaned back into the couch, and gave him a confused look.

“Harry you know this is important to me, I haven’t seen Y/F/N in months and the only time we can talk together is when-”

“You’re gushing over shirtless ware wolves, I see how it is.” He said backing away. “Harry what is this really about? The fact like I like to spend my Sunday nights with my best friend who is thousands of miles away or about the guys in the show?” I say raising my voice, I can’t help but let out a humorous huff as this is such a ridiculous thing to be arguing about but here we are anyway.

“It just seems that you get a little too into the show sometimes, when we went to comic con you ran into one of those wolf blokes and completely ignored me.” Harry said obviously hurt by my love for the show and cast, I felt horrible. I didn’t know Harry felt this way about a silly show, clearly it’s taken a toll on him over time.

“Harry I’m sorry. Honey if you felt this way why didn’t you tell me? It’s just a fun show that I like to watch, it doesn’t mean I want to be with any of the guys in the show!” I say trying to make a point but sound sincere, Harry bows his head down running his fingers through his hair. He always did that when he gets nervous. I walk up to him and cup his head in my hands forcing him to look up at me.

“Listen Harry, I love you. Only you, and no one else. Well maybe Y/F/N a little to.” I say and we both laugh, “the only reason I make such an effort ever Sunday to watch the show is because I miss my friends. It’s just a fun thing to do and something I look forward to especially when I’m home sick.” I say quietly, I don’t mean to make him feel worse but I want him to know my reasoning.

“I’m so sorry love, I know you don’t get to see your family and friends that much.”, as Harry said that the phone rang it was obviously Y/F/N calling back. “Go answer it,” Harry said smiling,“she’s probably biting her nails in anticipation of who will be shirtless next.” He says laughing, I smile and lean into his chest and place my lips on his. I can feel him hum into the kiss and wrap his arms around my waist, I run my fingers through his hair as he rubs tiny circles on my lower back. “Before this goes to far,” Harry whispers low against my lips, “go enjoy your Sunday night.” I pull away from him slowly and smile up at him,“thank you darling.” I say and give him a quick peck on the lips.

I run towards the couch and pick up the phone on my way, “Hey I’m back! Oh my god, he did not!” I click the tv on and turn to Harry leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed smiling at me. “I love you” I mouth as Y/F/N catches me up on what I missed, Harry brings his hands up to his face, covering the sides of his grinning face and mouths “I love you too.” Oh this is the man I love.

Thank you so much for requesting this @fairlygothparent I hope you enjoyed reading this and please feel free to request more!! ASK BOX IS OPEN !!!

no romance w/ mingyu? ↴
  • so what if you weren’t the type to show your love?
  • you don’t like cliches
  • you don’t like to do cheesy things
  • but you still loved mingyu
  • with all of your heart
  • you just didn’t want all the touchy touchy stuff
  • mingyu wouldn’t care if you didn’t like it
  • he’d take so much advantage of the time he had with you
  • he’d take advantage of his height
  • he’d hug you too much
  • “mingyu seriously, you hugged me five times already”
  • “I don’t care! I miss you!”
  • he’d plant kisses all over your face
  • he’d bring you flowers
  • he’d tease you so much with the romantic cliches
  • he knew you hated them
  • but you also knew he was just expressing his feelings
  • people express their feelings with different actions
  • and you had to learn to accept the way mingyu expresses his
  • you liked to express your feelings verbally
  • and he liked to express them physically
  • at the end of the day you knew his intentions were good
  • and you loved him very much
  • you endured his cheesiness
  • because that was who he was
  • and you loved him

↠ masterlist ↞

whew! that one was a tough one to write! I’m sorry it’s so late! but I had no idea where to start for this one so I just wrote from the top of my head! haha! I hope you mingyu/svt stans enjoy! xx.

pentarokenta  asked:

Hello! I popped in here because of the two asks you received about All Might & the Noumu fight!! *^* If you notice, in that particular episode with the fight, All Might's leg trembles just before he lunged into his full-frontal attack. I know I'm a nerd for loving that moment BUT I LOVE THAT MOMENT! Because I feel like it's a window into All Might's pain; like his body is having a hard time holding himself and he's in so much pain and I just adore that small detail!! Sorry!!! \( ; u ; )


FDSKLJFAL;K I had to rewatch the fight to catch it (I missed it the first time I saw the episode) but it’s really delightful in the way that it shows the effort he’s putting into just moving forward and continuing the fight. Dude’s just trying to hold himself together after getting injured in the same place that caused his decline and landed him with a mess of medical complications, and he’s very tired, and forcing himself to stay in that form is probably painful in itself, since his time limit was passed. The drive to protect his students and his place as the Symbol of Peace is more than enough to get him to move, thankfully!!

aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA such a good moment!! I love little physical tics like that, the ones that show you just how fatigued and tired a character is!! Thank you for mentioning it!!


Headcanon where when Beka went to US to practice with Leo and JJ. Yuri miss him so much and asked for his selfie lolol


Leo was the one who told Beka to selfie like a fuckboy (showing that big bulge that he hides inside his jogger XDDD)) and JJ keep insisting Beka to do the JJ Style lol


why twelve is beautiful & magnificent  ♡  s e r i e s  1 0

Imagine if time all happened at once. Every moment of your life laid out around you…like a city. Streets full of buildings made of days. The day you were born, the day you die. The day you fall in love, the day that love ends. A whole city built from triumph and heartbreak and boredom and laughter and cutting your toenails. It’s the best place you will ever be.


Doctor who + chips


maybe we can make our life a story. so, marry me grace violet blood.