i love and hate how much of a morning person he is

The hate all over my social media timelines is breaking my heart this morning. The saddest part of it is that I expected to start the morning with a new president and those who “won” or “lost” continuing to beat each other up.

The president does not, and can not, determine how you treat your neighbor. He can not decide how much love you will give and speak to those that may disagree with you, or you disagree with them. He can not change your relationships with your family and friends. He can not harden your heart or change how you will follow Jesus in this season. He does not determine how much you can pray for our leaders and the hurt/turmoil this election season has caused.

One of the best pieces of marriage advice I’ve gotten so far is, “If you two disagree, but your fighting for a "win” still hurts him/her, you still lost. You’re in it together.“ We all lost today. We’re in it together.

Caffeinated love

I’m shit at titles ok don’t judge

Author: ceruleanbucky

Summary: You lose your virginity to Bucky.

Warnings: Smut, Fluff, Cursing, Oral (reader receiving) 

Here’s some random smut for you.

Yes I’m back. I’ve been really busy with school and some emotional stuff recently, so I never really have time to write. But, I have a few hours tonight and tomorrow night so I’m planning on writing a bunch of fics and drabbles to just queue up for you all. Thanks for sticking with me. Hope you enjoy the fic! Let me know if you want to be tagged in any future fics/drabbles or if you have any requests! Love ya!

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Modern!Wang So Headcanons/AUs

Okay so in my fiction writing class last week we had to think of characteristics for one of our characters that we have written about so far in the semester. Turns out I wasn’t really feeling up to it and got major writers block. Then I thought how fun it would be if I could just write about my bby boi instead.

Here are my Modern!Wang So headcanons/AUs that I came up with:

  • So going to local greenhouses on an early Sunday morning just to pick out some plants for his apartment.
  • So stressing out after a bad day and goes to waters his plants when he gets home, and afterwards sips tea and watches the stars from his favorite window in the apartment.
  • So saying that he hates weddings and calling them a cliché when in fact he is the first person to tear up when the vows start.
  • So saying that he hates birthdays and how they just mean that you’re that much closer to dying of natural causes (not being morbid or pessimistic just pragmatic). In the end having the best time because he loves being with loved ones.
  • So being the best gift giver, because he’s the most thoughtful when it comes to choosing the perfect present (okay this is already basically canon but I couldn’t help myself).
  • So hating loud places but would always join Hae Soo when she blasted music on Friday nights and had random dance parties. That was when she realized that her boyfriend actually has mad dancing skills (okay I’m thinking about LJK here, but come on It’d be great).
  • So actually loving the fact that he has a skin routine because it relaxes him, because Hae Soo got him into skincare and makeup.
  • So wearing dark tailored suits but preferring to wear warm colors, and even pinks when he’s feeling a bit more casual.
  • So hating fruity teas and prefers herbal ones. Especially when Hae Soo is the one that’s brewing it because she is the only one that can make his tea perfectly.
  • Although he never asks her to make it for him even on his bad days, and it is only when she offers to make some when she makes a cup for herself is when he goes ahead and politely asks for a cup too.
  • He does drink iced Americanos too, but only when he really needs caffeine and isn’t up to making his own subpar tea in the morning.
  • So drinking herbal tea and Hae Soo is drinking fruity tea even at midnight because they both can’t sleep and end up talking all night because now So has way too much caffeine in his system and even though Soo is tired, she stays up with him so that he isn’t alone. Hae Soo then lectures him that it’s all his fault that he likes the caffeinated tea, and he just smiles back because he just love her so much, and he can’t believe that she loves him back.
  • So driving late in the night because it is one of his most favorite sensations; having the cool night air waft through his car and the smell of the night under the dark sky.
  • So staying inside when it’s raining to write poetry even when he’s terribly bad at it.
  • Hae Soo sneaking a look into his notebook and seeing that all of his “bad” poetry is about her.
  • His favorite season is winter because that’s Hae Soo’s favorite season and he loves being with his best friend during the first snow.
  • So looking at Soo, year after year as the first snow falls and is thinking: I’m meant to be with you forever.
  • So refusing to wear greens and reds during the holiday seasons because he thinks it’s cheesy, but wearing them anyways because Soo wants them to look couple-y and all the while So is secretly enjoying it anyways.
  • He has a secret sweet tooth but would never admit it to Soo, and tends to spoil his appetite way too much to Soo’s dissatisfaction. He knows this because she lectures him about it all the time.
  • Even though he doesn’t like crowds he still loves to hike in sites in the summer where a lot of families visit because it makes him feel content listening to the sound of families together.
  • So waiting in the shade as he waits for Hae Soo to come back with his ice cream and her popsicle. He sees her walking towards him and he doesn’t believe that at one point his ever could’ve ever felt so unhappy, and even angry at the sounds of children laughing with their parents, because he’s never had a family.
  • But now he doesn’t feel like that anymore because he found a home in Hae Soo, his best friend.

A special morning post.

It is currently 4:51 am in my house and I woke up to see that mark had posted this and I never clicked so fast
I don’t understand this man sometimes, he is an amazing human being and he does deserve everything he has

*If you ever see this, you will never disappoint us Mark, you’re such an amazing and honest person and thats why we love you so fucking much and i cried watched the video and I’m crying writing this cause I hate seeing anyone cry. But specially a loving and great man like you, seeing you lost puts me into tears. *

But for the community, If anyone remembers when Felix was stressed over in LA, I remember we were all there for him.

Now, we must be there Mark, we have to show him how much we support him and love him. I don’t know how we can possibly maybe do something for him. But I think we must just keep sending him letters and he said it himself, he loves what we do for him. I wanna do something to make this man happy.


Alexxa Conroy

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ahn-min-hyuk  asked:

For the ship thing - Bhaiya my fav and the girl he ends up with!!!

I don’t understand how you have sooo much love for these characters when I haven’t even found names for yet but i appreciate it!!!!! 😂😂❤❤❤ I need to start working on it as soon as my report is done.. Okay, then, they’ll just be Bhaiya and Bechari1 for now lmaoo

  • Who is a night owl: Bechari
  • Who is a morning person: Bhaiya
  • Are they cuddlers: She isn’t a big fan because she hates feeling too hot or too encumbered when she’s sleeping and it wakes her up but he is always sleepily trying to sneak into a cuddle and she probably lets him be more than half the time
  • Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon:  Bhaiya is the big spoon, always pulling her in so that she has no other choice but to cuddle
  • What is their favourite sleeping position:  Bechari spends 90% of her time sleeping on her tummy whereas Bhaiya can only sleep on his side, which is troublesome when he wants to spoon 
  • Who steals all the blankets: Bechari, as soon as she falls asleep, she’s going to be in such a deep sleep and she is going to be rolling around, so he can bide farewell to the blankets
  • What they wear to bed: She wears the shortest dresses possible or his old tshirts because, again, she hates being too hot or too encumbered and not really useful information but just adding because I love adding fire to your fantasies lmaooo, it always ends hiking up around her waist because she rolls around too much or his hand. Most of the time, he just goes to sleep in his boxers because everything’s gonna come off anyway.
  • Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt: Oh he really does!!
  • Who falls asleep mid-conversation: She does, when she is exhausted and he just stares at her for several minutes, smiling like the adorable goof he usually is not.
  • Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: It depends, I think both? They don’t wake up screaming, they wake up with a start, heart pounding and sweating but feeling awfully cold. Check to see if the other is there and snuggle closer and hold on to them until the fear subsides and they fall asleep, if the other doesn’t wake up too.
  • Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: Given the amount of rolling around she probably does, he is getting punched, kicked, elbowed, kneed, slapped, pushed, you name it. I feel so bad for him.
  • Who can’t keep their hands to themself: Him. He can n e v e r. Sote-jaagte, he is absolutely incorrigible.

Send me a ship and I will tell you: (Sleeping!)

Malec-Week First Day: Favourite Malec-Scene

So, as I definitely got more than one favourite scene (basically every Malec scene is my favourite, apart from the one we don’t talk about), I’m going to post two that always make me laugh and give me that warm flutter in my chest (you know what I’m talking about ^^)

This one is from “City of Lost Souls”, from the point of view of Isabelle, when she stays over at Magnus’s loft before she and Jocelyn meet the Iron Sisters.

It [the bathroom] was halfway down the hall, and the door was just opening, Alec emerging in a cloud of steam. He had a towel around his waist and another around his shoulders and was rubbing energetically at his wet black hair. Isabelle supposed she shouldn’t be surprised to see him; he’d been trained to wake up early in the morning just like she had.

“You smell like sandalwood,” she said by way of greeting. She hated the smell of sandalwood. She liked sweet scents - vanilla, cinnamon, gardenia.

Alec looked at her. “We like sandalwood.” Isabelle made a face. “Either that’s the royal ‘we’ or you and Magnus are turning into one of those couples that think they’re one person. ‘We like sandalwood.’ ‘We adore the symphony.’ ‘We hope you enjoy our Christmas present’ - which, if you ask me, is just a cheap way of avoiding having to buy two gifts.”

Alec blinked wet lashes at her. “You’ll understand-”

“If you tell me I’ll understand when I’m in love, I’ll smother you with that towel.”

“And if you keep preventing me from going back to my room and getting dressed, I’ll get Magnus to summon up pixies to tie your hair in knots.”

anonymous asked:

Every time I see Jaebum in that oversized long sleeve button down I imagine the morning after. Like I'm still asleep when I reach over only to realize his spot next to me has been vacated. I know he's probably already gone because ahgase need him too and there is many more of them than me. So I get out of bed only to see that shirt with a note pinned to it saying how in love with me he is and how much he loves seeing ahgase but hates leaving me. He left the shirt for me to wear when I miss him.

Why you got me out here mid-day emotional like dis… .its not dark enough outside for me to be in my feelings yet but here I am… .

AHGSJDKSJ Your little imagine was so cute and perfect I’m screaming thank you for sharing my love it made me so happy and place me right into my feelings and like Same😩 That shirt Screams “Boyfriend shirt I wear when he’s gone” I wanna personally thank the stylist who put him in it they really doing the lords work for us they deserve all the happiness!! Every time i see him in it i just wanna wiggle myself in there with him its my new favorite outfit for him!!!!!